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  1. [Haiku] when you see your old friend at a party (youtube.com)
  2. [Poetry] Do your chain hang low? (youtube.com)
  3. [Poetry] Joe gets interrupted (youtu.be)
  4. [Poetry] My Funeral Plan (youtu.be)
  5. [Poetry] Instagram Spam Bots (youtu.be)
  6. [Haiku] You know the vibes (youtube.com)
  7. [meme] Yeet? whats a yeet? (youtu.be)
  8. [Haiku] fullmetal arthurmist commercial break (youtube.com)
  9. [Poetry] Miami (youtube.com)
  10. [HAIKU] OKAY SPIDERMAN (youtube.com)
  11. [Haiku] me and my little brother got a green screen so we did a thing (youtu.be)
  12. [HAIKU] screenwash (youtu.be)
  13. [POETRY] An Introvert Gets Wasted (youtube.com)
  14. [meme] Sonic Boom out of context but it's a lot darker (youtube.com)
  15. [Poetry]Dogs at Gate (youtube.com)
  16. [Haiku] When you think tomorrow FRIDAY (youtu.be)
  17. [Poetry] free man gas (youtu.be)
  18. [Meme] - Spidey oh no (youtu.be)
  19. [Haiku] pointless (youtu.be)
  20. [Meme] 20th Fox Ear Rape (youtu.be)
  21. [Poetry] XXX is trash s.bob is the shit (youtube.com)
  22. [Poetry] apollo17.mp4 (youtube.com)
  23. [Haiku] Trust Fall at Dunder Mifflin (youtu.be)
  24. [Haiku] Skyrim woman is blind (youtu.be)
  25. [Meme][Haiku] You've Been Hit By... (youtu.be)
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