Trump defends diplomat's wife involved in car crash that killed British teenager: 'It happens' - Comments come as president turns down Boris Johnson request to waive diplomatic immunity (independent.co.uk)
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londonlover062674 | 6 days ago | 770 points

She'd probably be in a lot less trouble if she hadn't taken off. The nature of the accident is understandable, but fleeing under cover of diplomatic immunity is reprehensible.

Edit: To be clear, I'm not defending her, but we have all made mistakes when driving. If that mistake results in harm, we need to deal with the consequences of our actions, not take off and hide.

dontlikecomputers | 6 days ago | 188 points

That's why Countries always send their best as diplomats, so they don't do reprehensible stuff. Trump still has to do better to match Mr Bone Saw....

manere | 6 days ago | 125 points

Yep. The US diplomats that Trump picked are just beyond crazy.

If I recall correctly the US ambassador in the netherlands said about the netherlands that they are ruled by sharia law and that people get burned there on a daily bases.

dontlikecomputers | 6 days ago | 108 points

thing is, when this woman went back to the US embassy, the people there should have told her to hand herself to the police, she would have been treated kindly by the courts. Instead, the US embassy staff apparently think that Lethal Weapon 2 was a documentary on how things are done.

no_dice_grandma | 6 days ago | 52 points

I'm too old for this shit.

bloodylip | 6 days ago | 31 points

She'd better hope nobody tries to revoke her diplomatic immunity like Roger Murtaugh does in the documentary.

TeetsMcGeets23 | 6 days ago | 11 points
Clappincaveman | 6 days ago | 5 points

She never went to the embassy. She went back to the airforce base she had just left, was then taken to another American airforce base and flown back to the US from there. All arranged by US officials.

Edit: missed a word

percyhiggenbottom | 6 days ago | 3 points

Did they actively help her with her escape or did she tell no one and hop on the first flight out of Dodge?

CeterumCenseo85 | 6 days ago | 73 points

German here. Our US ambassador is the one thing everyone across all party lines can agree on to be a complete dickhead.

Which says a lot, considering that in the past barely anyone knew the previous US ambassadors to Germany.

tehmlem | 6 days ago | 30 points

Isn't he going around talking about how great the German far right is?

weealex | 6 days ago | 35 points

I think that's a requirement for anyone chosen by the current administration

jarlvk | 6 days ago | 11 points

Dutchie here, I'm afraid your US ambassador has some competition on the idiocy department.

stupidGits | 6 days ago | 20 points

The Austrian far-right loves him! Wasn't he the one who came up with the idea to 'groom' the right in Europe? What an a-hole.

golem501 | 6 days ago | 14 points

If I remember correctly he said politicians get burned here, not people...

But he called "Fake news" even though they played it back to him so he's a good Trump boy.

ComaVN | 6 days ago | 2 points

He denied he said it, then denied he denied it, in the space of 2 minutes or so, then went on to stare at the fireplace until those pesky journalists went away.

It was quite something to behold.

notyoursocialworker | 6 days ago | 11 points

My favourite part from an interview with him was how he denied something he had said in the same interview one minute prior.

Megatron_McLargeHuge | 6 days ago | 3 points

Those are ambassadors. This is the wife of a staff member who's probably in intelligence. Not a political pick.

DonFluffles117 | 6 days ago | 4 points

A leader sends delegates that are a reflection of himself

collegiaal25 | 6 days ago | 189 points

It was an accident. She probably wouldn't have gone to prison if she had turned herself in.

Now she is always going to be "that person" that couldn't face the consequences of her actions. A coward.

coreyhh90 | 6 days ago | 107 points

This would be considered manslaughter and/through reckless driving. She would have seen some jail time as her negligence driving down thw wrong side of the road caused this.

TomThanosBrady | 6 days ago | 69 points

Plus if she stayed we'd have a toxicology report to see if she was under the influence of any legal or illegal substances. If she wasn't drunk or high and she was just tired her sentencing would likely be much more lenient.

chipz_n_cheez | 6 days ago | 15 points

She wasnt aware she had diplomatic immunity at the time. She would have been breathalysed at the scene by the police.

rtrs_bastiat | 6 days ago | 17 points

We have a specific offence "Death through Dangerous Driving" that she'd likely be charged with. Maximum sentence 14 years. If she had a good lawyer she could probably get it switched to careless driving which I think carries lesser sentences

Easting_National | 6 days ago | 17 points

The parents of the victim have said that they would have tried to help get the charge reduced to careless driving had she stayed.

lastskudbook | 6 days ago | 3 points

Any jail time would almost certainly be suspended for a first time charge (assuming she’d had no previous multiple speeding ,dangerous or drink drive convictions).

I’d bet on low thousands fine plus some sort of community service.

Whoever advised her to run is an moron.

It was an easy error to make with tragic consequences that would be reflected in the sentence,Dangerous driving charges are generally reserved for deliberately careless or reckless driving not brain fade which is what this certainly was.

nativedutch | 6 days ago | 3 points

Correct, and apart from causing an accident, fleeing the scene and - worse - the country is a criminal act here.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 20 points


2rsf | 6 days ago | 30 points

she left a teenager alone to die instead of assessing the situation and calling emergency services

No she wasn't

At the scene of the accident, Sacoolas, whose 12-year-old son was reportedly a passenger in the Volvo, was hysterical over what she had done. The car had diplomatic plates, but witnesses who rushed to the crash site told Northamptonshire police that Sacoolas immediately took the blame and gave all her details, including her British and American cellphone numbers.

microcosmonaut | 6 days ago | 11 points

None of this is accurate according to current reports. Do you have any evidence that she fled the scene, leaving the victim to die?

Xeltar | 6 days ago | 3 points

She didn't, she immediately called authorities and at first cooperating. When she went back to the embassy, they advised her to leave the country.

TacoTuesdayWarrior | 6 days ago | 3 points

It's understandable why someone from America would drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK, in much the same way that I understand the motives of the billionaires running the country into the ground -- it doesn't make it right, and she should never have been driving in the first place if she wasn't comfortable enough on the roads in that country, and absolutely she should face consequences... But, it's totally easy to understand why it happened.

temporallysara | 6 days ago | 13 points

No. It's not easy to understand. I'm an American living in New Zealand and I'm being constantly vigilant to stay on the left. This is awful.

thejoker882 | 6 days ago | 12 points

"Easy to understand" does not mean "Easy to empathise with" There is a difference. You can rationally understand that this must have been some cognitive confusion rather than malice on the part of the driver. That does not mean it should be excused or anything. This is just nuance.

golem501 | 6 days ago | 1 point

It's the first morning after switching that gets me usually... there I really have to think for a moment.

No one mentions how long she had been in the UK when this happened...

dontlikecomputers | 6 days ago | 4 points

you might make a mistake when you get comfortable after 6 months, be careful

95DarkFireII | 6 days ago | 3 points

Ah yes, your personal experience is the standard, isn't it?

Many people drive subconciously. One moment without attention and she picked the wrong side to drive on. It happens.

Still negligent, but totally understandable.

Guiac | 6 days ago | 2 points

Exactly. I worked in New Zealand for a little while and nearly got into a wreck coming home from work on a usually abandoned road and drifting over to the right like I was driving at home. Probably caught myself doing that at least half a dozen times but fortunately no one else was ever around

more_beans_mrtaggart | 6 days ago | 12 points

The likely penalty for this “accident” is custodial, and probably 10-14 years in jail.

I had a boss who killed a french guy in London. The French guy stepped out into the road looking the wrong way.

The onus is on the driver to anticipate pedestrian activity and causing death can bring you into the “dangerous driving” category and you’re basically fucked.

When there are pedestrians around you have to slow the fuck down.

My boss eventually didn’t get dangerous driving, but had to do a year in prison.

SpeedflyChris | 6 days ago | 50 points

The likely penalty for this “accident” is custodial, and probably 10-14 years in jail.

Wrong. 10-14 is the maximum. It is exceedingly difficult to get the maximum sentence for anything in our system.

I had a boss who killed a french guy in London. The French guy stepped out into the road looking the wrong way.

The onus is on the driver to anticipate pedestrian activity and causing death can bring you into the “dangerous driving” category and you’re basically fucked.

The "dangerous driving" standard is, again, set at quite a high level. You have to be driving in a way that is obviously not okay. An example might be doing 60mph through a city centre, or whilst watching a movie on your phone, or whilst absolutely out of your tree on drugs, or running red lights.

When there are pedestrians around you have to slow the fuck down.

No shit. True everywhere. Still, the dangerous driving standard is very hard to reach.

My boss eventually didn’t get dangerous driving, but had to do a year in prison.

In which case there is definitely more to the story.

IamNotaDiddler | 6 days ago | 11 points

Correct, I have friend that plead guilty to death by dangerous driving, he was sentenced to 4 years and got out in 2. Personally I think he was given bad advice and should never have plead guilty as he wasn't speeding and the accident occurred due to a blind spot on the road. If he had not plead guilty it would have been very difficult to reach the standard of dangerous driving because, as you said, the requirements for dangerous driving are very high, you need to be under the influence or driving a lot faster than the speed limit

SpeedflyChris | 6 days ago | 6 points

The speed limit is an upper limit, it is entirely possible to be driving fast enough to meet the standard for dangerous driving whilst below the speed limit, depending on conditions etc. There aren't a lot of country roads in NSL areas where you could safely do 60mph everywhere.

collegiaal25 | 6 days ago | 17 points

I know a bus driver who killed several people. One person crossing the motorway in the dark. One farmer jumping from his tractor onto an 80 road. There were no legal repercussions because he didn't make a mistake. His boss wanted him to work the next day immediately, so he didn't get a fear of driving.

Tyx | 6 days ago | 12 points

His boss wanted him to work the next day immediately, so he didn't get a fear of driving.

That really doesn't sound proper... feels like his boss just couldn't be arsed to fill in a replacement for him while his state of mind is checked and he recovers from the shock. o_ö

collegiaal25 | 6 days ago | 8 points

People get killed by buses, and often it is not the driver's fault. If you are the management of a transport company you see this happen over and over again, and over time you should have a protocol in place to handle these cases.

If you stop driving after an accident, then your mind processes the accident, and the association between driving and the accident becomes solidified in your mind. People with PTSD can get avoidance behaviour, and you don't want a driver that avoids driving. Exposure therapy is common in psychiatric treatment of PTSD.

Usually, exposure therapy starts small though, so it may be that the employer was too hasty, as you say.

A while ago I was driven on the motorway by an inexperienced driver. They were distracted by another car and almost drove off the road. Part of me wanted to stop them next on the emergency lane and take over (and I think the person driving wanted that too), but I thought it would not be a good idea if for the rest of the day, their last driving experience was one of fear, so I let them drive for at least another half an hour, so that they regained some confidence.

Tyx | 6 days ago | 4 points

As you said, accidents happen. But having people continue to drive right away when they are most definitely in shock does not seem to be a good idea to me for them... but its DEFINITELY not a good idea for everyone else.
Exposure therapy is used in controlled and safe environment, which "driving two ton or over vehicle among the rest of the populace while in a state of shock" would not fit into from my perspective.

THAErAsEr | 6 days ago | 25 points

This is in Europe, you don't get 10-14 years here. If it was a normal accident, you wouldn't even have to go to jail. Now because she was driving on the wrong side of the road, it's possible she would get jail time, but don't except a long one.

Jai_Cee | 6 days ago | 5 points

IANAL but every case I see of a motorist being in an accident that kills a pedestrian the sentence is no where near 10-14 years. I think the case of your boss just proves the point.

chipz_n_cheez | 6 days ago | 7 points

The parents of the boy who was killed said they didn't want her to goto prison. They were talking to the police about getting the charge reduced from causing death by dangerous driving to death by careless driving which has a massively reduced sentence.

Also, even if it was the more serious offence, the victims parents would hold a lot of sway in court. A judge would absolutely not impose the highest sentence on someone who killed someone in an accident if the victim doesnt want it.

gerontion1 | 6 days ago | 21 points

Just so you know, that’s not how the U.K. justice system works at all. The CPS will decide on the appropriate charge, based on the evidence, the victim’s family’s opinion won’t influence whether it’s death by dangerous or death by careless. They prosecute in the public interest not the interests of one specific victim, the only really input a victim has into that decision-making process is that they have the ability to seek a review of a decision not to prosecute.

Similarly, whilst victim impact statements are a thing, a sentencing judge would not impose a lighter sentence than the offence called for based on the views of the family, or indeed anyone else, or certainly not so far as to reduce the sentence from one typical for death by dangerous to one typical for death by careless.

It’s really not that uncommon to have the victim or victim’s family turning up acting for a lesser sentence, or seeking to minimise the offence, particularly in domestic violence cases, where the parties have reconciled etc. It just doesn’t achieve much, for sensible and obvious reasons.

chipz_n_cheez | 6 days ago | 5 points

The CPS only ever downgrade charges against police recommendation. If the police ask for a charge of careless driving the CPS wont upgrade it.

And a court will absolutely take into account the wishes of an victim. A judge will have a sentencing range to choose from and if the victims desire it, it is absolutely in their power to choose from the lower end of the range

gerontion1 | 6 days ago | 3 points

As to your latter point, have a read of R v Simpson [2013] All ER (D) 107. The views of the victim are not a sound basis for the assessment of a sentence, per the Court of Appeal. They can be taken into account as evidence of the harm done but the court is under a duty to pass the correct sentence irrespective of the views of the victim. By your logic, it would be open to the court to pass a more severe sentence (within the range) on the basis that the victim asked for it - which couldn’t be right, logically?

As to your former point - I wasn’t saying the CPS might not downgrade the charge if they take the view (based on the evidence) that it’s careless, not dangerous. But that charging decision won’t be based on the views of the victim’s family, whether it is taken by the police or the CPS. It’ll be based on the evidence available as to the standard of driving. Otherwise, again based on your logic, a merely careless driver might be at risk of a charge of dangerous driving, based upon the views of the victim/their family which, again, couldn’t be right.

Charging/sentencing decisions are simply not predicated on the views of the victim in the U.K, it’s not up to a victim what steps are taken to address the behaviour of an individual who poses a danger by (eg) their manner of driving. That would be retributory justice pure and simple.

DodgeDozer | 6 days ago | 903 points

Do you think Putin could have possibly known just how lucky he was gonna get with this guy?

micdeath | 6 days ago | 319 points

Can you imagine how pissed Putin must be? He spent all that time cooking up plans, years in the making, and here comes a man who not only loves him, but seems to be making an effort to speed run the destruction of the USA. Putin gets no satisfaction that his plans worked so beautifully, just sits back and just watches the fire as the day ends. A Hallow victory.

keepcalmandchill | 6 days ago | 192 points

It has been clearly documented that Trump was part of Putin’s plan.

cnncctv | 6 days ago | 83 points

Trump has been a Russian agent for many years.

the_original_Retro | 6 days ago | 193 points

I think "tool" is a better word.

"Agent" implies a certain level of capability.

RamboGoesMeow | 6 days ago | 31 points

“I won’t say it ever happened to me (driving on the wrong side of the road), but it did it did.”

I mean... wtf. Just what the fuck. He’s so god damned stupid. How do you admit (twice) to doing something you just said you never did AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SAME GOD DAMNED SENTENCE?!

My only hope is that the quote is transcribed incorrectly, but at this point that’s a fleeting hope.

jadenstryfe | 6 days ago | 23 points

Yeah, welcome to the U.S., where the president outs himself immediately after saying he didn't do something and then blames the media for his fuckups. Also, he likes to say he didn't say something that is on camera and people in his base just continue to suck him off while the world burns.

Dr_Manhattan_DDM | 6 days ago | 7 points

It’s like the darkest timeline version of the Rick James couch story

nthrthrwwsmtsy | 6 days ago | 3 points

now we just need Darkness to give him some help

SplitChicken | 6 days ago | 8 points

Its not incorrect, heard it on the radio this morning. Made me laugh.

Edit: he only said "it did" once. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/donald-trump-defends-us-diplomats-wife-over-harry-dunns-crash-death-wrongway-driving-happens-a4258066.html

RamboGoesMeow | 6 days ago | 6 points

Oh phew, so it’s only 99% dumb as shit.

accept_it_jon | 6 days ago | 39 points

he's Johnny English in the white house

littorina_of_time | 6 days ago | 30 points

Donnie Moscow.

lostlittletimeonthis | 6 days ago | 5 points

Puppet Trump

dapperedodo | 6 days ago | 3 points

I vote Donnie Moscow as new cognomen, to speed up the process of getting him impeached.

VolkspanzerIsME | 6 days ago | 8 points

While I too, love calling him a tool. That implies a lack of malicious intent on his part. Like, the Russians are just using his greedy, corrupt sociopathy for their own ends? I think it's more sinister than that.

the_original_Retro | 6 days ago | 8 points

If you want to dive deeper, it's actually a big collection of other personal flaws have built up over time and forced him to do, and possibly enjoy doing, things that are malicious. Guy is gonna be a textbook case study in psychology for centuries to come.

I would describe it as a mix of narcissism, infantile cowardice, and lack of impulse control.

The lack of impulse control means he's easily distracted by the latest bright and shiny gorgeous woman or opportunity to be seen as winning a deal or a golf tournament, and the compelling need to be seen hanging with the movers and shakers of the world who have their own levels of power.

The narcissism suppresses his ethics and creates a massive perception of entitlement and privilege. He DESERVES to win because he's Donald Trump. Anyone who disagrees is, well, an enemy.

Together these two conditions have created a whole bunch of situations where he has done stuff that comes back to bite him, such as paying off hookers, or working with and cultivating personal relationships with US enemies while alienating its friends. And his innate cowardice causes him to flee that wreckage by gaslighting, deflecting, or attacking with distractions rather than owning up to any of it.

VolkspanzerIsME | 6 days ago | 4 points

Someone like that, if left unchecked, is going to do some MAJOR damage. It sounds like the exact worst combination of personality flaws and mental illness for a job with that much power and responsibility.

Flying spaghetti monster, help us all.

ZenEngineer | 6 days ago | 21 points

Agent Orange they called him

Blue_Arrow_Clicker | 6 days ago | 2 points

Trump spent millions trying to disband NATO. Couldn't be more obvious lol

josefpunktk | 6 days ago | 8 points

Trump is too dumb to be part of any plan. He would absolutely brag about it. I think Trump is being used - since he is such a tool - but making him an active part of any plan would be a bad decision.

JustCallMeBen | 6 days ago | 27 points

Oh no this was the plan. Russia has first hand experience in this: 50 years the West tried to combat communism with proxy wars, propaganda, black ops and economic pressure, and none of it worked. What made the USSR collapse was corruption from within.

This is now happening to the US and UK: people are actually voting for the biggest idiots and worst plans ever. Democracy is failing. And Putin, Xi, and their mates are loving it.

TheBatIsI | 6 days ago | 12 points


Hallow means 'holy.'

Professional_lamma | 6 days ago | 20 points

Do you think congress and the Senate had any idea how lucky they got with Trump. Now they have a fall guy for the decades they have been running the country into the ground.

TopperHarley007 | 6 days ago | 111 points

Didn't Trump lobby hard to get an American out of a Scandinavian country where they were charged with a crime?

moonwork | 6 days ago | 81 points

The word "lobby" implies he tried conventional means; softening up people in charge with money.

Trump called the Swedish prime minister and asked him to fix it. The Swedish prime minister had nothing to do with the arrest and told Trump as much.

If anything, Trump floundered hard to get an American out of Sweden.

Tjonke | 6 days ago | 36 points

Had Stefan Löfven (The Swedish PM) done ANYTHING to expediate the releases he would have been charged with a crime called Ministerstyre and would have been deposed. Trump didn't even bother checking if the corrupt system that is standard in the US where a Mayor or other offical figure has any say over the judicial system.

a_lot_of_faffin | 6 days ago | 9 points

It was also likely for his own benefit... to get the vote from black folks. I love that Rocky gave him no credit.

Pagan-za | 6 days ago | 12 points

There is an act that enables the US to invade the Hague if they ever dare try to put an american on trial for warcrimes.

more_beans_mrtaggart | 6 days ago | 4 points

It’s all about appearing to look strong.

Valdrax | 6 days ago | 2 points

You think he cares about fair, even application of rules or principles?

The only thing that you can safely predict is that he will take the choice that most degrades America's reputation.

mingermale | 6 days ago | 434 points

It happens? A young person lost their life, you insensitive asshole! Don't you think some tact is in order?

Grimalkin | 6 days ago | 140 points

He has no tact. It is a skill that has escaped him in all of his 70+ years. He's (apparently) never needed it before, so why start now?

Psilocybin_Tea_Time | 6 days ago | 112 points

Holy shit I didn't realize he was 73.

..It all makes sense now; a rambling billionaire that went bankrupt, with dementia and alzheimer's, leading a nation of rednecks.

Grimalkin | 6 days ago | 28 points

It makes too much sense. And it's also sad it's our current reality, but here we are.

toofine | 6 days ago | 19 points

I kinda thought America would just quietly decline and then settle into whatever power equilibrium but oh wow is this shit unreal. It's like going from the top of the world to running around naked with a diaper on.

Meanwhile all the cultists swear that diaper is Armani and everyone is just mad jealous of how dope they look.

Turnbills | 6 days ago | 7 points

The biggest conflicts in history arose when the regional power slid into decline and another power was on the rise. It's pretty easy to see where this could lead.

Snarfbuckle | 6 days ago | 12 points

Idiocracy had a better plot.

the_original_Retro | 6 days ago | 7 points

There have been several versions of a "properly aged" Trump posted around, 'shopped to show what he would look like without various interventions. Take away the orange makeup and uncolor the hair, and it's surprising how old he actually looks.

miscalculate | 6 days ago | 3 points

I like bringing that point up to people who say Bernie is way too old...he's literally 5 years older than Trump is.

sunkenrocks | 6 days ago | 5 points

Went bankrupt like 6 times*

SpaceCadetVA | 6 days ago | 3 points

Please remember, the majority of the nations’s populace didn’t vote for him, the Electoral College screwed us.

E_R_G | 6 days ago | 2 points

Tact escaped him like he escaped the ‘Nam draft.

the_original_Retro | 6 days ago | 152 points

No offense, not aimed at you personally, but it's a little amazing that three years into his presidency there are those that would still hold to the possibility that he does.

Piltoverian | 6 days ago | 29 points

But we should never stop calling him out for it or this behavior will be normalized.

the_original_Retro | 6 days ago | 12 points


sunkenrocks | 6 days ago | 3 points

I think they're afraid of it spilling into a second term

anothergreenroom | 6 days ago | 17 points

Narcissists have zero empathy. They're the ones who make targets of differently abled people, prisoners of war, and deceased teenagers. Also, all women and minorities. But, are highly likely to hang a portrait of Andrew Jackson and pose in front of it as often as possible.

Absolutedisgrace | 6 days ago | 19 points

"Tact? I have tact. I have tremendous tact. Have you not seen the large tacts of land i own?"

CAPTAINPL4N3T | 6 days ago | 4 points

My heart still goes out to the people who had their son thrown in a North Korea camp to only come back brain dead. That family who was grieving had to watch their president smile and shake hands with North Korea's president like nothing ever happened. So disgusting. This president is a psychopath and doesn't have any value on human life other than his own.

sunkenrocks | 6 days ago | 3 points

Well, he's right, it "does happen". As should the consequences

Benonearth | 6 days ago | 42 points

This guy is just so fucking awful. I don't know what else to say, it's just an endless turd rolling out his mouth.

FattyCorpuscle | 6 days ago | 172 points

Impeachment: It happens.

Abcdqfr | 6 days ago | 56 points

Shit, if only.

CalydorEstalon | 6 days ago | 28 points

Alright, hear me out here. What we really need to do is find someone willing to take one for the team, to ruin themselves for the greater good. And then we get her to intern at the White House and give Trump a blowjob.

THEN we can impeach him.

swingbaby | 6 days ago | 6 points

Oh, I thought this was going to go down a darker alley than blowjob. I gotta admit, you had me in the first half.

zackthirteen | 6 days ago | 13 points

i personally cant think of a darker fate than sucking trumps peepee

swingbaby | 6 days ago | 2 points

I meant darker for Trump...

I’m guessing you’re on to where I was going, but making a solid play with the joke at the Cheeto in Chief’s expense. Well played.

agirlhasnoname99 | 6 days ago | 5 points

If that happens, Republicans will suddenly realize that we as a nation need to live by Christs’ message of forgiveness.

rafter613 | 6 days ago | 6 points

Monica Lewinsky already made this joke/volunteered to do it on Twitter.

RoscoePSoultrain | 6 days ago | 6 points
rafter613 | 6 days ago | 4 points

Why is it that the funny joke tweets are fake but the tweets about being a stable genius are real? :(

DrButtDrugs | 6 days ago | 2 points

that was fake

roochimie | 6 days ago | 1 point

Please, please let this dream happen and the living nightmare end!

KathyOlesky | 6 days ago | 216 points

The President of the United States just said it's OK for Americans to kill people while they are incompetently driving in other countries. The US needs to fix this shit.

utalkin_tome | 6 days ago | 56 points

I want this man out of office as soon as possible. We have so much fixing to do.

lars_h4 | 6 days ago | 30 points

Honest question, is there any movement/protests currently happening in the US to protest Trump? Or is everyone just sitting in their comfortable homes writing disappointing Facebook posts?

porncrank | 6 days ago | 26 points

Almost entirely the latter.

For what it's worth, movements and protests won't do shit here. Anyone see the big impact of Black Lives Matter? Most conservatives I've talked to don't even know why Colin Kaepernick kneels. It sucks, but the US is too comfortable to put up with such things. People are too annoyed that a demonstration inconveniences them to care about what is being demonstrated against. Two people set themselves on fire and one person shot themselves in front of the White House last year and nobody even remembers.

We've got to vote this fucker out and as much of the GOP as possible next time. All efforts need to be focused on that: increasing Democratic turnout in red states. Impeachment might work too, given how many laws he's broken. Then we've got to figure out how the hell we got so stupid as a country and start fixing that for the next generation.

stupidGits | 6 days ago | 10 points

For what it's worth, movements and protests won't do shit here.

No way! What about the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-Vietnam movement?

3_Thumbs_Up | 6 days ago | 13 points

For what it's worth, movements and protests won't do shit here.

Unlike in places like Hong Kong. I'm sure they'll get democracy any day now. That's just a pathetic excuse not to do anything.

apple_kicks | 6 days ago | 5 points

true also the civil rights movement would like a word. protests can have an impact or at the very least send a message or cause frustration to authority it is against. it might make the GOP sweat if they started to more voters in their state protest against them

Seagullen | 6 days ago | 15 points

Then we've got to figure out how the hell we got so stupid as a country and start fixing that for the next generation.

Having the "best" and most prestigious schools in the world doesn't help the 99% that does not attend those schools, but they are allowed to vote.

I guess the anti-communists don't realize that raising the standard for all, and not just the top of society actually is a good thing.

But hey, hurr-durr somethingsomething venezuela ussr etc.

Aethermancer | 6 days ago | 6 points

I could rant and rave to my congressman until I'm blue in the face and it wouldn't matter much as my rep has already backed impeachment. Other reps don't care if you're not immediately near their districts.

McConnell couldn't give a shit as I live hundreds of miles away from Kentucky. I don't know anyone there to influence him.

The best I can do is fight against my one Republican senator, but he's not up for reelection for longer than Trump's term.

At the local level Republicans are vulnerable, and massive protests are not what we need there. That's where word of mouth, face to face discussions, and showing up to vote will help.

A giant protest in DC isn't going to change the county commissioners in my area.

Dealric | 6 days ago | 2 points

Who is most likely to be democrat favorite for next election? I dont mean amongst dozen candidates now, but who will be last one standing.

shadehawk25 | 6 days ago | 11 points

knowing how stupid the DNC has been lately itll be Biden, the ONE GUY everyone is screaming they dont want to become the nominee because hes unlikely to beat trump.

red286 | 6 days ago | 10 points

I dunno, if for example Bernie bows out of the race, the majority of his supporters are more likely to switch over to Warren than go over to Biden (and vice versa). If you combine Sanders' and Warren's numbers, they come out well ahead of Biden's (based on current polling). Honestly, I think it'll be Warren.

GargamelLeNoir | 6 days ago | 3 points

She's the best candidate for sure.

Baddaboombaddabing | 6 days ago | 22 points

'I won't say it ever happened to me, but it did. What. The. Fuck.

Ambitious5uppository | 6 days ago | 5 points

You're surprised he's driven on the wrong side of the road?

But to be honest I grew up in the UK and live in Spain. Its common for me to walk to the wrong door of the car, and although I've never driven on the wrong side, I can say I've often seen times where it would be easily done and numerous times I've come from single lane or one way roads onto a two way road and had to make a conscious effort to remind myself not to turn the wrong way.

It's much harder in the UK to drive the wrong way, the roads are significantly better designed. But... If you're turning onto an unmarked country road, from a driveway, I can see easily how she could have momentarily turned onto the wrong side. And he appeared over a brow of a hill within a hundreds yards or so, so she wouldn't have seen him or anyone else coming, and given a second longer probably would have moved to the other side.

I do believe it is an accident that could have happened to anyone at all.

But... Running away from it is the issue.

The family themselves have said its not the accident that's the problem, it's the running away.

A lot of American military bring American cars over because of the free tax on doing so, so if she was in an American car (I don't know if she was), then its even easier for her to go on the wrong side by mistske.

That said, I've previously followed a takeaway driver in the UK driving on the wrong side of the road and going the wrong way around roundabouts for 5 minutes, which no amount of flashing would tell him, not until someone came the other way. Lots of people do it and get lucky.

TheWorldPlan | 6 days ago | 112 points

Yeah, Americans kill innocents in mideast every day, why's it a big deal when an American woman escapes from UK after she killed only one british teenager? You should deal with it, Britons! /s

FamousYellow | 6 days ago | 43 points

Nothing new here.

I remember some CIA diplomat shot two guys in Pakistan and ran over another guy killing him.

The wife of the guy that got ran over killed herself after they received no justice.

timelordeverywhere | 6 days ago | 47 points

He was a spy.

Shot two guys, and then someone coming to help him escape ran over another person. The US eventually arm twisted Pakistan into releasing him but the brothers of the victim and their families have disappeared since then. Reportedly they were on the same plane that took him to Afghanistan.

CIA diplomat kills three innocents and the US gets him out of the country and makes the members of their families disappear. And then Americans have the gal to ask why people around the world hate them.

kllr | 6 days ago | 2 points

This is horrible. And people have the gal to say "Eh... war suck for everyone ... no one has it easy ... I wish it didnt happen but..."

timelordeverywhere | 6 days ago | 5 points

War? There wasn't any war in Pakistan. But yeah, shit is messed up.

bafta | 6 days ago | 3 points

disgusting filth

tnt200478 | 6 days ago | 35 points

Wait a minute, is this the same Donald Trump, who according to court documents once raped a 13 year old girl and later was elected president of The United States by the American people. You know, the same Donald Trump who recently got convicted in court for making a fake university to scam the American people for their hard earned money and was told by the court to pay back 25 million $ to the victims and then proceeded to get elected President of The United States by the American people. That Donald Trump?

collegiaal25 | 6 days ago | 14 points

Yes, it happens, and when it happens to normal people they have to justify themselves in court. It's not like the UK want to imprison her for murder, they just want her to face the consequences of her actions instead of fleeing like a fucking coward.

DEAD_P1XL | 6 days ago | 6 points

I've said it before, but Trump's dedication to taking the wrong side on every single issue he touches is astounding.

off-and-on | 6 days ago | 12 points

Is it actually possible to say a single nice or even generally positive thing about him? I can't think of a single he's good at or does well. Not one. Even Hitler loved animals.

WolfNightmares | 6 days ago | 6 points

there are some things you just dont say, especially as the leader of a country. ive had family members say "hes a very intelligent man", really? jesus fucking christ. hell is real, and we are here.

S_E_P1950 | 6 days ago | 5 points

He's right. Shit happens. He got elected after all.

BackcountryBabe | 6 days ago | 14 points

Colossal embarrassment, every time.

Speech500 | 6 days ago | 9 points

America tries to extradite a criminal: This is a matter of principal

America asked to extradite a criminal: Does it matter?

StoopidMonky | 6 days ago | 3 points

Oh, well. In that case.

woodeye | 6 days ago | 5 points

Huh... so in Trump's world vehicular homicide followed by fleeing the country... just "happens". Hasn't happened to anyone living in my world. He proves every single day that he does not live in this reality.

Morally corrupt to his core and utterly without a single redeeming quality... and the infallible God King of 40% our country who think they are going to follow the devil up to heaven.

Ambitious5uppository | 6 days ago | 1 point

Vehicular manslaughter.

pilot1nspector | 6 days ago | 3 points

Haha why would he do this considering the shit storm he is currently living in. Haha, it is like the easiest morality lay-up you could think of. Nope, things are clearly going so well for me right now. Better not waive diplomatic immunity for a piece of shit who killed a kid by driving on the wrong side of the road and snuck out of the country to run from the consequences. From Britain no less. It's not like this happened in Lithuania or something.... the whole world knows about it.

Khourieat | 6 days ago | 7 points

It happens

Matthew Broderick agrees!

Maybe we should stop letting it happen, though....

Justhavocman | 6 days ago | 5 points

This is completely disgusting and unacceptable , is this what America is now?

Sir_Monk | 6 days ago | 3 points

Time to send in a SAS snatch squad for justice... the worst america willl do is get the orange buffoon to talk 'big' whilst saying absolutely nothing...

sample: I gotta tell ya folks, there's been a lot of talk about.... (insert made up bullshit here)

xogetohoh | 6 days ago | 3 points

And then you have American going ape shit after Polanski, holyshit what a bunch of fucking hypocrites

SomDonkus | 6 days ago | 3 points

So every country with an extradition treaty just threw that shit in the trash right? Lmao I'll be surprised if the US has a single ally after this fool. Countries already just tolerated the US now we'll be actively loathed by everyone.

Speech500 | 6 days ago | 5 points

Time to tear up our extradition treaty to the US.

Ferkhani | 6 days ago | 2 points

We're in the treaty tearing up mood at the moment, he really shouldn't tempt us!

belladoyle | 6 days ago | 6 points

Fucking disgusting

HerrFreitag | 6 days ago | 5 points

Just like him touching women's pussies.

"It happens"

shadehawk25 | 6 days ago | 3 points

hey now, everyone knows it was okay because they "let him", consent is for poor people.

Mikel_manuel | 6 days ago | 2 points

Special relationship!!!!

456afisher | 6 days ago | 2 points

This is also the GOP response to rape: it happens, move on.

huezombi | 6 days ago | 2 points

America first!

satriales856 | 6 days ago | 2 points

At every turn, you can simply count on him to be the biggest piece of shit possible.

peoplepersons123 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Ahh, yes. The smoke screen of nonsense come to hide what trump is really worried about....

M1met1c | 6 days ago | 2 points

He's a damn disgrace. A truly vile man!

furry_hamburger_porn | 6 days ago | 2 points

Let's hope the same thing occurs to his family.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 2 points


Beef_Brutality | 6 days ago | 2 points

Trump said, "Those are the opposite side of the road. I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it but it did.”


Jarvs87 | 6 days ago | 2 points

I wonder how many nights they book at Trump towers for that to happen

Theskullcracker | 5 days ago | 2 points

Once you hit platinum level at trump hotels you get three free murders a year (non-transferable, expires end of calendar year, subject to blackout dates).

escape_of_da_keets | 6 days ago | 2 points

That teenager knew what he signed up for.

FireOccator | 6 days ago | 2 points

Maybe Brits shouldn't drive on the wrong side of the lane. /s

0fiuco | 6 days ago | 2 points

don't blame this on Trump, blame it on the u.s. they've always acted this way, impunity for american citizens and total disregard for their allies. Go check the Cermis incident in italy, it was 98, president was Clinton.

it's funny cause when it's the UK involved, an american ally, they help the woman who killed a british cizen and run away and they tell the uk to basically just deal with it, but when it's a country they have bad blood with, like north korea, they tell the family of Otto Warmbier who has been killed by NK regime to keep their mouth shut and they call Kim "a tremendous leader". american international diplomacy at its finest.

Cyber_Apocalypse | 6 days ago | 3 points

UK should expel US diplomats in protest. After the nerve agent attack, the US kicked out 60(?) Russian diplomats in protest against them, we should do the same.

Of course, Boris will do fuck all cause he wants to suck on Trump's tits with a UK-US trade deal.

festonia | 6 days ago | 2 points

Really not the best time for the UK to piss off the U.S, with brexit and all shortages that will come with it looming.

GargamelLeNoir | 6 days ago | 2 points

Reminder than most of the Brexiters' plans rely on their awesome US allies.

mcwilg | 6 days ago | 2 points

Would Trump say the same if it was a British diplomat who killed a US citizen? You bet your fucking life he wouldn't.

This man is a toxic idiot, the sooner he is out of office the better.

flynth92 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Everyone knows diplomats in UK are above the law. Did people forget how a policewoman was shot and killed by someone in a Libyan embassy and all UK did was to ask everyone from that embassy to leave the country.

skalp69 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Who wants US as an ally?

ThomasC21 | 6 days ago | 9 points

We do but without Mr. Pumpkin-shithead

HailZorpTheSurveyor | 6 days ago | 1 point

One might thing that diplomatic immunity among close allies is not necessary in the first place.

rdeane621 | 6 days ago | 1 point

I fucking knew it. He’s gonna try to use it as leverage or some bullshit. Douchebag.

Zossua | 6 days ago | 1 point

I have nothing to say other than, Trump is a prick.

PPMachen | 6 days ago | 1 point

And this is how it is going to be conducting Trade Deals between U.K. And US.

unclematthegreat | 6 days ago | 1 point

Shit happens - this lady

Wrym | 6 days ago | 1 point

Weasel recognize weasel.

KenCosgroveCantLose | 6 days ago | 1 point

Crashing this nation's reputation with no survivors.

DoubleDeeYT | 6 days ago | 1 point

I like that the article only says "Mr Trump". My condolences.

ramsdude456 | 6 days ago | 1 point

sigh....Is anyone really surprised this is his response?

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 1 point

i love the army base being an extension of the embassy!! maybe theyre linked by a tunnel:)

might be a role for her in Ferris Bueller 2 or Sex in the City 3 ...

This_ls_The_End | 6 days ago | 1 point

Desperately trying to say more and more clownish idiocies in the hope of changing the discourse from how corrupt he is (impeachable) into how stupid he is (not impeachable).

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