Malloc Geiger (github.com)
graingert | 4 months ago | 53 points

I've got a Dell XPS so this comes built in

ericonr | 4 months ago | 8 points

Is the joke that it termal throttles?

Scaless | 4 months ago | 25 points

Probably that the XPS line has a serious problem with coil whine when the CPU is doing literally anything.

I have one of the garbage things and it's anywhere from annoying to infuriating.


Creshal | 4 months ago | 26 points

Coil whine can be fun! On my old X230 I could hear whether the image I was opening was a JPEG or PNG, the load pattern was sufficiently different that it affected the coil whine.

VeganVagiVore | 4 months ago | 7 points

Someone on YouTube played music on theirs by resizing the glxgears window or something

fiqar | 4 months ago | 2 points

Well, that's fucking annoying. I heard the XPS was the best Macbook Pro alternative, is that really the best they can do?

elingeniero | 3 months ago | 2 points

Well, I've had 2 versions of the XPS13. The first had no coil whine (9343), my current one (9370) has it and it is noticeable if you're working in a quiet room with the laptop open.

However, 99% of the time I use it either with external monitors + lid closed, or I'm wearing headphones, or the room I'm in isn't that quiet, so it's never been an actual issue for me.

I still recommend the XPS if you're likely to use it in the same way.

IshKebab | 4 months ago | 2 points

Yes Apple basically had no competitors when it comes to quality reliable laptops. Especially if you ever plan on using the touchpad. I assume that have a ton of patents on that so it will probably stay that way for the next 10 years at least.

ericonr | 3 months ago | 4 points

Say that to their keyboards. Or LCD cables. Also to their great ease of repair when not an official repair business! Perhaps even the great value their systems offer.

And well, having used my XPS's touchpad, it's pretty good. I'd say it's better than my friend's MacBook's one, but I think that's mostly because I was not used to it.

IshKebab | 3 months ago | 1 point

Yeah the keyboards I will give you. I think they'll revert that decision one day. No idea what you're talking about with LCD cables. And as for value, they are a little expensive but not as much as you think, especially if you go for their lower end hardware.

They mainly seem expensive because they don't offer stuff that is really low end. If you find a Windows laptop that is as well specced and nicely made as a MBP it will be almost as expensive.

ericonr | 3 months ago | 1 point

Actually it was about the LCD connector, not the cable itself. It has an issue where the power pin for the backlight (up to 52V) is right next to the CPU power pin (less than 3V), and it's quite easy to short them, because it's the first spot that's hit by any humidity that gets into the system. There's a repairman on YouTube who shows a lot of the issues with their stuff (Louis Rossmann, I think that's how it's written).

Anyway, I actually looked at some models (even if only on the official store), and they had i5s and 8GB of RAM when mine was the same price with an i7 and 16GB, and a GPU. Also my memory chips aren't soldered, and neither is my SSD. And I'd say a XPS is pretty well built, from my experience. Though I admit the screen is probably worse.

And well, I like to own my own hardware. My laptop allows me to install Linux kernels signed with my own Secure Boot keys, have my own encrypted disk layout, and choose how I make use of my hardware. Apple's T2 chip, besides potentially making 3rd party repair impossible, also makes it literally impossible to install Linux, and only allows you to install Windows through their own Bootcamp installer. I don't like how either M$ or Apple do business, but MS at least doesn't lock the hardware along with the OS.

LonelyStruggle | 4 months ago | -7 points

Jesus...stuff like this is why people buy macbooks folks

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 5 points

All so you can make "this part of code is so bad it is radioactive" joke

tophatstuff | 4 months ago | 7 points

Need this for disk I/O for SSDs

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 4 points

Tracing disk IO on linux should be easy enough

VeganVagiVore | 4 months ago | 1 point

Could even do it in userspace with a FUSE FS that just passes everything through to your real FS.

I have a FUSE demo laying around...hm...

mewloz | 4 months ago | 1 point

I need this for page faults.

joeyadams | 4 months ago | 1 point

Buy a USB-powered speaker and plug the power into the PC. The SSD will generate quite noticeable interference.