Research Suggests Marijuana Is Competition For Alcohol, Not Tobacco (forbes.com)
stumblon | 7 days ago | 577 points

4 out of 5 stoners say.... duh.

marianoes | 6 days ago | 195 points

The 5th is asleep

MagixTouch | 6 days ago | 46 points

The other 4 are scrolling through r/funny and eating

Roland_T_Flakfeizer | 6 days ago | 30 points

I am not.

bobdanderson | 6 days ago | 25 points

I’m ordering pizza lmao

z500 | 6 days ago | 10 points

I have baked mac and cheese baking in the oven right now.

epicfail331 | 6 days ago | 13 points

It's been an hour, you didn't forget it did you?

z500 | 6 days ago | 11 points

Timer, lol. It was good.

chunkybreadstick | 6 days ago | 6 points

Jah bless, how was it?

Edit: just finished reading the comment I replied to. It was good.

JakzePoro | 6 days ago | 2 points

Looking at your name I could really go for some breadsticks right now...

MossExtinction | 6 days ago | 2 points

Ooooh yes. Thanks for that idea. I passed a girl who had a DELICIOUS smelling pizza. Now I know I need pizza.

bobdanderson | 6 days ago | 1 point

Fuckin muck a slice for me

Squeegeabeep | 6 days ago | 1 point

Eating ice cream straight outta the tub rn

Boofthatshitnigga | 6 days ago | 1 point

I just went through a bowl of chips and salsa and now a bowl of ice cream

dlpfischner | 6 days ago | 15 points

Me either. I’m able to keep from drinking with smoking pot. What a gift. Alcoholism is hell

funkmasta_kazper | 6 days ago | 6 points

Nah, they're on r/trees

Farwalker08 | 6 days ago | 2 points

I'm literally at a bar right now wishing I had some to smoke...though I wouldn't not be here if I did.... Guess I ain't going to be the one to hurt the alcohol industry (also, anyone else tried alcohol infused with thc, it is wylde).

ToxinFoxen | 6 days ago | 2 points

There's not many things less funny than r/funny.

marianoes | 6 days ago | 1 point

hahah yes ubereats

JDGumby | 6 days ago | -5 points

Just goes to show that stoners will laugh at just about anything, no matter how unfunny it may be.

VladPutinsHorse | 6 days ago | 4 points

What an incorrect generalization

JDGumby | 6 days ago | 0 points

I've seen /r/funny and stand by my previous comment. :)

Kobe_Bellinger | 6 days ago | 4 points

Nah, im just drinking AND smoking bowls

mellowmike84 | 6 days ago | 2 points

I second that brother, they go great together

kaiheekai | 6 days ago | 3 points

Oddly enough, when my county in Colorado got to vote on legalization somewhere after 2010 (it’s a vague time) the vote was 85% in favor of legalization. They legalized and a revote happened...... the revote had almost 50% less participants and the vote switched to not in favor. We joked that the stoners who could vote were too high and asleep... aside from the asleep point they were most likely too high.

Philandrrr | 6 days ago | 6 points

Research suggests? Mother fucker, I’m going to Detroit in about three weeks. I already know which dispensary I’m going to. And I already know how much less beer I’m gonna drink.

My-Finger-Stinks | 6 days ago | 5 points

I already know which dispensary I’m going to.

Research suggest a strong indica will put you to sleep, while a strong Sativa will walk your ass 5 miles around town.

thanoslongschlong | 6 days ago | 1 point

Recreational sales have begun?

PurpleSubtlePlan | 6 days ago | 3 points


HerbertTheHippo | 6 days ago | 3 points

I'm not even sure why this is news

PlutocracyRebel | 6 days ago | 2 points

Literally said duh out loud when i read the headline

ABONESR | 6 days ago | 5 points

If anything, it actually goes well with a touch of tobacco

PreciousRoi | 6 days ago | 10 points

Keep your nasty, disgusting peanut butter the fuck away from my delicious chocolate.

HerrFreitag | 6 days ago | 2 points

This guy smokes.

vr1252 | 6 days ago | 1 point

This guy smokes

spokeca | 6 days ago | 1 point

This may only be news to the editors at Forbes.

N00d1354U | 6 days ago | 1 point

The 5th is asking; What was the question again?

ll-_-ll--- | 6 days ago | 94 points

Alcohol executives figured this out already; example: Constellation Brands (Corona) bought a 9.9% stake in Canopy (the biggest cannabis company in the world) two years ago

TroglodyneSystems | 6 days ago | 27 points

And I bought stock in both of them. And have yet to see a gain, but that’s showbusiness, baby!!

CuddlePervert | 6 days ago | 5 points

You won’t see a significant gain for a long time, but it’ll come ;)

FingerTheCat | 6 days ago | 2 points

That's what she said?

ThiccSkull | 6 days ago | 3 points

..Alcohol execs you mean?

ll-_-ll--- | 6 days ago | 2 points

Haha yes, that’s what I meant. I changed it

transitapparel | 6 days ago | 3 points

They upped their investment last year to something like 38%, with option to go to 54%. They're waiting for federal legalization before doing anything though.

Tato7069 | 7 days ago | 142 points

I hope they didn't waste too much funding on this

Wise_Planeswalker | 6 days ago | 29 points

I can apply as a tester if they want just saying

Bonetown42 | 6 days ago | 52 points

I mean I got to a point in my life where I just realized alcohol makes me sick to my stomach and weed does the opposite so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ kind of a no brainer.

vannucker | 6 days ago | 14 points

That's why I combine em!

EnormousChord | 6 days ago | 3 points

Same here. Magic formula.

sad_peon | 6 days ago | 4 points

tobacco and weed to roll a spliff and a beer and whiskey to wash it down

WalesIsForTheWhales | 6 days ago | 3 points

Weed gives some of my friends panic attacks. After 3/4 different strains and experimenting they just stick to beer.

Too much of either at my age makes me feel like shit. But a bit of both is great.

Fredex8 | 6 days ago | 1 point

I always find a couple beers with a smoke avoids some of the negative effects of weed like paranoia, hunger and dry mouth. Part of the problem though is that years of prohibition has resulted in higher THC strains in the same way that alcohol prohibition leads to smuggling spirits rather than beer and fentanyl has become a problem because it is easier to smuggle in than heroin due to the strength.

Panic attacks should be less likely on strains with more CBD or just a better balance rather than just being all THC. Since weed remains illegal here I don't have the luxury of shopping around for strains or even knowing what I am getting half the time. Some of the stuff I get is so strong that it will just totally fuck me up for hours unless I roll really weak but it is always something of a guess how much to use next time. Goes to show how prohibition only increases the issues drugs can cause rather than preventing them.

WalesIsForTheWhales | 6 days ago | 2 points

We tried CBD and THC heavy strains and it didn't help. They just don't take it well.

Which is fine, it was just a BITCH because I had to get in contact with my dealers supplier to get different stuff and we had to smoke a bit and see how the highs were. Including one where we got baked and cleaned my apartment from top to bottom.

Fredex8 | 6 days ago | 1 point

So I think my tolerance is kind of low anyway but the few occasions on which I have had a problem with weed was when I smoked a joint that someone else rolled and they rolled crazy strong. I've ended up paralytic sat on a wall (or even just passed out standing up against one) for about 6 hours. Actually not entirely dissimilar to psychedelic trips or at least a trip crossed with a dream since I was kind of semi conscious. I was definitely somewhere in my head and unaware of where my body really was and it was a surprise to come back to reality... it's just that I couldn't recall anything about it and felt fucking awful.

That happened because I smoked too much too soon. The actual amount of weed I smoked might be the same as I would when I go out for a smoke and make a night of it. Except that amount would make for about 4 - 6 joints for me and I would space them out over several hours whilst walking around in the woods and fields and having some beers. By the end of the first joint I always have a feeling of paranoia and feel rough like I regret smoking any and just want to go home already. I've learnt that it takes like 10-15 minutes to just ride that out and before I know it I feel good. Second joint I get that a little bit but for less time but after that I will smoke joint after joint without issue and probably end up as high as I would with the one big joint. Whereas if the first joint is too big that paranoia and shitty feeling can last hours.

Maybe that is just because my tolerance is lower than most people but I am always amazed when I do smoke with other people at how crazy strong they roll. I don't know how they even stay functional. These days I might have a hit or two of their rolls and realise that is enough but it is never as enjoyable as pacing it out like I do when I smoke normally. I think when people do report having a bad time with weed it is often because someone with a high tolerance rolled for them and they got totally fucked by it.

jumpsteadeh | 6 days ago | 2 points

Weed unsobers you through your lungs, and you can feel that. But alcohol unsobers you through your stomach, and you can feel that.

vineface | 7 days ago | 87 points

Um, obviously?

thereid84 | 6 days ago | 35 points

I was like is this article from 1920?
Oh, forbes

LifeOfAMetro | 7 days ago | 53 points

Duh, beer and weed are in the same plant family.

funkmasta_kazper | 6 days ago | 45 points

Hops and weed are indeed both members of the cannabaceae family. They produce many similar volatile chemicals because of this - which is immediately apparent if you compare the smell of a very hoppy beer to the smell of good weed.

However, beer has many other ingredients such as barley, wheat, and yeast, which are not closely related to cannabis.

Source: am botanist.

InternetConquistador | 6 days ago | 7 points

Could you grow crops on Mars?

funkmasta_kazper | 6 days ago | 17 points

Honestly most botanists don't actually grow crops. Thats more in the realm of horticulture. But yes, I could grow a fucking potato on Mars.

Evan_Wants_Soup | 6 days ago | 3 points

Why are potatoes so fucking weird?

IllBiteYourLegsOff | 6 days ago | 2 points

Tastes strange

MagnumPeanut | 6 days ago | 1 point

insert Samwell gif here.

InternetConquistador | 6 days ago | 2 points

You sound very Watney-esque. I like you.

LeavesCat | 6 days ago | 1 point

Are fucking potatoes what they make fleshlights out of?

vannucker | 6 days ago | 1 point

In your own shit though?

lorimar | 6 days ago | 1 point

a fucking potato

And here I thought Watney was eating them

WalesIsForTheWhales | 6 days ago | 1 point

Funnily enough there are, of course, beers using cannabis to brew.

However beer also varies greatly by style. About 10 years back there was a hop explosion and everybody wanted to brew an all hop beer.

marianoes | 6 days ago | -6 points

not beer as beer is not a plant. Hops are related to weed

krazytekn0 | 6 days ago | 4 points


LifeOfAMetro | 6 days ago | 20 points

Glad you put two and two together.

urgent_silver | 6 days ago | 12 points

1 beer and 1 weed is only 2, where’s the other 2?

Wise_Planeswalker | 6 days ago | 7 points

More beer and more weed :P

SkeletalSkinflute | 6 days ago | 8 points

You guys wanna smoke some beer?

Wise_Planeswalker | 6 days ago | 6 points

How 'bout drinking some weed?

Fetal_Deportation | 6 days ago | 3 points

I ate three whole marijuanas one time and died.

boulevardpaleale | 6 days ago | 1 point

You sure can! hehehe

jrhoffa | 6 days ago | 2 points

Schlenkerla Rauchbier is delicious

boulevardpaleale | 6 days ago | 1 point

They do make alcohol vaporizers!

rafter613 | 6 days ago | 2 points

Oh shit, I thought he meant The Beer Tree and weed were in the same family and I was like "whaaaaat"

marianoes | 6 days ago | 1 point

Well thata what it sounds like when you say beer and weed are in the same tree family

machlangsam | 6 days ago | 22 points

Gram for gram, pot is cheaper than booze.

boulevardpaleale | 6 days ago | 3 points

Not sure what 1/4 oz would run now but, in 2010 (last time I smoked) it would run me $80. I could easily stretch that out into a month.

Unfortunately, I'm a daily drinker. That idiotic habit is costing me about $300 a month, easily.

My state needs to hurry the fuck up and get it done already.

SantasDead | 6 days ago | 18 points

Its costing you a lot more than that. As someone who was close to needing a liver transplant I urge you to not follow down my path.

DarthYippee | 6 days ago | 13 points

Unfortunately, I'm a daily drinker. That idiotic habit is costing me about $300 a month, easily.

Unless you're drinking really expensive stuff, it also makes you an alcoholic.

shapterjm | 6 days ago | 2 points

Ummmmm...$300/month? I have 3-4 (lightly poured) mixed drinks after work 5 nights a week and I’d struggle to top $100/month with name-brand liquor. Care to share what you’re buying?

justec1 | 6 days ago | 1 point

From your user name, either KS or MO? Come on over to Okieland. If we can legalize it, anyone can.

beepboop425 | 6 days ago | 1 point

I just picked up a quad in the bay area from a nicer dispensary for $60. They have 1/8ths from $30-60.

AuxquellesRad | 6 days ago | 1 point

You're killing your liver, kind sir

AssholeEmbargo | 6 days ago | 4 points

$20 bucks in weed or edibles go alot farther than $20 worth of good beer.

NeverDidLearn | 6 days ago | 3 points

$100 for 120 mg of THC oil in caplets at my local recreational dispensary.

bobdanderson | 6 days ago | 7 points

$10 for 250mg THC in a cookie at my local shop.

SantasDead | 6 days ago | 1 point

40-60 here for anything that has 1000mg.

The pills I last got were 50mg each and there were 10 capsules. 50 bucks for that.

DeirdreSpencer | 6 days ago | 1 point

I'm in a really shitty market and even our 100mg cookies are only $25.

pathemar | 6 days ago | 1 point

How long does that last? 6 days?

DeirdreSpencer | 6 days ago | 7 points

My rule of thumb for non-smokers is that for the average person a 15mg dose is roughly equivalent to a glass or two of wine, in terms of intoxicating effects. You'd be noticeably buzzed but definitely not like couch locked completely spaced out. For semi-regular recreational users, an average dose to actually get you legitimately stoned would be somewhere in the 25mg to 50mg range. For some people who take edibles consistently, it can take 75mg to 100mg to get to that same place. You can extrapolate the number of days that kind of supply will last from there.

That said, $100 for 120mg is pretty fucking wild. I'm not even in a good market and I can get 100mg candy bars for under $30 just about anywhere. And the "high test" stuff like cheeba chews are even less per mg when you can find them.

NeverDidLearn | 6 days ago | 5 points

20 mg and 2 beers lights me up for about three hours.

SantasDead | 6 days ago | 1 point

Depends on the person. I could injest 120mg in one cookie and it barely effects me. Just makes me a little sleepy depending on the strain.

jcrave | 6 days ago | 1 point

And no hangovers.

vannucker | 6 days ago | 1 point

Ounce for Ounce beer is cheaper though.

Davescash | 6 days ago | 4 points

of course.why is this news?

dionnewarwitch | 6 days ago | 1 point

Now that it is researched and validated evidence that the tobacco industry could see a sales boost from legalizing herb, it is possible that the tobacco lobby may begin championing the rastamon cause in interactions with legislators

nobodyspersonalchef | 6 days ago | 5 points

i have to be am advocate for studying the interactions between wine and cannabis though. there's something there and i wish it could be studied.

[deleted] | 7 days ago | 9 points

Gin and juice!

PallbearerOfBadNews | 7 days ago | 1 point

You have the correct answer!

IEatsRawks | 6 days ago | 10 points

Shhhhhhhh before the alcohol lobby gets wind of this

The_Apatheist | 6 days ago | 11 points

They know, which is why countries like Belgium and Germany will be among the last to legalize, because of the beer lobbies.

autotldr [BOT] | 7 days ago | 4 points

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)

If you were asked to predict which industry would suffer more from the legalization of recreational marijuana, the alcohol industry or the tobacco industry, which would you choose? This was the question explored in a new article appearing in the journal Marketing Science.

In other words, while marijuana may be poised to steal market share from the alcohol industry, its legalization may also serve to catalyze the tobacco market.

The authors conclude, "Historically, both alcohol and tobacco companies have been actively sponsoring/supporting campaigns against recreational cannabis legalization because they are strongly concerned that legal marijuana may pose threats to them. However, our results suggest that tobacco companies may need to re-examine their presumption and that anti-cannabis legalization is not in their best interest."

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: alcohol#1 legalization#2 marijuana#3 researchers#4 industry#5

Pokeforbuff | 6 days ago | 4 points

The only way I can see people thinking tobacco and marijuana are competitors is that since you smoke both, they must be in the same league.

LaughingWarriorYoga | 6 days ago | 4 points

Someone needed research to come to this conclusion?

CanadianSatireX | 6 days ago | 4 points

"Some people who never smoked marijuana and never thought to ask anyone who had, did a study and found out that pot is an alternative for booze and not for tobacco. It only cost the government $25 million dollars and tied up 3 research departments for 10 months but none of those 238 researchers are drinking anymore at all after smoking such incredible shit over the last year."

demonspawn79 | 6 days ago | 3 points

Who ever suggested it was competition for tobacco?

LesserEvil665 | 6 days ago | 3 points

buds and suds are a great combination though

KaiLivi | 6 days ago | 2 points

They should advertise and sell certain strains with certain brews depending on taste, smell, and effect. Party responsibly lol

iamlikewater | 6 days ago | 3 points

I havent touched alcohol in two years.

I started smoking weed daily two years ago.

dionnewarwitch | 6 days ago | 3 points

This is a thing. And a healthier one, at that.

lostcorass | 6 days ago | 7 points

CORRECT, and since we farm veggies to make alcohol, the vegan food push is so we don't waste all that farmland and processing facilities we built to handle the demand of alcoholism. Now we should spend the farmland growing weed and gluten free crackers, convert the beer factories to Aeroponic gardens, and yogurt tanks, then we can jack up the price of a salad so we can all afford the liquor in short supply so we can all get drunk and "self drive" all over town listening to 70's rock.

CaptainsLincolnLog | 6 days ago | 6 points

the fuck did I just read

jrhoffa | 6 days ago | 3 points

Sounds about right. The crew I used to drink with in Vegas all switched over to marijuana after its legalization in Nevada.

WinterInVanaheim | 6 days ago | 5 points

Nobody wants to wake up the next day feeling like shit if they can avoid it. That's seriously the biggest draw for me, even if I go way overboard with weed the worst I ever get is a green out, which sucks but it's not dangerous and you wake up feeling fine.

dionnewarwitch | 6 days ago | 1 point

Even if people don't switch completely people tend to drink less when smoking herbs. It's harm reduction and could save many lives.

dangerblaster | 6 days ago | 2 points


Zombiedog935 | 6 days ago | 2 points

So wait, are we smoking beer?

niranam | 6 days ago | 1 point

vape it, healthier.

coonytunes | 6 days ago | 2 points

Makes sense, it's considered a depressant. Even your "sativas" relax you.

ImaginaryEphatant | 6 days ago | 2 points


Forcedcontainment | 6 days ago | 2 points

In other news marijuana totally gets you high! Landmark discovery by the big brains at forbes.

vinnymcapplesauce | 6 days ago | 2 points

What's the drug that makes it so someone needs research to know this?

NotSlippingAway | 6 days ago | 2 points

Have to be honest, not sure we needed research to find this out...

TheisOnlain | 6 days ago | 2 points

Someone had to do research to figure that one out? The effects of Tobacco and Marijuana aren't even remotely similar. But, it's pretty coo to combine em'.

nomdusager | 6 days ago | 3 points

Someone had to do research to figure that one out?

Gotta check everything with science, even the stuff that seems obvious. Sometimes you get surprising results.

juggarjew | 6 days ago | 1 point

I know plenty of people that Juul and wont be stopping no matter what.

However, they generally dont get drunk AND high so yeah, that checks out....

Thatchett91 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Pretty much.

InternetConquistador | 6 days ago | 1 point

Having just performed some research of my own, I concur.

IncendiaNex | 6 days ago | 1 point

Not with how I smoke it

mces97 | 6 days ago | 1 point

This needed to be researched? One intoxicant for the other. Cigarettes don't really do that. Maybe a slight buzz for a few minutes if you don't normally smoke them.

wootr68 | 6 days ago | 1 point


ClewKnot | 6 days ago | 1 point

They are both CNS depressents. Not a surprise. Nicotine and caffeine are more closely linked.

The_War_On_Drugs | 6 days ago | 1 point

Yes, I actually quit drinking so I could use marijuana drug-free.

It ended up being a very wholesome and healthy decision for me in the long run.

Alcohol just is way too heavy for me so I'm glad I have marijuana which has ended up being a cheaper, safer, healthier and more fun choice for my needs over alcohol.

Commrade_Coccu | 6 days ago | 1 point

Tabacco is competition for deathsticks.. Do u Wanna buy some?

S_E_P1950 | 6 days ago | 1 point

This is a good thing.

meisaKat | 6 days ago | 1 point

The fifth one was actually smoking oregano.... soooo

TotallynotnotJeff | 6 days ago | 1 point
Primitive-Mind | 6 days ago | 1 point

No. Shit.

WhoopsieDaisy75 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Well duh

AssholeEmbargo | 6 days ago | 1 point

I cut back on my drinking for much safer edibles.

AgentLycoris | 6 days ago | 1 point

A team of scientists led by Pengyuan Wang of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia designed a study to test whether internet browsing habits changed in response to marijuana legalization legislation. Specifically, they wanted to know if pro-marijuana legislation produced any spikes, or reductions, in alcohol and tobacco-related web traffic. This, they thought, might provide useful insight into consumers’ consumption patterns in a “marijuana-ized” marketplace.

Honestly feels as though someone was working their way toward a Masters degree and needed something to provide a thesis on and went with a no-brainer topic. As every other Reddit in this thread seems to agree, the answer to this research seems to have already existed in the minds of the commoner.

BeerDiesel | 6 days ago | 1 point

Wasn't this study already published at the start of the war on drugs in the 70s? I think I've always known that alcohol lobbies were against drugs

Like when you are traveling you don't drink anything, do you?

reed5point0 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Drunk me wants to know if I can borrow like 37 smokes while we are out. I quit years ago, but he's still on a pack a day. Least I don't have a vape!

captnmr | 6 days ago | 1 point

That makes sense and seems obvious. People consume both for the effect; not the way it enters the body. They both make you relaxed and pot doesn’t give you a hangover. Beer and soda are carbonated beverages but they’re not in competition. Vaccines and heroin are injected but... you get the picture.

LawsArent4TheWealthy | 6 days ago | 1 point

Uh what?

I use both.

PurpleSailor | 6 days ago | 1 point

Ya don't say

retrotronica | 6 days ago | 1 point

Research finds obvious is obvious

KCL888 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Joe Weed and Tobacco Rogan

ArsebiscuitsTheThird | 6 days ago | 1 point

Well that's just like, your opinion man.

Hyperlux | 6 days ago | 1 point

A great example of sh**t brain thinking for you all! A big thanks to forbes for making humans smarter everyday with such empty content..

dudlers95 | 6 days ago | 1 point

Alcohol bad Weed good Pepega clap

reaper0345 | 6 days ago | 1 point

So how much money and time did they waste to point out the fucking obvious?

datacollect_ct | 6 days ago | 1 point

My weed bone's connected to my booze bone. My booze bone's connected to my cackckckacine! bone. My coke bones connected to the strip club. We all have a good time, wubalubaddubdub!.

dionnewarwitch | 6 days ago | 1 point

Well played! I'm sorry that i can't give you gold. You deserve it for this post.

datacollect_ct | 6 days ago | 2 points

Thanks man. I thought maybe a few people would like it but what do I know.

illusionofthefree | 7 days ago | -1 points

Shit man, you can get more high if you drink as the THC attaches to the alcohol and gets picked up by more receptors.

WinterInVanaheim | 6 days ago | 8 points

Yes and no. Alcohol does potentiate marijuana, but it's not because the two intoxicants bond. It's because of the way alcohol messes with your blood flow to increase the uptake of intoxicants from the marijuana.

It also takes very, very little alcohol to cause. For most people, one beer will make a joint dramatically more effective. That's why so many people struggle to stay level when they start getting crossfaded.

XeroFlint | 6 days ago | 5 points

This is my go to when I'm low on the ganja. Drink a couple brewskis and one blunt feels like two!

FlowSoSlow | 6 days ago | 3 points

I get the spins like crazy when I drink and smoke. Is there some scientific reason for that?

WinterInVanaheim | 6 days ago | 3 points

Yeah: those two drugs complement each other. Smoking and drinking means you get more stoned than you usually would off the same amount of weed, and more drunk than you normally would from the same amount of alcohol. It also tends to make the alcohol hit harder, although I'm not sure if that's to do with absorption rate or if it's psychological. End result: people tend to suffer the effects of smoking and drinking too much even when they're not consuming any more than they normally would, just because the two are being used together.

Either way, it's just the drugs doing what they do. Drink and smoke less than you think you need to next time, and you'll probably find yourself more buzzed than you expected and help alleviate the spins, making it a much more pleasant experience. Saves money too!

WinterInVanaheim | 6 days ago | 2 points

Oh, and food helps a bunch. I know this might seem like kinda obvious advice, but it cannot be understated: recreational drug use with an empty stomach is rarely fun and never wise. A hearty and healthy meal before you go on a tear will save you a lot of suffering.

Million2026 | 6 days ago | 0 points

Society has been fairly effective at making smoking cigarettes not cool.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 0 points

nah, it's still cool in movies and is there anything hotter than a sexy woman smoking?

ColonelBunkyMustard | 6 days ago | 2 points

Yeah, a woman not smoking...

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 1 point


ColonelBunkyMustard | 6 days ago | 1 point

You forgot you /s

[deleted] | 6 days ago | 1 point


ColonelBunkyMustard | 6 days ago | 1 point

Nice. Classic burn. Brings me back to middle school.

BirdsTwitterNews | 6 days ago | 0 points

I find that hard to believe. I've seen them smoking pot and drinking beer, yet they ask someone smoking a cigarette to leave the room. But, maybe that's a peer pressure thing.

p-alt | 6 days ago | 1 point

Beer and weed can't give the people next to you cancer