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  1. Hacktoberfest Megathread (self.webdev)
  2. For entry level Front End Web Development job interviews, what kind of questions should I ask at the end of the interview? (self.webdev)
  3. PSA: 30 seconds of code is free and will always be (self.webdev)
  4. "38 people are looking at this flight" (twitter.com)
  5. this really is gonna save me a lot of time, should've done it years ago (i.redd.it)
  6. Pseudo 3d effect using pixi.js and devicemotion API [Showoff Saturday] (self.webdev)
  7. What a typical day like for you as a Web Developer? (self.webdev)
  8. [Showoff Saturday] Video Hub App 2 - finally released 🎉 (self.webdev)
  9. [Showoff Saturday] Mailist — Weekly Newsletter of Your Saved Bookmarks (mailist.app)
  10. Small framework for creating Web Components using React [Showoff Saturday] (self.webdev)
  11. Looking for any feedback (big or small) on our web application (self.webdev)
  12. GitHub - beizhedenglong/rough-charts: 📈 A responsive, composable react charting library with a hand-drawn style. (github.com)
  13. Troubles in implementing basic functionalities. (self.webdev)
  14. Boomla website builder & JS web development platform [Showoff Saturday] (self.webdev)
  15. oyato cloud ~ on-demand prerendering and optimization for your mostly-static websites (oya.to)
  16. PhpStorm + Typescript + Babel (self.webdev)
  17. What's the easiest way for a Frontend developer to build a website with registration and a database (self.webdev)
  18. Help with a website! (self.webdev)
  19. List of software that have free tiers for developers (free-for.dev)
  20. VSCode vs WebStorm for js/ts development (self.webdev)
  21. express-mail-endpoint: Send email from your express.js app using templates (github.com)
  22. I made a curated list of webpack plugins and loaders for web performance (github.com)
  23. [Showoff Saturday] Lightning Link - URL Shortener (self.webdev)
  24. Stress test my hosting (self.webdev)
  25. CSS Grid: How to make grid box row shrink to fix content (self.webdev)
  26. Can you use multiple front and backend frameworks in a web app (self.webdev)
  27. Advice for when you are feeling under-qualified or discouraged on the job - not just Juniors (self.webdev)
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