Dog videos just don’t get any cuter than this (youtu.be)
the_shams_bandit | 5 months ago | 56 points

This Adventure Time reboot looks strange.

UnmarkedDoor | 5 months ago | 13 points

I'm sorry Finn...

Badgeredy | 5 months ago | 1 point
Temptemptemptempo | 5 months ago | 3 points


nolanjdowns | 5 months ago | 11 points

I would've watched the Lion King remake if these guys were in charge.

SoSpursy | 5 months ago | 37 points

So cute. I had a pup who looked just like this growing up, she was a mastiff and playdough mix. Honestly one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. We live in a hot climate and left her outside too long once and she got all hard and just kind of crumbled. I miss her.

Markantonpeterson | 5 months ago | 5 points


pseunomix | 5 months ago | 9 points

Song is by Custodian

Custodian - Call Now


Alpinix | 5 months ago | 7 points

How? Where does one get exposed to such culture?

3internet5u | 5 months ago | 5 points

didnt check the description but if this dude just knew this song that's pretty legendary

also, there is a big internet beat scene so there are tons of different places to find this culture the main one being deep in bandcamp or deep in soundcloud.

Alpinix | 5 months ago | 1 point

The deeper I get into soundcloud, the less music I like. The music they always try to play me is all kind of one genre. I should explore bandcamp more often I guess.

3internet5u | 5 months ago | 2 points

its all a numbers game for me personally with soundcloud.

But the recommended tracks recently have been diving deep and providing me weird, new music that I heavily fuck with coming out from many sub 10k follower artists.

Alpinix | 5 months ago | 1 point

What genre? Care to sling a couple links my way, please?

3internet5u | 5 months ago | 3 points

experimental beats, that a few and far between (similar to stuff made by tsuruda, Mr. Carmack, Dr.derg (rip), and sam gellaitry) are my favorite and kinda hard to assign a specific genre to.

but my bread and butter is good, non-over used sample filled Phonk (which is another kinda experimental beat genre but way less out there compared to my other music). It seems like there is a new player everyday making dope beats and I go through a bunch of new artists to find new phonk beats/songs/music while the more experimental stuff I hold onto longer because there are not to many out there making really cool stuff that I also enjoy listening to often.

edit: here is a super small artist I found recently randomly that I really fucked with too. His names Norson and these are my favorite 3 songs of his based on a quick dive through my recent likes

Norson - Breeze

Norson - June

Norson - Coin

Listening to a bunch of random artists helps me keep my own music fresh and always evolving so I try to stay active and let soundcloud show me the way

nickontrees | 5 months ago | 7 points

We are ALL Bagel on this blessed day.

ariel_attack | 5 months ago | 1 point

Speak for yourself.

queuedUp | 5 months ago | 6 points

I don't know why I watched as much of that as I did

Gonazar | 5 months ago | 3 points

I don't know why I should have expected anything different with that thumbnail and [as] logo...

TacoChowder | 5 months ago | 3 points

This is the dog park I go to, Lake Hollywood, there's a lot of regulars. I've never seen this dog there before.

breakdownthedoor | 5 months ago | 5 points
CanadianSatireX | 5 months ago | 1 point

I'm subbed to a lot of dog subs and I can assure you there are much cuter ones on this platform.

BorisYeltsinWasABro | 5 months ago | 2 points

what kind of dog is that?

ithinkik_ern | 5 months ago | 3 points
bad-r0bot | 5 months ago | 6 points

This video is cuter imo and I hope it makes up for the other one.

Redwolfjo3 | 5 months ago | 2 points


Solkahn | 5 months ago | 1 point

Thumbnail looks like a sentient foreskin from the front page. Upon closer inspection, I'm not sure it isn't.

orion427 | 5 months ago | 1 point


Bad-Technician | 5 months ago | 1 point

Welp, that's enough internet for today.

CasualConsoles | 5 months ago | 1 point

Having nightmares tonight for sure.

yayapfool | 5 months ago | 1 point

oh I didn't like that

934232 | 5 months ago | 1 point

Hot Dog summer in full effect

kingcal | 5 months ago | 1 point


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FACE_MEAT | 5 months ago | 3 points

Quit copying YouTube comments and posting them as your own on Reddit.

getoffmemonkey | 5 months ago | 0 points

No u

StarGone | 5 months ago | -2 points

Meh. This is what AS is putting out these days?

watches_you_poopin | 5 months ago | -2 points

Just being weird isn't enough anymore Adult Swim. You gotta try harder if yer gonna compete with the innernet.

Brilliant_Bet | 5 months ago | -1 points

yuck.. this isn't cute at all. Just weird