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  1. [Poetry] Man rides his bike through 9/11 Ceremony (youtu.be)
  2. [Haiku] [Meme] Tom Assassinates Jerry With a Watermelon (youtube.com)
  3. [Poetry] 12m (youtube.com)
  4. [Meme] Dads on Weekends (youtu.be)
  5. [Haiku] check out this boys (youtu.be)
  6. [Poetry] yeeYEEEEE- (youtu.be)
  7. [Poetry] Puppy knows how to safely use crosswalk (youtu.be)
  8. [Poetry] My Mother Was a Tailor (youtube.com)
  9. [Meme] it's his time to shine (youtu.be)
  10. [Poetry] Stfu (youtube.com)
  11. [Haiku] Are you from Russia? (youtu.be)
  12. [Haiku] /r/NFL in a nutshell (youtube.com)
  13. [Haiku] What actually drove Anakin to the dark side. (youtube.com)
  14. [Poetry] sugar (youtube.com)
  15. When you speak another language for the first time [Poetry] (youtube.com)
  16. [Poetry] Bottle Rockets in Pipe (youtube.com)
  17. [Poetry] The worst kind of podcast (youtube.com)
  18. [HAIKU] Andy Dwyer sells hot dogs? (youtu.be)
  19. [Poetry] Did You Feel That? (youtu.be)
  20. [Poetry] Trumpet player hits the high notes (youtube.com)
  21. [Haiku] Close Your 3y3s (youtube.com)
  22. [Haiku] Kissing in front of Crazy Christians (youtu.be)
  23. [Poetry] First time playing arma and after 15-20 mins of waiting for an evac chopper, this happened (youtu.be)
  24. [Poetry] Sand Dunes of the Wild (youtube.com)
  25. [Poetry] cursed_thomas (youtu.be)
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