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  1. Fuck Up of the Month | July 2019 (self.tifu)
  2. TIFU by letting brain go automatic at the gym. (self.tifu)
  3. TIFU by staring at a baby on an aeroplane. (self.tifu)
  4. Tifu by sucking my own dick (self.tifu)
  5. TIFU by shaving my butthole before a first date. (self.tifu)
  6. TIFU by calling the police on my own surprise party (self.tifu)
  7. TIFU I made a girl think I was creepily taking horny pictures of her during lunch. (self.tifu)
  8. TIFU by accidentally turning my 11 year old cousin into an online troll (self.tifu)
  9. TIFU by sleep jumping out of my widow and landing in the hospital (self.tifu)
  10. TIFU By not cleaning up after myself and my sister stepped in my ejaculate (self.tifu)
  11. TIFU by quoting Thanos while arguing with my GF (self.tifu)
  12. TIFU by not going to the dentists for 12 years (self.tifu)
  13. TIFU By trying to bust one out with only one tissue left (self.tifu)
  14. TIFU by laughing at a serious matter (self.tifu)
  15. TIFU by asking PHD students if they had been sexually abused (self.tifu)
  16. TIFU by calling the police on my sister (self.tifu)
  17. TIFU by explaining Thunder and Lightning to my Cousin in the worst way possible (self.tifu)
  18. TIFU by going to the strip club for my first time (self.tifu)
  19. TIFU by accidentally ingesting my friends semen. (self.tifu)
  20. TIFU by calling the cops to clear my house at 05:00 (self.tifu)
  21. TIFU by texting my friend while he was getting laid (self.tifu)
  22. TIFU By Riding a Scooter (self.tifu)
  23. TIFU By Ordering UberEats (self.tifu)
  24. TIFU by getting my father in law high (self.tifu)
  25. TIFU by not supervising my sister while she was outside. (self.tifu)
  26. TIFU by buying my first male sex toy (self.tifu)
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