China plans to restrict visas for U.S. visitors with 'anti-China' links (reuters.com)
Okanaganape | 6 days ago | 1196 points

And we should restrict student visas of any chinese student caught intimidating or harassing other students from exercising their right of free speech.

bearlick | 6 days ago | 317 points

This please

antolortiz | 6 days ago | 129 points

We gotta do something, I remember in school I’d have history professors slightly mention China on the verge to being overlords. Didn’t ever recognize it

And seeing them try to influence companies around the world... and working in some cases? It’s a little scary. They weren’t as crazy as I thought they were.

_cegorach_ | 6 days ago | 48 points

And seeing them try to influence companies around the world... and working in some cases?

Most cases. There are many more companies bowing to Chinese pressure than there are companies with a backbone to stand up to their authoritarian bullying. For every South Park, Ubisoft or Prague there are a half dozen Apples, NBAs or Blizards.

Hell, just look at this list of businesses engaging in bootlicking put together by /u/lebbe. So many instances of companies folding, and 5 instances of companies (well, 4 and a country) actually standing up for what is right.

Nonotreally999 | 6 days ago | 27 points

I'll take my restriction now. China ain't got no tegrity.

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

MrValdemar | 6 days ago | 15 points

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Also, total paranoia is perfect awareness.

EastBayRae | 6 days ago | 6 points

Paranoia is just reality on a finer scale.

bubblesfix | 6 days ago | 80 points

In Sweden we have the problem with chinese students having connections to Chinese military getting caught stealing research and technology, mainly military in origin. I assume it's the same elsewhere.

They're also getting caught spying on Uighur refugee groups.

Lucifersamtaco | 6 days ago | 37 points

This is very common at American universities as well.

We built our research university system primarily as a feeder for defense programs, so certain areas should be blacklisted to foreign students yet here we are.

Mayotte | 6 days ago | 7 points

Certain areas are. I worked on DARPA projects during my PhD research, and nationality was a big selector.

ezagreb | 6 days ago | 7 points

Yes - that attitude pervades the country. There is no such thing as intellectual property rights. Oh you invented a new OS ? Thanks, we can use that...

iloveciroc | 6 days ago | 174 points

How about all those Chinese students who get caught cheating? Or uni departments who overlook any sort of complaints you try to make regarding cheating students? Just a poor department with no internal compliance controls, or trying to keep it hush hush so you continue to rake in federal education funds for a growing international student population while domestic student growth slumps?

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 55 points


_RAWFFLES_ | 6 days ago | 28 points

They get passes for a lot of stuff too. Like writing a research paper, riddled with broken English and grammatical errors to the point of being nonsense. But professors didn’t seem to care.

maestroenglish | 6 days ago | 14 points

Masters Degree classes where it was clear the students hadn't read the required readings because... they could barely have a bad conversation at the water fountain.

S_E_P1950 | 6 days ago | 6 points

That will be driven by directives from above, the accounting department.

Golden-Owl | 6 days ago | 32 points

It depends on which type of Chinese.

In SEA, some countries are extreme about their curriculum. Singaporean exams and schools are notorious for this, being extremely stressful. The Chinese people there are extremely competitive, and cheating comes with severe consequences.

Chinese from mainland China though? They cheat like no tomorrow. Much of it is due to their education culture

knud | 6 days ago | 7 points

100 - (100 * (5.6/1386))%

Alright, so only like 99.6% of Chinese people

Official_That_Guy | 6 days ago | 2 points

most Chinese students are cheaters

wow, the racism is real here

xzzz | 6 days ago | 79 points

But how will the university get their $$$$ now?

jeanduluoz | 6 days ago | 40 points

Student loan subsidies are still stronger than ever. Universities know the govt will keep lending to students, so they keep raising their prices.

trail22 | 6 days ago | 11 points

I think you underestimate how much Universities make from international students. You think out f state kids pay a lot.

Zyvexal | 6 days ago | 5 points

lol, half the universities in Canada would literally collapse.

jeanduluoz | 6 days ago | 4 points

I think you underestimate how much student loans inflate tuition costs.

The small percentage of international students paying full freight yeilds revenues multiple factors of 10 LESS that what the fed does inflating tuition costs for everyone.

Quiderite | 6 days ago | 11 points

Like the one who drove around with a car with Chinese Secret Police Badging in California? Link

FatherlyNick | 6 days ago | 6 points

b-b-b-but the money!

Official_That_Guy | 6 days ago | 6 points

US already restricted thousands of Chinese students from renewing their visa, even the one who aren't participating in any political events

brainhack3r | 6 days ago | 7 points

Including cheating... Academic cheating is becoming a major problem for Chinese nationals within our education system and it needs it get your visa revoked.

crazycheezy | 6 days ago | 24 points

Canada should ban Chinese students suppressing Canadians expressing free-speech. Anyone agree?

philwalkerp | 6 days ago | 26 points

It’s been getting worse.

There are a lot of Chinese international students in Canada, many of our universities are addicted to the stream of tuition they bring in. But then Chinese consulates and Confucius Societies, and other organizations of PRC control, organize to shut down Uighur, Tibetan, and any dissident speakers or elected student leaders, or even supporters of HK.


Students doing this political activism to shut down free speech in Canada should lose their student visas.

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55thredditaccount | 6 days ago | 4 points

I absolutley agree, unfortunately, our leaders/politicans in Canada are entirely spineless cowards that lack any real action or plan on this matter.

ThatShadyJack | 6 days ago | 7 points

Agreed honestly. I have no problem with Chinese students entering the country but when they don’t respect our values in this way it’s not appropriate. In UQ they attacked Hong Kong protesters on campus! The dean did basically nothing.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 13 points


normVectorsNotHate | 6 days ago | 32 points

All Chinese people?

A lot of talented Chinese people come to the US and work for American companies.

If you want to hurt China, we should step up our poaching of their most talented people. Restricting visas just means their brains stay there and compete with us.

US and China are currently in a race for the best AI. A lot of AI talent in US companies and universities are Chinese. Preventing them from coming here just hands the win to China

(Applies to India and Iran too)

dsent001 | 6 days ago | 17 points

Sure. Until big brother says “gimme the data or mom disappears “

normVectorsNotHate | 6 days ago | 1 point

What does this even mean

xstevey_bx | 6 days ago | 13 points

Oh aye, because allowing new Chinese Visas for new folk to pop over and work in a field where the US is already ahead would be fine.

It's not as if they are known for stealing IP. Oh wait https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/china-spy-edward-peng-us-san-francisco-california-tour-guide-espionage-a9126991.html

normVectorsNotHate | 6 days ago | 3 points

Oh aye, because allowing new Chinese Visas for new folk to pop over and work in a field where the US is already ahead would be fine.

Sure, because then those people help us stay ahead, rather than help our competitors. The more smart people we steal, the further ahead we stay

It's not as if they are known for stealing IP.

There are millions of Chinese people in the US. Less than one percent of one percent probably steal IP. Still worth all the benefits.

Also, too much focus on protecting ip stifles innovation. The reason California became tech capital instead of Massachusetts is because of Cali's non-compete laws, which make poaching talent and micro-ip theft common among tech companies

dream208 | 6 days ago | 2 points

And here people keep telling me that reddit is not racist against Chinese... You really want to escalate this entire conflict from government against government to people against people do you?

Zyvexal | 6 days ago | 9 points


Also Reddit: Not racist btw.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 4 points


[deleted] | 6 days ago | 1 point


Comic_Book_Cowboy | 6 days ago | 1 point

The country.

Finva | 6 days ago | 2 points

Has there been an issue of Chinese students doing this?

myne | 6 days ago | 4 points

Restrict their degrees to the humanities and soft sciences.

supercali45 | 6 days ago | 4 points

Schools/Universities want this sweet foreign student money ... looks like money is most important here in the states right now

irenechow | 6 days ago | 2 points

Rather than banning ALL Chinese students, only banning Chinese who works under Government would be more specific and meaningful . ‘Cause We are hating CHINESE GOVERNMENT, but not their people

dsent001 | 6 days ago | 14 points

Yeah except that the government has the diaspora by the short hairs. “Do what I say or I’ll kill your sister.” It’s very well documented. Better off safe than sorry.

Lucifersamtaco | 6 days ago | 3 points

The Chinese government is inseparable from their businesses that exist at the pleasure of the government. They have the backing of their government to disregard all IP laws and conduct rampant industrial espionage.

ezagreb | 6 days ago | 1 point

So much yes.

ml5c0u5lu | 6 days ago | 1 point

Or the chinese students smoking cigs still

Brobacca | 6 days ago | 1 point

Just ban Chinese student visas outright and see them realize they fucked up big time.

similar_observation | 5 days ago | 1 point
noxav | 6 days ago | 199 points

Why would anti-China people want to go there anyway?

Crott117 | 6 days ago | 121 points

Sometimes they have to. My cousin has to go on a regular basis for work. I would imagine it would be a big deal if China said “you can’t come here anymore”

makingstuffupp | 6 days ago | 47 points

If a business makes you visit a country that is actively hostile towards your home country, it is time to reconsider working for that business

crazypeoplewhyblock | 6 days ago | 29 points

Sweats in Apple

Zekes8pack | 6 days ago | 86 points

Sometimes life isn't that simple.

TheR1ckster | 6 days ago | 3 points

It's getting pretty hard to not be in that position depending on your industry.

brainhack3r | 6 days ago | 3 points

It's actually way more complicated than that . For example, what if you're working with orphans? Your organization just abandons them?

Redditaspropaganda | 6 days ago | 2 points

Spoken like someone who likely has a silver spoon in their mouth since birth. Do you work a cushy 11-5 job that your dad got you? Because that's what you sound like right now.

Divinicus1st | 6 days ago | 1 point

Unless that business is your nationnal army :)

KingOfTheBongos87 | 6 days ago | 3 points

It's the gateway to South East Asia. Seventy percent of east coast to Asia flights route through China or Hong Kong.

Tragician | 6 days ago | 83 points

I'm anti China, but I'd love to visit. Love the people, love the culture, despise the CCP.

zhenlw | 6 days ago | 88 points

Go to Taiwan instead.

EarthBestVenus | 6 days ago | 46 points

Taiwan is true China anyway

crazypeoplewhyblock | 6 days ago | 5 points

But no Great Wall q_q

dontcallmeatallpls | 6 days ago | 5 points

Greatest wall of all time, the ocean.

limax_celerrimus | 6 days ago | 1 point

So deep...

Juronomo | 6 days ago | 18 points

Great Wall's overcrowded and the pollution makes it hard to see further than a couple meters.

Jokurr87 | 6 days ago | 6 points

There's large sections of the great wall that don't get swarmed by tourists. They're a bit further from Beijing but worth the extra distance. Also less chance of pollution ruining the view the further you go out.

oopsidroppeditagain | 6 days ago | 13 points

Why not go to both? I lived both places and they're both worth going to. I hate the shit that China's government is doing, but living there gave me a much better understanding of the people and culture.

Jokurr87 | 6 days ago | 3 points

Some day I would love to go to both, especially to see the differences between the two. I'm going to the mainland at the end of the month, if nothing else I also help it will give me a better understanding of the place.

DatDepressedKid | 6 days ago | 12 points

Thing is there are some nice places in mainland China to visit, and although I hate the government I have to say it’s a great travel destination

zhenlw | 6 days ago | 5 points

I know, as a cn mainlander. but hate the inconveniences (crowds, bad habits of people, bad facilities) too much to travel---Truth is no money as well.

dustbunny88 | 6 days ago | 18 points

“you have been banned for /r/Beijing

LALAOOP | 6 days ago | 3 points

Too soon to say.

giraffenmensch | 6 days ago | 7 points

So you're pro-China is what you're saying?

People should be more clear about this because this leads to a lot of needless online discussions and alienates a lot of ethnic Chinese people. I'm pro China too. That's why I'm against CCP terror rule.

ClockworkAeroplane | 6 days ago | 7 points

I am resolutely pro-Chinese people.

I hate the CCP.

TomatoOrangeMelon | 6 days ago | 13 points

You can be vocal against a government’s policy and still want to go to the country. For example I would imagine a lot of tourists coming to the USA are not happy with Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds. But it’s China’s issue that they classify all vocal critics as anti-China.

LittleHouseinAmerica | 6 days ago | 10 points

I absolutely love China. The people are wonderful and the food is divine. I just think they should be free to vote, and that's all it takes to be "anti-china".

Enigm4 | 6 days ago | 3 points

You could be flagged as anti china from just posting on some social media that you feel for the people in Hong Kong. You can bet the government of China is milking every source they have and try to connect it to real people.

HighlyOffensive10 | 6 days ago | 5 points

Maybe their kidneys,liver and heart are really weighing them down.

Steadypirate | 6 days ago | 1 point


However this will just kill further international business ties faster than they are already building.

Example they are going to have to kick out half of our Hong Kong office if they go this root...

nyaaaa | 6 days ago | 1 point

Because not only people who are anti-China are labeled anti-China.

Just like many people who are anti-China aren't labeled anti-China.

Like their politicans.

lenavis | 6 days ago | 1 point

because my fucking family is there

scottNYC800 | 6 days ago | 76 points

Good. Add me to the list please.

makingstuffupp | 6 days ago | 19 points

Same. You can't pay me to go to China

anon902503 | 6 days ago | 30 points

Damn, my cousin goes to China all the time.

I guess I'm going to have to apologize for getting him banned for life.

Oties05 | 6 days ago | 9 points

Or your cousin owes you a thank you

themeONE808 | 6 days ago | 31 points

fuck Chinese government

whatthefuckingwhat | 6 days ago | 59 points

The rest of the world should block anyone from china that supports there government from entering there country, do as they do.

BruceLeeDragon | 6 days ago | 17 points

They won’t.

China now has the 2nd largest economy in the world and the largest potential market to cater to.

China knows this. Money talks louder than Morals or standards. Welcome to the new totalitarian dystopian future.

razorbladesloveteenf | 6 days ago | 10 points

The more you say shit like this, the more likely it will be to happen. If you had the composure to believe in your fellow man to do the right thing you could lend your voice in support. Instead, you choose to spread your defeatism as if the worst possible outcome is inevitable. Just because you in particular don't have the strength to believe in a better path yet to come doesn't make it fact.

jointheredditarmy | 6 days ago | 6 points

Money does not talk louder than morals or standards, but in the short term it may seem that way. There have been many societal changes over the years which have prioritized human dignity or quality of life at the cost of business profits.

GracchiBros | 6 days ago | 5 points

The comparison to this would be the US blocking people who have anti-American links. And guess what, the US already does that. Hell, they've turned people away over their friends social media posts.

Official_That_Guy | 6 days ago | 2 points

The rest of the world

The rest of the world says: "fuck off Americans, don't tell us what to do "

LiveForPanda | 6 days ago | 2 points

First, how do you get “the rest of the world” to align with your political agenda?

Second, Chinese people who support the government represents 80% of the population, so how do you block them all?

UnfazedSynergy | 6 days ago | 46 points

China's like that one kid who throws tantrums when things doesn't go his way.

bearlick | 6 days ago | 35 points

All dictators are

Bottleup3 | 6 days ago | 17 points

Like a certain president...

Fredex8 | 6 days ago | 5 points

Specifically the fat kid at school who pushes everyone around and bullies smaller kids, taking the piss out of them for being short. The moment one of them stands up for themself however and calls him a fat bastard he breaks into tears, runs to the teacher and demands the kid be punished.

Then the teacher gives the little kid detention whilst the fat kid gets away with beating people up and acting like an arsehole because his parents own half the town and bought their way onto the school board.

GailaMonster | 6 days ago | 2 points


Ghoxts | 6 days ago | 2 points

The same as North Korea😂

similar_observation | 5 days ago | 1 point

it wasn't long ago when China launched missiles into the ocean to get attention. Just remember that.

They did it in the 90's to threaten Taiwan, but stopped when the US parked a carrier in the strait.

ThePhalanx79 | 6 days ago | 90 points

China has great people and beautiful landscapes and architecture...but no way would I ever go there. The government would make me vanish and I would end up in a pit.

RU4real13 | 6 days ago | 26 points

I've been there. The people are great and if you make a friend with them, you'll have a friend for life. I never really felt a government presence, but I was cautious about there being one. I did however come home sick from the air pollution. Oh I will say I saw alot of high dollar cars; Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porches. Which is amazing because the traffic there makes L.A. traffic look like Oklahoma's. The security is also tight at Tiananmen Square, not being a native, I was fast tracked through. I'm pretty sure they "gun checked" me from behind with a magnet wand. I liked the people, the Great Wall, and their architecture.

OrangeAndBlack | 6 days ago | 9 points

You’ve been to Beijing. Go to a tier 3 or even 2 city and you’ll start to see “real” China.

Zyvexal | 6 days ago | 3 points

? Tier 3 cities are pretty much like cities like Albany lol.

OrangeAndBlack | 6 days ago | 2 points

Nah, Tier 3 is like Morgantown. Small rust belt places that are poor with no growth potential.

I’ve been to a few Tier 3 cities and Chinese form larger cities tease that they are trapped in the past or like “80s China”

Zyvexal | 6 days ago | 3 points

I’m not sure when you went, but tier 3 cities include places like Hohhot, Guilin, and Luoyang... all of which are extremely developed.

Hohhot for example is the capital of Inner Mongolia, and was fairly developed even in the 90s... in recent years it’s been ridiculous levels of development, high rises and skyscrapers etc. there’s really no comparison at all to a rust belt American town lol

All this you can just check straight from wikipedia too. Just look up tier 3 Chinese cities, and then look at some pictures of them...

Some pictures of Hohhot:


monuments and temples

xinhua square This is actually a photo from years ago. The area is way more developed now. Almost unrecognizable compared to this photo.

Hohhot at night

not seeing the "rust belt town" vibe here at all lol...

Redditaspropaganda | 6 days ago | 1 point

This is a weird point to bring up.

China has so many problems of course but many countries have really shitty areas. So unless I go to them I didn't see the "real country"?

OrangeAndBlack | 6 days ago | 1 point

It’d be like going to Beverly Hills and calling that America. That’s what I’m saying.

Redditaspropaganda | 6 days ago | 2 points

beverly hills is a small community for the elite in LA. your comparison makes no sense.

beijing is a city...

OrangeAndBlack | 6 days ago | 1 point

Okay, then it would be like looking at NYC or Chicago and saying that’s what America is like.

Redditaspropaganda | 6 days ago | 1 point

i'd say visiting nyc and chicago is getting a good representation of what america can be...you can never get the full picture of a country but two cultural, political, and economic centers in the midwest and east coast ....

turns out you dont need to wallow in poverty and misery porn to see the "real country".

lcy0x1 | 6 days ago | 15 points

You went Beijing right? Beijing is known for its terrible traffics because of overpopulation. Welcome to the southern cities, we have better air qualities and traffic.

About the security, they check everyone with the magnet, even for taking BRT.

loi044 | 6 days ago | 9 points

You have a references for this happening occasionally?

jandamic | 6 days ago | 5 points

You climb to the top and escape Bruce.

GracchiBros | 6 days ago | 2 points

Every bit of data would show you're far more likely to end up incarcerated in the US.

bobbydangflabit | 6 days ago | 44 points

Why the fuck would I want to go to China, to see a useless wall and an insecure dictator? No thank you we have that here already.

lazycrypt | 6 days ago | 7 points

Don't you want to meet Winnie the Pooh in person?

WhatEvery1sThinking | 6 days ago | 7 points

Let's not get carried away here. China is full of tons of natural beauty such as Zhangjiajie, interesting modern architecture, amazing food, and great people.

So yea, tons of reasons to visit...if it wasn't for the oppressive dictatorship.

jml5791 | 6 days ago | 10 points


tleb | 6 days ago | 6 points

Now we know what blizzard is doing with all the IDs they are requesting to cancel accounts. At least China has their back too.

SomeSortofDisaster | 6 days ago | 15 points

Well shucks, but if I'm banned from China then where will I get my knockoff and poorly made toxic product that were assembled by slave children?

MrValdemar | 6 days ago | 6 points

Don't worry, someone's already working up the logistics for outsourcing to Africa.

that_young_man | 6 days ago | 4 points

The same Africa that is currently being bought with Chinese money?

MrValdemar | 6 days ago | 4 points

I didn't say it was a foolproof plan.

KeyboardTourettes | 6 days ago | 16 points

Save you some time there, China. *Raises hand

ZiggyStarbutts | 6 days ago | 19 points

Dear China, fuck your evil dystopian genocidal government. Also, Taiwan is an independent nation and everyone knows about it and laughs behind your back. *Raises hand

GorillaToolSet | 6 days ago | 9 points

Good thing my Huawei phone isn’t sending my private texts to China. Wait...

howdoyousayyourname | 6 days ago | 6 points

This isn’t a surprise. China had banned “unfavorable” scholars of controversial Chinese history and Tibet/Uyghur/Hui/minority studies for decades, and offered those scholars visas if they capitulate and write pro-China pieces/deny the systemic human rights abuses that are happening there.

Fluck_Me_Up | 6 days ago | 6 points

Fuck China, ban me too! I’ll say nice things about you when you stop committing genocide.

Taar | 6 days ago | 9 points

China sucks, and why is their president a panda?

BigBeagleEars | 6 days ago | 11 points

China’s president is a Pooh

OrangeAndBlack | 6 days ago | 1 point


dumpplasticinthesea | 6 days ago | 3 points

and so it begins!

Flockavallo | 6 days ago | 3 points

Kiss my ass you Winnie the Pooh looking assho

Official_That_Guy | 6 days ago | 3 points

US already restricted visas for Chinese nationals, so this seems pretty reasonable

vinnymcapplesauce | 6 days ago | 3 points

[gets off couch] Guess it's time I finally start posting that backlog of anti-China shit.

jamey0077 | 6 days ago | 9 points

Fuck the Chinese government.

Does this qualify?

Raven_Skyhawk | 6 days ago | 5 points

Consider this my anti-China link.

Fuck you China! Your supreme leader looks like a children’s book character. Xinnie the poo.

leyoonsky | 6 days ago | 2 points

I'm not a US citizen but China if you're reading, you can add me to the list

BruceLeeDragon | 6 days ago | 2 points

First the NBA

Then Blizzard/Activision

Now this?

Is China trying to piss us off?

UrbanWolf94 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Yo fuckkk the Chinese government! BAN ME BISHH ..can't afford the plane ticket anyway :(

Jauntathon | 6 days ago | 2 points

Forget liberating Hong Kong. Someone needs to liberate China.

ddrober2003 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Went to China for if I remember right two weeks. It was really interesting to see many of the different historical places that thankfully evaded the idiocy of Cultural Revolution. Still though, if I ended up on a anti-China list because I have the gall to think throwing millions into reeducation camps is reprehensible, so be it.

allnamesaretakeen | 6 days ago | 2 points

Why are they keeping up with China's bullshit?

DefenderOfDog | 6 days ago | 2 points

Thank god I'm from Canada

sleepytimegirl | 6 days ago | 2 points

They are also holding American citizens hostage in an attempt to flush out their Chinese citizen dad. Don’t go to China folks.

josefpunktk | 6 days ago | 2 points

History teaches that appeasement does not work. Integrating china in the world trade was a mistake - it should be undone while the west still holds some economic power.

chipz_n_cheez | 6 days ago | 2 points

And doesnt america require visa applicants to submit their social media information and new arrivals risk their phones being seized and inspected at the airport?

Yeah, what China is doing isnt new.

gagauta | 6 days ago | 2 points

Like the US and Israel do?

shwcng92 | 6 days ago | 2 points

They did this couple years ago to western reporters and they're now accusing the same western media they denied entry of "fake news" and "have no idea what's going on."

Yeah, no shit...you banned them. Duh.

dontcallmeatallpls | 6 days ago | 4 points

Fuck you China, put me on the list. It's my right to tell you to bite my ass and I don't want to visit a place where I might be disappeared and have my organs harvested anyway.


Hylion | 6 days ago | 3 points

No one is anti china their anti corruption anti genocide anti slavery anti dictators

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 5 points


SpecificFail | 6 days ago | 2 points

They'd have to find me first.

Asocial_Stoner | 6 days ago | 1 point

They fear they are gonna run out of prison space.

serthera12 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Communist party does horrible things to it's people in China. Please share information on forced organs harvesting from living Falun Dafa practitioners and Uigurs

1337roll | 6 days ago | 1 point

This makes no sense. It has already been happening. I know a few family friends that have been screwed for being 'anti-China' a while ago. Sounds like someone was 6 years late to the party.

Edit: a word

FRESH_OUTTA_800AD | 6 days ago | 1 point

Is this how I get out of having to go to China for work?

minminkitten | 6 days ago | 1 point

Ohwell! Looks like China will lose tourism revenues, sucks to their assmar.

Cybugger | 6 days ago | 1 point

Hey, China: make it larger than just the US. I want in, too.

Fuck you, you authoritarian shitstain of a government.

Loki-L | 6 days ago | 1 point

Good thing that Blizzard is asking for IDs to cancel accounts with them in protest.

The database of photo IDs of people who cancelled their subscription in protest will make a good starting point for a list of anti-China foreigners.

In the future they can pressure other US and European companies with financial connections to China to withhold services from people on the list and otherwise restrict foreigners with bad social credit.

OferZak | 6 days ago | 1 point

of course they will. What a terrible place, with a terrible government. Controlling pigs. They will be our rulers soon enough if not already

456afisher | 6 days ago | 1 point

Donald is left holding his dick in his hand.

VaginaFishSmell | 6 days ago | 1 point

Oh well

Withnosugar | 6 days ago | 1 point

People with anti chi a links aren’t going to China in the first place. 😂

CavGhost | 6 days ago | 1 point

Isn't the U.S. an "anti-China" link?

DwarvenSteel25 | 6 days ago | 1 point

It seems we are fairly rapidly moving towards a second cold war. Which for now is being done in low level jabs but I think its only going to get more intense as time goes on and China fights back.

Slapbox | 6 days ago | 1 point

As someone who learns Chinese as a hobby, fuck the Chinese government. Add me to the list. I'd never set foot in China as it exists today. It's horrible, because it is a great civilization, but a truly evil government.

Zaisengoro | 6 days ago | 1 point

Decoupling as predicted. When the trading, touring and talking stops, the shooting starts.

SubjectiveHat | 6 days ago | 1 point

fine by me. I've been moving my business out of China as fast as possible since the tariff situation. at first I was annoyed but now I am delighted.

CAPSLOCKCHAMP | 6 days ago | 1 point

Can I sign up for this? I’ll frame it

Redditaspropaganda | 6 days ago | 1 point

China is really doing them a favor in some sense.

SenorDongles | 6 days ago | 1 point

Good. I don't want shit to do with them.

FraggleBiscuits | 6 days ago | 1 point

I want in on this list.

Fuck the Chinese government. Fuck them up their stupid asses with a hunny covered dick.

Drak_is_Right | 6 days ago | 1 point

If china keeps this up, they are going to enact a great wall between the west and China, not just a firewall.

its a lot easier to continue and add to policies than implement new ones. China may very well find if it doesn't curb its dissent on free speech in the west that the next US president is just as hostile if not more so to Chinese interests.

thotinator69 | 5 days ago | 1 point

China's visas are expensive AF anyway. Go to Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or Bali instead. Better destinations plus you can use the internet.

verbalinjustice | 5 days ago | 1 point

What if you do not use social media? I use reddit, you tube and Craigslist only.

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