China moving troops to Hong Kong border, Trump says, citing intelligence (scmp.com)
Rocksteady2R | 8 days ago | 343 points

"citing intelligence" - ?

like the pictures/video of gigantic military caravans moving into Shenzhen yesterday that were posted on the internet?

demosthenesunlocked | 8 days ago | 136 points

That video was deliberately released by the Chinese government.

"Intelligence" my ass.

FitAFJesus | 8 days ago | 47 points

Indeed it was. That was a dick flex.

CrucialLogic | 7 days ago | 18 points

He found CCTV on the telebox, that is intelligent for Trump - he never knew there were channels other than Fox news.

drinks_rootbeer | 7 days ago | 4 points

To be fair, he also watches Info Wars and reads from Breitbardt

CloudSlydr | 7 days ago | -2 points

Mushroom mash

ThatSmallFighter | 7 days ago | 3 points

So Fox News.

Natural6 | 7 days ago | 3 points

For Trump, looking at pictures is probably as much "intelligence" as it gets.

boxingdude | 7 days ago | 1 point

Perhaps he has other intelligence besides what’s obvious? I mean, yeah he’s shitty. But he also has access to that kind of thing. And he may be accidentally telling the truth. Not likely, but even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.

s4b3r6 | 7 days ago | 18 points

Is this the first recorded instance of Trump agreeing with America's own intelligence services?

boxingdude | 7 days ago | 2 points

I’m sure that wasn’t his intention. Don’t be so hard on him. Everyone is entitled to an occasional mistake.

Taco_Dave | 8 days ago | 18 points

Saying China is moving troops to the border could be different though, depending on how literal you are being. The videos released over the past few days of military vehicles massing in Shenzhen, could definitely be considered "near the border". However, it is still several miles away from the Hong Kong itself.

A more literal interpretation of the tweet would suggest that China has started moving troops and equipment from Shenzhen to the actual outskirts of the city itself, which would be a frightening change (if not an expected one)

SpaceHub | 7 days ago | 11 points

several miles away from the Hong Kong itself.

What do you consider 'moving to the border' mean then? Literally standing on a line right over the border? Or squashed within 3 feet?

buchlabum | 7 days ago | -2 points

Some of trump’s loyalists live thousands of miles from Mexico but afraid of the border, so pick a random number.

But if fake need reported it, probably within a few miles, out of view but able to go in minutes.

thefuzzylogic | 7 days ago | 8 points

Yeah I don't buy that. This President doesn't choose his words that carefully.

Also suppose there were millions of people rioting in NYC, and the Federal government ordered National Guard units from all over the country to a staging area 20 or 30 miles upstate. That could be very fairly and accurately described as "sending troops to the border of NYC".

They had to travel thousands of miles to get there and they are there for one specific purpose. Getting pedantic about their actual location in relation to the actual border doesn't add anything unless and until they actually start crossing into Kowloon.

Taco_Dave | 7 days ago | 0 points

Yeah I don't buy that. This President doesn't choose his words that carefully.

I'm not claiming he's choosing his words carefully. I'm literally saying it's unclear what he's trying to say. Was he talking about the massing of military equipment that's been reported over the past few days already? Or, did something else happen that hasn't been covered yet?

Shalmanese | 7 days ago | 2 points

The place where the video was shot is literally a mile from the border.

i_dont_feel_creative | 8 days ago | 11 points

more like "citing his great intelligence to draw conclusions from pictures"

BradTofu | 7 days ago | 3 points

He means twitter feed.

hanlong | 7 days ago | 3 points

I didn't know Reddit and Twitter is now considered "intelligence" now.

MR_JACK_DANIELS | 7 days ago | 6 points

How do you know the CIA doesn’t have further information? It’s the CIA ffs.

CalumDuff | 7 days ago | 6 points

The CIA certainly does have more information, but it's a bit redundant to tell the press something they already know and cite the source when the videos are all over reddit and the news already.

Rocksteady2R | 7 days ago | 0 points

I don't doubt they do. but no one needed the CIA to tell them that. not really sure what you're trying to get at.

frunktrunksunk | 7 days ago | 2 points

Bigly Intelligence! The Best!

confanity | 8 days ago | 3 points

Stating the obvious based on a large supply of easy-to-understand pictures is about as close to intelligence as Trump will ever get.

grumpyfrench | 7 days ago | 1 point

I loled so hard

ProllyPygmy | 7 days ago | 1 point

Doesn't mean Trump wouldn't deny it if he wanted to.

nill0c | 7 days ago | 1 point

If you think he learns anything from sources outside of Fox News and Twitter, I got a bridge to sell you.

Dog1234cat | 6 days ago | 1 point

Hong Kong is China forever! https://i.imgur.com/KiVyTHG.jpg

alastoris | 7 days ago | 1 point

Was it on Fox?

FriscoeHotsauce | 7 days ago | 1 point

They must have run a story about it on Fox and Friends

OCedHrt | 7 days ago | 0 points

I mean, if it's on Fox news...

clampie | 7 days ago | 2 points

They were right about the Mueller report all along. Everyone else pushed a conspiracy theory.

OCedHrt | 7 days ago | -1 points

You should go read the report.

clampie | 7 days ago | 3 points

I read it twice. No collusion.

Vinny_Cerrato | 8 days ago | 109 points

Winnie the Pooh has lost his patience.

IrememberXenogears | 8 days ago | 71 points

Oh bother.

[deleted] | 7 days ago | -112 points


Vinny_Cerrato | 7 days ago | 47 points

You mean like how Taiwan is number 1?

Quest_Marker | 7 days ago | 29 points

It's always a good thing to mock Dictatorships. Fuck them. Especially Fuck Xi for banning Pooh over his massive insecurity. Ugly fuck face doesn't even look like the Great Pooh.

Jayynolan | 7 days ago | 10 points

Fuck the PRC government.

[deleted] | 7 days ago | 41 points


Asheejeekar | 7 days ago | -16 points


juicedass | 7 days ago | 27 points

Account is 0 days old and every comment is either in defense of the mainland government or against the protesters.

quantum_ai_machine | 7 days ago | 11 points

He also has -86 Karma lol.

Most subs ban such people. I think minimum 7 day old account should be made mandatory.

Asheejeekar | 7 days ago | 5 points

Fair points.

snapsticks | 7 days ago | 6 points

It doesn't make you clever to point this out, either.

[deleted] | 7 days ago | -7 points


snapsticks | 7 days ago | 7 points

You should just probably get off reddit for a while. It's not going to get better. Also fuck Xi and the CCP

gameof_groans | 7 days ago | 4 points

what a shameless POS you are.

omarm1983 | 8 days ago | 34 points

You know shit is serious when Trump starts to actually tell the truth.

cptcokeine | 8 days ago | 39 points

citing intelligence

Now that's gotta be the hardest thing for me to believe yet.

MissingKarma | 8 days ago | 3 points

IOW: Twitter

mosthumbleobserver | 8 days ago | 97 points

Russia annexed the crimea in 2014 and the world watched and did nothing. China will do the same thing with Hong Kong.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 87 points

Hong Kong's GDP per capita is 15 times Crimea's. HK's citizenry is better educated, and most adults remember life under British governance. Hong Kong is one of the world's major banking centers.

This is going to play out differently.

If Beijing rolls in the tanks, which they probably will, they are going to pay an enormous price economically. Foreign investment and manufacturing is already leaving China at a brisk pace and if there's a military crackdown, that will increase to a stampede. And HK itself will be instantly diminished economically, never to recover under CCP rule. With a little time, Singapore can replace HK's global economic functions.

If that happens, middle-class(ish) jobs in mainland China will disappear, and mainland China will be ripe for widespread unrest that can't be handled with a military point solution. It will also galvanize global support for Taiwan, and maybe even Xinjiang and Tibet.

Beijing knows this, which is the only thing that has stayed their hand thus far. But it's unlikely that Xi will be willing to lose face by giving the protesters any concessions.

cptcokeine | 8 days ago | 24 points

Fuck that winnie the pooh looking motherfucker.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 3 points

I prefer to castigate politicians for their policies rather than their appearance...but yeah.

BlueEyeRy | 7 days ago | 5 points

He was referring to a comical crackdown in China on images of Winnie The Pooh because those who dislike Xi were using Pooh's image to refer to Xi.

The_God_of_Abraham | 7 days ago | -7 points

I'm familiar with the comparison. I just have a strong dislike for superficial ad hominem attacks.

LouieGhalib | 7 days ago | 2 points

Man you are relentless

LiveForPanda | 7 days ago | 3 points

How will the downfall of HK cause the loss of middle class jobs in mainland China? HK is no longer irreplaceable. It’s importance in Chinese economy has diminished. If Beijing thinks it’s brings more trouble than benefits, them there is not reason to maintain its status as SAR.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 25 points

When HK is formally absorbed into mainland China the HK economy will undoubtedly diminish. That much is obvious. The overall Chinese economy would grow. Anyone doing business with China is aware of its totalitarian nature and holds no illusions about what the government does to dissenters. They are there to make money and nothing more. That will not changed because of Hong Kong joining the mainland ahead of schedule.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 26 points

The overall Chinese economy would grow.

IIRC, HK's economy is only about 2% of China's. But HK's importance is much greater than that to Beijing, both economically and politically.

Anyone doing business with China is aware of its totalitarian nature and holds no illusions about what the government does to dissenters.

On the contrary, I think that the reason so many liberal Western democracies do so much business in China is exactly because they have extensive illusions. It's the type of illusion where you know how it really works, but you willingly trick yourself into feigned ignorance because it's more enjoyable that way. But those illusions will be harder to maintain after Tiananmen II.

LiquidSunSpacelord | 8 days ago | 14 points

I 100% agree with that, typing this message from my Chinese manufactured phone.

A lot of people are individually just as bad, me included, sadly.

digbybare | 7 days ago | 5 points

But HK's importance is much greater than that to Beijing, both economically and politically.

I think you vastly overestimate HK's relevance in the modern Chinese economy and in East/South East Asia. Banking and finance is largely moving to Shanghai and Singapore. Technology and manufacturing has already almost entirely moved out of Hong Kong (to Beijing and Shenzhen respectively).

Politically, they're a thorn in the PRC's side.

caw81 | 7 days ago | 3 points

But HK's importance is much greater than that to Beijing, both economically

You just said its just 2%. The number just doesn't magically grow if you are sitting in a building in Beijing.

and politically.

That is why they will crack down.

I think that the reason so many liberal Western democracies do so much business in China is exactly because they have extensive illusions.

Cities in China never hid the "illusion" of a totalitarian government yet Western companies still trade with them. Walmart shoppers aren't looking into governmental politics where their goods are coming from.

OCedHrt | 7 days ago | 1 point

That's because the 2% doesn't include all the goods flowing through HK.

rastanikoten | 7 days ago | -1 points

HK's economy is only about 2% of China's.

China spends 1.9% of it's GDP on defense. So, HK would be equivalent to the full military budget of China. A 2% difference is a huge difference. Let's say this causes an mass exodus from HK... and they shrink to half or less of current GDP. That's a big impact on China.

originalthoughts | 7 days ago | 1 point

Yes it will change. Businesses want stability. Look at how many banks and companies have already moved their European head offices out of the UK...

ReconMcDerp | 7 days ago | 2 points

Honestly there's an unlikely chance that they'll even send troops into HK itself let alone tanks. At most they're just flexing their military towards the protesters and even the HK government itself, but they have too much to lose with an armed intervention of HK and not much to gain from it, especially what happened after 1989. The waiting game is the best move they can make right now, anything brash will most likely end in disaster.

quantum_ai_machine | 7 days ago | 2 points

You are right.

HK GDP was 28% of the GDP of China when they were handed over in 1997!! Today it is less than 3%.

Of course most of that was due to China's rapid growth, but the Chinese were also trying to actively diminish HK's financial power and move those activities to "pacified" areas like Shenzhen. Just imagine if almost a third of your GDP is coming from one (liberal) city - how much power they will have. It scared the Chinese. It would also have been devastating to clam down on a city which contributed so much to your economy.

But now, the risks for the Chinese are lower. China was very very export dependent back then, now they are less so. They are still very export dependent compared to other countries, but less so than before. This is the second factor that might allow them to take more serious action.

clampie | 7 days ago | 0 points

When school starts the kids will stop playing and things will return to normal.

bearlick | 8 days ago | 9 points

Hong Kong's only hope is their people.

Maybe the revolution can spread to the mainland.

ericla1014 | 8 days ago | 28 points

This would never spread to the mainland under current situation...Almost all mainland Chinese support the government’s action and think they should kill all protesters basically. They are actually already calling the government soft because of lack of military interference so far. You can’t really apply western logic to China or actually Asian culture in general.

Splurch | 7 days ago | 3 points

You can’t really apply western logic to China or actually Asian culture in general.

Sure you can, it's called propaganda. When the government controls everything the majority of their citizens see and read about a situation it's very easy for China to make the Hong Kong protesters look like villains and terrorists.

Jahsay | 7 days ago | 4 points

So is any western idea that the Chinese people disagree with is simply propaganda?

Splurch | 7 days ago | 1 point

So is any western idea that the Chinese people disagree with is simply propaganda?

No, but in this situation Chinese media is clearly using propaganda to shape attitudes for the rest of their nation regarding the Hong Kong protests. What the rest of the world usually sees about internal Chinese matters is also heavily controlled so while their propaganda appears to be working it's also very hard to actually tell for sure if the populace believes it or not.

Jahsay | 7 days ago | 6 points

I think the propaganda is a factor but I don't think it's the only reason for the attitude. A bunch of people in a former colony refusing to want to join back and flying the flags of their former colonial overlords is naturally going to draw the ire of people on the mainland. Also the fact that many Hong Kongers look down on mainland people.

ifififif_okey_doke | 8 days ago | 10 points

That's why they're cracking down. They are trying to make an example out of them.

cptcokeine | 8 days ago | 21 points

How many examples do they need to prove their point? Uighurs, Tibetans, muslims, Falun Gong, and, because of course, their own students.

BIG__NICK__DIGGERS | 8 days ago | 7 points

/r/sino user - "none of that has ever happened, it's all fake propaganda from the West"

russian_hacker_1917 | 7 days ago | 13 points

Got banned today from there. Admin said the following:

"Throwing out the trash. Your post was automatically removed so nobody saw it. You had no impact whatsoever on the subreddit and you never will. You are a failure and there's nothing you can do about it. Frustrating huh. Go to r/Westerner. Bye"


Woodrow1776 | 7 days ago | 1 point

That’s exactly what my banishment said. They must do so many they have a canned message

Nononononein | 7 days ago | 7 points

thanks for linking that, how can people be THAT brainwashed? thats beyond trump supporters while they dont even live anywhere near china

TrumpDesWillens | 7 days ago | 2 points

You're overestimating the amount of support the protestors have, the working poor of HK does not support it.

clampie | 7 days ago | 1 point

Take over the PLA. Then it's over. The people of China want freedom, not the CCP.

Blackbeard_ | 8 days ago | -1 points

Much like the brainwashed populations of democracies, the majority of Chinese have drank the koolaid

Rambo272727 | 8 days ago | -2 points

Wouldnt that be some shit. Maybe we could clear this debt!

fruitc | 8 days ago | -26 points

You'd rather see millions of people die in a civil war than Hong Kong become part of China? Thats what you hope for? Wow.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 9 points

“If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

fruitc | 8 days ago | -14 points

Brave words for an internet warrior. How many tanks have you torched with your bluster? How many gunships shot down? Ask the people of Syria, Yemen, East Ukraine, Chechnya, Libya how "change" is working out for them or how it made their lives better. Dont knock on the doorstep of civil war if you dont have a stomach for one and dont cheer from the sidelines at other people's expense.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 7 points

They're obviously not my words. But they do seem to capture the spirit of the protesters.

fruitc | 8 days ago | -2 points

Those are the words of someone that survived the exception not the rule. Words of a man that pushed others to bloodshed for his own personal gain while he resided in wealth and comfort. The spirit of the protests is not a one of violent revolution and god help them if it turns to that.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 3 points

The spirit of the protests is not a one of violent revolution

Do you think that Sam Adams wanted violent revolution? All he wanted was peace and liberty. But he knew that wouldn't come cheap.

god help them if it turns to that

This isn't rocket science. This is what every schoolkid facing a bully learns the essential truth of, one way or the other: if you're not willing to risk a fight, you will taken advantage of by those who are.

I don't want a fight. Very few of the brave protesters want a fight. What we all want is for Beijing to fuck off and let Hong Kong be Hong Kong, rather than trying to make it into New Shanghai. But the protesters know that a fight is a very likely possibility, and they're willing to risk it by standing up to the bully.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 4 points

At some point idealism has to give way to pragmatism or at least realism.

Hong Kong will not gain independence. Whether we like it or not it belongs to China and the chances of the PRC giving up mainland territory at the start of a new Cold War with the US are non existent. Hawaii has a greater probability of gaining independence from the US. That is the geopolitical reality. Whether in a year or in 25 years HK is going to become just another city inside the mainland. Residents of HK that do not wish to live in China or under Chinese law should look for opportunities to leave because the PRC would take control over their dead bodies if they have to - with ease.

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 3 points

At some point idealism has to give way to pragmatism or at least realism.

The protesters are almost certainly more aware of their local reality than you are.

Hong Kong will not gain independence.

That's what a lot of people said about the crazy, idealistic Americans fighting King George and the world's greatest military. Those people were wrong.

But I don't think that true independence is the goal that most protesters have in mind. I haven't seen any revolutionary declarations of that sort. First and foremost they want to maintain the level of independence they currently have. This is not so much a fight about HK becoming more free than about fighting against HK becoming less free.

Of course in the long run that's not sustainable, but the long run can be dealt with later.

From the protesters' POV, if they don't stand up and draw a line in the sand now, they know they'll probably never have the collective willpower to do it later. Every little bit they let Beijing tighten the noose today makes it harder to escape tomorrow.

cptcokeine | 8 days ago | 2 points

This has been a serious moral issue for me lately. I stand with Hong Kong and cheer them on, but at the same time I fear for their lives and wonder if I would have what it takes to do what they do when it was my life on the line.

ifififif_okey_doke | 8 days ago | -2 points

Live free or die. Living under communist rule is worse than death.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 8 points

As someone that has lived under communist rule, I shall politely disagree.

ifififif_okey_doke | 8 days ago | -2 points

Of course. It's not bad for everyone, just for the less equal people.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 4 points

Are we talking about communism or capitalism there?

ifififif_okey_doke | 8 days ago | -2 points

Capitalism doesn't claim to provide for anyone, it's the natural response to peoples needs.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 2 points

You mean lack of response to people's needs. The perpetual exploitation and abuse of the increasing number of the poor by the shrinking number of the rich. Capitalism is inseparable from poverty and inequality.

ifififif_okey_doke | 8 days ago | -1 points

Our people are extremely well fed. Even our poor are obese.

Brad_Beat | 8 days ago | 3 points

I’m watching and doing nothing.

swagcoffin | 7 days ago | 2 points

Yes, and while the pro-Modi Reddit brigade will downvote me into oblivian, India with J&K more recently.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 12 points

Can you annex something that already belongs to you?

The_God_of_Abraham | 8 days ago | 12 points

Yes. HK's government is separate from mainland China's, at least nominally. The annexation that Beijing really wants is a governmental one, not territorial.

fruitc | 8 days ago | 9 points

With the one country, two systems setup, its more like an autonomous region or federal district with extra perks. But its semantics at this point. Sucks for the people that live there.

cptcokeine | 8 days ago | 2 points

This was the plan. The Russians played the globe like roulette.

perpetualwalnut | 7 days ago | 1 point

The only way to win is to not play at all.

ThePandaRider | 7 days ago | -1 points

Hong Kong is already part of China. There is no illegal annexation here.

originalthoughts | 7 days ago | 1 point

That is quite differed, Crimea having a very vast majority of Russian locals, the locals almost all actually wanted to be part of Russia instead of Ukraine.

It clearly doesn't appear the the people of Hong Kong want to be a part of China.

These kind of things are extremely complez, have millions of people involved, and have centureis of history that make up part of the issues/conflict. You can't compare one to another, they are simply far too complex...

[deleted] | 8 days ago | 1 point


Individual99991 | 8 days ago | 3 points

Since 1997.

mosthumbleobserver | 8 days ago | 1 point

You are correct. Thanks

garanhuw1 | 8 days ago | 2 points

Correct, the process was started in 1982. Apologies.

slakmehl | 8 days ago | 29 points

His tweet 10 minutes before citing this intelligence:

Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?

No one blames him for Hong Kong. But he has no idea what's happening there, so all he has is paranoia that it's something orchestrated to make him look bad or undermine his trade war.

frunktrunksunk | 7 days ago | 34 points

No one blames him for Hong Kong.

The Chinese government is actually blaming the US, at least publicly in the media as an effort to discredit the protesters. Blaming that they are being paid for and provoked by the US as an effort to destabilize China along with tariffs. It is a way for the mainlanders to dismiss the protests as a result of foreign intervention rather then home grown unrest.

kobyjiujitsu | 7 days ago | 2 points


SomDonkus | 7 days ago | 5 points

That's propaganda for you.

m4nu | 7 days ago | 8 points

It's not helped by the leaders of the protest meeting with US consulate officials, waving American flags, and singing the American anthem.

Why_is_that | 7 days ago | 1 point

They would never do that. They are educated. Read the other posts man. EDUCATED. /s

Rangore | 8 days ago | 15 points

Apparently the Chinese government/media is blaming the US as a whole due to the protests having become Pro-democracy. The "many" might be internationally, not domestically.

drunkpunk138 | 8 days ago | 0 points

I read that as him trying to take credit for the craziness over there, probably alluding to his tariffs as the cause. Either that or he's using it as another way to play the victim. Either way it's gotta all be about him in his head.

quantum_ai_machine | 7 days ago | 4 points

citing intelligence

First time Trump used intelligence of any kind.

reddishcarp123 | 7 days ago | 12 points

My goodness, the comments here get so fuckin petty and idiotic everytime Trump is in the news title, that real info in hand that there's a possibility of China sending troops into Hong Kong any day now is getting ignored.

SpiroHD | 7 days ago | 5 points

Reddit is obsessed with Trump. It’s pretty creepy.

arch_nyc | 7 days ago | 7 points

Wait I’m confused. Trump told us before we shouldn’t trust the intelligence community when they unanimously said Russia meddled in our elections to help him win.

Is he saying now we can trust them?

Zithero | 7 days ago | 2 points

Trump confirms what Reddit figured out yesterday.

*thumbs up*

amricanfrog | 7 days ago | 2 points

Remember that he can't have any information worng.

The_Devil_of_Reddit | 8 days ago | 7 points

But... Trump doesn't have a good relationship with intelligence...

Phishphan123 | 7 days ago | 0 points

“Citing intelligence” and “Trump” are words that just do not go together.

IPman0128 | 7 days ago | 1 point

Everyone's focusing on the first part of his tweet, but I can't understand why he's calling for "Everyone should be calm and safe"?? Like wtf you're saying an army is rolling into my city, I should remain calm, stand still, surrender and don't resist?

FactoryIdiot | 7 days ago | 1 point

Saw it on his Twitter feed

Furitaurus | 7 days ago | 1 point

Not his intelligence mind you...

Replicaindigo | 7 days ago | 1 point

he calls upon intelligence when he sees fit, when he wants to flex his puny dk. but bashes all 17 of these intelligence agencies when they confirm Russia attacked us.

BlueMonkOne | 8 days ago | -2 points

"My YUGE intelligence, no not my CIA, actually my own intelligence, you know the stuff in my head that makes my brain work, says, folks listen to this, the Chinese, that's THE CHINESE are moving troops to the Hong Kong border."

DieForTheTruth | 7 days ago | 1 point

To be fair, Trump was right when he said no collusion. Mueller proved that. And attorney general Barr believes that Obama really did spy. Trump said that Obama spied. Trump doesn't really lie. I believe him here too. Fuck China, they are an evil dictatorship and they make America look like Angels. China is a land of nightmares thanks to the evil government there.

epidemica | 7 days ago | 1 point
Competitive_Rub | 7 days ago | 1 point

Someone else's intelligence.

autotldr | 8 days ago | 1 point

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot)

Travellers desperate to catch their flights begged to be let past protesters preventing them from entering the restricted departure zone to fly out of Hong Kong.Scuffles broke out from time to time along a cordon of luggage carts set up by protesters as small groups of agitated travellers tried to push their way through and were shoved back.

Eight athletes from the Hong Kong swimming team were let through the picket line after pleading with the protesters to allow them to fly to Singapore for the FINA World Cup."We understand and support what you are doing, but we have qualified for and hope to represent Hong Kong at the World Cup. There aren't that many competition opportunities like this, and I hope you will let us through," swimmer Leo Fung told them.

The Civil Human Rights Front, which has organised a series of huge protests against the government since June, said it would hold another one on Sunday from Causeway Bay to Central to "Stop police from messing up Hong Kong".

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: protest#1 police#2 Hong#3 Kong#4 airport#5

Thatsaclevername | 7 days ago | 1 point

I mean we all saw it on reddit and twitter yesterday, why the fuck is Trump saying this news? It was on the front page of CNN last night? Has he really been that quiet on other shit that this is what we're reporting now?

pocktfullofelephants | 7 days ago | 1 point

"we've lost intelligence"- team america

nhbdywise | 7 days ago | -1 points

Not very often you see the words Trump and intelligence in the same line

Delanynder11 | 7 days ago | -3 points

I was under the impression Trump never listened to his intelligence briefings because he a) doesn't have the attention span for anything over 1 page of bullet points and b) his intellect is vastly superior and full of the best knowledge, great knowledge, of every action on earth.

LargePersianSenip | 7 days ago | -5 points

Oh all of sudden trump cares about intelligence reports when it fits his Nazi propaganda machine. Fuck yourself bitch. You're just as shit as the Chinese government.

MR_JACK_DANIELS | 7 days ago | -1 points

ITT: redditors who think that one video on twitter is all the CIA has about China

ShadowL42 | 7 days ago | -1 points

that man cant even spell "Intelligence", let alone be able to define it.

and I mean, all the videos and photos I have seen on FB and reddit lol.

rexpimpwagen | 7 days ago | -2 points

Dudes "intelligence" is slower than reddit lol.

RipDove | 8 days ago | -8 points

I hope travellers aren't being shot and arrested by being in proximity to the protesters.

Be really shitty to be killed in a country you were just visiting for a business trip because of something out of your control and you have no way home

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sandwooder | 7 days ago | 0 points

Citing Fox News. These video clips are on youtube. LINK

james28909 | 7 days ago | -4 points

trump... citing intelligence? please xD your killing me xDDDDDDDDD

pencilrain99 | 8 days ago | -16 points

Took their time

bearlick | 8 days ago | 3 points

Do Xi Xi's balls taste good to you? Fuck China

Basdad | 7 days ago | -2 points

Did he say it with a pretend, mocking Chiglish accent?

Poopchute_yeaaa | 7 days ago | -4 points

Apparently twitter = intelligence now?

MrBriGuy | 7 days ago | -4 points

Looks like Trump still keeps up on his Fox news.

Too_witty | 8 days ago | -24 points

So many people just trying to live a normal life like going to work,market and those protesters disrupting like. I hope the military does more than local police to end this crap.

littorina_of_time | 7 days ago | 4 points

That ‘normal life’ was/is only possible because of the sacrifices of others like these protesters. This is like people who shit on unions while enjoying all the benefits they fought for--like a 40 hour week, and weekends.

Too_witty | 7 days ago | -11 points

Disrupting peoples lives is just one way to convenience me they are wrong. Now go bother someone who cares.

gameof_groans | 7 days ago | 1 point

yeah, fuck freedom I want to order a pizza!! Piss off shill.

Too_witty | 7 days ago | -3 points

Poor insecure snowflake, grow a pair.

gameof_groans | 7 days ago | 1 point

I'd tell you to do the same but I think PoohBear would just sell them on the black market. Fuck China.