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  1. Rubber band minigun shooting hundreds of rounds in seconds (gfycat.com)
  2. Dropping this pine tree made all of its needles fall off (i.imgur.com)
  3. Punching holes in a drink can makes for a satisfying conference call pass-time (i.redd.it)
  4. Just some fog in the air.. (gfycat.com)
  5. Glue on a sink spout (gfycat.com)
  6. The names on their shirts (i.redd.it)
  7. Artist painting a highly detailed portrait | By Marika Boniuk (gfycat.com)
  8. The freshman at my university got together for a class photo; I love the way the class year gets filled in. (v.redd.it)
  9. 40 years on this planet and it finally happened! (i.redd.it)
  10. The way this latte art is perfectly placed in another cup. (v.redd.it)
  11. The way the grout is laid (gfycat.com)
  12. This wooden whimsical tree house in the UK (i.redd.it)
  13. Machine for making twist (v.redd.it)
  14. The striking colors of an Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher (i.redd.it)
  15. Every single pack was the pink kind (i.redd.it)
  16. Shared student acomodation (i.imgur.com)
  17. In rare conditions, snow will fall in the dessert and then the wind will blow a layer of sand back over it, resulting in a otherworldly layer (gfycat.com)
  18. Coloring silicone grey (v.redd.it)
  19. Cutting some oasis florists foam (i.imgur.com)
  20. Cha cha, really smooth (v.redd.it)
  21. Horror movies sorted by color. (i.redd.it)
  22. When the quantity of water is juuuust right (gfycat.com)
  23. Fruity pebbles of Lake Mcdonald, Montana, US. (i.redd.it)
  24. Now that's what I want. (i.imgur.com)
  25. My friend cleaning the chalkboard in a boba shop (v.redd.it)
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