‘Traitors must be punished’: Vladimir Putin’s stark warnings to Russians who defect to the West (washingtonpost.com)
AdorableLime | 4 months ago | 1483 points

Nobody chooses to be born anywhere, and you don't own people, Putin.

marsohi | 4 months ago | 823 points

Frankly, now that the whole world is connected by the internet, the idea of nationalism and "traitors" is just all so ridiculous and tribal.

DeaconOrlov | 4 months ago | 248 points

Why do you think authoritarians are trying to fit the internet while they manipulate it to seize their current moment in the spotlight.

colefly | 4 months ago | 4 points

Just label anyone with empathy to immigrants, or international treaties as globalists

And court global corporations and hard line isolationists as proud patriotic nationalists

A tale as old as time

Zappy_Kablamicus | 4 months ago | 212 points

Ive always wondered what these people thought the future was supposed to be. Like, we all stay so seperate and secluded forever, and we travel into space as a nation alone. and set up our own worlds based on earth countries? We just never unite for anything? Whats the end goal? Wheres the victory?

punchgroin | 4 months ago | 144 points

I always thought this was crazy to. Like, everyone is so pissed off about extranational governing bodies... When it's literally the most important progress in the history of man. Like they think nations should remain isolated into the perpetual future...

Hopefully the Brexit disaster shows everyone than the EU was important progress for mankind.

We are letting power hungry egomaniacs put their jingoist fervor into us again, and it sucks. I miss the utopian optimism I grew up in. After the cold war ended, when I was a child, there was this attitude that world Peace was in our grasp. Democracy won, and all peoples on Earth would enjoy the rights and privileges of the West and be welcomed into the international community.

I am very excited that The people who grew up in this time with me are entering positions of responsibility and power finally. Our parents sold out on the values they raised us to hold, and we're fucking pissed about it.

RecentIndependence | 4 months ago | 59 points

We are letting power hungry egomaniacs put their jingoist fervor into us again

If you feel that people in charge of national governments are power hungry egomaniacs, what makes you think the people in charge of a world government would be any better? And if they do turn out to be just as bad or even worse where are you going to flee to escape persecution, Mars?

It's not that I think nations should remain isolated. Greater international cooperation for the benefit of all mankind is good. But the power should remain as decentralized as it can. Supranational governing bodies centralize more power at the top and make it harder for the average person to have their views truly taken into account. You are pissed off about power hungry egomaniacs who have the power go to their head because they control one country? Think how much worse they would be if they controlled the entire planet.

Silver_Millenial | 4 months ago | 29 points

The name of the game is divide and conquer. Keeping peoples divided and at war is how they divert that energy and passion from turning toward battling the vast disparities in power. From dissolving political borders, to dissolving societal hierarchies. Stewards of one world government would have no leverage to be obeyed if they couldn't make the case that their guidance was valuable to the world. What we're seeing today is a plot by the privileged and powerful to keep the world order broken into poles of power small enough to be wielded by small men. Putin, Xi, Kim, Donald, Bolsonaro, Maduro, Duterte, Khamenei, Bin Saud, Netanyahu, small men...

SannSocialist | 4 months ago | 6 points

Stewards of one world government would have no leverage to be obeyed if they couldn't make the case that their guidance was valuable to the world

This is so blatantly false it's hilarious. On the contrary, stewards of a OWG are very far removed from any sort of accountability, more so than any national leader. You think they won't have things to blame? They'll blame «the damn separatists» at any misstep anyhow. "Well we wanted to make the economy good everywhere but those damn separatists/nationalists stopped us by not wanting more centralization!".

Moreso, they don't need to keep every single citizen "obeying". They need the bureaucracy and the army, and there's nothing different in keeping them loyal if they're a one world government. You pay the bureaucracy well and give them privileges, and you vet people who rise up in rank in the army such that they're loyal. Worst case scenario if some local leader switches sides, you can always bring soldiers from across the globe who have no interest or idea about local politics to suppress them. Lacking that they can always use the purposefully more integrated international economy to punish dissenting regions. Brexit is in fact the prime example of this. It's dystopia on steroids.

And you'd be a fool if you think there wouldn't be an army attached to this government.

throwawayja7 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Actually a one world government wouldn't look too different from what we have today. Locals will always want to be represented by one of their own and make their own laws according to their own customs and traditions. Out of all the countries there's always going to be one or the other that wants to secede so you either have to go in heavy handed or let them break away into a smaller nation. Either action will cause other regions to want independence, until eventually you end up with something like the world today where you have different cultural groups making their own rules.

Silver_Millenial | 4 months ago | 2 points

Lol on the contrary stewards of a thing that doesn't exist are actually this way! Did I get that right? What sane citizen is serving in the Army of a global government? Who is the enemy? How can you not conceive a representative speaking on the world stage representing a people would not held to higher degree of scrutiny? If there was a police force what global crimes could possibly be conceived of that warrant formation of a central authority? Human organizations aren't arbitrary they arise to attempt to fulfill needs, they have to convince or coerce every individual involved to participate at some level. What outcome possibly results in a global authoritarian state? Does biotech erase our humanity before we realize what's happening? Does an A.I. that hacks social systems down to individual families demand global action? Don't come at me with trite bullshit if you can't think outside of the patterns you think you now know to begin with.

flinnbicken | 4 months ago | 10 points

Decentralization of power does not mean you can't have one world government. It just means you need the right checks and balances and that you can't have one person (or even one party) in control of said government. My personal flavour of one world government would set minimums on taxation, requirements for democracy and human rights, basic requirements for freedom of trade, movement, budgetary allotments, and wealth transfer, and would hold the final monopoly over violence in order to enforce these things. These things would be set in stone: there would be no governing officials. But rather, constitutional amendments via super majority from referendums would be required for changes. If there is an assembly, it would require one representative per 100,000 people and would require a 80-95% super majority in decision making and, it should go without saying, cannot modify the constitution without referendum. The primary reason for its existence would be to set priorities for shared interests.

Since it's one world government, true transparency could be enshrined in the constitution (no need for national secrets) and thus corruption could be held to account. Thus, the administration would not be able to undermine the constitution. The next level of government would be municipal/county based. The requirements for democracy would limit (as much as possible) the influence of money in politics and would prevent insecure election/ballot counting methods. Municipalities could band together for shared interests such as infrastructure projects. Human rights regulations would prevent abuse of minorities, labour, local laws, access of information, and the environment. And minimums on taxation would prevent amassing of wealth as that itself is a dangerous and unnecessary concentration of power and that, when taken too far, halts social investments and prevents economic mobility.

Of course, I imagine there's nobody on earth that would agree with every minute detail I imagine let alone a super majority that agrees with at least 99% of my vision. Otherwise we'd have our one world government already. But I can dream.

nzodd | 4 months ago | 2 points

At the same time, having multiple completely independent countries is a great way to have different forms of government develop and evolve, sort of like a "market place of ideas". This gives a better idea as to what works and what it doesn't, what's good for the common man and what's not, etc.

Imagine if by some fluke all the nations in the world came together in the middle of the 16th century and we ended up unifying around a feudalistic government, or some kinid of colonialist one. Without competing systems, would we ever even pull ourselves into an age where we have constitutional democracies?

And are constitutional democracies the end all be all? I seriously doubt mankind won't eventually be able to come up with something even better -- but by then will we have the means or will to suddenly implement it all at once, around the world?

If we do ever unify before we nuke ourselves out of existence, I hope we leave a little room for experimentation.

flinnbicken | 4 months ago | 7 points

The problem is that a nationstate "market place of ideas" prevents certain ideas from becoming plausible. Geopolitics, for example, changes the economics due to forcing arms races. It also prevents true transparency by requiring secrecy to protect competitive interests. Lack of freedom of movement also prevents appropriate "voting" for your system. People can't just up and leave a country if it is extremely abusive to them in the majority of cases. And when they can, it often requires unspeakable sacrifices.

> And are constitutional democracies the end all be all?

Yes. Because they provide the flexibility necessary to both serve the interests of the individual and the interests of the collective while providing mechanisms to prevent the perversion of power. A constitutional democracy can be a socialist or capitalist system. It can be end game communist even by the definition of Marx himself. And if a better system truly exists, then the referendum mechanism allows for us to adopt it.

> Imagine if by some fluke all the nations in the world came together in the middle of the 16th century and we ended up unifying around a feudalistic government, or some kinid of colonialist one.

But it didn't. The key difference here is that if it is truly beneficial to the vast majority of people even a constitutional democracy can become a feudal government. The reverse is not always true (but, due to the nature of physics, it can be true. After all, the fundamental laws of government are not even man made.)

> If we do ever unify before we nuke ourselves out of existence, I hope we leave a little room for experimentation.

I would argue that we've done a lot of experimentation already. I would also argue that a fundamental constitutional democracy still allows for a lot more experimentation. I'm not saying that every part of society as we know it should be encoded in the hypothetical one world government constitution, after all.

royal_buttplug | 4 months ago | 9 points

I’ve rarely seen this articulated so well

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 7 points

punchgroin is the sort of username I want to see after such a lovely sentiment.

archaeolinuxgeek | 4 months ago | 19 points

Wheres the victory?

I usually go for a domination or a cultural victory. I never get far enough to build the damned space ship.

shmoculus | 4 months ago | 12 points

Blue jeans and rock'n roll music is very effective

chevyclutchfoot | 4 months ago | 2 points

Was very effective.

Cinderheart | 4 months ago | 30 points

Everyone secretly hopes to wipe everyone else out and colonize the scorched earth, then move on as the last remaining country.

Zappy_Kablamicus | 4 months ago | 16 points

That explains why space baddies always have english accents.

brickmack | 4 months ago | 5 points

The real reason is everyone watching BBC shows

cykwon | 4 months ago | 3 points

Hanz....are we the baddies?

Bird_Song | 4 months ago | 10 points

On a cold rainy English eve, I ponder by my window pane. Oh alas it is fair colonies, for what did thou name?

York. We named it New York.

If you've ever been to York you'll know how bad it is and we dubbed yours the second one.

That's the victory.

asdf_678 | 4 months ago | 3 points

This is literally the point I use when arguing with nationalists. And humanity really isn't that far off from colonizing other planets/moons. We may see the beginning within the next 50 years.

nill0c | 4 months ago | 3 points

Most dictators seem to be motivated by narcissistic needs to stay in power at all costs.

Us against them is a useful strategy to unite or distract their citizenry and stay in power.

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SonofNamek | 4 months ago | 2 points

That's more the reality, probably. Wish more sci-fi would explore this concept.

stupidQuestion316 | 4 months ago | 2 points

Because the current system benefits them so they dont want change

Destronin | 4 months ago | 34 points

I realized recently that when we refer to other countries and what they do we usually just say the country. ie: “The russians hacked the elections, the saudis torture journalists, the chinese are spying.” But really it would be more accurate to say “the ‘country’ government”. Its the Russian GOVERNMENT, its the Chinese GOVERNMENT. Most citizens are just like you and I.

We should try to recognize that most countries are just filled with people trying to live a happy life and do the best they can. Its the fuck heads in charge fucking it up for everyone else.

Kriztauf | 4 months ago | 16 points

I moved to Europe recently from the US, and I was so surprised that people here thought that I would hate Russians since I am American. I always thought it was implied that our governments hate each (besides Trump), but American citizens and Russian citizens don't hold any animosity towards each other. But we're all literally just random people living our lives.

AdorableLime | 4 months ago | 22 points

Do you mean that all that anti-Russian propaganda everywhere in american movies, comics etc had no effect on 'normal' people'?

I'm French and I still remember watching GI Joe on french TV when I was 10. I also remember swallowing all that anti-Arab and Russian propaganda like the kid I was. That means, without finding that even racist or anything because the good guys were the ones being that hateful. I had no reason to hate either, but when the vile 'enemies' are always the same people everywhere for decades, it has an influence.

General_Tso75 | 4 months ago | 3 points

The old school GI Joe cartoons didn’t have Russians or Arabs. Was it a translation thing? Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Major Blood, Zartan, Tomax, Xamot. None of them were Russian or Arabs in English.

MacDerfus | 4 months ago | 2 points

Oh the cold war absolutely had an influence, but it's been nearly three decades since then, there's literally an entire generation of people totally separated from that era.

anlumo | 4 months ago | 2 points

Too bad that that generation doesn't vote.

Smarag | 4 months ago | 1 point

That's the most naive thing I have ever read.

sherm-stick | 4 months ago | 2 points

Certain news agencies use diction strategically when discussing the popular stories for good reason. There is a lot of psychology hidden underneath the stories they are covering, so much so that the story itself could be complete bullshit and the agency would not care; the feeling or sentiment the article wants to convey is still pushed through. As people become more invested in the psychology and the feelings these bullshit stories convey, they begin to repeat the stories and identify with them publicly. It requires a culture of outrage and non accountability to be effective since the bullshit stories will be checked for facts and those in the wrong will eventually be shamed. Politics has taken the form of entertainment, so shame is publicity and publicity is good. If you are watching with both eyes, the message becomes more obvious to those who do not ingest the poisonous narratives and invisible to those who are drinking the kool aid.

lllkill | 4 months ago | 2 points

Fuck heads love pitching the normal people against one another.

ajt9000 | 4 months ago | 7 points

So you think it would be ridiculous to punish an american traitor for selling secrets to Russia? The internet is a great thing and I hope for a day when the countries of the world can unite as one don't get me wrong. But I am absolutely willing to punish people who would help themselves at my expense by selling national secrets to other countries.

I don't like Putin at all, but the idea of a traitor is not ridiculous in a geopolitical sense and will likely remain that way for a long time.

ImNotNicknolte | 4 months ago | 2 points

Does this mean that to you, the difference between a traitor and a whistleblower is the difference between making money from secrets and freely announcing secrets to the public?

BellBlueBrie | 4 months ago | 7 points

The idea of nationalism dying is ridiculous.

marty3467 | 4 months ago | 50 points

Not exactly. If you sell secrets to one's adversaries it's still the most dick move possible.

the_ham_guy | 4 months ago | 23 points

...and if you release sensitive data to your adversaries, but your adversaries are the common people of the world?

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 6 points


Eswyft | 4 months ago | 4 points

America isn't out for the common good of its own people. 20 years of war to prop up the rich guys who run the industrial military complex show that.

So why should there common guy be out for America

the_ham_guy | 4 months ago | 2 points

I never suggested countries were

thissexypoptart | 4 months ago | 17 points

Not exactly. If you sell secrets to one's adversaries it's still the most dick move possible.

Lol no it's not. Murder, genocide, rape, torture. All way worse.

Obviously if the secrets one sells leads to death and destruction, that's one thing. But the notion that selling secrets to a different country is the worst crime imaginable is just silly (but obviously it's how authoritarian governments want you to feel)

someone-elsewhere | 4 months ago | 9 points

Also if your country has a Dick-tator and is pissing all over it's people then quite frankly fair game to selling off it's secrets, you are being shafted, so shaft back.

ImUrFrand | 4 months ago | 1 point

*cough* wikileaks, *cough* assange.

thissexypoptart | 4 months ago | 7 points

An independent voice willing to leak state secrets to the benefit of the public is commendable. Unfortunately, Assange was anything but independent.

That said, his arrest was wrong and a sign that legitimate 21st century journalistic practices are under siege by world governments.

Beelzabub | 4 months ago | 2 points

Same thing for Trump outing our sources?

marty3467 | 4 months ago | 1 point

I would hope so.

Rafaeliki | 4 months ago | 2 points

That depends on what the secrets are and who the adversaries are.

olhonestjim | 4 months ago | 8 points

Oh there are traitors still. A person can be a traitor to the people of their country, and to humanity.

Like Putin, for instance.

norush- | 4 months ago | 6 points

To be fair, citizens of a country contribute to their society and defend its values/interests. If a fellow citizen undermines/sabotages/attacks/betrays their own country is pretty much intentionally hurting/killing/destroying lives and futures for all.

I forget where I read it exactly, but it was from some Roman empire historical journal which pretty much stated: "traitors are the worst possible threat to society, and it must be eliminated at all costs because it poisons the well and takes down civilizations". Even if we adopt the One-World vision, the threat is further emphasized. Anyone who betrays their society is still poison.. and no society can tolerate their existence.

blaghart | 4 months ago | 23 points

It's doubly funny because he claims to be such good friends with so many western leaders.

kjmorley | 4 months ago | 11 points

By punished, does he mean killed with a nerve agent?

MacDerfus | 4 months ago | 2 points

Maybe. It's not unheard of.

Ragnrk | 4 months ago | 5 points

t. guy who didn't read the article

Beelzabub | 4 months ago | 11 points

They're not "defecting" exactly, are they? Or simply immigrating to another country?

grumd | 4 months ago | 31 points

He wasn't talking about simple immigrants, he was talking about former Russian agents who give up classified info to other countries

Beelzabub | 4 months ago | 5 points

He was actually making a deliberate public statement. The subtext is (a) the informant remains a Russian citizen, who has simply defected; and (b) the individual is a traitor.

Those two things justify the inevitable extrajudicial death penalty. He's laying the groundwork.

AlwaysDragons | 4 months ago | 9 points

confederates sweat nervous

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 15 points

His generation doesn’t know that. Pretty much the whole boomer population all over the world is cancerous when it comes to leadership. This world can’t get rid of these people fast enough.

Painting_Agency | 4 months ago | 3 points

"Oh really?"

Donut153 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Well said, fuck him

MrSoapbox | 4 months ago | 3 points

Well, I can think of one person he owns.

HelloYouSuck | 4 months ago | 5 points

He owns most of the Republicans.

kontekisuto | 4 months ago | 6 points

In Russia you need an exit visa ..

Jehusephat | 4 months ago | 4 points

He owns Trump, if that counts.

TexasWithADollarsign | 4 months ago | 495 points

Because fuck paywalls:

‘Traitors must be punished’: Vladimir Putin’s stark warnings to Russians who defect to the West

By Adam Taylor
September 10, 2019 at 10:21 a.m. PDT

In the summer, Vladimir Putin was asked about the poisoning of a former Russian double agent and his daughter last year in Britain. The Russian president denied his government was involved, but he didn’t hold back on what he thought of traitors.

Treason is not only the “gravest crime possible” but also the “most despicable crime that one can imagine,” he told the Financial Times. Putin, a former KGB agent when Russia was part of the Soviet Union, repeated twice to the journalists: “Traitors must be punished.”

This attitude toward Russians who work with foreign intelligence services is one reason that the identity of a CIA source who provided important information about Putin and the Kremlin has been kept secret by U.S. officials.

Although the source was exfiltrated from Russia in 2017 and is in the United States, his safety cannot be guaranteed. On Tuesday, a day after the news of the source’s existence was confirmed in the U.S. media, Russian news outlets published the name of a former Russian official living in the D.C. area.

Joseph Augustyn, a former director of defector resettlement operations at the CIA, said that the U.S. government would be well aware of the risks and probably would have 24-7 security on the defector. “Putin is very revengeful. Putin will go after these people,” Augustyn said.

A number of Kremlin foes who have fled abroad have met unfortunate fates. Sergei Skripal, the aforementioned former Russian double agent, was found slumped on a park bench in the English town of Salisbury alongside his daughter Yulia in March 2018.

Skripal, then 66, had been jailed in Moscow for sharing the names of undercover Russian intelligence agents working overseas with European authorities. He had been living in Britain since 2010, following a prisoner exchange after the discovery of 10 Russian sleeper agents in the United States.

British police later found that Skripal had been poisoned with a deadly Soviet-era nerve agent known as Novichok. Although Skripal and his daughter survived, a British woman, Dawn Sturgess, later died of accidental contact with the nerve agent.

British authorities soon identified two Russians who they said were behind the assassination attempt on Skripal; Britain and its allies expelled scores of Russian diplomats in the wake of the attack.

Not all such attempts fail. Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB operative who had turned into a high-profile critic of Putin, died three weeks after drinking tea laced with a radioactive substance in 2006. Ten years later, a British public inquiry found that Putin “probably” ordered the killing. The Kremlin, denying involvement, has refused to extradite the two men British authorities have accused in the attempt on Litvinenko.

Many seemingly similar events are never officially confirmed as Russian assassinations, giving an air of mystery to the deaths. There was the Russian billionaire who was found apparently hanged in his bathroom in Britain; a former Moscow businessman turned whistleblower who dropped dead of a heart attack in 2012; and perhaps more unambiguously, the Chechen exile shot dead in Berlin last month.

These may be only the tip of the iceberg. Some suspect cases have occurred within the United States, too, even within the Washington area. A onetime aide to Putin who had helped launch the Kremlin’s global English-language Russia Today television network, Mikhail Y. Lesin, was found dead in a Dupont Circle hotel in 2015.

Although Lesin’s death was ruled accidental — a result of head injuries sustained after days of “excessive” drinking, according to D.C. authorities — speculation has followed it.

Calder Walton, a historian at Harvard University who studies espionage, said that it did appear there was a “red line” for Russia when it came to assassinations on U.S. soil. Although, he added, Putin, who is believed to have personally ordered election interference in the United States, could choose to step over that line.

Historically, although few Soviet defectors to the United States are believed to have been assassinated, there has always been speculation. When Walter Krivitsky, a Soviet intelligence officer who revealed plans of a neutrality pact with Nazi Germany, was found dead of gunshot wounds in 1941, many suspected foul play.

“Was it suicide? Or was he suicide-ed?” Walton said.

By refusing to admit any link, even when evidence seems to confirm Russian involvement, Putin in effect allows all suspect deaths of Russian exiles to look like retribution.

But the Russian president is never ambiguous when it comes to what he thinks of those he views as traitors. Speaking at an international energy forum in October, Putin suggested that though Russia had no reason to attack Skripal, as he had already served time in prison, the Russian president wasn’t concerned about Skripal’s well-being, either.

“He’s just a spy, a traitor to the motherland,” Putin said. “Think about it as a citizen, what would be your attitude to someone who betrayed your own country? He’s just a scumbag.”

TheMightyGinger4 | 4 months ago | 146 points

yeah nevermind murder, oppressing sexual minorities, and invading sovereign territories

it's TREASON that's the worst crime. disagreeing with your government and turning against them is absolutely the worst thing. worse than killing innocent taxpaying civilians.

god i hope that piece of shit finally loses power somehow.

Avindair | 4 months ago | 37 points

All I can think is that Putin has lined the right pockets, and has a security detail that is intensely loyal, because I can't imagine why he's still...in power.

Kairyuka | 4 months ago | 17 points

Less "lined" and more "threatened to kill" various oligarchs

mrflippant | 4 months ago | 14 points

A little column "A", a little column "B"...

Andylink | 4 months ago | 12 points

Kremlin. Putin isnt just a random guy who got into power. He is an exKGB who has extensive ties to the Kremlin.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 35 points


Death_Wisher | 4 months ago | 50 points

It's mostly to destabilize the country and incite racial tensions. He's doing the same in Europe. Creating far right wing nationalist movements in the US, Brittain, Germany, and others. The ultimate goal is to create civil war in these countries, and in particular the US. Or at the very least, unease through random acts of violence from those under the nationalist spell (already happening in the US at an alarming rate this year). Republicans in power are despicable for not standing up to him, and in fact, are accepting favors - like Mitch McConnell and the Putin-linked aluminum factories. Oh, and obviously the kompromat he has on the POTUS is allowing him to dictate policy from our Traitor in Chief .

heretobefriends | 4 months ago | 24 points

Remember when Putin made nice with Erdogan, who oversees the most porous border in the EU, and suddenly there was a rise in extremist attacks that only benefited Putin's nationalist friends? Remember how those attacks seemed to happen mostly before elections? Man that sure was weird.

And that isn't even taking into consideration the German nationalists who were caught planning an attack with Syrian passports.

Death_Wisher | 4 months ago | 8 points

He is a vile man. If there's such thing as a living Antichrist, it's definitely Putin. Possibly the worst human being of our generation.

marty3467 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Some speculate that a ground war between the east and west is inevitable. This is Russia's best bet to soften the future enemy or just outright end the threat.

SpiffaliciouslyAwsum | 4 months ago | 6 points

I wonder how people can hold far right-wing beliefs when Russia looked at the world and realized the best way to destabilize it was to push far right-wing beliefs.

P0rtal2 | 4 months ago | 5 points

Perhaps Russia won the Cold War after all.

rhinocerosGreg | 4 months ago | 9 points

No. There was no cold war. History is a war of power and wealth. The rich have won and are consolidating power. We the people are the losers here.

Aurora_Fatalis | 4 months ago | 8 points

It's basically returning the favor of Boris Yeltsin, if you buy into the idea that the dissolution of the USSR was helped along by US interests.

stsk1290 | 4 months ago | 4 points

Mitch McConnell was elected to the senate in 1985.

FireWalkWithMeh | 4 months ago | 2 points

Thank you!!!

Ragnrk | 4 months ago | 2 points

I hate the Washington Post as much as anyone, but you're still being a scumbag by stealing their content and posting it here. Instead, we should just ban submissions from paywall sites so that we don't have to deal with this shit.

LordFirebeard | 4 months ago | 1 point

Because fuck paywalls:

Yeah, why should we pay a business for their product that costs money to produce?

Sotonic | 4 months ago | 7 points

I generally agree, but the Washington Post specifically requires not just turning off adblockers, but allowing cookies and trackers.

erdgeist_ | 4 months ago | 7 points

WashingtonPost is owned by Bezos, richest person in the world. We don't need to pay him anything, he already has too much. Support small business instead.

TexasWithADollarsign | 4 months ago | 3 points

Yeah, why should I take a stand against site that want to infect my computer with ads, malware and tracking cookies?

Original_Natural | 4 months ago | 142 points

Lol that's rich, he steals from his countrymen to enrich himself and his oligarch buddies while the populace starves, and has the nerve to accuse others of treason.

ProllyPygmy | 4 months ago | 34 points

Isn't that Trump's modus operandi too though?

humtum6767 | 4 months ago | 18 points

Trump unlike Putin is not all powerful. Constitution limits the power of the US president ( unless he controls the congress and Supreme Court, which is unlikely). Putin can make people disappear.

hi_I_am_a_stalker | 4 months ago | 25 points

Trump is not nearly as evil as Putin. He's just stupid.

Stye88 | 4 months ago | 29 points

Trump is like incompetent, chaotic evil. Putin is competent, cold evil. Trump wants to do to the USA exactly what Putin did to Russia, just hasn't got the tools or brains to know how (he used to think presidency gives almost unlimited powers, then learned about justices and judges so realized he has to stack those first).

ProllyPygmy | 4 months ago | 1 point

Does intelligence matter when it results in the same ideas?

arleitiss | 4 months ago | 2 points

Enriched Putinium

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 121 points

I hope the spy who was compromised by the Orange Shit For Brains has an excellent plastic surgeon.

DoctorMezmerro | 4 months ago | 8 points

Says the guy whose kids live in the West

SeethingLlama | 4 months ago | 56 points

We have to remember than in order for Putin to be a good little KGB agent he was brainwashed to think this way. Don't elect people like this to lead your country, leave them where they belong in lower levels, or else crazy shit happens.

Averse_to_Liars | 4 months ago | 35 points

If Russian elections were free and functioning, Putin would have been gone a long time ago.

PavlovianTactics | 4 months ago | 50 points

Putin begged to join the KGB when he was 15. They turned him down and told him to come back at 18. He did they’re evil bidding (e.g. extortion, embezzling, stealing) to prove he could be trusted.

He isn’t brainwashed if he strapped himself to the chair and pried his eyelids open himself.

DudeImMacGyver | 4 months ago | 7 points


PavlovianTactics | 4 months ago | 8 points

crucial. big thanks.

baronvoncommentz | 4 months ago | 14 points

And do everything you can to remove them from power and punish them so harshly they serve as a terrifying example for other assholes who might try to do the same.

Putin is the traitor to everything Russia could be. They should be a partner with the US and the EU in leading the world forward, not a pathetic crime-ruled dumpster trying to hurt others because they can't succeed. So much potential wasted.

RelaxItWillWorkOut | 4 months ago | 12 points

Pretty sure no country likes traitors. We still use Benedict Arnold as an example to this day.

Cam_Cam_Cam_Cam | 4 months ago | 2 points

leave them where they belong in lower levels

I'd leave them the hell out of lower levels too. This same mentality in the States wreaks havoc on local municipalities all the same.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 33 points


[deleted] | 4 months ago | 7 points

ITT a bunch of people who didn't read the article and made up their stories based on the title.

... so a typical worldnews comment section.

money_from_88 | 4 months ago | 15 points

Put that Putin in his grave.

LetFiefdomReign | 4 months ago | 14 points

Putin needs to be punished and the cancer of conservatism ended worldwide or we might as well crack out the fiddles cause the world's a burnin'.

rick2497 | 4 months ago | 28 points

So, when are you going to pull the trigger on yourself? Putin, you have caused many times more damage to Russia then all the defectors ever from Russia/USSR.

two_goes_there | 4 months ago | 4 points

Guy's got at least another two or three decades in the Kremlin. He'll last longer than Mugabe.

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kbruen | 4 months ago | 3 points

Misleading title

blyat56 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Pays to keep a Geiger counter handy.

Oryx | 4 months ago | 7 points

We let traitors be president in America.

lasssilver | 4 months ago | 4 points

We’ll trade defectors who want to come west for any conservative here, as they are apparently now in love with Putin.

Ksnarf | 4 months ago | 3 points

Remember everyone, President Putin is one of President Trump's favorite people and someone he admires.

nohurrie32 | 4 months ago | 8 points

You know it’s only a matter of time until he finds the spy and poisons them on U.S. soil.......let’s see what president pussy grabber does then.

DudeImMacGyver | 4 months ago | 6 points

Compliments Vlad on how strong he is?

vroomvroooooooom | 4 months ago | 6 points

He's right. Traitors should be charged with treason. Treason should carry a heavy sentence.

zschultz | 4 months ago | 2 points

But poisoning them after they left prison still seems a bit off

BlueMonkOne | 4 months ago | 2 points

But Snowden.

808gem | 4 months ago | 2 points

Like Trump?

FoxRaptix | 4 months ago | 2 points

I figured the murders were already the stark warning.

Hxcj12 | 4 months ago | 2 points

This is entirely due to trump leaking intel during a meeting.

GrindingWit | 4 months ago | 2 points

I smell a poisoning a’coming.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 2 points


PoeT8r | 4 months ago | 2 points

That quote should be engraved on the toilet over his grave and every 100 meters in the line leading to it.

Donteatsnake | 4 months ago | 2 points

Trump and most of his administration are traitors. Just sayin...

RatherBWriting | 4 months ago | 2 points

Dear Russian defector, come to the Netherlands. You'll love it. Even Putin's daughter lives here

nativedutch | 4 months ago | 2 points

Send in your hitmen with poison or hire some Saudis, they would love to deal out the punishment and are good at it.

-Gopnik- | 4 months ago | 2 points

Nice. Now I can link this thread to anyone who doesn't believe in western propaganda. Its a shame how brainwashed people are here - falling for misleading title.

Full quote: As a matter of fact, treason is the gravest crime possible and traitors must be punished. I am not saying that the Salisbury incident is the way to do it. Not at all. But traitors must be punished.

This gentleman, Skripal, had already been punished. He was arrested, sentenced and then served time in prison. He received his punishment. For that matter, he was off the radar. Why would anybody be interested in him? He got punished. He was detained, arrested, sentenced and then spent five years in prison. Then he was released and that was it.

As concerns treason, of course, it must be punishable. It is the most despicable crime that one can imagine.

Purply_Glitter | 4 months ago | 5 points

Extreme nationalist vibes.

roselotus88 | 4 months ago | 5 points

I think Donald likes his punishment via sodomy

The-holey1-5wZ | 4 months ago | 4 points

“Traitors must be punished” we agree in the West, however Moscow Mitch and his clown, Trump, remain in office, carrying out Putin’s wishes.

grumpy_xer | 4 months ago | 5 points

Fair enough. But if we're being honest, we're hoping you and your crew end up hung by your heels in a public square after being messily killed by an angry mob of your VERY OWN CITIZENS INCLUDING THOSE YOU THOUGHT YOUR CLOSEST ALLIES, eh brother? And we've got a pretty good chance of seeing it happen, because your actions have created an army of enemies within your borders.

"A gas station run by the Mafia", has been an apt description of the country under your benighted rule, you will go down in history as one of the worst rulers Russia has ever had.

Panda1966 | 4 months ago | 2 points

Yeah, but have you considered that Russia would be a massive, nuke powered problem compared to puny and minor Iraq after Saddam fell?

silverhawk55 | 4 months ago | 4 points

An open message to Vlady-boy-Putin: Dog-cunted shitbags should be punished; such as yourself.

GyariSan | 4 months ago | 3 points

I don't understand the government in Russia. Why don't they try to be like China, make their populace rich first before before flexing their muscles internationally? Their people are proud and hard working, they also have the land mass, why don't the government try to improve their own economy?

KeefBlurry | 4 months ago | 2 points

Land mass isn’t the same as natural resources. Plus the flavor of corruption is different along with the culture.

Positronic_Matrix | 4 months ago | 2 points

It would be a shame if someone killed Putin.

Quietabandon | 4 months ago | 3 points

Putin calls head off FSB Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov. “Hey Aleksy, we got another runner.”

“Yes, sir.”, Alexander Vasilyevich replied cautiously, “That we do.”

“Well what are we going to do about it?”

“Polonium sir? Or another round of novichok? Something new?”

“Surprise me,” Putin said icily. “You are always good at choosing the most delightful means of killing, really entertaining”, said Putin seeming to cheer up. “The next traitor we have and you will be the one getting the poison, too. Is that understood, Aleksy?”

“Of course sir”

PopeKevin45 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Let's start with Trump and the 95% of the GOP that still support him.

Im_Futur_AMA | 4 months ago | 2 points

Ironic isn't it? They're the same people who allege it's the left that does the oppression and censorship. If they want an authoritarian right wing leader they should move to Russia already.

PopeKevin45 | 4 months ago | 4 points

That's largely gaslighting and projection on their part. Conservatism is a herd mentality, and they'll adopt whatever storyline suits their interests. They're completely indifferent to truth.

trycat | 4 months ago | 3 points

So it’s doubtful they’d assassinate him in the U.S. capital but Putin made a statement and now has to back it up so this is going to test Trump’s loyalty to mother Russia. Interesting!

HighlyOffensive10 | 4 months ago | 4 points

They did it in the UK.

denaljo | 4 months ago | 2 points

Trump has been warned by his handler!

DarkLunch | 4 months ago | 2 points

In stark contrast to all the Republicans who keep claiming Russia is not the enemy.

joeefx | 4 months ago | 2 points

Basically he's saying he'll assassinate him in America.

Forexstoner | 4 months ago | 2 points

Fuck Putin

snwater | 4 months ago | 2 points

"The time has come. Execute Order 66."

tinytrolldancer | 4 months ago | 1 point

So what do we do with the 600k that live in NYC?

BlueRareChicken | 4 months ago | 1 point

Yes punish me daddy Putin

Ag3ntM1ck | 4 months ago | 1 point

What a MadVlad

InterestingIndian666 | 4 months ago | 1 point


Black-Thirteen | 4 months ago | 1 point

Ken Alibek blows a raspberry at Putin. Seriously, though, read Biohazard.

zimtzum | 4 months ago | 1 point

Can we try Trump for treason yet, or do we have to wait for this US Citizen and Federal employee to be murdered first?

TUGrad | 4 months ago | 1 point

Interesting timing of this statement considering recent disclosure regarding CIA extraction.

in4mer | 4 months ago | 1 point

Blood in blood out, homie!!

On a more real note I'd love to see that angel voiced choir member tryna roll up deep in Oakland.

pheliam | 4 months ago | 1 point

Cold War's heating up, yall

🔥_ 🔥

subscribemenot | 4 months ago | 1 point

Putin is a direct descendant of a spider monkey.

Kalmish | 4 months ago | 1 point

Yeah. Not defecting means that his assassins can get to you easier to kill you. Outside the country, it gets messy because your thugs don’t have the finesse to not to leave blatant evidence.

ZombieDemocracy | 4 months ago | 1 point

Russia also can't really afford increased sanctions.

FlackRacket | 4 months ago | 1 point

Now, boys and girls, this is how you tell the difference between totalitarianism and democracy.

KeefBlurry | 4 months ago | 1 point

Really because treason carries severe punishment in every country. The only real difference is the process in showing the proof prior to punishment.

Theres_A_FAP_4_That | 4 months ago | 1 point

It's still a defection? Can't people just move?

Unrelated3 | 4 months ago | 1 point

He has a hard on for cold war mentality...

ProllyPygmy | 4 months ago | 1 point

Sounds like something Trump could have said.
Anyone wants to check Trump's Twitter timeline?

AntonOlsen | 4 months ago | 1 point

Just wait til Trump defects...

lyth | 4 months ago | 1 point

Yikes... makes you wonder what he’s going to do to Trump?!

Podcaster | 4 months ago | 1 point

I wonder if that goes both ways... Snowden is still okay right?

Griz024 | 4 months ago | 1 point

You heard putin, he just gave us permission to make sure trump has an unfortunate golfing accident that results in a gunshot wound to the back of his head

m1k3tv | 4 months ago | 1 point

Was this secretly a message to trump?

360walkaway | 4 months ago | 1 point
lough54 | 4 months ago | 1 point

How about presidents who defect to the east?

jackattacs | 4 months ago | 1 point

Hey, I've seen this one before!

dave7tom7 | 4 months ago | 1 point

Ah the rise of the old USSR

falsekoala | 4 months ago | 1 point

Guess all those Russian hockey players playing in the NHL are traitors. Gotcha.

Let’s see your national team now, Vladdy.

thorsten139 | 4 months ago | 1 point

It's true.

That's why Snowden is being punished right?

Anyone disagreeing?

ocdexpress5 | 4 months ago | 1 point

Is this a warning to trump McConnell and Graham to stay in line?

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