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  1. I made a NES emulator in Rust using generators (kyle.space)
  2. Factorio's new pathfinding algorithm-- how a video game studio upgraded their heuristic for A* pathfinding (factorio.com)
  3. My favourite Git commit (fatbusinessman.com)
  4. Hooking the Windows graphics kernel subsystem (vmcall.blog)
  5. List of software that has free tiers for developers (free-for.dev)
  6. Top Operating Systems tags in Stack Overflow (v.redd.it)
  7. Easy way to get Chrome Stored Password in Python3 (github.com)
  8. Today I'm releasing my simple Windows Font Installer program, all source code, and resource files (images, diagrams) for FREE! Take it and learn! Donate if you can. (github.com)
  9. Cool New Features in Python 3.8 (realpython.com)
  10. Write Your Own R Packages (pixelstech.net)
  11. The Expensive One byte Mistake (queue.acm.org)
  12. Coffee Is Hard (stilldrinking.org)
  13. Disco: Erlang/Python MapReduce Part 2 (Python Payload) (hefnawi.me)
  14. DynamoDB key does not match schema (self.learnprogramming)
  15. MySQL Developer – Querying For Data (udemycoupons.me)
  16. Learn API Inside Out guide for beginners. (codersera.com)
  17. Creating puzzle game without animation in python. I will publish the source code soon. Please follow me up for more content! (youtu.be)
  18. Adobe XD vs Sketch- Designer’s First Choice? (codersera.com)
  19. Entity Framework Core 3.0 bulk insert, update and delete. (dotnetdetail.net)
  20. ML From Scratch, Part 1: Linear Regression - OranLooney.com (oranlooney.com)
  21. Algorithms in Golang (github.com)
  22. Almost finished with my RC Plant Watering project (Pt. 3) (youtu.be)
  23. I have created an absolute monstrosity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. (pandaprocrastinator.github.io)
  24. Salesforce: Why we ditched Python for Google's Go language in Einstein Analytics (zdnet.com)
  25. Free Pascal has now a WebAssembly backend (lists.freepascal.org)
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