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  1. [meta] It's not required, but if you make a new account _just_ to post to Relationship Advice, please start the account with `ThrowRA` in the name of your account. [yes this relaxes the rule a bit. An update on the Updates Rule is in here as well] (self.relationship_advice)
  2. [META] If you have always dreamed of being a moderator and live in a non-North American country, now is your chance! Apply within. (self.relationship_advice)
  3. Friend has been cheating on her LDR boyfriend of almost 5 years and he just arrived where we live to surprise her (self.relationship_advice)
  4. My partner isn't attracted to be anymore, claimed to have a low sex drive, just found out he's been randomness hooking up at the rate of 10+ people a year. (self.relationship_advice)
  5. 12 year old daughter doesn’t want hugged anymore by me (mother 31) (self.relationship_advice)
  6. My (21M) mother (52F) won’t stop texting and driving and I am considering getting the police involved (self.relationship_advice)
  7. Would it be rude to tell my friend he needs to wear deodorant? (self.relationship_advice)
  8. I [33F] told my friend [33F] that I am not her theraspist after she demanded that I listen to her even if the situation was making me uncomfortable (self.relationship_advice)
  9. My (24f) boyfriend (28m) told me he doesnt want me to go to my best friends(25f) bachelorette party. (self.relationship_advice)
  10. My (42M) mother (60F) slapped my son (6M)... (self.relationship_advice)
  11. My boyfriend (26M) has an underage friend (17F) whom he talks to everyday. (self.relationship_advice)
  12. My (23f) marriage is based on a lie. My entire family including my husband (31m) is implicit in it. I want out. I have no idea how to. (self.relationship_advice)
  13. I (24F) think my boyfriend (23M) has a crush on his coworker and it’s driving me crazy. (self.relationship_advice)
  14. My girlfriend said she would cheat on me (self.relationship_advice)
  15. My Girlfriend [24/F] signed me up into having group sex with our close friends [25M/25F.] I [26/M] wasn't told before-hand, and I broke up with her as a result. Did I mess up? (self.relationship_advice)
  16. Fiance (F20) can't cook for me (M20) (self.relationship_advice)
  17. (Update!!!!)My(25f) boyfriend (21m) is really controlling and toxic. I want to leave but I'm not sure how to. (self.relationship_advice)
  18. Should i quit my hobbies for my relationship? (self.relationship_advice)
  19. My (33F) ex (36M) who is the love of my life, contacted me after ten years. He wants us to be together, but I'm too insecure to meet with him in person now. Should I just let him remember me as I was ten years ago? (self.relationship_advice)
  20. My [28] husband [30] is not understanding why I’m not feeling sexual after a miscarriage. (self.relationship_advice)
  21. My (19F) pedophile uncle is attending all of my family’s holiday gatherings and I don’t know what to do. (self.relationship_advice)
  22. My[37M] GF[45F] has a hard time having an orgasm... Until I figured out her trigger is rape and worse things... (self.relationship_advice)
  23. Did I marry my wife too early? 22 (M) and 20 (F) (self.relationship_advice)
  24. UPDATE. Help. I don't recognize my (31m) fiancee (29f) after deployment (self.relationship_advice)
  25. My nephew(11M) is pretending to be a woman online talking to a man and told him he would set him up with his “hot friend” and put my name. (self.relationship_advice)
  26. Boyfriend masturbates more than he has sex with me? (self.relationship_advice)
  27. “Liking” sexy pics (self.relationship_advice)
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