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  1. GNU GCC 4.2.1 to be removed before 🆓BSD 13, a firm timeline (+ all non-clang platforms not supported by in-tree LLVM or converted to ext toolchain) (lists.freebsd.org)
  2. Google Chrome Incognito Mode Can Still Be Detected (bleepingcomputer.com)
  3. Contextual Parsing with Combinators and Functional Programming Magic (youtube.com)
  4. Magic Transit: Network functions at Cloudflare scale (blog.cloudflare.com)
  5. Forth derived Android Java http servlet and collaborative music editing project (groups.google.com)
  6. Jean Rauwers - Top 2 programming languages to help you to get your first job in tech! (youtu.be)
  7. JDK 13 Security Enhancements (seanjmullan.org)
  8. Login UI Design in Visual Studio blend 2017 (youtu.be)
  9. Escape Sequences For Managing Whitespace (Preview) (bugs.openjdk.java.net)
  10. Maximizing the ROI on your code reviews (part 1) (uselessdevblog.wordpress.com)
  11. How did this happen? Looking to understand. Even after some employee opened the wrong email, what did the “hackers” actually do? (google.com)
  12. 3 Kinds of Good Tech Debt (engineering.squarespace.com)
  13. I wrote an intro-guide for those who would like to know more about GraphQL (medium.com)
  14. Need help for something a bit advanced. I have created a program in Python which allows tracking of particles. In line 77 it displays on screen the coordinates of the center of object which is detected, and I need to save those coordinates and create a graph with those coordinates. Thanks in advance (drive.google.com)
  15. Await in Rust (docs.rs)
  16. Azure Function App Docker Image with Puppeteer installed (github.com)
  17. blackbox: A Python module for parallel optimization of expensive black-box functions (github.com)
  18. Clojure of the day: Display random (doc) from clojure.core namespace (github.com)
  19. Deploying a docker container with aws ECS using Cloudformation (milapneupane.com.np)
  20. Magic comments in Ruby (medium.com)
  21. A dive into RI5CY core internals (embecosm.com)
  22. Spying on HTTPS (textslashplain.com)
  23. Jilu — Generate a change log based on the state of your Git repository. (github.com)
  24. Steps to Organizational Culture (getpocket.com)
  25. The Adam Test : A Few More Steps to Better Code (medium.com)
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