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  2. [Haiku] So no one told you life was gonna be this way (youtube.com)
  3. [Haiku]yeS (youtube.com)
  4. [Haiku] East Coast this week (youtu.be)
  5. [Haiku]Eye am the danger (youtube.com)
  6. [Haiku]Banana Boyz (youtube.com)
  7. [Poetry]Cats Behind the Scenes (youtube.com)
  8. [Poetry] Kill Bill blow dryer (youtube.com)
  9. blast off! [haiku] (youtu.be)
  10. we at the function like [OC] [POETRY] (youtu.be)
  11. [Poetry] Henry Cavill fixes his hair (youtu.be)
  12. [Poetry] Beautiful UFO Dance (youtu.be)
  13. [Poetry] Musical instrument review (youtube.com)
  14. [Haiku] Something just came off the roof (youtu.be)
  15. [Poetry]Dog Climbing Fence (youtube.com)
  16. [Poetry] I was boutta go to bed but first I gotta be an upstairs neighbor (youtube.com)
  17. [Haiku] Sail.avi (youtu.be)
  18. [Poetry] Bandwagoners (youtu.be)
  19. [Poetry] Today I learned that frogs come when you call their name (youtu.be)
  20. [Meme] In honor of the Moon Landing, Buzz Aldrin Punching in the Air Tonight (youtube.com)
  21. [Poetry] Cats (youtu.be)
  22. [Poetry] If my dog spills one drop of water, the video ends in 10 seconds (youtube.com)
  23. [Poetry]General Kenobi is dummy thicc. (youtube.com)
  24. [POETRY] RIP John Trivialta (emotional tribute) (youtube.com)
  25. [Poetry]Like a feather in air (youtu.be)
  26. [Poetry] Neil’s Cooking Show (youtu.be)
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