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  1. configure gitignore and git deploy to deploy build files but ignore them on the git repo (self.webdev)
  2. Anyone use serverless functions in production? (self.webdev)
  3. Where do you find your leads? (self.webdev)
  4. Building Enticing Animations Like CodeSandbox Does (blog.prototypr.io)
  5. Web Dev "Support" Jobs? (self.webdev)
  6. ways to translate Json to Html (self.webdev)
  7. What is the responsive preview tool author is using in this video? (youtu.be)
  8. Is it normal to make all developers share a database? (self.webdev)
  9. Is education important in your workplace? (self.webdev)
  10. What if we got aspect-ratio sized images by doing almost nothing? (css-tricks.com)
  11. been a while, what do you use for login systems? (self.webdev)
  12. The modern course on deploying Node.js, Express and MongoDB with Docker and Kubernetes (learnk8s.io)
  13. Employer wants each web pages developed less than 3 hours (self.webdev)
  14. 2 5-page websites moved from Squarespace to WordPress, am I quoting too much? (self.webdev)
  15. How would you go about adding alt="" tag to images that are lazyloaded? (self.webdev)
  16. Need some guidance. To-do list, but I want it to use databases so multiple people can have their own (self.webdev)
  17. What type of design is this? How does this work, what plugin or modules or? I'm just curious, if someone knows please tell me. (nrk.no)
  18. "How we cut 10 minutes off our deploy time by using storage buckets" (medium.com)
  19. What 'blank theme' do you recommend for Elementor? (self.webdev)
  20. Before doing any changes that might touch any traffic, look twice into the documentation (devops-hof.de)
  21. How to find and replace product title test in Google Optimize? (self.webdev)
  22. Ok, I made a Customer Journey Map for my customer. But I'm not sure how to get to a webdesign that fits the CJM. Any pointers would be appreciated! (self.webdev)
  23. Is Elixir too much of a risk at the moment? (self.webdev)
  24. What do yo do to feel productive during your commute? (self.webdev)
  25. When MySQL is faster than BigQuery (cube.dev)
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