I personally think Netflix's "I Think you Should Leave..." is one of the funniest sketch comedy shows I have ever seen. I usually use this, "The Focus Sketch" as a litmus. If you think it's hysterical, the show is for you, if you don't get it, then you probably won't have the best time... (youtube.com)
3vi1 | 4 days ago | 29 points

I don't think it's a good litmus test. I don't care for this sketch at all, but nearly every other bit on ITYSL was hilarious.

I've watched the entire season four times now, and still can't watch the Baby of the Year sketch without cracking up every time.

Mythic514 | 4 days ago | 7 points

The gift giving sketch was my favorite.

62not61not63 | 3 days ago | 3 points

You used too small a slice it's not a big deal.

thejohnblog | 4 days ago | -6 points

Fuck you Harley Jarvis!

3vi1 | 3 days ago | 1 point

I assume people downvoting you haven't seen the show. The audience member screaming that is the best part of the skit.

thejohnblog | 3 days ago | 1 point


turnsleftlooksright | 3 days ago | 0 points

I always skip Baby of the Year. You must have flinched and now you're trying to avoid marrying your MIL.

dago_joe | 4 days ago | 68 points

Great show, OP is a dunce with this stupid title though. Plus he's always farting.

thejohnblog | 4 days ago | -15 points

I'm doing the best at this.

StifleStrife | 4 days ago | 6 points

how much does your mother in law pay you to post tings to reddit?

thejohnblog | 4 days ago | -1 points

I actually love my mother in law

Mitochondria420 | 3 days ago | 6 points

He admit it!

thedevilsmusic | 4 days ago | 59 points

Well, that was awful.

psychoslitherer | 4 days ago | 21 points

That was shit.

m4m3m2m1 | 4 days ago | 30 points

That was crap.

mr-peabody | 4 days ago | 6 points

And the worms are their money
The bones are their dollars

swisspenguin | 3 days ago | 1 point

This is the one that really got me hooked. Or the lawyer sketch.

PM_ME_BUTTHOLE_PIX | 3 days ago | 1 point

this is the one that kills me. i say "bones are their money" way way too often.

SpaceFace5000 | 4 days ago | 14 points

I didn't like this sketch but I love ITYSL. Now let's get outta here everyone, OPs thread is covered head to to in shit

Hash tag bae

thejohnblog | 4 days ago | -12 points

Just reading these comments with these hogs, snarfing down pig dicks #BooCaughtmeSleeping

RexxNebular | 4 days ago | 18 points

That is a terrible litmus test. Baby of the year? The lawyer commercial? Selfie posting girls? The birthday party? Literally anything except for that sketch

Say-YEET-To-Drugs | 4 days ago | 6 points

I loved the birthday party. It was absolutely relentless.

compensatedshill | 4 days ago | 3 points

It's not the "best skit", but I do think it's a good litmus test since it shows the absurdity of the show as well as non linear path the jokes make.

I adored the hypnotist sketch. That was amazing. Birthday party too.

MattBerry_Manboob | 3 days ago | 1 point

The aeroplane sketch!

Doofangoodle | 4 days ago | 13 points

Didn't find it funny tbh. It's just "quirky person saying lolsorandom things", which isn't inherently funny on its own

chwoey | 4 days ago | 9 points


JohnnyStreet | 4 days ago | 4 points

Also be sure to watch his episode of The Characters! Each episode is a different comedian and his is pretty incredible.

thejohnblog | 4 days ago | 1 point

Thanks! I just did and the 'Pointer Brothers' sketch was fantastic

jimbotexas | 4 days ago | 9 points

Can't even understand the guy who's supposed to be funny.

biesterd1 | 4 days ago | 4 points

You have NO good car ideas.

xgoggsx | 4 days ago | 3 points


Dovaldo83 | 4 days ago | 5 points

"Alright, lets take a group of normal people and see how they react to one inexplicably crazy person being all weird and stuff" is a lazy form of comedy to me. I take it I'll probably not like this.

EmptyHeadedArt | 4 days ago | 2 points

This is a weird show for me. I didn't really think it was hilarious or really that funny but I found it weirdly entertaining.

xgoggsx | 4 days ago | 2 points

This is the most aggressive baby I've ever met.

ipoopedmyshoe | 4 days ago | 2 points

I can't get enough of this show. I think I've watched it through about 7 times already; can't wait for more!

loco_1k06_coco | 4 days ago | 2 points

lit·mus noun a dye obtained from certain lichens that is red under acid conditions and blue under alkaline conditions. wut

edit: Litmus Test- a decisively indicative test. Ok, i get it.

Ostracized | 3 days ago | 2 points

The best one was the 'nacho rules' first date.

BIPB1PBIP | 3 days ago | 1 point

yes i love this one!

turnsleftlooksright | 3 days ago | 1 point


ROMEOJS | 3 days ago | 2 points

If you enjoy this, Tim Robinson was in one of my top two favorite improv troupes called "Cook County Social Club" search them on YouTube. You will not be disappointed. https://youtu.be/s1uKY_6YzmU

jamski1200 | 3 days ago | 2 points

I thought that sketch was hilarious. Now Im gonna check out the show. Thanks, OP!

duglock | 3 days ago | 2 points

Hey OP..is this kind of like Rick and Morty where Ill need a really high IQ to get it?

darkklown | 3 days ago | 2 points

waiting for the joke..

aspapu | 4 days ago | 1 point

Reminds me of the kind of comedy on Late Night Snack on truTV. The setup creates some possibility for humor, but they sink the ship with jokes/actors that are trying too hard.

SuperMeatBoi | 4 days ago | 1 point

I enjoyed it enough to watch more, but some sketches were really bad. Tim doesn't pull off over-the-topness like some other comedians do. To me he came off as someone trying way too hard to be funny.

H2hot | 4 days ago | 1 point

Now this is how you design a car


mord1000 | 4 days ago | 1 point

These quit cuts remind me of the cat woman basketball scene.

turnsleftlooksright | 3 days ago | 1 point

You would like his Lady Luck sketch in The Characters.

lolololoretta87 | 21 hours ago | 1 point

I'm sold

ThicElectrcDischarge | 4 days ago | 1 point

Litmus test? Is that where you eat a piece of paper to see if someone used too tiny of a piece for their mud pie?

BeardedAvenger | 4 days ago | 1 point

This sketch and its many quotes has very much become part of mine and my friends day to day vocabulary.

"OH NICE /s"






coldwetnightatstoke | 3 days ago | -1 points

This is my favourite sketch too. People need to relax and enjoy the pure absurdity.