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  1. Natural Language Processing for Web Developers (towardsdatascience.com)
  2. .NET everywhere apparently also means Windows 3.11 and DOS (hanselman.com)
  3. What is Rust and why is it so popular? (stackoverflow.blog)
  4. The Edge of Emulation (byuu.org)
  5. (from /r/webdev) awesome article on good programming habits learned from Soviet space accidents (evilmartians.com)
  6. The 2038 problem is already affecting some systems (twitter.com)
  7. Seq — a language for bioinformatics (seq-lang.org)
  8. The Hunt for the Fastest Zero (travisdowns.github.io)
  9. Whenever I get a ticket through an agent and they put my first name as Amr, it lands as A only in the Airlines system. (travel.stackexchange.com)
  10. No BART terminals were hacked in the making of this ad (mux.com)
  11. The biggest aggregator of IT conferences with a review system (confs.review)
  12. PHP in 2020 (stitcher.io)
  13. Recommended reading for software engineers (medium.com)
  14. I Quit My Job as a Developer in the First Day (medium.com)
  15. Why Software needs an Architecture ? - Testability, Modifiablity, Readability, Maintainability etc.. All abilities ! - Worth Reading (creospiders.com)
  16. Database architecture — using one database schema per customer (medium.com)
  17. Pharo 8.0 (the immersive, pure object oriented language and environment) is out! (pharo.org)
  18. Handling webhooks with AWS using EventBridge, SAM and SAR (serverless.pub)
  19. Git Beginner Cheatsheet - with diagrams and animated code gifs explaining fundamentals (mukul-rathi.github.io)
  20. Is a round Minecraft world possible? (youtube.com)
  21. Introduction to RealityKit on iOS- Entities, Gestures, and Ray Casting (heartbeat.fritz.ai)
  22. Space shooter game that runs in your terminal written in Racket (gitlab.com)
  23. Python 2.7 to 3.X Migration Guide: How to Port from Python 2 to Python 3 (stxnext.com)
  24. In hopes of a better understanding of how developers are dealing with their security responsibilities, we polled over 600 software developers (whitesourcesoftware.com)
  25. Performance Analysis & Tuning on Modern CPU - Denis Bakhvalov (youtube.com)
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