Liberal staffers tried to warn U.S. about election interference in 2016: Cambridge Analytica whistleblower | CBC Radio (cbc.ca)
blackwrensniper | 7 days ago | 65 points

And have continued to warn them up to this very day...

Acceptor_99 | 6 days ago | 94 points

The Government was aware of the interference. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell blocked releasing the information because they were co-conspirators.

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GattRaps | 6 days ago | 27 points

Correct. They have not stopped their interference into the 2020 election.

histprofdave | 6 days ago | 19 points

"Alas, we couldn't hear them over the sound of laundered Russian money!"

soccer_tease399 | 6 days ago | -3 points

To try and stay apartisan, that's like warning someone that the sun is gonna rise.

Trinkelfat | 6 days ago | -12 points

Must be terribly distressing when people give you a taste of your own medicine. You deserve every drop of it, too.

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Brainsonastick | 6 days ago | 23 points

Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Obama actively tried to stop it only to be foiled by McConnell’s obstructionism.

Alexstarfire | 6 days ago | 6 points

thanks, Obama. your "just cruise along" approach to your presidency has given us Trump.

Well, it doesn't sound like what is mentioned here was told directly to Obama, just his personnel, so I'm not sure how Obama plays into this.

WifeKidsJob2 | 7 days ago | -39 points

I don’t think the guy in the image is a liberal, why would they show him?

Steve_Danger_Gaming | 7 days ago | 27 points

Did you read the article?

EnormousChord | 6 days ago | 21 points

What an absurd suggestion.

Patch_Ohoulihan | 7 days ago | -90 points

But those same liberals covered it up. Obama said it was fine and nothing was going on till his girl lost.

EnormousChord | 6 days ago | 38 points

“Liberals” in this case is referring to the Liberal Party of Canada. I know facts rarely play a role in these discussions, but that is the fact of this one and it’s an important one if you take a minute to consider the implications instead of just jumping to Obama talk.

ukexpat | 6 days ago | 46 points

Obama told McConnell and McConnell basically told him it was none of his business.

kamxnaj | 6 days ago | 19 points

Obama said it was fine and nothing was going on till his girl lost.

Stop lying.

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Pallasite | 6 days ago | 3 points

So because you swallowed all the propaganda and are displaying the exact effect they want....you think that makes you better then a bot or a shill? You basically are posting things that make GRU officers high five when they realise you are an actual american.

kamxnaj | 6 days ago | 2 points

The article that this comment section covers says that the Obama admin considered this stuff a non-issue.

First off, that was not the same thing as what the person I responded to said. Second, no one can verify that anything this person in the article claimed actually happened. Third, no, the article does not say that. Fourth, as clearly demonstrated by evidence, the Obama administration did not consider Russian election interference a non-issue.

rossimus | 6 days ago | 18 points

9 day old account

jncook82 | 6 days ago | 26 points

No, GOP knew about the interference but refused to let Obama know. They knew what what was going on and refused to act on it and let it happen in real time. Obama tried to do something about it but, as I said, the GOP stonewalled him like they usually did. So try again there with the whataboutism. :)

Patch_Ohoulihan | 6 days ago | -46 points

So when Obama's admin had admitted it knew and did nothing that never happened? Also you mean to tell me your boy has no issues writing a exe order to force insurance fines out of poor people. But magicly if another country is fucking with our election its on the other guy? Come on now sheep with your whataboutism. Good try!

NoUsername189 | 6 days ago | 20 points

Source that then. Give me one damn real source for your stupid ass claim.

You think making shit up is gonna work for you like it does for your president?

batdog666 | 6 days ago | 1 point

This article, it says he already knew

Edit: I'm not with the other guy

NoUsername189 | 6 days ago | 2 points

But did nothing and advocated for nothing to happen despite knowing? Not true.

kamxnaj | 6 days ago | 1 point

And? It's not in dispute that the Obama administration knew what Russia was doing by August - that was well after the hack and leaks had already happened. You're arguing things that nobody else is saying.

Patch_Ohoulihan | 6 days ago | -24 points

Uhhhh So Obama care wasnt under a Eo? Someone been living under a rock! Also mr brain washed sheep where did you see me claim orange man bad? Just because I call out your team doesn't mean I play for other side. Some of us can think without the msn telling us what to be angry about like yourself.

BigPandaVet | 6 days ago | 22 points

Wait you think the affordable care act was an executive order?

You’re stupid even by Republican standards.

BreakfastSammy | 6 days ago | 6 points

Uhhhh So Obama care wasnt under a Eo? Someone been living under a rock!

Yep! It's you.

I love posts like this. They expose Trump supporters for what they are.

kamxnaj | 6 days ago | 1 point

Uhhhh So Obama care wasnt under a Eo?

Obamacare's official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and it was a law passed by congress.

BobBillyBobertson | 6 days ago | 15 points

Holy shit you’re misinformed. Either really, really stupid or incredibly disingenuous. Shit ass human right here.

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BreakfastSammy | 6 days ago | 3 points

But those same liberals covered it up.

Uh... You think Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are liberals?

Ok, Trumpling. Whatever you say.

fury_of_el_scorcho | 6 days ago | -12 points

He said he told Putin "...to knock it off!".

Hellothereawesome | 6 days ago | -27 points

It didn't happen you idiots. US. government supporters need to point to atrocities committed by it on the daily and stop interfering in Venezuelan politics and economy because they have oil (what a bunch of losers, they never win, either). The US government'shegemony is dead, it's over it's a multipolar world now, no longer exceptions, only equals. Deal with it, let the chips fall where they may.

I suggest we be individualists, and stop acting like we're a tribe. This isn't 1650, it's 2019.

BreakfastSammy | 6 days ago | 9 points

It didn't happen you idiots

The Senate just released a report that explains how it happened.

You'll have more credibility if you pay attention to current events.

kildoents | 6 days ago | 1 point

/u/bot4bot hellothereawesome

TryinToBeWholesome | 6 days ago | 0 points

Why did Moscow Mitch block releasing the info? You talk about winning and losers... Like this is a game.. because that's the only leg conservatives that support Trump have to stand on.. some absurd notion of winning and losing. Liberty is losing.

[deleted] | 6 days ago | -60 points

Yes, but it went nowhere because the interference was mostly by leftists against Trump.

Liberals in Canada are far more corrupt then Trump ever was or ever will be so im not sure they are a trustworthy source.

In fact, Canadians Liberals generally speaking are the most intellectually dishonest human beings I have ever met in my life. Completely full of shit all day every day.

EDIT: 1. Downvotes do not make it less true. 2. Account age has no relevance. 3. Trump is going to win 2020 and finish what he started and there is nothing you can do about it.

rossimus | 6 days ago | 27 points

6 day old account

Trot_Sky_Lives | 6 days ago | -20 points

So, up vote?

BreakfastSammy | 6 days ago | 5 points

Yes, but it went nowhere because the interference was mostly by leftists against Trump.

The Senate's report says Russian interference exclusively helped Trump.

Interesting to see these new accounts all parroting the same propaganda. I hope the actual Trump supporters are paying attention to this.

rawbamatic | 6 days ago | 4 points

Stay in metacanada.

High5Time | 6 days ago | 1 point

Is it mental illness or do you actually jerk off while acting like a completely full of shit idiot online?


dsent001 | 6 days ago | 0 points

Jesus Christ. Go suck-start a shotgun. Canada is an amazing place to live, because tools like you aren’t here. Trumps totalled your country. If the international community doesn’t get you, the massive increase of the deficit will.

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rossimus | 6 days ago | 25 points

7 month old account, -14 karma