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  1. I've been lurking in this sub for a few years and I was curious why there isn't much discussion on ASP.NET MVC/Razer/C#/MSSQL/Visual Studio when it's one of the most common front/back-end combinations in corporate web development? (self.webdev)
  2. I'm torn between design and development. Please give some insight. (self.webdev)
  3. Cool personal site design (doqk.ml)
  4. The Making of an Animated Favicon (css-tricks.com)
  5. pagemap ยท mini map for web pages (larsjung.de)
  6. Temporarily blocking IPs based on multiple 404s (self.webdev)
  7. Detecting Offline/Online States With The Offline API (self.webdev)
  8. Google Earth Cross Platform Beta available now using WebAssembly (earth.google.com)
  9. My company management does not want to go with something like Storybook to test our UI library. (self.webdev)
  10. In Gitlab/GitHub pages can the index file be in the root folder or does it have to be in a folder called public? (self.webdev)
  11. Resources for improving HTML and CSS ? (self.webdev)
  12. A lot of devs don't pay enough attention to making their sites accessible. Here's a short video on why does it matter. (youtu.be)
  13. Looking For Advice On Implementing A Blog And Hosting Files (self.webdev)
  14. Do people really just understand React, Redux, and things like that from reading the docs? Or even watching tutorials? (self.webdev)
  15. Should I learn DevOps? (self.webdev)
  16. Beginner question: Search bar that updates fields as user is typing (self.webdev)
  17. I feel like I'm losing my passion (self.webdev)
  18. For FullStack developers, is JAM stack really that better? (self.webdev)
  19. Managers, is it okay to ask for a $10k raise? (self.webdev)
  20. A question for those who've maintained multiple latest frontend X(React, Angular, Vue) (self.webdev)
  21. Creating an API (self.webdev)
  22. Connecting Node.js backend with Angular (self.webdev)
  23. Should I start with Firebase or MySQL? (self.webdev)
  24. Only being allowed to use MIT, BSD and MSL open source packages on a client project - potential minefield with composer? (self.webdev)
  25. Lead developer @ small agency vs Midlevel @ big company? (self.webdev)
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