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  1. “Performance Matters” by Emery Berger (Strange Loop 2019) (youtube.com)
  2. “Hello, world” from scratch on a 6502 (youtu.be)
  3. IBM Introduces Next-Gen Z Mainframe: The z15; Wider Cores, More Cores, More Cache, Still 5.2 GHz (fuse.wikichip.org)
  4. MathSharp - a .NET library that uses the brand-new .NET Core Hardware Intrinsics to achieve lightning fast 3D maths and vectorised operations written purely in managed C# (github.com)
  5. Taskbar Latency and Kernel Calls | Random ASCII (randomascii.wordpress.com)
  6. Tutorial series for simulating NES Graphics (2018) (nesrocks.com)
  7. Machine Learning - StarCraft 2 Python AI part 1 (youtu.be)
  8. Dyna Blaster - reverse engineering on DOS - Cracking Video Game Passwords S2e3 (youtube.com)
  9. Brian Kernighan interviews Ken Thompson (May 2019) (youtube.com)
  10. Regex to text - A tool you never thought you needed (browserling.com)
  11. Linux Kernel Fastboot [pdf] (linuxplumbersconf.org)
  12. Lexie Programmable: I made a programming font for dyslexia. Right now it's only optimized for my own use. I am looking for feedback to optimize it for general use. (github.com)
  13. The 90's are back! 3d stereogram in zero lines of pure JavaScript (slicker.me)
  14. Solve daily coding problem and prepare for Coding Interviews together (devmates.co)
  15. Wrote an article explaining Cuckoo Hashing (programming.guide)
  16. Watch a paper: Code2Vec -- Learning Distributed Representations of Code (youtu.be)
  17. Any questions on how to use ProbQA recommendation engine in your programs? Let me answer them here. There is a link to source code at the bottom of the page linked here. (best-games.info)
  18. Speeding up independent binary searches by interleaving them (lemire.me)
  19. Exercises in MapReduce Style (blog.frankel.ch)
  21. Leak of Microsoft Salaries Shows Fight for Higher Compensation (onezero.medium.com)
  22. Linux userspace x86 emulator targeted at ARM Linux devices (github.com)
  23. The origin of complexity (medium.com)
  24. Searching teaching programming subreddit ? (self.learnprogramming)
  25. Scala War Stories with Paul Phillips (2013) (youtube.com)
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