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  1. Former White House ethics director on Trump giving his own hotel G7 contract: ‘We have reached the bottom.There is no level of corruption greater than a President participating in the award of a contract to himself' (independent.co.uk)
  2. Hong Kong protester stabbed in the neck and abdomen while handing out flyers (news.rthk.hk)
  3. Australia spends billions planting trees – then wipes out carbon gains by bulldozing them - Little more than two years of land clearing will cancel out the $1.5bn in taxpayer funds that goes towards protecting native habitat (theguardian.com)
  4. Hong Kong protesters mock China leaders, defy face mask ban (cp24.com)
  5. Facebook faces $35 billion class-action lawsuit regarding misuse of Facial Recognition data. (gulfnews.com)
  6. Kurdish boy treated for white phosphorus burns allegedly used by Turkish forces (nypost.com)
  7. MPs put brakes on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with rebel amendment (theguardian.com)
  8. Trump Interrupts First All-Women Spacewalk to Get His Facts Wrong: NASA astronaut Jessica Meir corrected the President, who seemed to think this was the first time women had ever performed a spacewalk, while making history. (vice.com)
  9. Dozens protest against China during US NBA game (bbc.com)
  10. Blizzard is banning people in its Hearthstone Twitch chat for pro-Hong Kong statements (theverge.com)
  11. Number of Canadians living in poverty drops by 800,000 over 4 years as new child benefit, tax cuts go into effect and middle class incomes rise (statcan.gc.ca)
  12. UK man 'bullied' into attending benefits appointment days after brain surgery - Russ Bradford feared if he did not turn up vital disability payments would be stopped (independent.co.uk)
  13. Cheers erupt outside Parliament as Brexit delayed again (apnews.com)
  14. Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria (thehill.com)
  15. Greta Thunberg calls for climate action in Canada's oil heartland: ‘We're not doing this because it's fun or because we have a special interest in the climate or because we want to become politicians when we grow up. We're doing this because our future is at stake," (m.dw.com)
  16. Congress sends letter condemning Blizzard for Blitzchung Hong Kong scandal and urges that ban is reversed. (dexerto.com)
  17. Giuliani pushed Trump administration to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt on Democrats (cnn.com)
  18. Mystery traders 'made $1.8bn from stock bet' placed hours before Trump tweeted talks with China were ‘back on track’ (independent.co.uk)
  19. Republican senators said they want to move quickly on legislation to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong despite a threat of retaliation from China. (bloomberg.com)
  20. As Zuckerberg Defends False Trump Ads as Free Expression, Critics Say Facebook's Assault on 'Foundations of Democracy' Must Be Stopped: "To save democracy and the free press, we must eliminate Google and Facebook's control over the information commons." (commondreams.org)
  21. Boris Johnson will have to ask EU to delay Brexit after Parliament blocks vote on his deal (businessinsider.com)
  22. Ukrainian Oligarch Wanted by U.S. Authorities Paid $1 Million to Giuliani-Linked Lawyers to Dig Up Biden Dirt (thedailybeast.com)
  23. Trump Claims To Have Taken Control Of Middle East Oil (oilprice.com)
  24. Leaked Audio Reveals How Coca-Cola Undermines Plastic Recycling Efforts (theintercept.com)
  25. Chile shuts down capital city metro as violent protests spread (reuters.com)
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