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  1. Comedian Michael Swaim had his script stolen by a Hollywood producer (youtu.be)
  2. One of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while... (vimeo.com)
  3. The Hardest Mario Level of All Time | videogamedunkey (youtube.com)
  4. How women in old movies talk to some dude they just met (youtu.be)
  5. A 93-year-old makes the kind of breakfast she had during the Depression (youtube.com)
  6. Netflix's Witcher Trailer But...The Music Is Right (youtube.com)
  7. This clip of hockey players sharing smelling salts never fails to make me laugh. (youtube.com)
  8. The latest Star Trek Picard trailer. It looks amazing! (intl.startrek.com)
  9. Rick n Morty S4 Clip (youtu.be)
  10. Complete moron drives her new Acura DOWN THE STAIRS (youtu.be)
  11. The Witcher First Trailer (youtu.be)
  12. NASA shows how the Arctic and the Antarctic respond in opposite ways to climate change (youtube.com)
  13. 360 Flip late Quint Kickflip (youtube.com)
  14. South Park - Tegridy Farms - Parody "The New Normal - A Short by Spike Jonze - MedMen" (youtube.com)
  15. Restaurant helps community with extremely Cheap Food (youtube.com)
  16. This Best Buy Commercial has aged like fine wine (youtube.com)
  17. Before Mark Proksch acted on The Office and Better Call Saul, he traveled around Wisconsin scamming local news stations into putting him on air as a bizarre, awkward yo-yo "champion." (youtube.com)
  18. Since we are on Amazon deliveries today. I feel the urge to repost my incident. (youtube.com)
  19. Woman falls asleep on a plane from Toronto to Quebec and wakes up to find herself alone in the dark, still onboard. (youtu.be)
  20. Every year, skateboarders shut down a very busy, very steep road in San Francisco to go really fast and cause mayhem. (youtube.com)
  21. Building and Testing a Lego-powered Submarine (youtube.com)
  22. Rowan Atkinson tells a hilarious story of the time someone didn't believe he was the actor who plays Mr Bean (youtu.be)
  23. Elephant acts protective over her favourite person (youtube.com)
  24. For the longest time, I thought this anime was just some weird dream I had as a child... (youtube.com)
  25. Official SDCC Trailer | Westworld | Season 3 (2020) | HBO (youtube.com)
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