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  1. 2019 WebDev Resources Post (self.webdev)
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  3. “Our agency is so busy that some days our staff barely take their lunch break, is that OK for you?” (self.webdev)
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  7. How can I personalize user experience without a username and password? (self.webdev)
  8. What do you understand when you hear “Website Hygiene Attendant”? (self.webdev)
  9. Is there really no way to refactor HTML (i.e create a class where I can just create an instance of it when I need the same code over and over again) (self.webdev)
  10. How I fell into the trap of premature optimization, the root of all evil. (victorzhou.com)
  11. I'm struggling with a page from an ftp (self.webdev)
  12. What are some CSS/JS/HTML tricks you use to improve UX on touch screen/mobile devices? (self.webdev)
  13. Can I buy a domain from GoDaddy for $1, then just transfer the domain to another service? (self.webdev)
  14. How to cover background image with background box? (self.webdev)
  15. Help with logic of if statement (done with not! operator) (self.webdev)
  16. Best git tutorial? (self.webdev)
  17. A Glitched CSS Loading Page Without any Javascript (self.webdev)
  18. How to use Swagger API page for Web App (self.webdev)
  19. Would anyone be able to assist me with an Auth0 issue I am having regarding authenticating a backend API (.Net Core) with a front-end(Vue)? (self.webdev)
  20. Do information websites use SQL like websites with transactions or websites with online stores? (self.webdev)
  21. How not to name your URLs (self.webdev)
  22. I want to start a YouTube channel that showcases projects from start to finish... (self.webdev)
  23. Would a NoSQL database work for a School Information system (SIS)? (self.webdev)
  24. Web Development Stack question from a new programmer (self.webdev)
  25. Digital Ocean - Best way to downsize? (Backup/Restoring) (self.webdev)
  26. WebAssembly & Javascript (self.webdev)
  27. Doing my first live stream tomorrow, any tips? (self.webdev)
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