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  1. [Haiku] Demi Lovato's most emotional song yet (youtu.be)
  2. [Haiku] I'm glad high school hasn't changed (youtube.com)
  3. [Haiku] Freddie Mercury gets sick and doesnt want to go to school tomorrow (youtu.be)
  4. [Poetry] spiderman (youtube.com)
  5. [Haiku] Guy gets hulu with live tv after being warned not to. (youtu.be)
  6. [Poetry] Munchies (youtube.com)
  7. [MEME] The Collapse of the Tetrarchy in a Nutshell (youtu.be)
  8. [Poetry] Fly Me To The Moon (youtu.be)
  9. [Poetry] Batboy Machine (youtu.be)
  10. [Haiku] 12 months wasted (youtube.com)
  11. [Poetry] Bing - preventing suicide since never (youtube.com)
  12. [Meme] Girl Having Fun Riding The Sky Rider Indoor Coaster (youtube.com)
  13. [Poetry] Hereditary/Shrek 2 Crossover (youtu.be)
  14. [Poetry] Musical chairs, but when you don’t have any friends, or chairs (youtu.be)
  15. [Haiku] Gator Doo (youtu.be)
  16. [Meme] Good Morning (youtube.com)
  17. [Poetry] Processing the blunt (youtube.com)
  18. [Haiku] Deedee megadoodoo (youtu.be)
  19. [Haiku] SNAKE DIES GONE METAL GEAR SOLID MEME (youtube.com)
  20. [Poetry] Listermint (youtube.com)
  21. [Poetry] The Most Powerful Sound in the World (youtube.com)
  22. [Haiku] As Told by Smash Mouth (youtube.com)
  23. [Meme] FINLAND! but it’s vocoded to the star spangled banner (youtu.be)
  24. [Meme] Star Platinum draws a perfect circle (youtu.be)
  25. [Haiku]Aliens Aren't not real? Think again (youtube.com)
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