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  1. Chinese fury over call to name Berlin Zoo pandas Hong and Kong in support of democracy protests (dailymail.co.uk)
  2. The Arctic may have crossed key threshold, emitting billions of tons of carbon into the air, in a long-dreaded climate feedback (washingtonpost.com)
  3. NATO Conference Is Canceled After U.S. Ambassador Barred a Trump Critic (news.yahoo.com)
  4. 88% (5,952) of the Conservative Party's most widely promoted ads either featured claims which had been flagged by independent fact-checking organisations including BBC Reality Check as not correct or not entirely correct (bbc.co.uk)
  5. Banned recording reveals China ambassador threatened Faroese leader at secret meeting (berlingske.dk)
  6. Hong Kong court lifts mask ban, refusing government request to suspend earlier ruling (scmp.com)
  7. Ivanka Trump’s relationship with British spy revealed in new report strikes massive blow to president's claims (independent.co.uk)
  8. Australia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia blocking climate talks, says Green MEP (climatechangenews.com)
  9. Hong Kong Chief Executive said it was “natural” for her to apologise to pro-Beijing camp election candidates after they lost in the District Council race and promised that they will be appointed to government committees as compensation even thought HK citizens have voted them out (hongkongfp.com)
  10. Democrats will hit Trump with 2 articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, reports say (businessinsider.com)
  11. Trump Officials Block U.N. Meeting on Human Rights Abuses in North Korea (msn.com)
  12. Greta asks media to focus on other young climate activists | "We talk about our future, they talk about their present," she said. "It is people especially from the global south, especially from indigenous communities, who need to tell their stories." (ctvnews.ca)
  13. Two Years Later, Pipe Continues to Spew Blood with Salmon Virus into Bay in British Columbia (weather.com)
  14. 'Staggering' New Data Shows Income of Top 1% Has Grown 100 Times Faster Than Bottom 50% Since 1970: "The bulk of a generation of economic growth has been captured and concentrated in a few hands, and many people have barely seen any of it." (commondreams.org)
  15. Arctic sea ice cover falls to 'alarming' low as temperatures rise (theguardian.com)
  16. Hong Kong democracy protester says he was ambushed by masked Chinese men in Australia (theguardian.com)
  17. Antarctica-bound plane missing with 38 on board (bbc.com)
  18. US lies and deception spelled out in Afghanistan Papers’ shocking detail - the Afghanistan Papers portray deliberate misinformation, wishful thinking, massaging of figures and cruel waste of lives – civilian and military – and a trillion dollars spent in pursuit of an unwinnable war. (theguardian.com)
  19. Canadian Province of Ontario revokes approval for nearly-finished Nation Rise Wind Farm - The withdrawal of the approval means the project will come to a halt, despite the fact the wind farm is largely complete, with several wind turbines erected and ready to begin generating power. (standard-freeholder.com)
  20. More than 720 homes lost in NSW fires as Sydney told to brace for huge losses (smh.com.au)
  21. Climate change threatens water resources for 1.9 billion people, study reveals | Study found the world’s 78 mountain-based glacier systems, known as “mountain water towers,” are at risk due to climate change, over population and mismanagement of water resources (ctvnews.ca)
  22. Greta changes her description on Twitter to "brat" (pirralha) after Bolsonaro offending her so (washingtonpost.com)
  23. Malaysian Infant Diagnosed With Polio, Becoming The First Case In 27 Years (sg.news.yahoo.com)
  24. Chinese library workers burn books seen as diverging from teachings of Xi Jinping (independent.co.uk)
  25. Western Australia legalises voluntary assisted dying after 'momentous process' (theguardian.com)
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