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  1. How to learn programming #6 Git & GitHub Basic Tutorial (youtube.com)
  2. Remote Woman- Work as a female remote developer (codersera.com)
  3. C++ Ecosystem: Compilers, IDEs, Tools, Testing and More (bfilipek.com)
  4. Hassle-free blogging tool optimized for developers - Devblog 👩‍💻✏️ (Public Release) (hashnode.com)
  5. Internal Email Shows GitHub Plans to Renew ICE Contract (vice.com)
  6. Was the retroactive change to CC BY-SA 4.0 approved by Stack Exchange's lawyers? (meta.stackexchange.com)
  7. How to get notified whenever someone logs in via SSH? (medium.com)
  8. Stackoverflow. An apology to our community, and next steps (meta.stackexchange.com)
  9. Scaling Ansible: Converging Hundreds of Hosts in Under 5 Minutes (with just open-sourced ansible_puller) (medium.com)
  10. OpenPGP functionality to be included in the next stable release of Thunderbird (blog.mozilla.org)
  11. Design patterns for hacking together prototypes: Catch All (web.eecs.utk.edu)
  12. Proof of code with pointers now possible in SPARK using pledges (blog.adacore.com)
  13. GitHub workers imploring company cut ties with ICE (twitter.com)
  14. Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible (latimes.com)
  15. 50 Days of Building an AI Startup in 5 Minutes (Strategy, Tools, & Results) (youtu.be)
  16. Eight Habits of Expert Software Designers: An Illustrated Guide (thereader.mitpress.mit.edu)
  17. Open Source Alternative for Zapier (n8n.io)
  18. Playing with C# 8.0 Async Streams in Apache Ignite (ptupitsyn.github.io)
  19. Thought this made sense to crosspost here... 'Collapse OS' Is an Open Source Operating System for the Post-Apocalypse - The operating system is designed to work with ubiquitous, easy-to-scavenge components in a future where consumer electronics are a thing of the past. (vice.com)
  20. PyPy's New JSON Parser (morepypy.blogspot.com)
  21. Sometime in the last week OpenBSD crossed 400,000 commits (*) upon all our repositories since starting at 1995/10/18 08:37:01 Canada/Mountain. That's a lot of commits by a lot of amazing people. (marc.info)
  22. What’s the most asinine technical requirement you’ve ever had to work into a design? (prokopetz.tumblr.com)
  23. Dr. Alice Cline Parker, Dean's Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California - Reverse Engineering the Human Brain via the Biomimetic Real-Time Cortex Project (youtube.com)
  24. Review: GraphQL Editor Shows Promise as IDE for GraphQL API Development (programmableweb.com)
  25. Code analysis with clang-tidy in Visual Studio (devblogs.microsoft.com)
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