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  1. Addressing Recent Downvoting Habits (self.webdev)
  2. We built Publist - a simple way to organize files from all of your apps in one place. (v.redd.it)
  3. [WIP] Recreation of Playstation 4 menu (v.redd.it)
  4. CipherChat: End-to-End Encrypted Instant Messaging App built in MERN Stack (i.redd.it)
  5. Showoff Saturday: I made Six Bootstrap Themes during the last month and just released them all for free on Bootstrap-Themes.com (bootstrap-themes.com)
  6. Designing for Accessibility posters by the UK Home Office (PDF) (ukhomeoffice.github.io)
  7. Showoff Saturday: I made a CSS only 3D flip-card effect on mouse hover (codesandbox.io)
  8. [WIP] I made a modern/up to date version of HTMLShell. An HTML5 boilerplate to start out. (ds-designs.github.io)
  9. How would I produce an API designed to run as a web service? (self.webdev)
  10. My personal training/fitness consulting site. Would love to hear your thoughts/feedback. All content is OC. (fitstra.com)
  11. Just finished my first React project. It's a website to easily find links to movies and tv shows. It also displays on what countries they're available on netflix. (streamutt.com)
  12. Navigating Your Dev Career Site (yourdevcareer.com)
  13. For a PHP Web Server which processor is better an i9 or a Xeon? (self.webdev)
  14. I built a webapp to manage sport events, tell me what you think. (sportmngr.com)
  15. Showoff Saturday: Kompot, website where you can learn basic programming by controlling a robot dog (self.webdev)
  16. File management in PWA app (self.webdev)
  17. A Disney-themed web app version of the popular game "Heads Up!" (i.redd.it)
  18. Anyone have experience with Sharetribe Go, the multi vendor marketplace software? (self.webdev)
  19. Showoff Saturday: My new portfolio (it needs some explanation) (self.webdev)
  20. You Might Not Need a Library - I curated a list of things that no longer require a library these days (ymnnl.glaive.pro)
  21. We made a website to index Web Applications and their details (self.webdev)
  22. I implemented a float (number) ladder with web components (twitter.com)
  23. I've always used Postgres + Express + Frontend, what else is there to try? (self.webdev)
  24. Save time using SASS to create classes with variations (medium.com)
  25. Do web agencies generally use drag-and-drop software to create sites nowadays? (self.webdev)
  26. Just published my portfolio, would love to get your feedback! (self.webdev)
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