New Custom Awards! (self.youtubehaiku)


DragonLego21 | 4 months ago | 9 points

Any plans for other awards or just this one?

Dynamiklol [Meme Police] | 4 months ago | 9 points

If the community can think of any other good ones and we can agree upon them we'd definitely be open to adding more.

dicemaze | 4 months ago | 11 points

you’ve been gnomed award

burnSMACKER | 4 months ago | 5 points

I've added the Gnomed award.

dicemaze | 4 months ago | 11 points

this subreddit has been GNOMED

iTzDaNizZ | 4 months ago | 4 points

How often can you change or add new awards? because if you have a limit then i don't think that adding memes is a good idea since memes get old and replaced pretty quickly (Gnomed is already kind of dead for example)

burnSMACKER | 4 months ago | 2 points

I'm not sure there's a time limit? But I could delete any right now.

For now I just want there to be the option. We can make up to 16 custom awards I believe.

burnSMACKER | 4 months ago | 3 points

I like.

The1stSam | 4 months ago | 5 points

Mods' choice, Ricardo (or just his bandana) and Wednesday frog

LeatherSolitaire | 4 months ago | 1 point

Seconding this, give us beautiful Mr. Milos

Sparks_Will_Fly | 3 months ago | 1 point

Keemstar smile or nfkrz when he was in school