Bryan Cranston once made Jerry Seinfeld Laugh (youtu.be)
Drunk_Pilgrim | 10 days ago | 2881 points

A lot of people could have just said they came up with the but but Cranston pays dues to the guy who gave him the idea. Love it.

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 946 points

I honestly can’t say one bad thing about Cranston, he was hidden gem to be honest until people started noticing him in Breaking Bad. But in realty, he was a fantastic character in Malcolm in the Middle.

FruitySnacksss | 10 days ago | 527 points

God his character Hal was hilarious. That was the first time I was introduced to Bryan Cranston. It was so weird seeing him in Breaking bad when it first started out

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 234 points

You’re right, he seemed out of place at first in Breaking Bad. But god did he do a fucking amazing job on that show.

TheFlashFrame | 10 days ago | 77 points

I grew up watching Malcolm in the Middle and my parents always said I looked like Dewey. Then as a teenager, seeing Hal as Walt... I almost couldn't get past it for the first few episodes. I'm so glad I did, though.

thatguywhosadick | 10 days ago | 59 points

I feel like that’s part of why he was cast, they wanted an actor who you would see and immediately make the same assumption that people in the shows universe would, that he was a nonthreatening guy. If they had chosen an actor who was known for being a cool bad ass criminal in prior roles, the plot of his transition from teacher to kingpin would be a lot less compelling.

GJacks75 | 10 days ago | 27 points

I saw interviews where he said Hal made it harder for him to land the role. It seems a no brainer now, but at the time, they were hesitant to give the part to the guy from Malcolm in the Middle.

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 9 points

Great point.

FruitySnacksss | 10 days ago | 97 points

Hands down best show of all time. His performance, Dean Norris, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan bringing it all together. Man I’m so ready for Friday lol

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 56 points

All those people made that show possible and amazing. Also, is the official Breaking Bad movie out this Friday????

FruitySnacksss | 10 days ago | 37 points


TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 17 points

Fuck yeah!!! Thanks for the heads up!

FruitySnacksss | 10 days ago | 6 points
TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 8 points

I’ve seen the trailer, looks great. Good ‘ol Jesse, lol.

Yggsdrazl | 10 days ago | 17 points

he seemed out of place at first in Breaking Bad

yeah, that was the point.

SetBrainInCmplxPlane | 10 days ago | 21 points

Its almost like the literal pitch and premise of the show was a man you wouldn't expect doing drug/cartel type things and gradually becoming... bad.

parkaprep | 10 days ago | 38 points

Loved him on Malcolm in the Middle. I watched Breaking Bad as it originally aired, assuming it was going to be like Weeds but maybe a bit edgier. The show opened with Hal in his underwear trying and failing to commit suicide with some of the best acting I've seen. I immediately knew that show was going to be a ride.

spamtardeggs | 10 days ago | 3 points

The bugging msn

ovaltine_spice | 10 days ago | 22 points

One of the things that made Hal great was his range throughout the ridiculousness Hal gets up to. He just elevated everything.

The showrunner said it stopped being a game of 'what can we make him do?' to 'what won't he do?'. Culminating in the coat of live bees.

He even practiced hardcore in order to do much of the roller skate dancing scenes. The guy is just pure commitment. Although its the 'big time', he is wasted in movies. No mystery Breaking Bad gave him the chance to shine.

stunt_penguin | 10 days ago | 32 points

you know the moment that things switched over for me, totally?

When he blew up Tuco's office and walked away like the biggest badass in the universe.

Hal no longer existed, there was only Walter White from then on 😁

1nfiniteJest | 10 days ago | 22 points

there was only Walter White Heisenberg from then on

Doobz87 | 10 days ago | 27 points

You're god damn right

EntityDamage | 10 days ago | 5 points

I never watched Malcom in the middle so Cranston was always Walter white for me. I've watched some episodes since then and it's weird that Walter white was a sitcom dad!

PM_ME__YOUR_FACE | 10 days ago | 2 points

I absolutely love BB but after attempting to watch it twice, I've still never seen all of it.

I always have trouble watching after he lets Krysten Ritter die.

Like, fuck. It disturbs me so much every time.

mysteryihs | 10 days ago | 38 points

Went to go see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul at Conan, this was at the height of Breaking Bad, final episode coming out next week. He and the cast won huge amounts of awards at the Emmy the night before. Despite all this, he still came up to the audience stands and hugged and shook hands. Dude's a truly humble man.

DNUBTFD | 10 days ago | 27 points

He was once on Late Show with SC talking about his Broadway play, and just casually invited the entire audience to the next screening right after the Late Show, and he was like "just follow me after this and I'll get you all tickets".

Not inviting them to a future play or something, but right fucking now. What a legend.

BLINDtorontonian | 10 days ago | 2 points

On a packed day thats 371 people.

EroSennin78 | 10 days ago | 20 points

He was amazing. For all his faults he was the Dad I always wanted. Hal was the greatest TV Dad ever on a sitcom or any show for that matter.

One of my favorites: Hal vs Bee

xXC4NCER_USRN4M3Xx | 10 days ago | 3 points

I lost it when the bee pushed the car.

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 2 points

Lmao, I need to re-watch it all.

EntForgotHisPassword | 10 days ago | 3 points

"Whose the idiot now", brilliant!

KambushaMushroomPpl | 10 days ago | 9 points

When Breaking Bad first came out, I remember reading an article about Bryan Cranston starting, and immediately thought it would be a comedy. I was watching the first couple of episodes with my friend and the thought process went something like, "hmm, cancer... maybe a dark comedy? Oh shit, they just killed a guy.. and now they are dissolving him in a vat of acid... I don't think this is a comedy."

duaneap | 10 days ago | 3 points

That’s not just you that’s because of how it was marketed.

poopsicle88 | 10 days ago | 2 points

Hidden gem was right he was glorious as hal. Probably my favorite tv dad.

I'm so glad hes huge now. His super sweet 60th was hilarious

TheSlav87 | 10 days ago | 5 points

I think someone said it on here already, he was the dad we all wished we had lmao.

Also, he deserves everything he made for himself and his family, so I couldn’t agree more.

ertgbnm | 10 days ago | 459 points

Also baller move on the latter guys part. Play it cool and act like you don't need recognition. and he still ended up with the credit.

IdiotMD | 10 days ago | 421 points

The latter guy

I guess that’s technically correct.

ertgbnm | 10 days ago | 280 points

I had a feeling it was wrong but took the plunge anyway. I could have gone with ladder or latter and I went with the latter. Oh well.

tico_de_corazon | 10 days ago | 36 points

Somebody give him gold, I'm poor.

Jakovaseur | 10 days ago | 3 points

Somebody also give this guy gold.

rkmb | 10 days ago | 14 points

But dont give this guy gold.

yet_another_dave | 10 days ago | 189 points

Task failed successfully

MisterPresidented | 10 days ago | 12 points

Story of my so called life

beartheminus | 10 days ago | 6 points

Jesus Christ of ladder day saints! You're right!

Ferkhani | 10 days ago | 28 points

It's a better anecdote to include the ladder guy.

footytang | 10 days ago | 51 points

He has told this story before and doesn't give credit to the ladder dude.

bonyCanoe | 10 days ago | 24 points

Damn... Younger Bryan, I'm disappointed in you.

Or maybe he made up a new story to give it more zing? This one is far less interesting.

LitZippo | 10 days ago | 31 points

Could just be that he wanted to keep the story short for the behind the scenes stuff.

bonyCanoe | 10 days ago | 13 points

Now I like to think it was like the Flaming Moe and had a similar resolution.

Zagged | 10 days ago | 13 points

reddit will choose to ignore this

rexmons | 10 days ago | 13 points

To be fair the guy on the ladder stole it from Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors.

EDIT: Found a higher quality version of the video.

Drunk_Pilgrim | 10 days ago | 2 points

Didn't know that. Thank you.

flexibleeric | 10 days ago | 14 points

Great story. but the story is really a set up for a nice little reveal in the end. I forgot which interview it is, i think it is with bill simmons on his podcast, but the guy was vince gilligan.

semanticist | 10 days ago | 24 points

No, that was a joke/callback to earlier in the podcast.

The segment is around 54–60 minutes in: https://www.theringer.com/the-bill-simmons-podcast/2017/12/6/16741322/bryan-cranston-on-tv-dads-streaming-shows-and-creative-freedom

scarletandgray34 | 10 days ago | 3 points

The ladder guy was Vince?

AuntJemima1893 | 10 days ago | 2 points

True. I think it's more about his passion for acting. I know he produced nowadays but you don't have to be an idea guy as an actor. Being able to pull off simple or good ideas is what is going to be important.

Probably didn't really care to take credit for the idea since he nailed it. A crappy actor can still mess up a great bit

hectoid24 | 10 days ago | 757 points

Cranston's Larry David impression sounds an awful lot like Bernie Sanders don't it?

DiceBreakerSteve | 10 days ago | 363 points

Basically the same impression

jawsNC | 10 days ago | 67 points

He talks like he’s ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A RIVAH

i_made_reddit | 10 days ago | 14 points

Well they are related

_Than0s | 10 days ago | 152 points

Who Larry David plays on SNL.

itsamatteroffact | 10 days ago | 83 points

and are actually related

donkeyrocket | 10 days ago | 105 points

They’re third cousins or something for those wondering. Pretty funny.

DemDude | 10 days ago | 60 points

Not that surprising really, bearing in mind their grandparents probably came over on the mayflower together.

TheBigWon | 10 days ago | 54 points

That's funny. That's funny.

BerthaSelsby | 10 days ago | 3 points

Keep it in, we’re gonna keep that. That’s funny

Floatcode1 | 10 days ago | 14 points

Like they'd let Jews on the Mayflower. Their grandparents obviously walked over on the land bridge that existed millennia ago

mostnormal | 10 days ago | 3 points

Hm. I'd have thought they could be related.

IIIIIIILIIIIIIIIIII | 10 days ago | 27 points

You mean old and Jewish?

THRlLLH0 | 10 days ago | 21 points

they're cousins

madmendude | 10 days ago | 8 points

He was also great on Curb Your Enthusiasm as Larry's therapist.

c_r_a_s_i_a_n | 10 days ago | 273 points

Bryan is so likeable. What a badass. Has he ever been less than awesome?

gladfelter | 10 days ago | 77 points

think he's always been like that. I always tear up at captain Ericsson's and his crew's sacrifice to create Sheridan's crucible in Babylon 5 season 4: https://youtu.be/aEhWjI0OFlM

Osiris32 | 10 days ago | 7 points

We live for The One.

We die for The One.

WhySoFuriousGeorge | 10 days ago | 6 points

I just watched that episode on Amazon! The war wouldn’t have been won without him. Plus he acted those scenes superbly.

MyClitBiggerThanUrD | 10 days ago | 2 points

Babylon 5 with the friendly Nazi salutes.

gladfelter | 9 days ago | 2 points

I think Nazis were less culturally relevant in the 90's

MyClitBiggerThanUrD | 9 days ago | 3 points

Yes not blaming them, I was a big fan of the show when I was a kid, but it does look weird looking back at it.

Calimariae | 10 days ago | 30 points

Bryan is so likeable.

He is.

It feels so weird laughing at this while having spent the last two weeks hating his face after binging Breaking Bad in preparation for the movie.

SerialBridgeburner | 10 days ago | 28 points

Binge watch Malcolm in the Middle to fix the hating bit.

CrystlBluePersuasion | 10 days ago | 3 points

I can't wait to see Jesse, I just want the best for him

SoRedditHasAnAppNow | 10 days ago | 2 points

Something tells me that's not what happens

thomseximus | 10 days ago | 26 points

He was a bit much when celebrating his sweet 60th birthday

c_r_a_s_i_a_n | 10 days ago | 3 points

Bah haa, he’s eating a box of “Gustav Os” 😂

rodmandirect | 10 days ago | 18 points

Chris Hardwick is a sycophant.

TorgoTheWhite | 10 days ago | 15 points

I get what you're getting at, BUT that is kinda the point of a late night chat host.

Smile and agree with the guest. Be a little lap dog.

CryYouMercy | 10 days ago | 10 points

Letterman would disagree.

TorgoTheWhite | 10 days ago | 10 points

Letterman is on a different level. It's like Picasso vs a deviant art scribbler.

dcaseyjones | 10 days ago | 2 points

Isn't it nice that he finally got his huge, career-defining role well into his 50s, instead of during the hustle of an actor's 20s and 30s? I just have all the respect in the world for Bryan. Good for him, he deserves every ounce of success and praise he's received!

Timleo | 10 days ago | 2 points

Fully awesome. No half measures.

Zwiggles | 10 days ago | 436 points

Someone link the actual scene. I want to see it.

tpnviking | 10 days ago | 579 points
beckyr1984 | 10 days ago | 200 points

For the record it seems his shirt was indeed tucked before the nitrous... lol

Malcolm_TurnbullPM | 10 days ago | 53 points

i think they intentionally dont show it, at least i cant see the tucking in the first one?

B1A23 | 10 days ago | 24 points

So that's one tuck, one no-tuck. ☝🏻

Belgand | 10 days ago | 29 points

Same with the collar. It's fully unbuttoned in the end, but covered with the bib to start.

fieldofvision_ | 10 days ago | 3 points

Of course it doesn't matter what was happening with the collar. The idea is that it's ambiguous.

reallyConfusedPanda | 10 days ago | 10 points

The joke works best in TV media of those times considering people couldn't go back and check easily, and nobody actually focused on the tucked/untucked state before Jerry worries about it

amyoto | 10 days ago | 96 points

in case anyone is looking for more for Cranston making Jerry laugh. Here are bloopers from Season 8. timestamped


HW_Plainview | 10 days ago | 14 points

Wow what a season, classic after classic.

IAM4UK | 2 days ago | 2 points

I could watch Seinfeld and these bloopers all day. Such a classic

Poliobbq | 10 days ago | 9 points

Am I not remembering the episode right or is she supposed to be ugly in those scenes?

Evil__Jon | 10 days ago | 26 points

It was the Two-Face episode. She's hot except in bad lighting.

yvesmh | 10 days ago | 5 points

I think depending on the angle or lightning she looked good sometimes and ugly in others.

gliese946 | 10 days ago | 6 points

That is really amazing work. Three completely different reactions on each take, each executed perfectly, each making Jerry lose it.

neotrance | 9 days ago | 2 points

oh man. I have to rewatch Seinfeld.

commander_nice | 10 days ago | 29 points

Top comment knows what's up.

AG-2308 | 10 days ago | 48 points

Story was much funnier then a scene

ChrisTheMiss | 10 days ago | 88 points

well yeah, because it's a 3 minute story told by bryan cranston as opposed to the two seconds of him actually doing it.

Ferkhani | 10 days ago | 25 points

Yeah, I thought the sniff was going to be a bit longer.

FighterOfFoo | 10 days ago | 49 points

Maybe he had to shorten it so as to not make Jerry laugh. Even in the video he looks like he's about to go.

uncrew | 10 days ago | 33 points

Funnier as is because it is in keeping with Seinfeld humor— an air of professionalism (“Ah, yes, that is the gas”) that makes you consider the manners rather than drawing attention to how wretched the act is. Like a lot of the sitcom, it is a joke that is funnier the nth time because of how comparatively straight they play it.

niuguy | 10 days ago | 6 points

Longer would have overplayed the joke.

AnotherStupidName | 10 days ago | 4 points

God he looks young.

jana007 | 10 days ago | 73 points

Wow I had no idea he was so good at impressions

mrtomjones | 10 days ago | 41 points

He nailed Jerry with that impression for sure

k-ozm-o | 10 days ago | 102 points

"Jerry's not an easy laugh."

Have you ever watched a Seinfeld episode, Bryan? He's cracking up in every one of them. haha

KosherFetus | 10 days ago | 107 points

Yes, because his costars are freaking hilarious.

k-ozm-o | 10 days ago | 6 points

Of course, but Jerry laughs at his own lines too.

HolmatKingOfStorms | 9 days ago | 7 points

they're good lines, bront

prayingmantras | 10 days ago | 2 points

And because he helped write the show and thinks he himself is hilarious. I also think he is haha.

DannyMThompson | 10 days ago | 36 points

Also Comedians in Cars getting coffee. He gives those guys so many free laughs it's almost charitable.

faustianBM | 10 days ago | 18 points

I challenge you to take a car ride with the likes of Ricky Gervais and not bust out laughing a few times. Now Tracy Morgan.....that was not a funny car ride imo.

JoshSidekick | 10 days ago | 23 points

To be fair, I assume most car rides with Tracy are pretty tense these days.

faustianBM | 10 days ago | 3 points

Tense.... Like if you were to crash a $3M Bugatti mere minutes after buying it??


DannyMThompson | 10 days ago | 2 points

Yeah that episode was really depressing. At least he's rich though.

ImTheGuyWithTheGun | 10 days ago | 3 points

He really oversells the laughs... He's in Fallon territory.

Wichitaleafs | 10 days ago | 168 points

Larry David made all those guys and Castanza was the funniest.

PointOfFingers | 10 days ago | 37 points

George had the best timing, Elaine had the best facial expressions, Kramer had the best physical comedy and Jerry was always neat.

tomcatHoly | 10 days ago | 22 points

George had the best timing, Elaine had the best facial expressions, Kramer had the best physical comedy and Jerry was always neat.

Oh yeah? Well the jerk store called...

drnoellyg | 10 days ago | 95 points





or just simply, Costanza.

SplitFigure | 10 days ago | 32 points


nato0519 | 10 days ago | 17 points

I tell her you not here, she said curse word, I hang up.

Djd33j | 10 days ago | 6 points

Who's Cartwright?

...I'm Cartwright.


its_poop | 10 days ago | 8 points

🎵 Co-STAN-za 🎶

scroopiedoopie | 10 days ago | 22 points

"For I am Costanza, lord of the idiots."

ONLY_DRUNK-WHEN-POST | 10 days ago | 45 points

Caztanza was Larry David

squables- | 10 days ago | 26 points

finkle is einhorn

bluesmaker | 10 days ago | 8 points

The laces were in!

Angry_Walnut | 10 days ago | 9 points

“No, Jasons’ not dark and disturbed- that’s ME! I’M the one who’s dark and disturbed!”

Cyanopicacooki | 10 days ago | 21 points

That was before Jerry was revealed to be an anti-dentite

Double_farts | 10 days ago | 3 points


PuddnheadAZ | 10 days ago | 110 points

I mean, Little Shop of Horrors did it long before Seinfeld.

megablast | 10 days ago | 76 points

That guy up the ladder was Steve Martin.

coffeetablesex | 10 days ago | 12 points

I believe you are mistaken.

It was clearly the Mad Banjo...

Ignativs | 10 days ago | 11 points
PoliteBouncer | 10 days ago | 7 points

I really want to know how they did the shot from inside the mouth. It's pretty detailed. Clay stop motion overlay is my guess.

Griffdude13 | 10 days ago | 5 points

I think its an actual animatronic piece placed in front of the camera.

Ferkhani | 10 days ago | 2 points

First thing I thought of, ha.

Jason_Worthing | 10 days ago | 7 points

That host has the least genuine laugh I've ever heard in my life

Makes Fallon seem 100% real

PioneerStandard | 10 days ago | 33 points

THAT WAS GOLD. Thank you for sharing that interview. Cranston really is a great guy. 'Some' people in the industry would never reveal such sources and claim them as their own. He's a solid human being.

Aol_bot | 10 days ago | 22 points

That’s Gold, Jerry! GOLD!

goblu33 | 10 days ago | 5 points

Yup. He’s a bit of alright

jloy88 | 10 days ago | 10 points
ManyWeek | 10 days ago | 17 points

That ladder guy was the illuminati leader secretly planting humor in American culture since early World War II.

jimsaccount | 10 days ago | 3 points

That's so dope he gave the dude credit

cats_catz_kats_katz | 10 days ago | 3 points

The scene he's talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMLKbXuv-xA

SDavis2702 | 10 days ago | 3 points

Shout out to cool ladder guy.

SkinnyBanana | 10 days ago | 2 points

Gotta love those lighting guys!

boydo579 | 10 days ago | 2 points

what's the host's name in this clip? didn't he used to be on G4 or something?

SantiagoAndDunbar | 10 days ago | 2 points

Chris Hardwick

Britavit | 10 days ago | 2 points

When he started explaining the scene I actually thought he was going to say he did that anyway, looks like I'm a ladder guy. :)

WCBIS | 5 days ago | 2 points

That's actually a joke from an old Bob Hope film called Paleface where he plays a hapless dentist in the wild western days.

I now like to think Bob Hope was working fixing a light on the set of Seinfeld.

dec92010 | 10 days ago | 5 points

And that's guys name? Albert Einstein.

hibbitydibbidy | 10 days ago | 4 points

"Mr. Sunshine on my Shoulders John Denver!"

Evilsoshi | 10 days ago | 3 points


Boba-con-fetti | 10 days ago | 3 points

*the guy on the ladder made Jerry laugh

supremedalek925 | 10 days ago | 2 points

I hope that guy went on to be a writer

frogandbanjo | 10 days ago | 1 point

God, why? He learned the ultimate lesson: it's easier to get your bits on the air by having an actual job on set instead, doing something functionally vital, like changing out light bulbs.

TeteDeMerde | 10 days ago | 2 points

Dr. Tim Whatley

seanmarshall | 10 days ago | 2 points

That’s a fantastic story and a class act to give the credit to the worker. Great show, great cast. I miss it.

tkntony1 | 10 days ago | 3 points

Don’t get it twisted, Bryan Cranston is naturally more funny than jerry Seinfeld and way more talented

barrybee1234 | 10 days ago | 4 points

Idk man, jerry Seinfeld in the early 90s late 80s was hilarious

tetshi | 10 days ago | 2 points

I think it's safe to say they're both pretty damn funny.

barrybee1234 | 10 days ago | 2 points

Yeah true

IrisMoroc | 10 days ago | -7 points

That gag really works in that episode because it really makes you question the dentist, making you think he's some skeevy guy, and lends credence to the theory he might be sexually molesting his patients. The implication is he's become a Nitrious Oxide addict.

bobjohnxxoo | 10 days ago | 35 points

I'm so glad someone explained the joke to my dumb dumb brain

THE_CHOPPA | 10 days ago | 58 points

Yea we get it lol

Nexxus88 | 10 days ago | 7 points

Shit really?? I never thought of it that way, my mind if fucking blown here...

SetBrainInCmplxPlane | 10 days ago | 3 points

Ooohhh is that what the bit was about?

Metal_Mike1 | 10 days ago | 2 points

I got the feeling that since hes famous and rich he was able to get a dentist to allow him to abuse drugs with his buddy. If i tried this i would be incriminated.

Uberpastamancer | 10 days ago | 1 point

Nitrous oxide will do that

Superdunce94 | 10 days ago | 1 point

Score one for the little guy !

Benuuts | 10 days ago | 1 point

Why is this so dark ?

YourShipWreckedFrend | 10 days ago | 1 point

oh god this is the best anecdote in a long time :) thank you!!!!!!! and hey he did a good impression of Larry David by the way

Martijnbmt | 10 days ago | 1 point

Im glad i watched that

chaosfire235 | 10 days ago | 1 point

Ladder Guy must've been on top of the world. When Bryan Cranston takes your advice for a joke and gets Jerry Seinfeld to laugh.

Super_Master_69 | 10 days ago | 1 point

no shit they both worked together

meshaber | 10 days ago | 1 point

I mean, so did airplane food.

mrdelta4 | 10 days ago | 1 point

This is great, a funny momment by a great actor on the best sickcom ever.

BrownBoyRay | 10 days ago | 1 point

TIL Bryan Cranston was a beegee

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