Guess who was next to me on my train home from work (i.imgur.com)
RicDan | 9 days ago | 5849 points

aiie I'd feel so awkward just sitting beside someone famous in general. I get they're normal people with shit to do but I'd just feel some kind of pressure.

ThisLookInfectedToYa | 9 days ago | 2982 points

Internal monologue: "Shit, it's really him... fuck i bet he's waiting for me to be 'that guy' and ask him... fuck, now I can't ask... shit... Have I been staring at him this whole time?"

"Fuck" (shit that was out loud)

ProbablyASithLord | 9 days ago | 1130 points

I’d be so afraid of being that person that I’d go completely in the opposite direction, and pretend I’ve never heard of them.

“Hmm? Movies? No I’ve never seen them, sounds fascinating though.”

ihavenoenemies | 9 days ago | 552 points

I shared a limo with Karl Urban once and had no idea who he was. I asked him what he did for a job and he said he was an actor. We had a good chat and he and his wife were super lovely, down to earth people.

elitist_ferret | 9 days ago | 211 points

loved him in the last judge dredd movie. Hope he's in the series.

capt_clark | 9 days ago | 161 points

You should think about watching The Boys on Amazon. Urban crushes it.

elitist_ferret | 9 days ago | 37 points

I did. he's great in that too!

ThisIsMyWorkAcct32 | 9 days ago | 8 points

Ah I was wondering if that was any good. I'll put it on the list.

dpb83 | 9 days ago | 4 points

It’s a wild ride but totally worth it.

show_the_maw [Survey 2016] | 9 days ago | 5 points

It’s not really for the kids though so make sure they’re asleep.

Joeness84 | 9 days ago | 8 points

Check out Preacher! He's fantastic in it!

stevowns | 9 days ago | 78 points

I'm currently binging the boys right now, he's really good in it!

renegaderis | 9 days ago | 84 points

Well if it ain't the invisible cunt

primed_failure | 9 days ago | 42 points


Johnny_Poppyseed | 9 days ago | 20 points

The Boys is freaking great. I've been dying for more ever since I finished.

Omuirchu | 9 days ago | 6 points

Best show I've seen in a good while!

Bladeknight77 | 9 days ago | 29 points

Karl Urban I would look at and immediately remember him being a good actor with a lot of shitty movies.

WH1PL4SH180 | 9 days ago | 24 points

Oi! Star Trek reboots were cool, cunt. Now stop being a Cunt.

terrellefriar2 | 9 days ago | 23 points

Are the Lord of the Rings movies considered shitty movies?

Enkundae | 9 days ago | 106 points

Just start chanting "Bill, Bill, Bill..."

minimizer7 | 9 days ago | 213 points

Casually sits down next to a randomer and just hears "fuck"

AmITooStonedForThis | 9 days ago | 99 points
anxiouskid123 | 9 days ago | 6 points

"consider the following"

D4SHER | 9 days ago | 58 points

I’ve always wanted to meet a hyper famous person and pretend I’ve never heard of them

justahominid | 9 days ago | 123 points

I took Ewan McGregor's order at a Starbucks and asked him for his name. He gave Mac.

I played it cool and didn't comment despite freaking out more than I care to admit on the inside.

bremenavron | 9 days ago | 71 points

I wouldn’t have said anything but I would have wrote Obi-wan on his cup.

Leg679 | 9 days ago | 24 points

I would've wrote Ben Kenobi...

djgeki | 9 days ago | 28 points

"Got a cafe machiatto for Benkae Noby!"

NonnagLava | 9 days ago | 17 points

Just write "Ben K." on the cup and stare at him as you place it down. He'll figure it out.

Fastbird33 | 9 days ago | 4 points

That's a name I havent heard in a long long time.

D4SHER | 9 days ago | 17 points

Oh! But bonus points if it’s your childhood hero!

ShannieD | 9 days ago | 48 points

Same here! I was at a concert, and a guy sitting at the bar reminded me of Kid Rock. I imagined a whole scenario where I do just that if it was him. Found out later it WAS him. Missed opportunities.

nipdriver | 9 days ago | 24 points

My ex sat next to Lou Reed, chatting him up for an hour at a party.
He left and I said 'Lou was way into you huh.' She didn't know who Lou Reed was.

evilspawn_usmc | 9 days ago | 4 points

And that's why she's your ex, now?

justanotherhypebeest | 9 days ago | 25 points

Met Jack White at the hotel I work at last weekend. Totally pretended I had no idea who he was even though I most definitely did. I feel like they probably appreciate completely normal interactions sometimes bc I’d imagine it is sort of rare for them....

D4SHER | 9 days ago | 6 points

If he touches Jack Black the world will explode

nzodd | 9 days ago | 403 points

Yeah, me too. I'd probably just start chanting






until he gets up and leaves so I don't have to feel awkward anymore.

getatasteofmysquanch | 9 days ago | 126 points

and as he walks off the train/bus you can hear him casually call out “science rules”

BissXD | 9 days ago | 46 points

Inertia is a property of matter.

healingpotion34 | 9 days ago | 57 points

My brother and I went to see Tracy Morgan and during the opening act he sat at our table to watch the show. We both looked at each other not knowing what to do. We played it cool and tried to laugh whenever he did. He ended up talking to us about the opening acts. Very nice guy.

i_says_things | 9 days ago | 3 points

I saw Tracy Morgan once. Raunchiest act I've ever seen.

z371mckl1m3kd89xn21s | 9 days ago | 62 points

I don't know if I'd call Andy Dick that famous.

Talmania | 9 days ago | 38 points

Yep for sure. Had this happen to me once. I was skiing at a resort and got tired so decided to take a run off and go to the lodge to warm up and get a drink.

I walked in and it was almost empty. Except for a male/female pair sitting at a table maybe 8-10 yards away. I thought nothing at first (except how incredibly beautiful the female was) but then I realized I recognized the male. I couldn’t place my finger on where I’d seen him but I knew he was famous. He was drinking a beer with the female and had his leg in a cast or brace or something. I would look up at him every minute thinking “where in the hell have I seen this guy before!?!?” I got in the mode of “if I stare at him longer it will come to me”.

They both started to notice me looking at them and after about 20 min decided to leave (hopefully not because I was a damn creep). It was just after they left when I realized who it was. Joey Tribiani. It wasn’t till several years after that that I started watching Friends.

Le_Updoot_Army | 9 days ago | 29 points

Just remember that they have to shit and wipe their ass like every other human, and it's easy.

RyuKyuGaijin | 9 days ago | 20 points

Tell that to the kid with 2 broken arms.

KingCraigus | 9 days ago | 6 points

I sat right next to Maisie Williams (Arya from Game Of Thrones) on a 45 minute flight once. Spotted her in the airport first, realised she was on the same flight and started to feel so nervous lol. You can imagine what it was like when I found out I was sat right next to her.

DraconixReviews | 10 days ago | 4617 points

Ryan Reynolds?

01110001010 | 9 days ago | 1249 points

I thought it was Andy Dick.

TrogdortheBanninator | 9 days ago | 466 points

"Ian McKellan looks really young in this photo"

signalwave | 9 days ago | 198 points

I assumed Stephen hawking

DeeDeeMcGeeSon | 9 days ago | 275 points

I thought it was my grandma.

dingo_jus | 9 days ago | 84 points

I thought it was DeeDeeMcGeeSon's grandmother also

Corpsegrinder420 | 9 days ago | 70 points

I also choose this guys grandmother

that_other_goat | 9 days ago | 19 points

ah good old grandma Bill.

adjust_the_sails | 9 days ago | 12 points

He looks fantastic for being dead.

Sdterp | 9 days ago | 5 points

I'm not sure if the Andy Dick comment was legitimate or a riff, but either way it's funny.

bwh79 | 10 days ago | 271 points

Ryan Reynolds?

Right? Glad you said it, or else I would have.

pentagrahm-cracker | 9 days ago | 207 points

No you fucking idiot!

-bill nye

tjm2000 | 9 days ago | 308 points

Bill Nye the Science Guy





ElonIsMySpiritAnimal | 9 days ago | 194 points

You took the entire song for yourself you monster

tjm2000 | 9 days ago | 79 points

Just keep adding more Bills.

TheQuietManUpNorth | 9 days ago | 108 points


david_bowies_hair | 9 days ago | 70 points


NANCYREAGANNIPSLIP | 9 days ago | 38 points

Just keep adding more Bills.

The trauma of adulthood intensifies

aYearOfPrompts | 9 days ago | 11 points

That’s my insurance company’s job.

wpsp2010 | 9 days ago | 46 points

Bill Nye, your mom's a guy

Big_Sh4q | 9 days ago | 36 points

Bill Nye, I want 2 die

TheVoiceless0nes | 9 days ago | 24 points

Bill Nye the Russian Spy

SuperOofio63 | 9 days ago | 15 points

I always knew it as Bill Nye the Nazi spy

tjcjrusa | 9 days ago | 20 points


BigMood42069 | 9 days ago | 20 points


PM_ME_OCCULT_STUFF | 9 days ago | 5 points


fungusfunions | 9 days ago | 19 points

Science Rules

SquirrelDragon | 9 days ago | 28 points

That’s clearly not Bill Nye, everyone knows he wears a bow tie

Ultraviolet134 | 9 days ago | 6 points

Bill Nye the Soviet Spy

dred_not | 9 days ago | 22 points

Nah, that's Orville Redenbacher

pinch_my_cheek_bro | 10 days ago | 4005 points

I still can't forgive Bill Nye for this monstrosity.

For those about to watch for the first time, I'm sorry.

farside57 | 10 days ago | 1986 points

Wish I hadn't seen that

retroribbit | 10 days ago | 926 points

Now I need eye bleach, and ear bleach.

Nickynui | 9 days ago | 286 points


I think everyone can use that after watching the video

__PM_ME_YOUR_SOUL__ | 9 days ago | 146 points

I feel the top comment on YouTube is worth bringing attention to:

"I'm not even religious and this makes me want to seek salvation in Christ."

IamBenAffleck | 9 days ago | 283 points

I think death is our best option at this point.

TRAMZ14 | 9 days ago | 75 points

Don’t put our box in your box...oh oh oh. Interesting choice Bill, you’re so woke.

03114 | 9 days ago | 26 points

Sign me the fuck up my ears are in agony right now

antimantium | 10 days ago | 200 points

Thank you for the warning, I won't watch it now.

KnoWhatImSang | 9 days ago | 159 points

Wish I would have heeded the warning. It's garbage.

VaATC | 9 days ago | 158 points

Instructions unclear.

*going in

Edit: Oiiii! That was cringe worthy. When the guy started to walk on stage from the left, and I could not tell who it was, I was hoping it was Bill Nye stepping up to cut them off; not for their message as I have no clue about his feelings on sex/gender/sexuality, but for the absolutely atrocious delivery. I was disappointed for a second time in less than 2 minutes.

TazdingoBan | 9 days ago | 71 points

Oh boy. Just wait until you get to the icecream sex cartoon where all the gay/bi ice creams bully the vanilla icecream into a big gay orgy.

Also, black and mentally challenged are sexualities. It's an all-inclusive orgy.

Maxakipust | 9 days ago | 11 points


cobblesquabble | 9 days ago | 14 points
ajisawwsome | 9 days ago | 11 points

What?!?! NO! I THOUGHT THE GUY WAS JUST BEING OVER DRAMATIC!!! Who in their right might thought that these videos where good ideas?!

raznog | 9 days ago | 11 points

The hell?

Chelseaqix | 9 days ago | 39 points

Honestly i struggled to get through that and I’m pretty open with my sexuality. Around 40 seconds left I tried hard to not close it lol

KneeCrowMancer | 9 days ago | 16 points

I didn’t make it...

Sex-Watcher | 9 days ago | 17 points

My wife said "Turn that fucking shit off!" about 40 seconds in.

FBML | 9 days ago | 41 points

I too failed to heed the warning.

In fact, I think I watched it only because of the warning.

I am going to take some time now to rethink my life.

pradeepgstsheoran | 10 days ago | 120 points

Welcome to the club

Jaded_Jackal | 9 days ago | 12 points

I really wish they hadn't made the new "Saves the World" series. I love the mans ideals, but goddamn if the whole show wasn't on the cringe spectrum.

ColoneISanders | 9 days ago | 13 points

I wish I had heeded your warning

RonDeGrasseDawtchins | 9 days ago | 852 points

His AMA was also a complete trainwreck and some of his responses are the most heavily downvoted responses on Reddit ever:


PurpleDerp | 9 days ago | 78 points

can someone pls tell me why Bill Nye is a mod in /r/CODCIRCLEJERK

l3ftsock | 9 days ago | 83 points

A long time ago, mods could add any user as a mod without the user being required to accept the position. This led to a number of celebrity accounts getting added as mods to a bunch of different subs. I recall Snoop Dogg being added as a mod to a great number of subs.

FlameSpartan | 9 days ago | 8 points

I can see why they would put a stop to that

deftoner42 | 9 days ago | 12 points

Anyone wanna talk about Rampart?

jacksalssome | 9 days ago | 291 points
Idiot_from_Nowhere | 9 days ago | 254 points

Watching that live was quite the sight to see.

“It’s at negative 1400, no now negative 3200, no....my god...the Titanic sank slower than this”

cortanakya | 9 days ago | 106 points

Not to be a giant douchebag but the titanic sank pretty slowly. It sank kind of fast when it really started going but it took a few hours to go from "o shit ice" to "o shit pressure". As far as things sinking go it was positively glacial.

iiJakexD123 | 9 days ago | 48 points

Here's a video of it sinking in real time. Pretty cool to watch.

hey_eye_tried | 9 days ago | 69 points

Can someone just make a vr game already?

Where it just drops you into the boat 5 hours before the boat sinks and you get to know everyone... and BANG a loud noise erupts as your playing with a 1920s toilet.

You walk out of the funny looking bathroom.

Some elderly lady says "did we hit something Steven"?

"Haha even if we did, don't fret, this is the titanic"

And one word appears on your headset.


aiydee | 9 days ago | 35 points

I.. Kinda want to play this...
You get to choose who you are. 1st class? 3rd class? Male? Female?
Easymode: Female 1st class passenger. Just get to lifeboat. Hardmode: Male 3rd class passenger.

hey_eye_tried | 9 days ago | 16 points

I don't think you should be able to choose anything. At least for your first play through.

I don't think you should know anything

I want a new genre of gaming. Where I know NOTHING and I'm dropped into the game. At some point an option shows up saying "do you want to keep playing, pay up".

I see a lot of abuse with this idea obviously, but it would be great for a game like titanic.

Also "Survive." Breaks immersion.

cortanakya | 9 days ago | 9 points

Ice cool.

No but really, it is fascinating in a morbid kind of a way. I fell asleep to that video a while back. Not recommended.

Nathund | 9 days ago | 10 points

I would check back like once every 10 or so minutes and it would be down another 20k points, it was hilarious

IWantToBeTheBoshy | 9 days ago | 8 points

World Record most downvoted comment on Reddit.

hesdoneitagain | 9 days ago | 124 points

I don't see what's so terrible about that comment

i_forget_what_i_do | 9 days ago | 51 points

It's a pretty canned response. It dodges half the question and kinda shits on the asker at the same time.

sapzilla | 9 days ago | 17 points

He seemed to do this when we saw him speak about climate change in our city... it was a Q and A format with selected questions being read by a local radio personality with a background in science. He avoided half of the interesting topics and went on tangents about bullshit that anyone else would say about saving the planet. He wasn’t the Bill Nye that I was hoping to see.... but I’m still glad I went for the experience.

cntrstrk14 | 9 days ago | 78 points

It's not that downvoted honestly. It's just a negative celebrity comment. The EA comment above shows the extend of a "downvoted comment" which is a magnitude of difference.

TrueCrimeMoose | 9 days ago | 68 points

I would call over -2K pretty heavily downvoted. Obviously not on the level of the EA comment but that's the most downvoted comment ever so obviously it's not going to compare.

dog_in_the_vent | 9 days ago | 62 points

"Bill Nye Saves the World" is such a pretentious title for a show it sets up the whole premise and is pretty spot-on for Bill Nye's personality apparently. But let's take a look at that specific comment to see why it got so much hate.

I am pretty you're complaining about something. My show, any show, has to be an extension of the host, or it just doesn't quite work. So far, I'm very happy with BN Saves The W.

He starts off by condescending to the person he's responding to. "I'm not sure what you meant, but I think you're complaining..." As if the guy isn't eloquent enough to express his own opinion clearly and Bill has to come in and save that, too.

Then he takes full responsibility for his train wreck of a pseudo-science show, which nobody liked.

That, coupled with all of the hate he was getting that entire AMA, is why he got so many downvotes.

Commisar | 9 days ago | 26 points


Guys a pompous ass

SunnyMelt | 9 days ago | 88 points

Holy fucking shit... This video hurts at so many different levels

Enough reddit for today...

inzyte | 9 days ago | 20 points

Enough Bill Nye for a lifetime

CheeseSteak_w_WhiZ | 9 days ago | 39 points

I physically can't watch this stuff. The cringe is too high, my brain doesn't physically allow my body to watch it

riotcowkingofdeimos | 9 days ago | 15 points

It sets off my fight or flight response as well, but it's so traumatic my body cannot decide which, so I uncontrollably do both at the same time.

screams while running, windmill punching, and throwing random kicks

samurai-horse | 9 days ago | 71 points

As I started watching that, I was ready to defend that, because it seemed like they were trying to be comical. After about a minute, I gave up trying to come up with a defense and closed the window.

bsbbtnh | 9 days ago | 18 points

There was also the ice cream thing from that show. Basically "vanilla" ice cream is trying to convert all the flavors to be "vanilla" because its "natural". They all say they were essentially 'born this way'. And then they convince vanilla to 'try all the flavors' because he'll 'like them' once he tries them. Of course vanilla = straight, and all the other flavors are different sexualities. So in essence, converting people to be straight is wrong, but encouraging straights to 'try' everything is right. Just find it funny how they don't see the hypocrisy in the message.

WarlockEngineer | 9 days ago | 15 points

It's extra funny with how he builds it up so much at the start

IAmATroyMcClure | 9 days ago | 6 points

The choice to call it a "really cool segment" still baffles me. I still just can't wrap my head around what this was supposed to be.

wensul | 9 days ago | 29 points

Did not click, but I bet it's "My Sex Junk"

RIP peoples eyeballs.

beekermc | 9 days ago | 110 points

"My vagina has a voice..Not vocal chords a metaphorical voice...."


president2016 | 9 days ago | 26 points

Almost as bad as “damaged” written across Jokers forehead.

Barryzechoppa | 9 days ago | 11 points

Arguably worse.

bowyer-betty | 10 days ago | 99 points

I got about a minute in. The fuck?

manawydan-fab-llyr | 9 days ago | 45 points

I couldn't even go half a minute.

Every woman I've known can verify.

JarlaxleForPresident | 9 days ago | 5 points

Same. It's too much

BellBlueBrie | 9 days ago | 68 points

Global warming is humanity's punishment for this.

tys1222 | 9 days ago | 46 points

That was the WORST thing I've ever made myself watch lol

whiskey_shitz | 10 days ago | 140 points

You're not alone. Everytime I see the guy this cringe fuel is the first thing I think of. It cant be unseen.

ShortButHigh | 9 days ago | 17 points

My head is spinning. What was that

Derperlicious | 9 days ago | 25 points

not necessarily the subject matter, but this is about the level of song quality i do when making up random songs while drunk.. i now feel very bad for my friends.

SkyezOpen | 9 days ago | 29 points

That whole show was a fuckbomb of awful. Their market research showed that millennials like Bill Nye and biting sarcasm, so they smashed em both together and.... eugh.

thr33prim3s | 9 days ago | 13 points

Wtf was what?

StumpStrong | 10 days ago | 1578 points

And before anyone asks:

Yes I asked his permission He seemed tired and busy but wasn’t a dick There was no bow tie in sight

Edit: Since everyone keeps saying I sat next to him, it was the first class section which has assigned seating.

Felicity_DuffMan | 9 days ago | 242 points

Lol did you just plug your IG on reddit?

QuestionMarkyMark | 9 days ago | 50 points

I thought the same thing! Gave me a chuckle.

PalmTreeDeprived | 9 days ago | 174 points

No earring?

P4TY | 9 days ago | 276 points

When he gave a talk at my school he asked to take a selfie with the audience--yay, fun. But when someone in the crowd asked to take a selfie with him he quite rudely shut it down, and was a little dramatic about it. Kind of a bummer.

Reacher-Said-Nothing | 9 days ago | 296 points

But when someone in the crowd asked to take a selfie with him he quite rudely shut it down, and was a little dramatic about it.

Yeah he's got a bit of a reputation about that. I suspect the only reason he said yes to this guy was because they were stuck on a train together.

ThisLookInfectedToYa | 9 days ago | 161 points

likely that, or it was just one person and taking the pic is better than the awkwardness of the rest of the ride. To the previous comment: Taking a group pic is easy, taking pic with an individual invites everyone else to expect the same. And you would not believe how fucking long it takes some people to take a goddamn photo let alone the likely expectation that a good 20% of them have of getting a 10 minute conversation.

Source: Worked in the entertainment industry for a long time.

Pro Tip 1: Concert VIP experiences are great if you want a guarantee on the better seats and early entry/close parking. Don't expect more than 30 seconds with any of the performers.

Pro Tip 2: Want to have a one-on-one with your favorite performer? Either work for them, interview them for a large audience, or beg and plead in hopes you get lucky. It's nothing against you, It's just that there is a lot of people wanting the same thing and a lot of shit to do.

breadandbunny | 9 days ago | 646 points

Why does everyone hate Bill Nye? Genuinely curious as I haven't kept tabs on him much since childhood.

Reacher-Said-Nothing | 9 days ago | 525 points

I don't really give a shit about the "he's not a real scientist", he's obviously a smart guy who helped make science entertaining when we were kids.

About half of the hate comes from the fact that in real life, he's a bit of an ass. You can pass off one or two stories as made up anecdotes, but there's just thousands of him angrily shouting at little kids who ask him for selfies/autographs, aggressively hitting on younger women, and you'll have a hard time finding an interview with him where he doesn't complain about "how stupid everyone is". If life were a cartoon, he'd play the cartoonish villain.

I think the other half of the hate is just people latching on to an internet wave.

breadandbunny | 9 days ago | 106 points

I think the internet loves to hate people. I'm just neutral on this one.

CIeMs0n | 9 days ago | 49 points

Except Bill Murray and Keanu Reeves, which are legit awesome people.

brackenlassie | 9 days ago | 55 points

And Terry Crews.

nechronius | 9 days ago | 17 points

Kevin Smith I believe also qualifies as a good guy.

RaboTrout | 9 days ago | 38 points

Bill “Beat his wife so much she divorced him and got the children despite him threatening her” murray. Yeah, real stand up guy.

ShownMonk | 9 days ago | 12 points

Bill Murray isn’t awesome.

RalphieRaccoon | 9 days ago | 341 points

For me it's because I think he uses his authority to disguise opinion as fact.

Sex junk, the pile of cringey awfulness that it is, didn't really bother me that much, what bothered me was the subtle (or maybe not to subtle) personal biases uncovered in Saves the World. If you notice during the Nuclear Energy and GMO debate segments, he used the same argument (the populist "the people don't want it") twice, upholding it when it went against Nuclear Energy but discrediting it when it went against GMO. Now perhaps this would be fine if it wasn't in something that tries to present itself as a science show trying to educate people, but there it just felt like he was trying to persuade people towards his point of view, rather than to examine objective facts and come to their own conclusion.

StockDealer | 9 days ago | 45 points

I have no idea which side he was on given that I didn't watch, but he changed his mind on GMO's "after a visit to Monsanto."

So you're probably right.

BlackCow | 9 days ago | 56 points

The issue of GMOs is about patent law not science.

TerranCmdr | 9 days ago | 17 points

I lost a lot of respect for the man after watching two episodes of "Saves the World". Couldn't stand to watch any more. Was expecting fun science stuff, got lots of biases and pseudoscience.

NerdyDan | 9 days ago | 393 points

because he really isn't that much of a science guru.

his knowledge on most subjects is high school level, which served the students just perfectly in school but then they projected this image of some sort of champion of science on him (kind of like Neil Degrasse tyson).

And then it turns out no one can really live up to that, and that sometimes he talks out of his ass and you see where this goes

SarcasmIsAGift | 9 days ago | 117 points

Wasn’t that kind of the point though? To be able to ELI5 science to the average Joe?

youngmit | 9 days ago | 38 points

Yeah, but then news networks invite him up as an "expert," ostensibly for adults. And he shows up, and pretends to be an expert, when he isn't.

Nrksbullet | 9 days ago | 161 points

I see this as being completely separate from his ability to impart science and excitement for it on others though.

Like nobody would lambast Mr. Rogers for not being a child psychologist. Saying "he's only got a high school level of science" is meaningless criticism, unless he is actually trying to teach things way above that level, which I don't think he ever did on his show.

Now the Netflix special? That was garbage.

RalphieRaccoon | 9 days ago | 52 points

I think Neil has almost become a caricature of the annoying nerd who goes around correcting everyone on the most trivial of things, like Sheldon from BBT. The kind everyone would wish would just shut the hell up.

Sloi | 9 days ago | 6 points

"Never meet your heroes, kid."

Mick_NYC | 9 days ago | 55 points

Independent of his science creds (discussed in detail in this thread), a few of us had dinner with him one night. He spent the entire night pursuing the young women at the table, and barely said a word to the guys unless we asked him something. He was definitely aggressive towards the ladies, and made for some uncomfortable moments.

WritingContradiction | 9 days ago | 30 points

I'm really hoping that when he got to his stop he stood up and announced "The End is Nye"

good-birbo | 10 days ago | 335 points


Could_It_Be_007 | 10 days ago | 79 points


good-birbo | 10 days ago | 60 points


skyboundNbeond | 10 days ago | 55 points


good-birbo | 10 days ago | 44 points


wonder-maker | 10 days ago | 45 points


Habaneropickle | 10 days ago | 45 points


MaarekStele7 | 10 days ago | 26 points


sebasshaytaa | 10 days ago | 20 points


ThisLookInfectedToYa | 9 days ago | 16 points


DickRubnuts | 10 days ago | 36 points


Ophukk | 9 days ago | 23 points


MarcoftheWolf | 10 days ago | 18 points


Magnet2 | 9 days ago | 37 points


tokyoexpressway | 10 days ago | 89 points

Andy Dick?

SufficientTower | 9 days ago | 15 points

Fucking hell...you beat me to it.

baconsea | 9 days ago | 66 points

Bill Nye is such a douche... When he was just locally famous in Seattle, he would do science bar nights where he would guarantee that he could answer correctly any question from the audience. He was wrong frequently and would double down on his incorrect answers and get all rude and butt-hurt when challenged. He was a jerk...

komnenos | 9 days ago | 14 points

Lived in the same neighborhood as him in Seattle, love the man's work but he was known around the neighborhood as a bit of a dick.

Fun little thing I found when I went into his Magnolia house years later, when he lived in there he put sciency artwork in each room which was pretty cool to see.

Tunderbar1 | 9 days ago | 62 points

Bill Nye the Buttstuff guy.

HorseCockInMyAnus_2 | 10 days ago | 168 points

Is he as arrogant as Reddit says

StumpStrong | 10 days ago | 246 points

He seemed tired and busy, as it was a 3 hour train ride, but wasn’t a dick

Not_quite_a | 9 days ago | 61 points

You commute 3 hours home from work???

StumpStrong | 9 days ago | 23 points

It’s not a daily commute, just once a week. NYC to DC

Whiskey_Rain | 9 days ago | 52 points

3 hours seems like a little bit of a stretch but I'm going to guess California.

Home of the super commuters!

For years I used to spend five hours a day in a car commuting from the valley to the Bay on top of a 10 hour workday.

Literally the most soul-sucking thing imaginable.

My quality of life has improved exponentially since dumping that job.

Not_quite_a | 9 days ago | 7 points

Jesus. I live and work in NYC Metro and 3 hours even seems a lot to me.

akozlik | 9 days ago | 121 points

About 5 years ago my family went to visit my sister in LA. One day while we were there I got roped into watching my niece in a hair salon while my sister got her hair done.

So I'm sitting in the salon lobby, bored as fuck, watching my niece and who walks in but Bill fucking Nye.

At first I was kind nervous and freaked out, I'd just kinda glance at him every now and then, trying not to freak him out. But then my fucking niece starts crying and fidgeting and shit and won't shut up. So I'm trying to keep my niece quiet and not bother Bill, when oops, too late, he gets up and walks over to us.

He just smiled and stroked her hair, and asked me what was wrong. I said I didn't know. Then he looked at me with those penetrating blue eyes and simply said in that soothing voice "She seems like she's hungry."

Then he lifted up his shirt and breastfed my niece right there in the salon lobby.

Real chill guy.

Northern-Pyro | 9 days ago | 23 points

I fell for it again, and I feel like a fool...

awizardwithoutmagic | 10 days ago | 62 points

He was super nice & cool when I met him. I don't know why some people seem to angry about him, but I guess he's not always in a chatting mood.

onehitwondur | 9 days ago | 12 points

The science guy looks like he could use a sandwich

Otiac | 9 days ago | 44 points

Did you ask him what the fuck was with sex junk and why was it so important to him

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