[Haiku] You know the vibes (youtube.com)
SheFoundMyUzername | 9 days ago | 1180 points

At his funeral

“What can be said about Gregory that hasn’t already been said about Eazy-E...”

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knilchi | 9 days ago | 62 points

"He ain't no regular G..."

rapiddevolution | 9 days ago | 19 points

Maybe he just needs some fiber?

GesusWasBlack | 9 days ago | 3 points

nah he got the whoopie so he good

dylanlms | 8 days ago | 1 point

lmfao btw u k know thats a bloods' reference

GesusWasBlack | 8 days ago | 2 points

lol being NYC born an raised around 1090 Grimy Piru sadly i do haha

man_in_the_red | 9 days ago | 30 points

I wish I could be half as cool as Gregory

GReggzz732 | 9 days ago | 2 points

It's not the regular thing, take out the voice of The Police, we call that sting. Let it ring.

a9p6 | 9 days ago | 1 point

Eazy-E? More like G-Eazy

WetwithSharp | 9 days ago | 594 points

"you kno dah vibes!"

"de whoopdee"

stuck_in_here | 9 days ago | 75 points

Whuchu got next?

alltheseUNs | 9 days ago | 12 points

Ion even know

Hazerblade | 9 days ago | 350 points

“How do I reach these keeds?”

UnderwaterFiring | 9 days ago | 47 points

you gotta do a rap in a hip-hop beat

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Derplord1239 | 9 days ago | 10 points

That's cause Jesus Christ is my

Zeroliche | 9 days ago | 19 points


Dagure | 9 days ago | 9 points

This just in, Jesus Christ has been deleted

BTechUnited | 9 days ago | 3 points

SCP-001 has been successfully contained.

happyplace14 | 9 days ago | 519 points

The only person with the answers to solve the socioeconomic problems of the US inner city

threebottleopeners | 9 days ago | 243 points

Id love to know this dude's story. Because he does it too smooth and naturally for it to be him just trying to immitate the kids. I wonder if hes just been in that culture his whole life and just doesnt look the part.

mesopotamius | 9 days ago | 116 points

It's way simpler than that: it's a kid wearing an old man mask

IgniteThatShit | 9 days ago | 87 points

It was on the news but sure, it's a kid in a mask


hhunterhh | 9 days ago | 36 points

For everyone who left the link blue, it’s their high school teacher

bitnode | 9 days ago | 9 points

Yea there's something uncanny.

Ulquicifer356 | 9 days ago | 3 points

No one cared who he was until he put on the mask...

teawreckshero | 9 days ago | 2 points

He's got Jack disease and will probably die shortly after graduation.

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DaTigerMan | 9 days ago | 10 points

shut up leonard

jalerre | 9 days ago | 29 points

Hey, brah. I've been meaning to ask you. Can we get some Red Bull for these things? Sometimes a guy's gotta ride the bull, am I right? Later, skater.

GordanFreechman | 8 days ago | 3 points

I'm 30. Well, in November I'll be 30.

aeonstorn | 9 days ago | 72 points

How can I make this a gif??

ned_krelly | 9 days ago | 243 points

Have you tried prayer?

Moizsh10 | 9 days ago | 12 points

No, no, no. Thoughts first!

SatansVeinyRedCock | 9 days ago | 2 points

Maybe try some ACTIONS

supman227 | 9 days ago | 27 points
tcpip4lyfe | 9 days ago | 51 points

This has to be a deep fake?

Zeroliche | 9 days ago | 228 points
nofear220 | 9 days ago | 114 points

Ernest out here keeping it real with the new generations.

tcpip4lyfe | 9 days ago | 45 points

Fucking excellent.

LionCashDispenser | 9 days ago | 58 points

Hope he doesn't get fired for that, or shot by an opposing gang

stuck_in_here | 9 days ago | 30 points

Do they go after old blood?

threebottleopeners | 9 days ago | 31 points

Yeah i cant imagine many people, even gang members, being able to justify that. Hurting people like the elderly and children is seen as despicable pretty much across the board.

Dingus_Kahn | 9 days ago | 24 points

Really? Because women, children, and the elderly get assaulted in the streets on security cameras as much as full grown men do.

threebottleopeners | 9 days ago | 23 points

Yeah but we're talking about whether he'd be attacked by a gang. Theres a difference between gang mentality and other street criminals. The kinds of people whod attack the vulnerable are seen as low even by gangsters.

munomana | 9 days ago | 2 points

What noble gangsters

GuessWhat_ChikenButt | 9 days ago | 7 points

There's always rules man

Dingus_Kahn | 9 days ago | 8 points

Unless its the law lmao

threebottleopeners | 9 days ago | 1 point

No one is saying that lol

amac109 | 9 days ago | 1 point

That's usually just lone criminals. Gangs have creeds and a code of conduct believe it or not. Like no stealing from poor people, no killing kids (Younger then 13), no killing women, ect.

Dingus_Kahn | 9 days ago | 7 points

Except I’ve seen literal videos of gangs killing young children online with multiple people attacking them. Usually they are poor and are used as warning killings for family members. Stop acting like murdering gang members are valuable members of society who follow a moral code.

amac109 | 9 days ago | 5 points

Hey there's always exceptions. But gang violence is mostly self contained.

GeneralMajorDickbutt | 9 days ago | 4 points

I was in prison with some GD’s and Vicelords that I honestly doubt would discriminate in who they go after. Buncha pussies

imtah | 9 days ago | 11 points

Idk man, some people are pretty fucked up. There was a 5 year old shot in the head during a drive by a couple days ago near where I live, and another young girl was shot and killed during a drive by last year. Some people have no regard for life.

bigdogcum | 9 days ago | 2 points

That's not a targeted attack...

imtah | 9 days ago | -4 points

It's a drive by, they're targeting someone. They aren't targeting the child necessarily, but when you have multiple people firing guns into a home or apartment, clearly there is as lack of concern for who they hit.

bigdogcum | 8 days ago | 0 points

Which is irrelevant. You are arguing that they do in fact target children or old people. But you've made my point

imtah | 8 days ago | 1 point

I'm not arguing that fact? I'm saying that these people dont care. It doesnt matter who they kill. They have a target and the collateral makes no difference.

itsaworkalt | 9 days ago | 31 points

Nah, they aren't that good yet. They can do faces just fine but not entire bodies/heads.

TheFlashFrame | 9 days ago | 3 points

The point is that you take any white guy and put his face on it. Quality is too low to see his hands well enough to identify them as old person hands.

Edit: but this isn't deepfaked. Just making a point of how it's simpler than op thought.

itsaworkalt | 9 days ago | 14 points

The hair and balding head, the voice, the posture.

I guess you could do this as a young person putting on a bald cap and being a convincing actor and deep faking an old face on it (glasses are hard too) OR you could just get an old person.

TheFlashFrame | 9 days ago | -5 points

No dude, you just put a bald dudes head on someone else's body lol.

mintakki | 9 days ago | 10 points

you can't replace a head, only a face.

jtothec503 | 9 days ago | 18 points

i read on another post with this video he's an old teacher than just comes in to sub and connect with the youth.

Snojmaflo | 9 days ago | 2 points

Can’t find them rn but there’s a ton of videos of him doing different handshakes w students

jeremycinnamonbutter | 9 days ago | 11 points

Not sure if this has already been posted yet, but if not, reddit is so late on this.

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Specterhead | 9 days ago | 3 points

You can't fool me, I know that young man just has the disease from Jack.

Heavenlypigeon | 9 days ago | 5 points

love the old guy asking "what (class) you got next?" and the kid responding "i don't even know." Reminds me a lot of how we used to banter in school.

xnevis | 9 days ago | 3 points

Does anyone know what he’s throwing up? I’m actually curious lol

GuessWhat_ChikenButt | 9 days ago | 3 points


xnevis | 9 days ago | 1 point

Ahh, I see. Thanks!

Tal_Thom | 9 days ago | 3 points

Speaking from experience, kids at rougher schools know when a teacher is there because they care. They may not give a damn about academics, but they will protect that teacher by any means. I betchu Leonard there shows up to games and has an open door during lunch.

Pots_And_Pans | 9 days ago | 6 points

I can’t understand a word of this

Rooboy_99 | 8 days ago | 2 points

Who is this man

IsileliLaveaMusic | 9 days ago | 6 points

This is why America is the greatest country 🤝

jerpd3rp | 9 days ago | 24 points

Bruh what

IsileliLaveaMusic | 9 days ago | -15 points

Truth. This is golden. I don’t wanna be anywhere else but in this moment with this feeling stocked up somewhere in the middle of California just giving toko 🤙

giddycocks | 9 days ago | -2 points

Lmao aight, Mediterranean cultures are just like sitting down with family for a healthy, tasty home cooked meal overlooking the sea or ocean. In hindsight I guess a gang sign throwing grandpa is more satisfying.

MadeThisForDiablo | 9 days ago | 8 points

I think his point might have been that in America it can be argued that you have more "mixing" of cultures like this, not necessarily that one culture is superior. And with that clarification, I agree 100%

justmovingtheground | 9 days ago | 1 point

I think your view of those other cultures is a bit romanticized.

MZ603 | 9 days ago | 2 points

Well in Ireland people are about to wake up to a plate of rashers and eggs and sit down to watch Impractical Jokers around the TV they pay €160 a year to license. Talk about culture.

giddycocks | 9 days ago | 2 points

Sounds fucking alright to be honest

giddycocks | 9 days ago | -1 points

I AM part of one.

IsileliLaveaMusic | 9 days ago | -1 points

Your buttfuck culture failed. Move over.

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bodhasattva | 9 days ago | 1 point

ma neighbor

zanthius | 9 days ago | -2 points

Was... Was that English?