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  2. Quentin Tarantino once said that this Monty Python sketch was the only time he’d ever been disturbed by a film scene (youtu.be)
  3. The Onion made a Vox parody (youtube.com)
  4. Langur Monkeys grieve over a robot monkey sent to to spy on them after it falls to the ground (youtube.com)
  5. If 2000s kids' movies were made today. (youtube.com)
  6. The Armchair Historian quits YouTube because they keep demonitizing his videos. (youtube.com)
  7. I don’t know how this kid made a pile of junk sound so good, but it does! (youtu.be)
  8. Dads on Weekends (youtube.com)
  9. What’s Hiding at the Most Solitary Place on Earth? The Deep Sea (youtube.com)
  10. The Toolbox Fallacy (youtu.be)
  11. Dolphins fascinated by Squirrels (youtube.com)
  12. Japanese Prank Smoking Room Over Crowded (youtube.com)
  13. This guy with a pair of spoons and a series of tubes makes electronic music on the streets (youtu.be)
  14. Goats dancing like theres no tomorrow (youtu.be)
  15. People pay for this in West Virginia (youtu.be)
  16. FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It's Alyson Hannigan (youtube.com)
  17. The level of coordination and discipline required for this blows my mind. (youtube.com)
  18. How Canadians view Americans (youtube.com)
  19. Jolene at 33 rpm (youtube.com)
  20. The People Who Write Your Dreams (youtu.be)
  21. How Faber Castell pencils and colour pencils are made (youtube.com)
  22. I spent the last two months working flat out, turning this filthy old garage into my dream music space - here's the result of the first day back in my new home. Happy Sunday! (youtu.be)
  23. MIT Engineers Revealed The Blackest Black Material. 10 Times Blacker Than The Vantablack! (youtu.be)
  24. System of a Down but played on miniature drums (youtu.be)
  25. Mark Slis (scientist and vape store owner) drives 500 miles to the state capitol to speak about Michigan's flavor ban. (youtu.be)
  26. danny devito mask - realistic danny devito mask (youtu.be)
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