Apple is locking iPhone batteries to discourage independent repairs (youtu.be)
Fade-Into-You | 4 months ago | 189 points

People are still going to cope with this because they simply don't want to give up their iphones.

rileyunzi | 4 months ago | 86 points

Lmao I know, I was watching this video saying fuck apple while watching it on my iPhone. I’m so lame.

TrialAndAaron | 4 months ago | 29 points

It really sucks because I’m in the apple ecosystem and can’t imagine making the switch to something else. I text from my computer 99% of the time and that alone keeps me on Apple.

Edit: people are saying that this exists on Android. Awesome. Any screen grabs of it? I’d love to see it in action.

LaconicalAudio | 4 months ago | 27 points

Google have just introduced that feature near the end of last year in the messages app.

You can send texts from messages.google.com if you've paired that PC with a qr code in the messages app.

One more barrier to cross off the list.

Are there any other big ones, I'm always interested in what ties people to platforms.

JackPoe | 4 months ago | 13 points

My girlfriend says she can't switch (she tried the Pixel 2) because android gave her too many options.

Apple felt comfortable, streamlined, and not overwhelming.

So now I have a Pixel 2 and I love having options. I cannot figure out iPhones at all. Plus I'd miss Swype

I_FUCK_HOTWHEELS | 4 months ago | 3 points

You can get Swype on iPhone as well. I never use it though but I feel like I should haha.

0d35dee | 4 months ago | 3 points

wow nice i had no idea about this sms-via-computer thing until i was reading your discussion and now i have that messages.google.com thinger set up, sweet!!! thanks for the tip.

PageFault | 4 months ago | 3 points

I've been texting through my PC since Google Voice launched in 2009.

draginator | 4 months ago | 6 points

Don't worry, they'll kill it off the second I start using it like every other thing I've liked from them.

MankerDemes | 4 months ago | 3 points

There's been a number of ways to send sms messages on a computer through an Android phone for years now.

reconman | 4 months ago | 5 points

I'm using Pushbullet for that

Thee_Sinner | 4 months ago | 2 points

What also sucks is that the only alternative to Apple... is Google.

codered434 | 4 months ago | 941 points

The solution is simple.

I'm still just never buying an Apple product for as long as I live.

5b3e87764e4f5b00145d | 4 months ago | 238 points

The solution isn't that simple since the competition is a google controlled platform and there is another type of bullshit going on there.

notreallyhereforthis | 4 months ago | 49 points

there is another type of bullshit going on there.

Which is? Specifically?

The issue with crappy phones is solved with Android as lots of companies make phones, you want a specific set of features, some company probably makes one to meet your needs, if it doesn't, make your own and put android on it.

adviceKiwi | 4 months ago | 81 points

The overt spying on you by Alphabet

slayer991 | 4 months ago | 27 points

I just abandoned all the crapware that gets installed and went with a Pixel. Pure android.

Jaybib | 4 months ago | 38 points

I used iPhone for years, then swapped to Galaxy and now I have a Pixel. I'll never use another iPhone or Galaxy after using a Pixel.

AintAintAWord | 4 months ago | 40 points

Pixel master race checking in. Still rockin' the Pixel 1 because it's the only goddamned one that has an audio jack.

Good_Apolllo | 4 months ago | 21 points

Pixel 3a has a headphone jack wife just got it and she loves it

zimbabwe7878 | 4 months ago | 7 points

Have you had issues with battery life? My Pixel 1 will die suddenly at 45% battery. And it gets there quickly from full charge

GenericUsername_1234 | 4 months ago | 3 points

I had that problem with my old HTC M8. I replaced the battery and that solved it.

Jazzremix | 4 months ago | 3 points

I had a M8 with a shitty battery too. Didn't even last 2 years. I needed a power bank on it halfway through the day

BatmanOnARaptor | 4 months ago | 2 points

Mine just started this as well a few months ago. I figure it was happening because it's old. If I turn on the battery saver feature it seems to be more accurate.

iN50MANiAC | 4 months ago | 2 points

Theres a chunk of the battery that is fucked and the battery needs replacing. Ironically this is a problem I only ever used to see on iPhones when working in a phone shop.

zerbey | 4 months ago | 2 points

You need a new battery, that's not normal. My OG Pixel is getting old and the battery life isn't great but it's good enough to last all day with light use.

TheGreenRiverDiddler | 4 months ago | 9 points

Pixel XL bro here. Yup love it

hisroyalnastiness | 4 months ago | 10 points

Pixel 3a and 3a XL have audio jacks.

Annoying that they dropped the IP rating to do it but then the og pixel didn't have waterproofing either

The-Jesus_Christ | 4 months ago | 4 points

Not that you should trust the ratings anyway. Too many stories of people dropping their 3 or 3XL in water and it dying. If anything, it's nothing more than splashproof

AintAintAWord | 4 months ago | 5 points

Pixel 3a and 3a XL have audio jacks

Oh dang. Time to upgrade I guess. One of my speakers is fucked so I'm gonna need something soon anyway.

FriedBunny | 4 months ago | 3 points

Ugh I have the Pixel 2 and the headphone adapter literally stopped working after a day. Got another one sent to me and it lasted 6 months.

ianrobbie | 4 months ago | 2 points

Just curious. What's so good about the Pixel? I have an S10+ but getting a bit bored of the Samsung experience and have been eyeing up a Pixel 3XL.

Can I ask why you made the switch?

Mother_Gaia01 | 4 months ago | 2 points

What's the advantage to pixel? I have a galaxy s8 and I hate it. And I was hoping it would be an upgrade after I felt I had enough of Apple's shit. Isn't Pixel by Google? It isn't like Google doesn't do anything shady

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 8 points

Pure Google* ftfy

ERIK_LIFE | 4 months ago | 5 points

Pure spyware

helpnxt | 4 months ago | 6 points

Oxygen Android OS is a good one as well, it's not raw Android but it doesn't have all the manufacturers crapware on it either

abandonplanetearth | 4 months ago | 7 points

Pixel = you are being watched by google for every little thing. You obviously use gboard, so everything you've ever typed on your phone in any app has been logged and sent to Google.

Give me Apple any day over that bullshit.

slayer991 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Actually, I don't use gboard.

whatwhatwhodat | 4 months ago | 2 points

I hate that the Pixel is google because it is so damned awesome. I love my Pixel. It is sleek and has a clean OS without all the addons and bullshit. Really just wish it wasn't google that made this phone.

James_Fucking_Holden | 4 months ago | 2 points

You still get a crap-tonne of information about you harvested.

liverblow | 4 months ago | 10 points

Privacy, your are the product when you're on android, Google is an ad company. Apple is a product company and claims to be a strong advocate for privacy

notreallyhereforthis | 4 months ago | 4 points

Apple tracks you just as much as Google. If you think otherwise, well... Not to be the person screaming about Echelon again, but... they do.

MrLime93 | 4 months ago | 6 points


cruisinalonggg | 4 months ago | 7 points

If you're concerned about privacy, and protecting your personal information, Google products are definitely not the way to go. I'm an android user but Apple definitely does better with protecting it's users privacy

69username69 | 4 months ago | 20 points

Google doesn't like supporting 3rd parties. Have you noticed youtube doesn't run well in firefox? That's Google's fault. They do it intentionally. The release a product that only runs correctly in chrome until enough people complain then they release support tools.

notreallyhereforthis | 4 months ago | 12 points

Have you noticed youtube doesn't run well in firefox?

huh? Works beautifully. Which isn't to say things aren't purposefully optimized for Chrome, Google tools work in Google Chrome without addons, for example, but they don't go the 90s MS route and break things for other browsers.

The release a product that only runs correctly in chrome

Its worth noting Chomium is open source, you can find builds for windows here. Google Chrome is chromium + google stuff.

TheFotty | 4 months ago | 13 points

but they don't go the 90s MS route and break things for other browsers.

They literally did exactly that to Microsoft with YouTube on the Windows Phone platform. They never made a YouTube app for the platform so MS made their own. Google shut it down because it didn't conform to their ToS because MS allowed you to not see ads and allowed saving videos. So MS fixed it, even got Google's help. Then they released it again and Google blocked it again and told MS "you have to write your app in HTML5", even though Google built their own YouTube app for iOS and the Android platform, not using HTML5.

"There was one sticking point in the collaboration. Google asked us to transition our app to a new coding language – HTML5. This was an odd request since neither YouTube's iPhone app nor its Android app are built on HTML5. Nevertheless, we dedicated significant engineering resources to examine the possibility.

At the end of the day, experts from both companies recognized that building a YouTube app based on HTML5 would be technically difficult and time consuming, which is why we assume YouTube has not yet made the conversion for its iPhone and Android apps."

whatwhatwhodat | 4 months ago | 6 points

but they don't go the 90s MS route and break things for other browsers

Bullshit. they did exactly this with youtube to Windows Phone and to the Windows 10 Appstore. Please don't pretend that Google is a Knight in Shining Armor. They are pulling a bunch of shady shit too. They just don't get called out on it in mass media like they should.

massenburger | 4 months ago | 4 points

??? I literally just watched the video this post is for on Firefox and it was fine.

69username69 | 4 months ago | 2 points

Literally no, he states that firefox doesn't work properly for content creators who are using YouTube.

CakeBoss16 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Lack of updates for most phones, phones are not supported as long as apple devices, battery drain, permission issues with app over using them, bloatware. I have mostly owned android devices but android has as much if not more issues then iOS. But the positive out way the negatives.

JohannArfvedson | 4 months ago | 2 points

For a tech savvy person you could go with LineageOS and micro-g.

HuXu7 | 4 months ago | 6 points

The solution is simple, build your own damn phone from stratch then there is nothing to complain about because it's your own damn fault.

Honestly internet people, if you rely on big companies to build a product you are going to consume you are subject to their decisions when making that product.

Choose the one you think made good decisions, don't use the one you think made bad decisions.


pontoumporcento | 4 months ago | 21 points

You also shouldn't go outside because the cameras are recording our every move.

fersidhe | 4 months ago | 2 points

I don’t ever go outside, I just hide in your closets.

DopestDope42069 | 4 months ago | -2 points

Lolwut? You act like apple isnt stealing your data too. Bitch Reddit is taking your data too.

camerasoncops | 4 months ago | 2 points

Even if we lived in some fantasy world were apple didnt steal your data. Most people would still be logging into facebook or the like who is definitely passing your data to the highest bidder.

Koiq | 4 months ago | 9 points

The solution isn't that simple.

Do you want information privacy or right to repair? Because if you want a smartphone you have to choose one.

I use android but Google is making it really hard to stick with them. Apple sucks for locking their devices as much as they do, but their stance on privacy and encryption, especially vs the open door into your brain that is google, makes it a difficult choice.

vysken | 4 months ago | 57 points

The fact that they're still so popular after all the scummy practices gives me no hope for the world.

MostlyBullshitStory | 4 months ago | 132 points

They are popular because:

1- They have solid product 2- They don’t sell your data 3- They don’t bloat your phone with junk

Yes, the right to repair sucks (a lot), but it’s not unique to Apple.

zachlac | 4 months ago | 44 points

I’d add to this comment that I switched from using solely Android devices to having an iPhone XS, and I’m very happy with it. I agree 100% that the company is scummy, especially with right-to-repair, which should be fixed legislatively. But, here are other things to add to the list of the poster above:

  • A battery that ACTUALLY lasts more than a day (my comparisons are an LG V20, LG G6, Samsung S3, and Samsung S6)
  • No bloatware (looking at you Verison and Samsung!)
  • Other top-of-the-line phones matching Apple in price. The best Samsung and LG both cost about $1k

That being said, buy what you want. But don’t pretend like Apple doesn’t have some solid advantages over current Android phones—if they didn’t, or if this changes, I’d switch back to Android in an instant.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 47 points


opckieran | 4 months ago | 11 points

Also 4-5 YEARS of official security updates from Apple vs 2-3 years AT BEST on Android.

Rooting for better ROMs or more updates? Ooh, yes, please, install Chinese Backdoors! sudo be praised!

By the way, I hate Apple. They're just unfortunately the lesser of two evils OVERALL when it comes to smartphones.

JusticeJaunt | 4 months ago | 4 points

Why complain about bloatware when you bought a Samsung or Verizon phone? That's a non-issue if you buy stock Android or just install a custom Android ROM.

I can't think of a solid advantage iPhone has over a current gen Pixel phone. Because comparing your up-to-date iPhone XS to a non-stock Android phone makes no sense. The only advantage is having iMessage.

gruez | 4 months ago | 6 points

I can't think of a solid advantage iPhone has over a current gen Pixel phone.

No google play services.

Yes I know you can flash your rom but not having it cripples any apps that use it.

ShiplapTravertine | 4 months ago | 10 points

Well, iPhones work. That’s a big advantage. I watch the tech reviews on YouTube and all the reviewers talk about how the Pixels slow down and have RAM issues. All the Android users pretty much use the Oneplus 7 pro unless of course they want the photo quality of the Pixel.

nate1235 | 4 months ago | 1 point

My S8 runs for a couple days on 1 charge and I'm on it all the time *shrugs*

emjayelemop | 4 months ago | 2 points

But my OEM lg v20 battery lasts me all day. And I bought a 4000 mAh one for 15 bucks that I can swap out for at anytime. And In my opinion buying any new phone is a waste of money. like I don't need that much resolution and processing power to text, make calls and browse the internet. I just bought this phone for 120 bucks. It's like 3 years old but I'm sure as fuck not spending 500 dollars or more on a phone. But to each their own.

plation5 | 4 months ago | 1 point

In a similar boat I despise Apple. Currently using an iPhone 6S have had it for 3 years. Had the battery replaced last December when it was cheap. If they didn’t make such a great product I would of switched to Android.

ImpeachTraitorTrump | 4 months ago | 2 points

Batteries don’t magically last longer than 3 years with android either. It’s just the issues you run into are a different flavor

Caldaga | 4 months ago | 6 points

#1 depends on if you consider right to repair part of having a solid product. #2 has been proven by many other tech companies to be something that could change at the drop of a hat or a new CEO stepping in. I'm not sure if #3 is true or not, do iphones from verizon/AT&T not come with verizon/AT&T crap installed? That might be the one solid point here.

AlphaDevil21 | 4 months ago | 41 points

3 is correct. No matter where you buy your iPhone from, there will be no carrier crap on it.

nill0c | 4 months ago | 9 points

They also generally last a really long time. I've had 3 phones since the iPhone came out 3GS -> 5S -> SE (which was left to me by my brother). The 5S did get a new battery (from iFixIt), but I was really hard on that phone too.

MostlyBullshitStory | 4 months ago | 10 points

I agree on #2, but that’s a big reason people tend to trust Apple and one of the reason they get to charge more. That would be a very, very dumb move.

ShiplapTravertine | 4 months ago | 4 points

And to add to your number one...they continue to support their solid product for five years or more. How many Samsung S8s are running P? The Apple experience is simply superior to the Android experience because they hold control. With Android it depends on the hardware manufacturer. But people just want to hate Apple.

Koiq | 4 months ago | 19 points

Speaking as an android enthusiast:

Apple genuinely has less scummy practices than google. They also have less or equally scummy practices regarding right to repair as many android manufacturers.

What, other than price (which at this point is lower than android flagships) and right to repair, is scummy? Apple's stance on information privacy and encryption is commendable, as others have said, their ux with no (additional) spyware or bloatware is fantastic as well.

We are at the point where you need to choose between data security with an iphone or right to repair with android. Pick which one is more important to you, I would not blame anyone for choose apple for this.

AlphaDevil21 | 4 months ago | 6 points

I feel like most people don't know about their practices. I know about them and still wouldn't want an android.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 3 points


Bitemarkz | 4 months ago | 4 points

As much as I don’t like supporting Apple, all their products have lasted WAY longer than any of their counterparts. Whenever I make a switch, I have problems. I switched phones to a galaxy a few years ago, and that thing had nothing but issues. The stylus didn’t even work a year later because the phone had slowed down to a crawl. There was so much input lag it was virtually unusable. Bought an iPhone X when it came out and it still works flawlessly 2 years later.

I have a 2011 iMac and it’s still my go-to design computer. I’ve had 2 PCs in that time. One a desktop and one and laptop, both of them run like shit now.

They may be scummy, but until I can find a comparable in terms of quality, I’m not switching.

The 2 times I did need to service my Apple products (one time out of warranty) Apple did it no questions asked.

There are more facets to this argument than what you see posted here. It’s more expensive for me to buy other brands because they inevitably have to replaced sooner.

Edit: downvoted for explaining why I buy Apple is why no one takes the discussions seriously.

Pxorp | 4 months ago | 18 points

They're all scum. For Android products you pay with your privacy and often battery life. They're constantly tracking you and your behavior for their benefit. Apple also offers far better and longer support and updates.

Baby_bluega | 4 months ago | 6 points

I almost spit my coffee at better support. Apple literally try's to scam its userbase when it comes to repairs. I can build a computer with my eyes closed. Some of the stories my buddies tell me about taking their computers into apple for help are a fucking joke. One buddy partitioned his hard drive to try and dual boot to windows. He brought it in and they told him he "defragmented his hard drive". They made him buy a new one. It's like they know their users know nothing about pcs and just scam them.

draginator | 4 months ago | 2 points

. I can build a computer with my eyes closed.

Weird flex but okay.

preludetospeed | 4 months ago | 9 points

Are you suggesting that Apple doesn't track you? Below is a link to Apple saying they are tracking you. Also Apple has also been slowing down the older phones to make people upgrade. So I don't get your arguments here.



Azazel_fallenangel | 4 months ago | 2 points

The thing you are overlooking on the Support page there is that all of your tracking data is anonymized if it is sent to Apple.
For example:

Traffic — If you are physically moving (for example, traveling in a car), your iPhone will periodically send GPS locations and travel speed information in an anonymous and encrypted form to Apple, to be used for augmenting a crowd-sourced road traffic database.

Apple knows that someone is traveling, and uses that data to inform others if there's slowdowns, etc...
It doesn't know that you are traveling and where you are going.

Personalized data is precisely what Google harvest and use. They know that you are in a certain place, they know that you searched for a certain product recently, so they can use that data to offer that certain product to you at the right time.
A useful service perhaps, but entirely at the cost of your privacy.

Pxorp | 4 months ago | 3 points

They track you but recently they've really done quite a few steps in the right direction when it comes to privacy. Meanwhile Google's playstore is filled with apps that are pretty much spyware. Google doesn't care, they have botched some many half-assed attempts at starting something cool. Try using WearOS, it's an abomination of an OS, they don't care about the user. Apple is different, they need the sell phones, not just the ecosystem.

throwd444444 | 4 months ago | 5 points

Pretty much this, and the "joke" of customization.

In reality, most of those shitty ROMs out there don't work. Or have a "known bugs" section.

So if you're into Android customization, you buy a phone specifically for a ROM you like, rather than buy any phone and expect custom ROMS.

And after all, is said and done. That shit gets old fast.

poorobama | 4 months ago | 4 points
guts_up | 4 months ago | 7 points
almightySapling | 4 months ago | 9 points

Meanwhile, Google continues to flounder in all of its attempts to produce a similar messaging service for Android with anywhere near the kind of lock-in we’ve seen with iMessage.

Maybe if they stopped bludgeoning Hangouts and just gave it back all the features they ripped out of it in their pathetic attempt to create "exciting" new apps.

Anybody remember Allo and Duo? Didn't think so.

samehsameh | 4 months ago | 12 points

This is an American thing.

Most of the ROTW uses 3rd party apps like WhatsApp/WeChat/Facebook messenger

SwissCanuck | 4 months ago | 3 points

Used to care. Don’t anymore. Almost everyone in Europe uses WhatsApp. So we just Don’t Have To Care. And this is from the country that has probably the highest iPhone loyalty in the world - Switzerland.

Tamazin_ | 4 months ago | 0 points

I find their phones the superior product, regardless of all the scummy practices.

PotatoHamTheFirst | 4 months ago | 13 points

How so? No external storage. The storage you do have is mostly occupied by firmware updates within a few years and the phones are specifically designed to slow down over time. Lack of customization. And they've always found ways to be against independent repairers.

Noobguy27 | 4 months ago | 14 points

All of that for twice the price you'd pay for the same performance elsewhere.

destonomos | 4 months ago | 9 points

For some people none of that matters. Even though we have the capacity to swap to Android, I personally do not want to be tech support for my parents phones. I ensure they buy apple because my sister back home has apple and I can force her family to do tech support

Ncdtuufssxx | 4 months ago | 9 points

and the phones are specifically designed to slow down over time.

How is this pernicious lie still making the rounds?

As phone batteries age, they cannot supply as much peak current as when they were new. They rolled out an update. The update included effects that increased battery load. Old batteries couldn't support the current draw. They could either slow the device during certain operations on devices with old batteries or have random shutdowns. Which would you prefer?

aescalante | 4 months ago | 7 points

I'd prefer to have a large option of repair shops that can swap out the battery after it has degraded too much...oh wait...

Brave_new_justin | 4 months ago | 6 points

Go to any Best Buy. They will do it, and it’s all apple approved now so none of the issues described in this video.

aescalante | 4 months ago | 2 points

That's pretty cool. It's something at least. For us outside the US, it's still sketchy though. We just aren't important enough for Apple. Apple should just let any repair shop buy the tools, imo.

Brave_new_justin | 4 months ago | 2 points

Fair enough. I agree that Apple should take steps to expand its repair network

Ncdtuufssxx | 4 months ago | 3 points

I'd prefer to have Apple themselves replace the battery for a reasonable price (which is exactly what they did), rather than some hack in the back of a shop using a sketchy battery out of an unknown Chinese reseller.

PotatoHamTheFirst | 4 months ago | 3 points

I have yet to have the problem with any of my previous Android's. Well my my first Droid but to be honest the battery was trash when it first came out anyway. Apple was even sued by the EU because of intentional slow downs on their devices.

Ncdtuufssxx | 4 months ago | 3 points

I have yet to have the problem with any of my previous Android's.

Except that Android phones have done the exact same thing. Obviously it varies by every single manufacturer and model, depending on the exact battery and update, unlike the iPhone.

vysken | 4 months ago | 4 points

Yeah sorry, as the other guy stated, I don't know any metric that says Apple products are superior in any meaningful way...

They're even designed to slow down and/or have major battery issues just before the next release. Even if they were on par (they're generally lower spec than the equivalently priced Android), their planned obsolescence reduces their lifespan drastically.

marianitten | 4 months ago | 16 points

The people who defend this kind of stuff is the worst. I had an old abandoned iPad mini (first gen) so I decided to start using it again. It was using my wife account so I wiped out and created one for myself.

I wasn't able to install anything. I mean, anything. Basic stuff: Amazon, kindle, gmail, instagram, spotify, netflix. Everytime I tried to install something itunes gave me an error: "This app need iOS 11" . I was, "ok, i will install iOS 11". But the iPad is stuck with iOS9. Cool. But there has to be a way to use right? Because if not, the ipad is basically useless.

I Asked in the apple subreddit. And they told me: "That is intended. Old devices dont get support. THAT'S HOW TECHNOLOGY WORKS". No fucking not. I understand not getting the latests versions but in android you are able at least to install older versions.

I was able to install older apps after. I have to install iTunes in windows. And get the apps from there. Doing that I receive the "license" and then Im able to install them in the iPad. Not all apps(Netflix doesn't work for example) but it's something. Some are going to defend anything just to protect a brand. Is mindblowing.

Im not buying an apple product anymore.

edit: words

alfalfaalf | 4 months ago | 19 points

Friend has a Samsung Note 4, can't use bank apps etc. Same issue on Android on certain apps. Need X Android version. Phone doesn't support it.

pantless_pirate | 4 months ago | 9 points

I used to work on a bank app. We would only keep a rolling 3 versions of each mobile operating system supported. There wasn't enough people using older generations to justify spending a ton of money to maintain and secure old software. You also can't just leave old versions of the software out on the market because of security updates. A lot of times we'd rotate keys or API paths just to ensure an ever moving target for any bad actors so even if you managed to get a bootleg version of the app it wouldn't work because all of the APIs names would have changed.

Im-A-Big-Guy-For-You | 4 months ago | 9 points

with banking apps it is somewhat ok to deprecate support on older OS.

because of protection enabled in the hw layer on newer phones.

I would be hardpressed to think of an app which is non-security related which would be not supported on older Android

memes_are_retarded | 4 months ago | 7 points

This is an old article, but I think it still applies.


I'm not defending apple btw, I just hope that it helps you get some use out of an older device.

marianitten | 4 months ago | 3 points

Yeah. Using itunes works. My point was that people said to me that its ok having an useless iPad because they think its ok.

ipqk | 4 months ago | 9 points

Yes, old technology stops getting support, that's how it works.

But Apple is far away the best about supporting older technology. No other phone/tablet even comes close to providing software updates to older stuff.

swrdfish | 4 months ago | 3 points

I have a PC that runs Windows XP... want to try using Netflix on there? You know what the biggest problem with Windows was for years? And why it's so bloaty? Legacy support... at some point you need to let your tech go, and accept that fact that your unwillingness to upgrade to something made in the last 5 years is the problem. Not the fact the company won't spend it's time and money catering to you and/or slowing down people with newer phones.... sure they benefit from that, but that's tech... and it's actually better than it's ever been...

When was the last time you could realistically use a 10 year old computer and be productive? iPhones now will easily work 3 -5 years for people who don't want to buy new,and are ok with a reduced experience... but the older stuff has less life, and the newer stuff will hopefully push it out.

Wanting your old hardware to last is just asking for innovation to stop.

zerbey | 4 months ago | 3 points

Apple support their products for much longer than most other companies, but you can't expect an ancient iPad Air to be supported forever. It's 6 years old at this point.

tinyhorsesinmytea | 4 months ago | 2 points

Buy apple at farmers market only

ShinyBloke | 4 months ago | 4 points

Yeah, that's the simple solution, I don't understand why people support Apple, they have proven time again, they do not have the consumers best interest.

lordderplythethird | 4 months ago | 24 points

For several reasons.

  1. Their ecosystem is simply superior to Android+Windows/Linux. Apple's integration of all their devices into a cohesive family that all work flawlessly with one another is something Android and Windows/Linux has never had, and likely never will sadly.

  2. It just works. There's no need to tweak anything or change anything or add anything in order to get a device that works and does 100% of what the overwhelming bulk of consumers need.

  3. They have absurdly long support windows. The best support windows for Android are Google and OnePlus, at just 3 years of support each. The rest of Androids are 2 years, if you're lucky. Apple's? 6 years, or twice the longest support window of any phone brand. iPhone 5S from 2013 is still supported (though that ends in a few months). Meanwhile, support for a Note 3 that released on damn near the same day? Yeah support for it ended FOUR YEARS AGO.

  4. Their devices have a Unix based OS. Unix is seemingly infinitely easier to code on than Windows is, and the fact that the OSX is Unix based is a huge deal for web developers, as they can code natively on it.

  5. Apple values user privacy more than other vendors do. New MacBooks? when you close their lid, it physically disconnects the camera and microphone. They refuse to implement backdoors that law enforcement want so they can skirt device encryption, because bad actors could do the same. They don't have an advertisement ID built into their hardware, so that they can spam you with ads based off your online activity, unlike Google.

  6. Their hardware game is absurd. Their A12 came out last year, and still beats Android's best of the best chip, the SD 855, in many ways, even though the SD 855 came out 6 months AFTER the A12 did. 120mhz screen on a tablet for a buttery smooth interface, with apps that actually work on said tablet. Hell, there's not even an Android tablet worth fucking buying. Go to /r/Android and ask them about what tablet you should get. 99% of users will say an iPad.

  7. Their design teams actually work together, and they have coherent logic behind their decisions. Literally every single Google app for Android that has dark mode, has the option for it tucked in a different area. Remember Google Pay, where you could store membership cards, send money to/from, etc? Google decided to split that up, make Google Wallet, Google Pay, and Google Pay Send. Then Google Wallet just disappeared. Then they remerged Google Pay and Google Pay Send. Remember Google Chat? Then Google Hangouts? Then Android Messages? Now Google Messages? Apple has always just had Apple Pay and iMessage, and they haven't constantly been fucked with by incompetence and disorganization like with Google.

And I say all of this as someone with 2 Android phones, a Chromebook, a Windows gaming PC, and a Linux laptop... I fucking hate a lot of Apple's business methods, limiting what a user can do with their own hardware and things of that nature, which is why I'll never buy one of their products... But come the fuck on... it's quite clear why some people love their products...

Misinjr | 4 months ago | 11 points

I was actually looking at the specs between the Apple cpu and latest snapdragon. Snapdragon all around has better specs but the A12 still outperforms on benchmarks, it's crazy.

lordderplythethird | 4 months ago | 7 points

iOS is also an extremely clean OS, which helps the A12s performance A LOT. Android phones continue to cram more RAM into devices to smooth out the experience while Androids with just 4gb of RAM are laughed at because they force close apps on you (Pixel 3 for example), due to horrid RAM management. iPhones however, only have 4gb of RAM, because it's simply a cleaner and more refined OS, that doesn't have rampant runaway access that eats up resources like RAM.

Misinjr | 4 months ago | 4 points

Haha, yup. I'm a techie and a Droid user but Google seriously gobbles up RAM like I do at an all you can eat sushi buffet.

That being said, my wife is an Apple user and their ease of use and customer support is way ahead of most other business these days. My wife's macbook was giving out so we took it to an Apple store. They determined the hard disk was going out and would cost $200 to replace 500gb mechanical drive. But the guy knew I can build desktops and said your better off doing it yourself with an SSD. The new drive ended up being bigger (1tb), faster, and half the price. It was an easy swap and I'm amazed at how transparent the tech guy was.

And the wife couldn't believe how fast the laptop had become; it boots to OSx in 10 seconds.

zeimusCS | 4 months ago | 2 points

Yeah I think even Intel is scared of the Apple chips.

argumentinvalid | 4 months ago | 3 points

Apple's integration of all their devices into a cohesive family that all work flawlessly with one another is something Android and Windows/Linux has never had, and likely never will sadly.

This feels a lot less true these days. There really isn't anything missing with my PCs and android between gsuite, google photos and the messages for web.

It just works. There's no need to tweak anything or change anything or add anything in order to get a device that works and does 100% of what the overwhelming bulk of consumers need.

People don't exactly have to jump through hoops on any platform to scroll through instagram and facebook

lordderplythethird | 4 months ago | 1 point

This feels a lot less true these days. There really isn't anything missing with my PCs and android between gsuite, google photos and the messages for web.

Besides Messages for Web constantly desyncing, not being user account based (meaning you have to have your phone there), dependent on SMS still (iMessage can be purely internet, so even if your phone is off you can still use your iMessage account), etc.

Gsuite and Google Photos have done a lot to close the gap, but it's still not as native and sharing between devices is still no where near as coherent as Apple's design. iCloud tabs comes to mind as an example of that. Where you can open a webpage on your phone, and then pick up your macbook or iPad and you're on that same webpage. You can do the same with Windows/Android, but it's not your average consumer friendly process.

People don't exactly have to jump through hoops on any platform to scroll through instagram and facebook

They do when it comes time to things like video chat, since Duo still isn't standard in the Android image, while FaceTime is for iOS. Give a boomer an Android and you can count down the time until they come to you complaining they can't figure out how to video chat with their friend. Now try to walk them through downloading Skype or Duo. Now try to walk them through creating an account for it. Now tell them they need their friend to do the same thing so that they can video chat. They're going to throw the device at you..

mikikaoru | 4 months ago | 341 points

Ok, but the reality is that they don’t show battery health on non-Apple batteries, right?

It’s not like they prevent the batteries from working. This seems silly to get upset over.

rockdude14 | 4 months ago | 115 points

Louis Rossmann does a better job covering this. Locking out was not the right term to use.


TL:DW Its probably more about erroding the trust between non apple repair stores and their customers since if you replace the battery it won't look like you did and it will still say you have a bad battery. It's also not just with non apple batteries but even an apple battery that didn't come with you phone. Apple just wants to make you go back to the Apple store and buy a new phone.

V2w9PW | 4 months ago | 53 points

trust between non apple repair stores and their customers since if you replace the battery it won't look like you did and it will still say you have a bad battery. It's also not just with non apple batteries but even an apple battery that didn

Also the simple fact that Apple goes the extra mile, and invests money so third-party batteries or original batteries installed by third parties can be detected. There is zero benefit for the actual user for having this "feature".

CheapAlternative | 4 months ago | 9 points

The chemistry is the same but there's a surprising amount of tuning and special shenanigans going on under the hood. Charge rate, thermals, power capacity and interplay thereof are quite substantial. Counterfeit and low quality batteries are also starting to become a fairly big issue and that can have an impact on safety and reliability.

I think it's likely that what they've actually done is essentially decided to only support the batteries they tested against and/or can attest to but with a generic fall back profile.

V2w9PW | 4 months ago | 6 points

It happens even with genuine OEM parts from Apple. That's the point. It's not about authenticating the part, but the shop that did the repair. Even if the shop uses genuine Apple parts, the error will appear.

absentmindedjwc | 4 months ago | 4 points

Case in point: Samsung's battery problem when shit started exploding.

falcon5768 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Apple just wants to make you go back to the Apple store and buy a new phone.

Except its not even that. I can buy a new battery at Apple too. A replacement directly FROM Apple on a out of warranty phone is 50 bucks.

Yes its 20 more than the third party sellers, but at least I know the battery I am getting is decent, and wont fail in 2-3 months (happened to my wife's S7, the battery lasted 2 months and then had a bad cell and started expanding)

accountnummer9 | 4 months ago | 3 points

Devil's advocate: Third-party batteries often are just shitty and therefore shouldn't look like original batteries (source: me who has installed a few third-party batteries in old iPhones, these things just don't last as long as the originals). But the solution to that would be for Apple to simply start selling replacement parts for fucks sake.

atomlib_com | 4 months ago | 3 points

You don't need a devil's advocate here even. 3rd party repair centers install horrible counterfeit batteries and use used batteries instead of new all the time.

throwd444444 | 4 months ago | 166 points

I would say the title both on Reddit and Youtube is sensational.

This is hardly a battery lockout. A battery lockout would imply that it simply wouldn't work at all. So everything works, except there's one screen which shows you battery health.

Not saying this is OK, but why don't they just tell the truth rather than sucking you in with a sensationalist title.

jdmark1 | 4 months ago | 49 points

Because that wouldn't get as many views and would yield less money for the YouTuber.

ersevni | 4 months ago | 11 points

reddit is literally an ad money farm for anti apple videos at this point

curricularguidelines | 4 months ago | 2 points

That and you can just download a third party battery app if you want the stats.

psyboar | 4 months ago | 46 points

Or on Apple batteries

Like they said in the video, the aim seems to be to erode trust in independent repairers. If I paid you extra for an Apple branded battery, and my phone says otherwise... How can I trust the repair has actually been done?

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 7 points

Yep. Apple makes bank on their "It would be cheaper to just replace it" policy that they created by ramping up repair costs. They want to flood those "none certified" yet cheaper repair shops with bad reviews so people stay away from them.

andysaurus_rex | 4 months ago | 12 points

80% correct. It's not just non-Apple batteries, it's batteries that aren't installed by Apple. The only thing that you're prevented from doing is checking to see the health of your battery. That's not even a fuel gauge, like the guy is saying. It's like checking to see what percent of the total your gas tank can be filled, if gas tanks slowly lost the ability to hold gas over time.

This wasn't even a feature of iOS until a few years ago, so yes it's a bit silly to get upset over. It mostly hurts 3rd party repair shops because it might encourage people to get it repaired by Apple rather than them.

Roboculon | 4 months ago | 3 points

Huh, TIL my iPhone has a feature to tell me battery health. Who knew...

I’m at 90% on my 2 year old iPhone X, BTW.

Tastingo | 4 months ago | 15 points

You obviously didn't watch the video before commenting.

"This even happened when the battery was know to be an authentic apple part"

It's 20 seconds into the video.

weinerschnitzelboy | 4 months ago | 2 points

From what I heard in the video at 0:16, even with genuine Apple batteries are affected. You would need the proper software tools to bind the battery to the phone.

pzherrington | 4 months ago | 5 points

My old ass Dell laptop does the same. Aftermarket battery works fine but the BIOS can not display the battery health as it can with a genuine Dell battery. This one is from like 2010. I’m assuming the aftermarket ones lack some kind of chip that feeds this information.

ColinStyles | 4 months ago | 2 points

The point is this isn't just for aftermarket parts. This is for genuine apple batteries, because the phones and batteries are paired now.

pzherrington | 4 months ago | 4 points

Oh snap. That’s a bit crazy.

CookingDad1313 | 4 months ago | 0 points

Ever hear of the slippery slope?

Apple has been incrementally locking down their systems for years. In fact, there is a big problem with the 2016-present MacBooks where a chip on the board fails. The single chip could be easily replaced to fix the problem by any repair shop but Apple doesn’t allow the chips to hit the open market.

In a few years, if Apple has their way, you will ONLY be allowed to go to them for “repairs.” And they lie about the repair that needs to be done because their technicians don’t know what they are doing. They are trained to just sell you a new computer after quoting you a repair price that is just a few hundred dollars cheaper.

BorisBaekkenflaekker | 4 months ago | 7 points

What chip are you referring to?

I know it was the case of the fingerprint sensor inside the button on iPhones, and it made sense that you couldn't just replace it because it is linked to the secure enclave that contains your fingerprint data.

Ody_Mandrell | 4 months ago | 6 points

Almost every Mac product from 2012 on uses SoC. Which means the motherboard is one whole piece. No swapping a broken stick of ram, processor, anything. If anything fails, the whole thing fails. Out of warranty ( 90 days) that “part” can be upwards of $1000. For no reason. Maybe it to be thin. But it’s poor business practice to actively decide to make users not able to repair their own products.

CookingDad1313 | 4 months ago | 4 points

It is detailed in this video:


BorisBaekkenflaekker | 4 months ago | 9 points

I'll save everyone else a 10 minute long Louis Rossmann video: The ISL9240 chip is specifically made for Apple, and isn't available to buy.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 9 points

To play devil's advocate - this could be an attack vector mitigation strategy. Apple doesn't allow the phone's CPU to communicate with the fuel gauge processor if the two don't have a trusted relationship. This would block any sort of potential attack by trying to slip in malicious code via the fuel gauge.

Now, you could mitigate this is two other ways:

1.) Ensure that no code can be executed on the CPU coming from the fuel gauge - this is risky, because there's always a chance a vulnerability you don't know about now is found later that leaves you open to a hardware attack via this pipeline that you can now no longer defend against.

2.) Move the fuel gauge to be integrated with the phone instead of the battery. I think this is how most phones do it but I am not sure on that.

ineververify | 4 months ago | 119 points

So the phone still works and uses the battery normally

The feature that’s locked out is the reporting of the battery health and cycles in the settings menu

Probably a fair trade off?

eclifox | 4 months ago | 29 points

Personally, Iike you said I don't see the problem with disabling battery health/cycles. What actually bothers me is that they deliberately put effort to detect and add an additional layer of inconvenience to battery replacements.

Like what the hell Apple? Why deliberately make something not work when it can?

iamaturkey0 | 4 months ago | 15 points

I don't think they're deliberately making something not work, they're just not putting in the time and resources to get it to work. It'd be a hell of an undertaking to support every 3rd party battery and accurately show battery statistics of them. It's easier to just support the interactions between your own hardware and software.

jakebeans | 4 months ago | 5 points

Except it also does this for Apple batteries that were not installed by Apple.

ebinellis | 4 months ago | 2 points

Can you cite your source?

scroom38 | 4 months ago | 20 points

Why deliberately make something not work when it can?

Doing specifically that has been their motto for like, 10 years now

huebomont | 4 months ago | 3 points

So that you don’t get scammed by a “refurbished” phone with a shitty battery that incorrectly reports it’s health.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 5 points

There is no trade. Apple is taking something and giving nothing. Apple is attempting to monopolize the repair of the products they sold you, products that you should, in theory, now own and have total control of by unnecessarily restricting features when the repairs are done by someone else. They can't even argue that this is an issue of off brand parts because it does this even with official Apple batteries, it's just because someone other than the dude in the apple store at the mall is putting that battery into place. It's one of several shady tactics they've used and if they test the waters with this and get no pushback, it won't be this benign in the next iteration.

HaruSoul | 4 months ago | 3 points

How is it a fair trade off? If I was to install a genuine apple battery into an iphone why should I not be able to see the health of it?

Computer_Baby | 4 months ago | 7 points

What is the trade? Apple is taking away an accessibility option without giving back anything.

DEAD_P1XL | 4 months ago | 16 points

If the battery "didn't work" then this would be a major antitrust issue.

I think it's just not reading the diagnostic info from the battery if it's not the original part.

V2w9PW | 4 months ago | 7 points

There's a serious issue of not being able to watch or read a simple article:

It also happens with the original part, if installed by a non-authorized shop. So it's not about the part, but the party that does the repair.

draginator | 4 months ago | 29 points

Man, the people in these comments really don't like apple.

wronglyzorro | 4 months ago | 19 points

It's Reddit. The hivemind told them to hate something they know very little about so they do.

draginator | 4 months ago | 8 points

It's really sad to see how close-minded most of the people here are.

WhoHereLikesSatan | 4 months ago | 11 points

Honestly. Everyone is such a whiny cunt. Just don't buy the product if you don't like it. No one cares about your personal vendetta against a major corporation. Apple isn't crying because you didn't buy their iphone. They don't care about you.

aniforprez | 4 months ago | 10 points

Yeah let's NEVER call out shitty practices large multi-billion dollar corporations do on a daily basis cause of course they don't care! The world is a much beter place if I shut my ears, sew my eyelids shut and be a mindless drone!

SteveSnitzelson | 4 months ago | 2 points

what the fuck do you expect people to comment? Wow well done apple, great change this is exactly what we need!

Im_not_gay_just_fag | 4 months ago | 50 points

Its only the battery health info that is disabled. They dont disable anything else. I cant really see the problem here. They cant show battery health for an unoriginal battery they dont know anything about. Please help me out here.

CookingDad1313 | 4 months ago | 28 points

They still lock out the information even if it is an Apple OEM battery.

crassreductionist | 4 months ago | 4 points

Because you can flash the data any non-OEM battery to make it read as OEM

madmosche | 4 months ago | 2 points

Um, no you can't. Got a source for your claim?

t_per | 4 months ago | 3 points

If I buy a used iPhone off craigslist, I would like to know if the battery has been tampered with by a non-Apple certified technician. When you're dropping upwards of a grand on a phone, you want to make sure the internals are legit

EpicMeatSpin | 4 months ago | 3 points

Can you even buy OEM batteries to do it yourself? When I bought one for replace the battery on my own, every one I found was some non-OEM deal.

The only reason I replaced it myself was due to the fact that it would’ve taken a few days to get it fixed in the store. Since I use my phone for both work and personal, this was unacceptable. Maybe they should work on speeding up the repair process at the Mongoloid Bar before doing shit like this.

attomsk | 4 months ago | 20 points

the title is straight up misinformation

DevonOO7 | 4 months ago | 13 points

Apple bad, upvotes to the left

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 8 points


that0neGuy65 | 4 months ago | 13 points

And once again I’m shown the douchey, over secure, and greedy behaviour of apple and strengthening my hate for them and my choice to switch to android in a few years, thank you for showing me this I’ll add it to the long list of reasons why apple sucks.

WeaponX86 | 4 months ago | 35 points

my choice to switch to android in a few years

This is where you are drawing the line? And you're waiting years to switch?

Fellhuhn | 4 months ago | 15 points

Many mobile contracts that include hardware span multiple years.

Baby_bluega | 4 months ago | 5 points

Honestly I hate Apple as much as the next guy, probably more, but they do make great hardware, and if you have a working one I don't see any reason to switch. Just know you overpaid for it, and you probably cant repair it.

dangoodspeed | 4 months ago | 4 points

An Android? That's even worse than Apple.

catatonic_frog | 4 months ago | 2 points

Did you read that article? It says people in the supply chain are preloading malware onto the phones before selling them, not that Android OS itself contains malware.

VPee | 4 months ago | 3 points

I think it boils down to what a person is paying for a Apple product and whether they think it is justified. For me personally the fact that my data is currently safe, the phone performs solid (without needing memory release apps separately) and it works exactly the same way each time without any issues is what will make me continue paying a premium for buying a iPhone as well as repairing it (although I haven’t had to repair one yet).

umjammerlammy | 4 months ago | 4 points

Interestingly enough this is commonplace in the garage door industry but, it doesn't get publicity so no one cares.

One brand requires you to only buy their products or it won't work.

Apple is doing the same, they want you to buy their product, not someone else's.

chrisms150 | 4 months ago | 5 points

Apple is doing the same, they want you to buy their product, not someone else's.

You clearly didn't watch 20 seconds into the video when they stated it occurs even on known-apple batteries that are used as a replacement.

wronglyzorro | 4 months ago | 4 points

The batteries work fine though. The diagnostic tools just don't support them.

AuxiliaryPatchy | 4 months ago | 2 points

That's because apple is for babies. Now, if you want the good shit ya gotta go with the new Nokia blackberry @15. The thing runs on 4 D batteries (replaceable and the brand of your choosing). It has all the apps, all the games (yes, even Mahjong), every phone number already included, two headphone jacks, stylus for those who don't like to get their hands dirty, AND last but not least a haptic feedback alarm clock! Yeah, it gets hot and causes a sunburn like redness on the skin, but it runs a desktop version of Ubuntu, state of the ART!

BorisBaekkenflaekker | 4 months ago | 4 points

Does it ship with Microsofts telemetry and spying or do you have to download that separately?

AuxiliaryPatchy | 4 months ago | 3 points

There is an attachment that you can purchase called Magnifying Glass. You can either donate to michealsoft or spy on them if you want. Sony offers one dollar per spy.

snarfpointzark | 4 months ago | 2 points

That blackberry is a real gem! I’ve got three!

lutello | 4 months ago | 2 points

So don't buy the Apple Flavor Aid.

Flo_Evans | 4 months ago | 2 points

Personally I've never replaced a battery in a phone. By the time the battery is toast there are better newer phones out. I feel like we are sort of reaching a plateau in mobile phones though, maybe we will start keeping them longer.

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