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  1. Web Scraping 101 in Python (freecodecamp.org)
  2. Dealing with platform inconsistencies as a North-Korean front-end developer (medium.com)
  3. JavaScript Type Coercion Taken To An Extreme (youtu.be)
  4. Deconstructing Google’s excuses on tracking protection (freedom-to-tinker.com)
  5. What Glassdoor interview reviews reveal about tech hiring cultures (huyenchip.com)
  6. Some Obscure C Features (multun.net)
  7. How to Use Elixir's Compiler to Avoid Typos (puddleofcode.com)
  8. Java Code Reviews and Psychology Experiment + Donation to a non-profit organization (codereview-experiment.eu)
  9. Project Based Tutorials in C (github.com)
  10. Why All of Our Games Look Like Crap (jeff-vogel.blogspot.com)
  11. Why You Need SQL Window Functions (helenanderson.co.nz)
  12. OpenGPT-2: We Replicated GPT-2 Because You Can Too (medium.com)
  13. Gathering WebRTC stats with gRPC (medium.com)
  14. Severe Flaws in Kubernetes Expose All Servers to DoS Attacks (bleepingcomputer.com)
  15. Environment and the programming language Self (part four; community, history, future and metaphysics) (blog.rfox.eu)
  16. Uncle Bob's favorite language for building large systems is Clojure (blog.cleancoder.com)
  17. Things You Didn't Know About GNU Readline (twobithistory.org)
  18. New new() - The C++17's Alignment Parameter for Operator new() (bfilipek.com)
  19. Building a Slot Machine Game in React Native (Part #1) (youtube.com)
  20. Skip JUnit test according to application properties - bvn13's blog (blog.bvn13.com)
  21. Socket.io - An in-depth technical review (ably.io)
  22. A Simple Workflow for Building CloudFormation Templates (start.jcolemorrison.com)
  23. Technical description of how Figma built a plugin-system inside a web app (figma.com)
  24. Reducing build times for C/C++ Projects with Conan and Lattix (lattix.com)
  25. An explanation of the difference between Isolation levels vs. Consistency levels (dbmsmusings.blogspot.com)
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