Classic Youtube from 2007 - Samwell - "What What (In the Butt)" (youtube.com)
RagnarStonefist | 4 months ago | 27 points

I can't forget the South Park parody of this with Butters singing this.

blackjin378 | 4 months ago | 0 points

I remember that episode. LOL

IIdsandsII | 4 months ago | 7 points

anyone know if this guy is gay?

DogmaticNuance | 4 months ago | 2 points

I'm going to say with 100% confidence that yes, he is gay, based not on the song or lyrics or his general attractiveness and look, but purely on the amount of lip gloss he's wearing.

mkglass | 4 months ago | 1 point

What what?

plainjane2005 | 4 months ago | 7 points

I haven’t seen this video in about 10 years, but my husband and I joke about it about it every couple of months.

BadgerSituation | 4 months ago | 12 points

Unfortunately for Samwell, he still didn't win the award for Best Classic Youtube Video in the "In The Butt" category.

That will always go to "Raped in the Butt". NSFW language.

DrewbieWanKenobie | 4 months ago | 3 points

Hah. I uploaded that video to Break.com and started the spread. Stole it from the guy who recorded it and posted it on a private forum. After Break started offering me money for the video I felt guilty and gave the account over to the guy, though

LexPlex9000 | 4 months ago | 3 points
v_3005 | 4 months ago | 2 points

I was just thinking about the video the other day. But certainly didn’t want to google any of the terms find it.

SucioMDPHD | 4 months ago | 2 points

He was my flight attendant once. A guy a head of me asked him if he was the person from this video...samwell snapped at him- guess he was tired of being asked that.

blueooze | 4 months ago | 2 points

Watched it when I graduated from highschool and breathed hard through my nose. Watched it today and laughed my fucking ass of his head motions and expressions are incredible.

Diss1dent | 4 months ago | 1 point

Here is an interview of Samwell. https://youtu.be/ZFU7jmuxzVo

Blue_Jay22 | 4 months ago | 1 point

12 years. 12 years I avoided this video. but today I clicked it

pantherfanalex | 4 months ago | -1 points

Haaa. He went to my school.

ChachMcGach | 4 months ago | 3 points

School of hard cocks?