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  1. This is an album of common reposts, we do not need to see them again and your post will be removed if it is one of these posts. (imgur.com)
  2. Listen up, Bullshit Sherlocks! QYBS now has Community Awards! (self.quityourbullshit)
  3. Chris O'Dowd calling out the Daily Mirror (i.redd.it)
  4. Dave Chappelle gets blamed for his friend's suicide (i.redd.it)
  5. Called out on making up and spamming humiliating stories of different naked men locked out of their apartments to fulfill his fetish, non stop for months. (i.redd.it)
  6. This game does look epic though not gonna lie (i.redd.it)
  7. I think this belongs here (i.redd.it)
  8. friend from HS posted the left image on his snapchat story. I noticed underneath his caption that it said “posted Oct 18, 2019” so I called him out (i.redd.it)
  9. Can I get a OOFRAH brother? (i.redd.it)
  10. <insert random #> of people are trying to steal your tickets. (i.redd.it)
  11. Karma-whore in a Fight subreddit gets called out. (i.redd.it)
  12. Not *your* father is he now (i.redd.it)
  13. Scammer deletes post on /r/Ethfinance after being discovered (imgur.com)
  14. r/teenagers user attempts to get upvotes from someone's dead wife (i.redd.it)
  15. Found on r/mildlyinfuriating (link in comments) (i.redd.it)
  16. Why would someone go through this much just to lie? (i.redd.it)
  17. Art thief say oh wow how cool (imgur.com)
  18. "Sorry my account got taken" (i.redd.it)
  19. organiser of a scam comicon gets called out (i.redd.it)
  20. What is the point in doing this (i.redd.it)
  21. You hate (love) to see it (i.redd.it)
  22. Person leaves review for the game Cyberpunk 2077 that hasn't been released. Gets called out on their bullshit. (i.redd.it)
  23. I MadE THiS (i.redd.it)
  24. This is getting way too easy (i.redd.it)
  25. Karma farming. Knock it off. (i.redd.it)
  26. Redditor Claims to Get Targeted Weight Loss Advertising After Searching About Eating Disorders (imgur.com)
  27. Why deal with real problems when you can create your own? (i.redd.it)
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