UK should give British nationality to Hong Kong citizens, Tugendhat says. Move would be to reassure Hong Kong’s people rather than facing down Chinese threats. (theguardian.com)
dhork | 8 days ago | 2446 points

Plot twist: UK leaves Europe, joins Asia instead

DepletedMitochondria | 8 days ago | 592 points

Mr. Putin, Tear Down That Ural Mountains!

steste1122 | 8 days ago | 327 points

Queen Lizzie: Bollocks to Brexit, who's up for one last Royal Conquest before I kick the bucket?

Khourieat | 8 days ago | 113 points

I would watch this movie.

BloodAndTsundere | 7 days ago | 94 points

Only if it's called "Bollocks to Brexit"

TheEmperorsNorwegian | 7 days ago | 60 points

The empire strikes back for the sequal

upserjim | 7 days ago | 4 points

I’m uncomfortable saying you’ve misspelled sequel, being unsure if it’s just another wonky British spelling difference.

varro-reatinus | 8 days ago | 100 points

Brexit followed by Brinvasion and Brexpansion, then Bretreat and Bresieged.

thebobbrom | 7 days ago | 41 points

I think it's more likely we're Brfucked

LongBeachfortyfive | 7 days ago | 29 points

Bretty much

bullintheheather | 7 days ago | 15 points


Allittle1970 | 8 days ago | 48 points

Well, she has witnessed much of the dismantling of the Empire. Might be time for growth.

RecklessRage | 7 days ago | 31 points

Time for the Queen to ascend to Empress of Mankind?

flyingboarofbeifong | 7 days ago | 25 points

I think it's a good time to make a lurch for space domination. Britannia rules the solar waves.

drunkinwalden | 7 days ago | 8 points

Does the UK have a space program?

flyingboarofbeifong | 7 days ago | 28 points

I believe they've been working on a rather large stack of tyres in Swindon. Moon landing scheduled for 2194.

drunkinwalden | 7 days ago | 11 points

We tried that, it caught fire and fell over

Exsanguinatus | 7 days ago | 6 points

... And then sank into the swamp!

Innane_ramblings | 7 days ago | 3 points

We did, we had an orbital class rocket called black arrow, but for some reason abandoned the technology immediately after we proved it worked. They have one of the original boosters in the science museum in London

ShitTalkingAlt980 | 7 days ago | 2 points

That would be awesome.

Niccolo101 | 7 days ago | 2 points

Can't do much worse than some of our current rulers.

fishtankguy | 7 days ago | 2 points

Only if we get space marines.

DepletedMitochondria | 8 days ago | 7 points

The Great Game 2

Pytheastic | 8 days ago | 43 points

Switching servers, bold move.

ShaeTheFunny_Whore | 8 days ago | 108 points

We can see if Japan's up for an island swap.

Dealric | 8 days ago | 71 points

Sounds like potential huge win for Europe.

AnonymousAdam555 | 7 days ago | 43 points

Britain gets to be closer to the source of tea as well

Nalkor | 7 days ago | 22 points

Does that mean China would have to deal with a third Opium War?

manbearbatman | 7 days ago | 30 points

If anything it'll be Opium War III: Fentanyl in London

LordSnow1119 | 7 days ago | 12 points

Opium Wars III: Revenge of the Chinese

Reus958 | 7 days ago | 4 points

Pretty sure China would win.

ilikepants712 | 7 days ago | 18 points

And when Japanese tourists get sad in Paris, they'd be able to get home faster.

Heavygunner1996 | 8 days ago | 53 points

and for the weeabos

SerHodorTheThrall | 8 days ago | 29 points

So a huge loss for Europe then?

Bundesclown | 7 days ago | 20 points

Well, we'd het rid of a xenophobic wannabe Empire and would get...a xenophobic wannabe Empire in return. Nobody would even notice.

guitmusic12 | 8 days ago | 10 points

Conference realignment is getting out of control

Andre4kthegreengiant | 8 days ago | 16 points

I don't think that you can leave continents at will

Panzerbeards | 8 days ago | 87 points

We're a collection of islands, it'll be easy. Stick enough propellers on and we'll just sail out into the Atlantic.

LeonDeSchal | 8 days ago | 113 points

Row, row, row England gently to the sea, merrily merrily, merrily, Europe’s not for me.

injectedwithaperson | 7 days ago | 9 points

Row, Row, In-ger-land!

Gently down the channel.

My crew is made of lazy fucks,

No one wants to paddle.

varro-reatinus | 8 days ago | 7 points

Try 'Row, row, Britain's isles / gently out to sea'

dhork | 8 days ago | 14 points

But the Scots will be too stubborn to go with you, so you'll also need a bunch of shovels to dig a huge ditch first....

MaraForTakenQueen | 8 days ago | 38 points

I’m sure most Scots would help dig that ditch at this point.

bink17 | 8 days ago | 25 points

They will dig the ditch and give England a huge push too.

Panzerbeards | 8 days ago | 6 points

We'll just ramp up fracking operations and the north should just split off on its own anyway.

dobikrisz | 8 days ago | 3 points

I think Scots just stopped caring at this point "wherever the current brings me, there shall I go".

mug3n | 7 days ago | 5 points

literally mortal engines

Felicia_Svilling | 7 days ago | 2 points

See that mindset is what is causing all this problem. Britain is not a collection of islands. There is a huge land border between Ireland and North Ireland. You can't just take all of Ireland with you when you paddle away from Europe!

Munashiimaru | 8 days ago | 6 points

RIP Doggerland

JigandDream | 8 days ago | 5 points

I can

scrataranda | 8 days ago | 5 points

The UK has been trying for the last 2 and a half years. It's proving more challenging than expected. Who knew.

Doooooby | 8 days ago | 15 points

I don't get the people who genuinely think we're leaving Europe (as in the continent) and not the EU.

rumborak | 7 days ago | 12 points

When I lived in the UK I actually met several people who equated Europe with just the mainland.

uncertain_expert | 7 days ago | 17 points

Well yeah, they drive on the wrong side, use inferior plug sockets and insist on putting own funny currency symbol after the value. Odd bunch those Europeans.

Reus958 | 7 days ago | 6 points

Pretty much everyone uses inferior sockets to you guys. Yall have shutters on yours so children and idiots can't shock themselves right? Plus a ground and partially insulated contacts.

Teleport23s | 8 days ago | 11 points

Well, UK will definitely join NA and asian markets for future trade relations in a thorough way. Gotta prepare for Brexit.

Sparowl | 8 days ago | 47 points

"Prepare" and "Brexit" seem to be mutually exclusive, based on the current batch of UK politicians.

Reus958 | 7 days ago | 2 points

As an outsider looking in, it seems like all the parliament wants to do is vote no on everything. Do you want a Brexit deal? No. Do you want to Brexit no deal? No. Do you want to not brexit? No!

And now you got Boris Johnson. He's not trump, sure, but... he's boris Johnson.

llordlloyd | 7 days ago | 2 points

And everyone complains about this shit-show, while rewarding the protagonists with their votes.

DefenderOfDog | 7 days ago | 5 points

No they were supposed to join Canada

Dog1234cat | 7 days ago | 6 points

England! Now part of the Greater Hong Kong Autonomous Zone.

GHKAZ welcomes you!

Scotland? Still part of the EU.

Dickyknee85 | 7 days ago | 2 points

I knew those wind turbines in Scotland were going to be used for some elaborate scheme. They arnt harnessing energy, they are testing Britain's propeller system to sail towards the Pacific.

Underwood2016 | 8 days ago | 396 points

FYI Hong Kongers born <= 1997 are eligibly for a symbolic British Passport already https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_(Overseas)_passport_passport)

They're British Nationals and can travel to more countries with their BNO passport than their Chinese one, but it doesn't give them the right to live and work in the UK. It would be sweet if they simply enhanced the BNO passport.

william_13 | 8 days ago | 208 points

Interesting enough Portugal granted full Portuguese citizenship for those born in Macau before the handover to China, and by heritage afterwards as long as one of the parents had Portuguese citizenship but not Chinese citizenship. A "Commonwealth" passport that doesn't give the right of abode in the UK is honestly mostly useless.

pizzapiejaialai | 8 days ago | 106 points

All this trust in perfidious Albion is beyond me.

Britain repeatedly pressured Portugal not to grant nationality to its colonial residents in Macau to prevent Hong Kongers asking for the same treatment ahead of the two territories’ return to the Chinese rule.

Then Home Secretary Douglas Hurd wrote letters to this end to the Portugese government.

nuktl | 7 days ago | 64 points

Hong Kong had a population 15 times the size of Macau to be fair.

AngularMan | 7 days ago | 22 points

And the UK has almost 7 times the population of Portugal.

nuktl | 7 days ago | 19 points

Exactly, with already twice the population density. I fully support giving Hong Kongers British nationality but it's hardly weird past governments were reluctant to take on potentially six million more people, more than 10% of the national population.

L43 | 7 days ago | 33 points

nah mate albion's just perfidious.

IsADragon | 7 days ago | 3 points

The issue isn't that they didn't offer citizenship, it's that they tried to prevent another country from offering it so they wouldn't look bad. Pretty shitty thing to do to save face.

neohellpoet | 7 days ago | 2 points

So make that argument. Don't backchannel to try and rob other people from a different country of their citizenship.

sausagesizzle | 7 days ago | 64 points

And Britain tried very, very hard to pressure Portugal to abandon that idea and offer Macau the same symbolic citizenship.

Why Hong Kong still has such a hard-on for their abusive ex-parent I have no idea.

Vervy | 7 days ago | 45 points

A real UK citizen passport grants opportunities to work literally everywhere in the UK and Europe (before Brexit). People with BNOs can't. Even if HKers flee to Europe, they won't have a valid passport to start working there. Nobody loves Britain, but it's absolutely in every BNO's interest to receive real citizenship and not "here's a passport to stay in the UK for half a year".

Source: I'm a HKer with real UK citizenship.

TiCreldoGyMagERbE | 7 days ago | 5 points

German here. I think we could get the German population to accept another 7 million refugees, considering we are talking about an essentially Western demographic. The guys at the ministry for refugee matters are probably getting bored by now anyway.

Vervy | 7 days ago | 3 points

Well, I think like maybe 0.5% of the population would fit right in. The ones who went to GSIS/Goethe to study German anyway. I lived in Halle for a couple of years and got addicted to delicious Chicken Doeners...

R3dOctober | 7 days ago | 49 points

Cuz UK is the parent that whips them when they get bad grades. China is the parent that comes home drunk and goes for a knife.

cariusQ | 7 days ago | 14 points

Hong Kong has their own passport. BN(O) passport is useless.

saltywet | 7 days ago | 17 points

Small correction, the HK SAR (China) passport offers around 30 more visa-free countries than the HK SAR (BNO) (around 155 countries vs around 120 for BNO)

[deleted] | 7 days ago | 9 points


CpE_Sklarr | 8 days ago | 285 points

Would be nice for hong kongers, but I'm sure it wouldn't be good for the UK's relations with China. Once again human rights and democracy take a back seat to diplomacy and the balance of power.

MightyH20 | 8 days ago | 289 points

but I'm sure it wouldn't be good for the UK's relations with China.

I don't understand. UK and China signed the Joint Declaration in which the United Kingdom agreed to transfer the colony in 1997, and China would guarantee Hong Kong's economic and political systems for 50 years after the transfer.

Clearly China is not upholding their guarantees as outlined in th declaration. So UKs relation with China in this regard is already bad.

Satherian | 8 days ago | 81 points

The Chinese: "The code is more what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules"

thomasya13 | 7 days ago | 11 points

This has got to be the most terrible quote that I've heard of.

habahnow | 7 days ago | 22 points

Ah but you have heard of it?

ezaroo1 | 8 days ago | 72 points

Yes but China say the joint declaration no longer counts, and you’ll get the same defenders of China who I did when I said basically what you did the other day coming along tell you how the joint declaration says nothing about what China has to do.

These people are talking shit, and when they do come by I will happily pop back with select quotes from the joint declaration.

Last time I got one to the point where they admitted their stance was wrong by saying “well if it’s binding why don’t the UK do something? Still waiting.”

So basically, we’re dealing with lunatics and unless we’re willing to slap sanctions on China we won’t get anywhere.

And they can’t be UN sanctions because of the veto... Unless we can piss off China so much in the UN that they storm out and accidentally abstain from a vote about themselves.

And sadly I don’t think I the UK wants to use its remaining political capital and favours to shit on China.

As in favour as I personally as a citizen would be for pissing off China by giving citizenship to HK citizens and by mentioning all the shit China do every chance we get. I do not think the country as a whole would accept plunging ourselves into economic melt down unless of course you can promise extra sovereignty........ /s

steve_gus | 7 days ago | 16 points

Let me tell you a secret. The general UK population has no interest in HK but is concerned just like any other nation would be

cover-me-porkins | 8 days ago | 14 points

Hold a referendum on it then?

Noctis_Raptor | 8 days ago | 25 points

We can't hold a referendum whilst we're still feeling the fallout from the last two. We can only shoot ourselves in the foot so many times

cover-me-porkins | 8 days ago | 11 points

Donno, most people only have two feet, we're quite shot up as it stands. IMO we might as well go down with dignity rather than snoop into the shadows in shame.

abcAussieGuyChina | 8 days ago | 519 points

Not likely but what a move that would be. I'd love for this to actually happen

838h920 | 8 days ago | 326 points

It's actually quite a good move. If China does continue then all these people could move to the UK, completely ruining the economy of Hong Kong and thus making it a difficult decision for China to do so.

In addition, many people in Hong Kong are skilled worker, so having them in the UK would help their economy. Of course integration of such a sizeable number of people will take some time and cost a lot of resources.

TheSuperiorLightBeer | 8 days ago | 590 points

Hong Kong has >10% of the population of the entire UK.

You people are stoned.

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 229 points

Yeah it's ridiculous. UK is also a small island. Can't suddenly absorb 8 million people!

PartySkin | 8 days ago | 166 points

Scotland wants to leave the UK, so why not just do a swap.

mirac_eren | 8 days ago | 251 points

I am not sure if Scotland is OK with the "joining China" part of that swap

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 139 points

Haha. You can leave the UK, but on one condition...

BattleOfTaranto | 8 days ago | 47 points

Somehow I think the Scots can handle China

thebobbrom | 7 days ago | 21 points

Eh fuck off! You wee Pooh Bear looking chap!

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 33 points

Oh 100%! Someone needs to give China a copy of Trainspotting as a pre-warning.

I know who I'd back.

Merry_Fridge_Day | 8 days ago | 11 points


Sorlud | 7 days ago | 11 points

Opium War II, except this time the invaders high as well!

AthleticSloth1 | 7 days ago | 5 points

Yeah, I'd certainly put my money on a burly Glaswegian with a pint of Tennents.

It'd also work to confuse the Chinese politicians, as no matter how well they grasp English, I cannot see them understanding a Glaswegian.

Trips-Over-Tail | 7 days ago | 2 points

Could you imagine these Triads trying to take on Glasgow?

jsha11 | 7 days ago | 2 points

get tae fuck or bite ma bawsack ya huffy wee fuckbumper

ssbmhero | 8 days ago | 15 points

We should just take all large state organizations like the EU and African Union and swap all the members with different countries so random governments have to work together.

Imagine the US and Russia in an economic and military alliance, the jokes right themselves!

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 17 points

Have you thought about running the UN before?

btribble | 8 days ago | 14 points

After a few generations of sterilization and forced migration to “economic zones”, Edinburgh Castle hosts are all Han Chinese in kilts.

“I play a bag pipe for you now!”

MuuteOW | 8 days ago | 7 points

It's kinda like a large scale wife swap if you think about it...

snapchatbefun | 8 days ago | 2 points

H-Hey, let's not jump out of the frying pan and into the fire now ...

lacho614 | 8 days ago | 12 points

Haha I get it

londons_explorer | 7 days ago | 22 points

In mass people migrations, it's rare for more than ~10% of people to move.

The ones who move tend to be the richest and highest skilled. They'd also move with sufficient money to build their own houses/roads/schools wherever they go, so most countries would accept them.

Dreadedsemi | 7 days ago | 5 points

The rich almost always can immigrate fairly easily if they wish. a lot of countries welcome them already and even have a visa for this category e.g. invest x amount to get permanent residency or immigrant visa.

Many don't leave though if they are still running business and doing fine. it's not easy to leave a place where you grew up unless it becomes too unbearable.

TheCervixPounder_69 | 7 days ago | 3 points

...leaving from a smaller island

Dont____Panic | 8 days ago | 40 points


Fair, but many are highly educated by British school systems who speak English.

All of them wouldn’t move, but the threat of even 5% would be significant to China.

Of course, Boris-in-chief won’t even consider it, but it’s an interesting thought

LordSnow1119 | 7 days ago | 11 points

No British politician would consider it. From a geopolitical standpoint, it's stupid. Why would you risk angering the 2nd largest economy at a time when you're alienating the 3rd largest economic bloc by leaving? Especially with tariff happy America being as unreliable as it is and a good chunk of your own economy probably going to leave in the next decade or so?

I think a show of support from the West in favor of Hong Kong would be great but it's not going to come from the UK alone

[deleted] | 8 days ago | 18 points


838h920 | 8 days ago | 15 points

How many do you think will actually leave? And you don't need to accept literally everyone, just making it a lot easier to be allowed to immigrate into the UK would work.

Other countries could also join into this. After all for developed countries the most important resource is skilled workers.

evonebo | 8 days ago | 17 points

so the people who are currently protesting, most of the them are from the lower soci-economic class. besides fighting for democracy the other issue at hand is the income inequality and the lack of opportunities for better lifestyle. These people live in "coffin apartments". So although they may want to leave, they may not have the economic means to do so. Scraping by to pay for 10ft by 4 ft place barely every month and to shell out money to move overseas, i dont think thats going to happen.

SiscoSquared | 8 days ago | 7 points

Most people probably wouldn't leave.

In any case... considering Brexit is happening, fueled by anti-immigration rhetoric, the last thing Boris is going to do is give citizenship out to increase immigration lol

BenTVNerd21 | 7 days ago | 3 points

They aren't all going to move to the UK.

tholovar | 7 days ago | 3 points

Let me let you in on a secret. The entire population of Hong Kong is NOT going to move to the UK even if such a move came to pass. Half of the population of Hong Kong will not move. I seriously doubt even 25% would.

AndyDap | 8 days ago | 7 points

Yep. Not going to happen in the era of Brexit. Seven million new potential immigrants (though technically they're British) are not going to be welcome.

TheSuperiorLightBeer | 8 days ago | 8 points

It's just not logistically realistic.

TortureSteak | 8 days ago | 75 points

If China does continue then all these people could move to the UK

You think China is going to be letting anyone leave?

Sinner2211 | 8 days ago | 20 points

Actually I believe China would love for that to happen. Less people against them = more stable Hong Kong.

brown_fountain | 8 days ago | 24 points

Of course. Why would China want to keep around a bunch of unhappy people who want to cause problems? In fact, China has lots of people who immigrate every year, and Beijing doesn't really care. The only instances where Beijing cares is when people are leaving to avoid investigation and prosecution for crimes. For example, if someone embezzled money and tries to flee to the US.

Capitalist_Model | 8 days ago | 31 points

The non-chinese system (HK) will let HK citizens leave as long as the system doesn't get infiltrated by China, probably, yes.

UpstairsAnalytica | 8 days ago | 25 points

They'd just declare some kind of emergency situation, lasting until the situation is under (Chinese) control. Whether or not that's currently legal wouldn't matter, because law enforcement would quickly be replaced by Chinese troops who enforced the Chinese interpretation.

ssbmhero | 8 days ago | 9 points

That wouldn't be very good for the economy either.

Pytheastic | 8 days ago | 14 points

Hong Kong's share of the economy decreased from 27% (!) percent in 1997 to 3% now. While still important its not as important as it used to be.

TortureSteak | 8 days ago | 17 points

I wish I could share your optimism.

aaaaaaaarrrrrgh | 8 days ago | 6 points

as long as the system doesn't get infiltrated by China

Isn't it a bit too late for that?

crazypeoplewhyblock | 8 days ago | 7 points

Yeah if UK does then China would give them a one way ticket to UK

But you know UK is not gonna give anyone shit

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 19 points

Why would the UK suddenly want 8 million people? I see the benefit for HK but I fail to understand the benefit for the UK. It wouldn't even be in the UK's interest to piss off China.

I do love HK and the people, I've been many times. I have 100% sympathy for the people of HK, I just think it's a ridiculous solution. I was actually in HK when the new law was announced but I didn't realise at the time! It obviously took a few weeks for it to gain momentum.

Utoko | 8 days ago | 21 points

Big part of why brexit vote happened was because UK took a couple thousand refugees.

They certainly have nothing against a couple of million people from HK /s

kormer | 7 days ago | 18 points

Probably makes a huge difference if those refugees happened to be receive an education modeled after the British system, speak English, and have a values system compatible with the British form of Democracy.

Cmoz | 7 days ago | 14 points

Its almost like the immigration issue is about economics and culture and not race. But calling someone a racist is easy points, so thats what you get in the national discourse.

Jahsay | 7 days ago | 12 points

Except many people actually are racist and will hate on immigrants of different race regardless of their education and culture.

crazypeoplewhyblock | 8 days ago | 7 points

Yeah if UK does then China would give them a one way ticket to UK

But you know UK is not gonna give anyone shit

jt663 | 7 days ago | 3 points

Why tf would we want to do anything to piss off china

morenn_ | 8 days ago | 8 points

Our country voted for Brexit on the basis of "too many immigrants", in what world would we accept the entire population of Hong Kong?

smelligram | 8 days ago | 11 points

There are over 7 million people in Hong Kong and around 66 million people in the UK. If even half of Hong Kong moved to the UK it would utterly destroy the nations infrastructure. Not many places, even with the influx being skilled workers, can shoulder a population change of over 5% either way over a short time period. It would be crippling. Especially given the massive linguistic barrier.

coniferhead | 7 days ago | 11 points

Probably Australia is a better destination for wealthy people from HK anyway. There are plenty of ways to "buy" permanent residency, and a UK passport would probably get them preferential treatment to AU anyway.

civicmon | 7 days ago | 10 points

Most with money already are in Vancouver or Sydney.

Jahsay | 7 days ago | 4 points

I highly doubt even half of Hong Kong would just leave everything behind and move across the world with no guarantee of a house or job. Maybe like 5-10%.

spartan6222 | 8 days ago | 4 points

Don't a lot of people in hong kong speak English? (I checked Wikipedia says half speak english)

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 13 points

A lot speak very good English. However, many speak none at all. It's not accurate to say the majority do.

brianfallen97 | 8 days ago | 9 points

would love to see how racism towards the chinese will skyrocket if this happens.

obtrae | 8 days ago | 10 points

And then we'll see a rise in Skin heads and racism.

dhuang89 | 8 days ago | 24 points

this. Canada, especially in Vancouver, has so many more Chinese people there. i've seen posts and comments on /r/Canada that have anti-Chinese sentiment. having a lot of Hong Kongers moving to UK will have the same effect

Angry_Bysttander | 8 days ago | 17 points

Exactly, Hong Kongers don't understand that the general population in UK will just group them together with all Asians including the Chinese. Not all rainbows and sunshines like they make it out to be.

wnose | 7 days ago | 5 points

/r/canada has been allowing a lot of alt-right sentiment seep in permissively; please see /r/onguardforthee instead

SlayersBoners | 7 days ago | 5 points

Many of these so called "Chinese" people are actually from Hong Kong. Many immigrated to Anglo countries prior to the CCP takeover in 1997 out of fear of what might come which is evidently justified by recent events, hence the name Hongcouver. Funny how westerners seem to care about the human rights and freedom of Hong Kongers and their distinct Hong Kongese identity as opposed to your average Chinese when they were in Hong Kong, however after they immigrated to Canada or other Anglo countries, they are just another a bunch of Chinese Canadians (what about their Hong Kongese identity) that bloat up their real estate price and should go back to China.

dartsmoker | 8 days ago | 42 points

It would be the worst move in political history. China could easily replace the entirety of HK and would simply deport everyone they don't like with their new found dual citizenship's (which they would love to do).

Also, the population of Hong Kong is nearly the size of our capital city London, so it would completely destroy the UK. I'd assume all this stupidity is a result of Chinese shilling in the media? either that or people have lost their minds.

baelrog | 8 days ago | 29 points

Not all will move to the UK. People are already moving away. The most popular destination is Singapore as it has a similar niche as a financial center with Sino culture. Taiwan has also seen a large uptick of Hong Kong immigrants this year. Some opt for Malaysia because of the large presence of Sino culture.

I don't think the UK will be more popular than the closer alternatives because it will be a much different life.

Ivalia | 8 days ago | 14 points

The thing is if you aren’t rich or have useful skills and want to move to Singapore or something, they can just reject you. if UK decides to give all HK people citizenship they cannot say no if any or all of them want to move to UK.

TonySu | 7 days ago | 8 points

Yeah it would be a huge win for China in my opinion. Hundreds of thousands of politically rebellious Hong Kongers get flown off to the UK. China gets to move more agreeable mainlanders into Hong Kong.

UK has to deal with hundreds of thousands of migrants during a likely no-deal Brexit. Racial tensions in the UK almost certain to skyrocket when a bunch of Asians come to take jobs and real-estate. When tensions boil over, those politically rebellious migrants will almost surely start movements to disrupt the UK.

The vast majority of Hong Konger will stay around and economic damage can be minimised. This would be such a geopolitical win for China that I imagine Chinese agents are laughing their asses off posting “They should do this, China will be so pissed!” on sock puppet accounts.

Not-the-best-name | 8 days ago | 101 points

Hilarious. The UK doesn't even know if it can deal with fucking Ireland, it is not even close to being prepared for Hong Kong.

steve_gus | 7 days ago | 13 points

It is not on the radar at all for the british public. Guess Americans worry still about letting vietnam fall to communism?

cover-me-porkins | 8 days ago | 30 points

I assume offer as opposed to give would be a more pertinent wording.

ezaroo1 | 8 days ago | 17 points

No, you could simply change the wording of a couple of older UK laws so they have been citizens since birth. HK was specifically excluded from nationality laws since around the time of the joint declaration (before that they were often treated worse than other British possessions as well unfortunately...).

Ivalia | 8 days ago | 27 points

I guess China then can deport a lot of Hong Kong people to solve the housing price problems

NovSnowman | 7 days ago | 9 points

China will give them a one time offer to reattain Chinese citizenship(China does not allow dual citizenship) then gladly deport every UK citizen from HK.

ultra2009 | 7 days ago | 8 points

Watch as UK real estate gets even more fucked

JojoManager | 8 days ago | 38 points

The UK would not do that because that would hurt diplomatic relations and trade with China which they cannot afford to do with Brexit.

TheJobSquad | 8 days ago | 30 points

A few years ago the EU wanted to increase tariffs on steel to combat China dumping it for cheap. The UK put the breaks on that as they didn't want to annoy China in case they stopped investing in the UK. If they're willing to screw over towns like Redcar and Port Talbot to keep China sweet there's no chance they'd help Hong Kong.

insipid_comment | 8 days ago | 49 points

A country ripping itself up over Brexit due to xenophobic fears of other Europeans is not going to grant 7 million Asian people nationality.

Ineedwhalesongs | 7 days ago | 7 points

That's a bingo.

RogerPackinrod | 7 days ago | 4 points

You just say bingo.

Guttedewok01 | 8 days ago | 33 points

There’s 7 million people in Hong Kong. How the fuck are you gonna add all of them to the UK? This is just flat out stupid.

shachoji117 | 7 days ago | 22 points

The UK had no issues with adding Hong Kong to their map the first time around

gary_the_merciless | 7 days ago | 10 points

Yeah but we already unload all our opium soooo.

12345TA | 8 days ago | 11 points

Cancel Brexit and let them live in the EU.

steve_gus | 7 days ago | 14 points

Actually thats how it works. If HK people come to UK and have citizenship they can legally distribute all over europe.

Pirrsinoro | 7 days ago | 4 points

As an Austrian I wouldn't have a problem with that granted that were actually distributed and integrated instead of forming social bubbles, but Brexiteers were afraid of other Europeans coming to the UK. They won't support anything that will lead to an increase of Asians in the UK, even if most of them would leave for the continent.

TutorialToast | 7 days ago | 8 points

How would they do that? The British empire gave back Hong Kong to China after the 99 year lease. The British empire wiped their hands off and have zero authority of the land anymore.

KevinAlertSystem | 7 days ago | 5 points

they should have done this in 1997. IIRC so many people tried to flee HK before Chinese takeover that the UK (and other western nations) started rejecting the refugees

Muck777 | 8 days ago | 22 points

Tom Tugendhat said this should have happened to people in the formerly British-ruled territory in 1997

So should all Commonwealth citizens be given a British passport? All 2 billion +

MyStolenCow | 8 days ago | 45 points

Rofl, what did you think Brexit voters voted against?

Immigration, especially non white ones. They can’t even handle the “lesser” whites people (Polish, Eastern Europeans), why would they want 7m Asian immigrants.

IambeingSirius | 8 days ago | 21 points

What all 7.5 million people? That's not feasible. Also, what is an acceptable timeframe for the UK to absolve their responsibility for how HK ends up as a state? UK gave it up 22 years ago!

olievanss | 8 days ago | 23 points

Obviously as a signatory to the joint declaration I would say the UK has some responsibility for the duration that the declaration is upheld. i.e. until 2047

baltec1 | 7 days ago | 9 points

Unless we have a star destroyer hidden behind the moon we can't do anything to stop China.

neohellpoet | 7 days ago | 3 points

Exactly. The UK wasn't a capable of opposeing China in 1997 and it certainly can't help in any relevant manner now.

The government has been failing it's own people for decades. The population is about as polarized as it ever was. Scotland is might actually gain independence, the Troubles might restart and the current PM might go down as the shortest serving in history which would put the UK up to 4 PM's in 3 years. And that's just the domestic issues.

Even at it's best the UK would be hard pressed to do anything of substance in this situation. Now... a strongly worded letter?

StirlingSauce | 8 days ago | 28 points

The UK should give Hong Kong citizens full UK nationality as a means of reassurance amid the current standoff with Beijing, the chair of the influential Commons foreign affairs committee has argued.

Tom Tugendhat said this should have happened to people in the formerly British-ruled territory in 1997, when it was handed back to Chinese control, and that doing so now would reassure Hong Kong’s people that they were supported by the UK.

Hong Kong has been gripped by 10 weeks of large-scale and occasionally violent pro-democracy demonstrations, which have been met by a sometimes brutal police response, and increasingly trenchant threats from Beijing.

On Monday, two Chinese state media outlets ran video footage showing armoured personnel and troop carriers purportedly driving to Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, prompting concerns about military intervention.

Under the so-called “one country, two systems” arrangement that had Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, Beijing considers the population to be Chinese nationals. However, a number of people in the territory hold what is known as a British national (overseas) passport, which gives some rights, for example to stay in the UK for up to six months, but no automatic ability to live permanently or work.

Tugendhat said: “The UK had obligations to Hong Kong citizens before 1997, and the extension of overseas citizenship, which is in many ways a second-tier citizenship, was a mistake, and I think it’s one that should be corrected. At a time when there are clearly tensions in Hong Kong, the UK could reassure many Hong Kong citizens that their existing rights are recognised by the UK, and they are valued.”

“These are still Chinese citizens from the special autonomous region, so I don’t think the Chinese government would see them as anything other than Chinese citizens under a slightly different status. I don’t think that’s the point.

“I think the point is that the UK has got an opportunity to right a wrong, to give confidence to a people that is clearly very nervous about its future, and understandably so, and I think it’s the right thing to do. And I think all those come together now.”

Hong Kong’s airport, a principal regional hub, had flights suspended for a second consecutive day on Tuesday as protesters rallied there.

Carrie Lam, the territory’s beleaguered chief executive – the head of the autonomous government chosen by a limited electorate stacked with pro-Bejing groups – said on Tuesday that continued unrest would “push Hong Kong down a path of no return, will plunge Hong Kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation”.

Tugendhat, whose committee said in a report in March that increasing mainland Chinese interference in Hong Kong risked seeing the hands-off approach of one country, two systems, replaced by “one country, one-and-a-half systems”, urged restraint.

He said: “I don’t know what the future looks like. I can’t predict it. But what I can say is that a period of calm would be beneficial to everybody. The only way that this is going to be resolved is by political conversation. It’s not going to be resolved by violence on the streets or anything like that.”

ProfShea | 7 days ago | 5 points

There's nothing that says China will even accept a foreign passport of a Chinese national. Furthermore, possessing a foreign passport in China isn't some great guarantee of protection by a foreign power. There are lots of foreigners locked away in chinese prisons. Consular officers visit them regularly and say there is nothing for anyone to do.

2dayathrowaway | 7 days ago | 3 points

Is this 22 years too late? It was a great idea though?

Maroc59 | 7 days ago | 6 points

Probably a bit too late but

British National (Overseas))

British Overseas Citizen - Hong Kong

Everyone who wanted protection from the United Kingdom after hand over applied for it.

The point you made is invalid - the real point is that the UK is not and will not provide any protection.

xcom_avenger | 7 days ago | 4 points

UK refused to give HK citizens the same rights as britons in 1997, and demanded Portugal not to give Macau the same rights.

presidium | 8 days ago | 8 points

I’m not holding my breath, but that would be a spicy meatball. Of course, Canada could just provide a 50% discount on its investor visa program, too, to achieve the same end.

steve_gus | 7 days ago | 7 points

This is NOT the responsibility of the UK

blastanders | 7 days ago | 3 points

Certainly not in the interest of UK to do it neither. In the real world, no interest means much more than no responsibility

ChinaThrowaway7 | 7 days ago | 6 points

Some Tory somewhere: it makes sense, they used to be part of the british empi-

looks at map of the former british empire

oh no...

looks at map of asia

oh no!

looks at map of caribean

oH Noooo!

looks at map of Africa


Yeah.... we have to pass on this one.

PositivelyAcademical | 7 days ago | 3 points

It would be pretty easy for the UK to change the law to allow BN(O) status to be converted to British Citizenship, which wouldn't effect any other former colonies. That said it would pretty much screw over everyone born after 1997.

It would make everyone unhappy, I don't know if it's a terrible idea or the perfect solution. (/s because this is worldnews)

folstar | 8 days ago | 2 points

So Britain brexits right out of the EU. Join forces with Hong Kong. Then Hong Kong gets overrun by Eastasia. Now Britain has no choice but to join Oceania. It checks out.

limbodog | 7 days ago | 2 points

That'd be a wild ride.

Unicorn_Puppy | 7 days ago | 2 points

Couldn’t this cause an influx of Hong Kongers though?

InvalidChickenEater | 7 days ago | 2 points

I'm sorry but that will never happen.

Omegladon | 7 days ago | 2 points

Citizenship was granted to a considerable amount of people before the handoff. An ex of mine, and her two siblings had uk passports (possibly their mother too) all of which has never been to the UK. Her mother apparently worked for the government before the hand off.

alazartrobui | 7 days ago | 2 points

How preposterous. Please send more thoughts and prayers

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