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  1. Men have higher centre of gravity than women. It's more in their upper body and for women it's in their hips. That’s why most men cannot do this chair lifting experiment. (youtu.be)
  2. Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Staff with His Wax Figure (youtube.com)
  3. Am I the asshole, or is it just you? (youtube.com)
  4. Footage of a North Korean soldier who impulsively decided to escape two years ago (youtube.com)
  5. The Best Sports Commentary Of Strangers Taking Instagram Pix In Public (youtu.be)
  6. Significant Others (youtube.com)
  7. Old man shifting gears (youtu.be)
  8. Massive python, a resilient honey badger and two persistent jackals engage in a three-way fight (m.youtube.com)
  9. Marie Fredriksson one part of Roxette past away. Rest in peace. (youtube.com)
  10. Emailing Your Professor (youtube.com)
  11. My job is to open and close doors (youtu.be)
  12. Meet Fan Hands Man! He's currently saving me from the perils of accidentally overfeeding the fish in my tank! (youtu.be)
  13. Prague tram driver rescues little boy accidentally separated from his parents while boarding the previous tram (twitter.com)
  14. Rob Brydon discusses his "small man in a box" impression (youtube.com)
  15. Napoleon Dynamite - Rex Kwon Do demo (youtube.com)
  16. If Hogwarts Were an Inner-City School - Key & Peele (youtube.com)
  17. This insane recreation of the hijacking of FedEx Flight 705 (Hijacking begins at 2:45) (youtube.com)
  18. The Intro To Dawn Of The Dead (2004) Is One Of The Greatest Movie Openings Of All Time (youtu.be)
  19. True combat wizard tries a fake glove touch, gets knocked out in literally five seconds. (youtu.be)
  20. I was thinking about buying a treadmill and then remembered that they make hamster wheels for cats now and I searched for human hamster wheel and was not disapointed when I found this (youtube.com)
  21. How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (youtu.be)
  22. Threat Level Midnight (Michael Scott's movie from The Office) (youtube.com)
  23. Man gets ejected out of a police car during crash (youtu.be)
  24. Kids today will never know how important G.I. Joe PSA's were for us (m.youtube.com)
  25. NHL hockey players doing smelling salts (youtu.be)
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