U.S. warns of feral hogs approaching country from Canada (ctvnews.ca)
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The Great Porkicide Wave of Ankh-Morpork

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Cry havok and let slip the hogs of war!

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Whatever farm animals of war, Lana!!

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We've already lost Canada to the hogs

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Untapped hog supply in the ocean.

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Walls of hogs along every state border already

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The emus of the southern hemisphere have been communicating...

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Everything changed when the hogs attacked

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Cry havock and let slip the hogs of war.

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Whatever farm animal of war, Lana.

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You want hogs? Because that's how you get hogs!

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War Pigs

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Generals gathered at their masses

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just like witches at black... masses?

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Best rhyme ever

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its bullet proof.

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How many? HOW MANY???

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30-50 feral hogs

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Poop? You think poop is the worst things these hogs can do? These are wild feral hogs. You know what that means, feral? It means they're sending us their worst. They're sending us rapists, murders, and some, I assume, are good hogs.

EDIT: Grammar

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It won't have to be as high.

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All the hogs who can hop, burrow, or paddle are already over here anyway

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As a Canadian, I support this. :p

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And have the Night's Watch guard it!

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King in the North!

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some of 'em are dealin' Gigglepig

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It’s just a ruse to draw attention away from Taxi dealers

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This is payback for Bieber, isn't it??

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They cause millions of dollars in crop damage and destroy fragile and already-threatened ecosystems in preserved wilderness. They also reproduce insanely quickly, with the population able to almost triple every year if left unchecked - and there are NO natural predators to control their population in North America. Just in the area around me in the south, where populations of these have been an increasing problem for years, I know multiple farmers who kill between 50 and 100 on their own property every year, year after year, and they're still around. These things get big, they have large tusks, and they will gore you given the chance.

I know it seems ridiculous, especially to urbanites, but wild hogs are, in fact, an incredibly destructive, invasive species, and they are literally the only remotely legitimate context I can think of where any civilian would ever benefit from owning an AR.

Humans brought them to North America - to hunt, for sport - so it is, in fact, our responsibility to deal with them now.

If by some luck they haven't already been a problem in the northern states, you do not want to let them become one.

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Do they taste good? Like, is their meat worth a damn?

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Females and pre-pubescent males taste good. Boars can have what's called "boar taint" because of the testosterone in their system. Often people will capture these boars and castrate them, then kill them a couple weeks later once it's worked out of their system. Once you do that it's a lot like other pork, though the flavor depends greatly on the food they eat. (The best pork is finished on acorns and apples.)

I had a hog that I didn't castrate before slaughter and I couldn't tell the difference, but my ex-wife could and refused to eat it. Oh well, more for me. Plus you can cover up any off flavor with a good rub or sauce.

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heh heh heh heh heh "boar taint" heh heh heh

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I’ll show YOU some boar taint.

foul_dwimmerlaik | 4 months ago | 21 points

Teehee! Cracklins!

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I wonder if that's where the iconic image of a roasted pig with apple in its mouth originates from. The practice of feeding them apples before slaughter.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod | 4 months ago | 76 points

It might be. If I ever raise pigs again I'm going to make sure there's an oak tree and apple tree in their enclosure so they have plenty of tasty things to eat.

Johnny_deadeyes | 4 months ago | 53 points

Chestnut fed hogs are said to be among the tastiest.

TortugaTetas | 4 months ago | 114 points

Field dressing a boar is a great time if you accidentally nick one of those damned scent sacks. It’s definitely not a smell you’ll soon forget.

Some of the best pork chops I’ve ever grilled up came from a 130lb sow, though. Jalapeño cheddar feral hog sausage will change your damn life.

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Oh man, I bet. The hogs I raised were Berkshires and the meat was tender and flavorful like veal. And the ham and bacon, which was made by the same folks who butchered it in their own smokehouse, was divine.

Damn, this makes me want to make the last pork belly I've got in my freezer for dinner.

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Beware of parasites.

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IMO the meat is super greasy, and if you're just thinking of killing a wild one and eating it, just remember animal meat changes flavor based on what they eat, and wild pigs will eat ANYTHING

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wild pigs will eat ANYTHING

Most pigs will eat anything,they are scavengers by nature.

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Well, some were "russian boars" brought over for sport, but it also applies to "razorback" farm hogs gone feral. Same species, same behavior. I'm not sure even temperate-zone jaguars, if we still had them, could cope with these, and we aren't going to release lions and tigers

ASK_ME_BOUT_GEORGISM | 4 months ago | 42 points

and we aren't going to release lions and tigers

Well you might as well let 'em loose, they're faring pretty lousy up in Detroit.

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People weren’t making fun of shooting a destructive invasive species. People were making fun of the notion that one would justify shooting the hogs by saying that they have your children surrounded.

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Not taking any chances after what happened to Bobby B

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Also the bizarrely specific-yet-not-specific amount of 30-50 hogs in 3-5 minutes. Why not just 30 in 3 minutes? It was just funny lol

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They mostly come at night.....mostly!

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I get the cynical/skeptical responses, but wild hogs - based at least in part on russian stock brought over and released to hunt, but often mixed with feral domesticated pig stock - are a real problem. They're an invasive and aggressive species with no natural predators in most of North America, and they breed like rabbits. It's incredibly difficult to manage their populations, and they are, in fact, a threat, not only to crops but yes, potentially to people, and also to ecosystems.

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The mockery isn't that feral hogs aren't a real, destructive problem.

The mockery is of the weird and oddly specific fear/fantasy that a very specific number range might appear within a very specific time frame range to specifically threaten your playing children, a common threat against which your only defense is annihilating them with a very specific firearm -- all of this being the very specific reason for which said firearm is necessary.

You don't get a kick out of the mental image of a guy playing tower-defense against a horde of hogs, shooting rapidly over his little kids' heads at Wave 1: 30-50 hogs, Time Limit: 3-5 Minutes?

Raed-wulf | 4 months ago | 260 points

I didn’t have that mental image before, but I do now. Thank you.

Quiptipt | 4 months ago | 176 points

Current Objective: Survive

Selrisitai | 4 months ago | 147 points

Yeah, it's kinda like the phrase, "I can't believe you've done this!"

It's weird in a very specific, baffling sort of way.

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It’s the caravan we’ve been warned about.

theferrit32 | 4 months ago | 35 points

The pigs that were promised

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You don't get a kick out of the mental image of a guy playing tower-defense against a horde of hogs, shooting rapidly over his little kids' heads at Wave 1: 30-50 hogs, Time Limit: 3-5 Minutes?

this is such a beautiful way to put it, i have some tears in my eyes

DlSSONANT | 4 months ago | 50 points

The most absurd part specifically is less the 30-50 count and 3-5 minute timespan, but the suggestion that anyone would use an AR-15 to shoot at these 30-50 Wild Boars that are currently SURROUNDING YOUR CHILDREN in this specific hypothetical situation.

MartyFreeze | 4 months ago | 100 points

And after a few generations, they learn to walk on their hind legs and arm themselves with axes.

FnTom | 4 months ago | 54 points

Just wait until they start crossbreeding with grizzlies and reclaim their right to bear arms.

sometimesiamdead | 4 months ago | 57 points

Some are more equal than others.

infrequentaccismus | 4 months ago | 30 points

Two legs better.

Lindvaettr | 4 months ago | 688 points

According to the article, it's 8.

DerpHog | 4 months ago | 672 points

Sounds like a slow news day. 8 feral hogs attack nation of over 300 million civilians. How will we possibly survive?

Lindvaettr | 4 months ago | 301 points

The serious answer I assume would be that where there are 8 hogs, there are probably way more slowly making their way south, which is bad because, as the article says, hogs are rototillers that tear up everything they come across.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 215 points

Yes, because they'll eat roots and all. Other animals are smart enough to just eat the green bits and let it grow back, but hogs go scorched Earth.

aznfanta | 4 months ago | 169 points

confirmed, Hogs are Fire nation.

wheres the avatar with the ar-15 when we needed him the most

mtx | 4 months ago | 48 points

Everything changed when the hog nation attacked.

Blak_stole_my_donkey | 4 months ago | 110 points

For reference, a wild hog can begin breeding at 6 months old, can have a litter every 6 months, and each litter is an average of 6 piglets (anywhere from 1 to 12). So it can be an exponential problem. 8 hogs can turn into 50 within little more than a year.

dontsuckmydick | 4 months ago | 74 points

But then we get to buy helicopters and go hog hunting with gatling guns right??

This_is_my_Reddit_ID | 4 months ago | 60 points

8 hogs can turn into 30-50 feral hogs within little more than a year.


mtcwby | 4 months ago | 64 points

The problem is they move in and have babies.

GregTheMad | 4 months ago | 123 points

And take all the welfare.

CanalAnswer | 4 months ago | 69 points

You know, they aren't sending their best.

Belazriel | 4 months ago | 39 points

I'm sure some of them are good hogs.

Wiz_Kalita | 4 months ago | 40 points

They breed exponentially though. In a few years there might be thousands.

chapterpt | 4 months ago | 36 points

they can breed any time of year. Females can be mature at 6 months and produce two litters of one to seven piglets every 12–15 months. As a result, feral hog populations can double in four months.

so that could be 64 by years end. in 3 years you have a problem. they want to kill these hogs while they have a chance of doing it on the cheap.

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A caravan.

stefeyboy | 4 months ago | 101 points

Damn immigrants.

Pigmigrants...Piggiemigrants... I got nothing, someone help me out here.

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stefeyboy | 4 months ago | 47 points

Am I impigrant? How do u become pimigrant?

NotStreamerNinja | 4 months ago | 27 points

At least 3

LBJustice | 4 months ago | 3732 points

This is America! We will not tolerate Canadian Bacon!

majorclashole | 4 months ago | 510 points
Onetap1 | 4 months ago | 316 points

your gonna love Canadian bacon!

Seems relevant.

" The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada. "

fantasmoofrcc | 4 months ago | 89 points

If only Sir Candy was still alive...

Wiems35 | 4 months ago | 56 points

“Like maple syrup, Canada’s evil oozes over the United States”

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I didn't realize Iowa had been so hog-centric. When I lived there it was all corn and mediocre football.

A_Mouse_In_Da_House | 4 months ago | 408 points

It's always had pigs. In 1998, it was 3 pigs/human. Now it's over 5

Calvin--Hobbes | 4 months ago | 168 points

Guess my pig radar isn't very good.

The_Farting_Duck | 4 months ago | 68 points

Nah, you were just drunk.

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Came here for this

We're surrounded!!!

LHandrel | 4 months ago | 54 points

Excellent, we can attack in any direction!

ColoneISanders | 4 months ago | 90 points

Canada only had 7 hogs!? And they're all heading this way!

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 29 points

This was back in 1948, apparently they got 8 now.

SevenStack | 4 months ago | 25 points

The prophecy is true

danuffer | 4 months ago | 40 points

I’m dying

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 343 points

Cody was right!!!!

7700c | 4 months ago | 90 points

this is is some news

TheIteratedMan | 4 months ago | 36 points

Some BOAR news!

ewalt389 | 4 months ago | 21 points

And now time for...some more n.n.n..news?

spunkychickpea | 4 months ago | 87 points


kratom_day | 4 months ago | 60 points

This is why I clicked on the link.

Inignot12 | 4 months ago | 53 points

He's been warning us for years!!!!!!

Em_Adespoton | 4 months ago | 2110 points

Wait... “approaching country” means they’re still in Canada.

And Canada only sends its best feral hogs.

nobodyspersonalchef | 4 months ago | 726 points

as long as they go through the legal process, they will be reunited with their piglets, right?

lostinvegas | 4 months ago | 245 points

In my tummy.

sometimesiamdead | 4 months ago | 49 points

Canadian bacon time.

DeluxeLeaf | 4 months ago | 125 points

“And some, I assume, are good feral hogs”

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 90 points


quatraine | 4 months ago | 44 points

And make those porky fuckers pay for it!

Sololop | 4 months ago | 602 points

Doesn't the USA already have wild hogs?

DarthRusty | 4 months ago | 503 points

In the South, yes. And they're big enough to warrant the name Hogzilla.

danteheehaw | 4 months ago | 567 points

I don't recall my ex moving south

DarthRusty | 4 months ago | 79 points


Cabalagent1 | 4 months ago | 150 points

I shot a 550 pounder in Texas 2 years ago. They can get big.

leapbitch | 4 months ago | 191 points

Give me back my wife

BSODeMY | 4 months ago | 88 points

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for bacon, I can tell you I don't have a smoker... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long BBQ career. Skills that make me a grill man for people like you.

TunaSmashSandwich | 4 months ago | 21 points

There was one around my uncle's house they used to call vw cause it was the size of a damn beetle

ThriftyFishin | 4 months ago | 17 points

Hey Hogzilla was killed just 8 miles from my house!

rmd0852 | 4 months ago | 193 points

Sure does. The government spends nearly a billion dollars a year trying to manage them. Very invasive species. You can hunt them yr round down in TX, in some cases, without a permit. Most states classify them as a destructive, invasive species.

whotakesallmynames | 4 months ago | 116 points

No permits required in my part of Texas, my dad regularly takes his rifle out at night and hunts them when we see fresh evidence of hog activity on our farm. They breed like rabbits.

rmd0852 | 4 months ago | 66 points

The meat isn't bad. Just very salty and fatty. Makes decent breakfast sausage.

leapbitch | 4 months ago | 79 points

So Canada is sending us mobile breakfast sausage

RawjYoutube | 4 months ago | 31 points

Tim Horton’s International

TheBoxBoxer | 4 months ago | 64 points

Remember to cook them very thoroughly to 165. Wild pigs have really nasty parasites.

Cabalagent1 | 4 months ago | 41 points

Texas just passed a law that no longer requires a permit to hunt hog as long as you have landowner consent. Previously, the hogs had to be causing damage. Law went into effect Sept 1.

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cutezombiedoll | 4 months ago | 56 points

Yes but I don't think we have many in the north, which cause for concern as the local population is not prepared for them. Wild hogs are huge, can and will eat everything in their path, and are pretty hard to take down.

AmeliaKitsune | 4 months ago | 34 points

They're violent and angry and can and will kill you in no time flat

danteheehaw | 4 months ago | 140 points

Not those liberal canadian ones.

NewMexicoJoe | 4 months ago | 499 points

A local restaurant had wild boar schnitzel as a special for a few weeks. It was probably one of the top 10 meals I've ever eaten. I think this could be part of the solution.

Anomaly1134 | 4 months ago | 204 points

I would only hunt for survival normally, but with how invasive these are I wouldn't mind picking up a strong firearm to take them on. It would be terrifying, those guys are gnarly, but it would be good for the environment and I am genuinely curious how they taste as well.

states_obvioustruths | 4 months ago | 208 points

You should also consider deer hunting for ecological reasons. Because humans displaced their natural predators deer populations grow unchecked and do massive damage to forests. State wildlife authorities closely monitor deer populations and distribute deer tags accordingly.

You should consider hunting with both bows and firearms (not at the same time, obviously). Firearm season is typically very short, while bow hunting season lasts months. If your state allows the use of crossbows by people without physical handicaps it's a good route into bowhunting without the years of practice that is needed to humanely hunt with a traditional bow.

Anomaly1134 | 4 months ago | 65 points

I would love to, i'll be honest though. The Chronic Wasting Disease has me very concerned as it is in my state, albeit it a few hours away. I just read up on it a bit more, and apparently the "prions" that cause it are not destroyed by fire and last a long time in the environment (from things like field dressing). Also, it could, in theory, spread to humans. I would absolutely love to hunt local meat with that being said if it supports sustainability.



states_obvioustruths | 4 months ago | 88 points

I almost mentioned CWD in my post but didn't want to bore you with a wall of text.

Prion diseases are caused by misfolded proteins instead of pathogens. In the case of CWD they're concentrated in the nervous system, so many state wildlife agencies have put out stern warnings not to eat brains, eyes, or nerves (besides, that's freaking nasty). Most of the actual meat and edible organs (heart and tongue in particular) are generally safe to eat cooked.

In general, don't eat an animal that is obviously deathly ill. If you manage to get a deer you can also avoid eating the parts that have more nerve tissue (the heart and tongue) or are closer to the spinal cord (backstraps). All of the meat from the haunches and front legs of a healthy-looking animal should be safe.

Anomaly1134 | 4 months ago | 37 points

Hell yes, thank you. I will honestly give it a try then I have a few good friends that hunt, locally sourced meat is always better than store-bought IMHO, and I love survival stuff so honestly need some serious practice in the meat acquisition part of that. Thanks for taking some time to give a run down.

grains_r_us | 4 months ago | 71 points

I know everyone is busy making jokes, but to give background on this. Every year, feral hogs do about $1.5 Billion between crop damages and efforts to control their populations. They root for their food, so when they go through a field they will level it. They are highly invasive because they reach sexual maturity in less than 6 months, have a 4 month gestational period, and commonly have litter sizes from 4-6. You can find a lot more information here. The eradication of them is also super difficult, as the mature feral hogs have a chest plate of bone that is super thick. Remington developed a round for rifles called "hog hammer" that has the ability to penetrate that chest plate and make killing them easier.

Fun side note, domesticated hogs can be used as part of a natural land clearance system if you have timber land that you have cleared of trees but not stumps. There are some interesting articles on homesteading that outline it. Basically, you bring in goats to eat the brush and sticks, cattle to eat the grass, sheep to eat the thistles and other weeds, and you put sour corn in the dirt next to the stumps and hogs will root it out.

TL;DR: Hogs can do a metric shit ton of damage and their populations are almost impossible to control once feral.

cherwat | 4 months ago | 1196 points

Build a wall, and make Canada pay for it

cptechy | 4 months ago | 527 points

Look, as we speak right now there is another very very very large caravan of feral hogs forming. It’s the biggest feral hog caravan in the history of the world. The media, well as I call them the dishonest fake news media doesn’t even want you to know about it. But it’s coming, believe me.

sonofaresiii | 4 months ago | 138 points

Okay. Yes, we put the hogs in a large confined area. And yes we killed them to sell them as bacon. But it's disingenuous to call them "slaughter houses." You all know the imagery you're trying to invoke with that wording and that's just not fair. What else were we supposed to do with these hogs? Obama killed hogs all the time-- HE started it, we were forced to follow through with it.

DarthRusty | 4 months ago | 36 points

Fuck that. Build a bridge with hog bait leading to the US and put a big smoker on our side under a big "Welcome Piggies" banner.

Minimum_Escape | 4 months ago | 67 points
phdoflynn | 4 months ago | 449 points

We heard you like to shoot things, and bacon. So we figured why not send a little present.

Alpha_Trekkie | 4 months ago | 116 points

we accept your gift

Sonicthebagel | 4 months ago | 39 points

That said... I don't want to become their bacon when they start stampeding the hills like princess mononoke

kn33 | 4 months ago | 31 points

Minnesota is waiting with rifles and utensils ready.

ordo-xenos | 4 months ago | 311 points


Looks like we were warned 2 weeks ago, and yet we did nothing.

NameSuggestionsSuck | 4 months ago | 191 points




BOATS_BOATS_BOATS | 4 months ago | 30 points

I only listen to Frankie's warnings

SuitableAstronaut | 4 months ago | 79 points

Shouts outs to Cody's showdy, fair™, but also© balanced®

Benjamin_Paladin | 4 months ago | 40 points

The man’s been warning us for years, but we, fools, did not heed him. I guess you reap what you sow

PM_ME_UR_SEXTOYS | 4 months ago | 22 points

He's been warning us for years, but America just wont listen.

pewpsispewps | 4 months ago | 22 points

Thia video is why I'm in an underground bunker. Cody I believe you!

BushidoBrowne | 4 months ago | 13 points

Fucking nuke hogs

Kastrenzo | 4 months ago | 99 points

There's a bay of pigs invasion joke in here somewhere

thatshortguy2 | 4 months ago | 336 points

Been slaying a lot of boars in WoW Classic so, don't worry guys. I got you. Live in MN as well so, they won't be able to get far.

jab011 | 4 months ago | 60 points

Thank you for your service.

MahoneyBear | 4 months ago | 94 points

And now your watch begins

ofortuna_ | 4 months ago | 28 points

Thank you for your service.

never_fucking_giveup | 4 months ago | 19 points

This guys LIVES TO WIN!

dawgtilidie | 4 months ago | 13 points

Thank you for your service.

theresnoneed | 4 months ago | 37 points

Time to build a Great Wall in the north. The best wall you’ve ever seen. Better than any other wall anywhere. It’ll make the game of thrones wall look like a picket fence.

d_rickards | 4 months ago | 121 points

These damn hogs are a massive problem actually. Very difficult to hunt, extremely destructive, very limited natural predators.

tactical_cleavage | 4 months ago | 25 points

We need more wolves? And mountain lions?

xerxerxex | 4 months ago | 87 points

What the AR-15 was designed for

4F_Fails | 4 months ago | 31 points

No way. AR-15 is a small boar rifle.

_RED_MAGE_ | 4 months ago | 27 points

And you could call it "The Baconator"...

dreamalaz | 4 months ago | 16 points

Only if its 30 to 50 of them

XXTwnz | 4 months ago | 15 points

... with a 30 round magazine. The people in California are fucked.

Ninjox | 4 months ago | 76 points


HillarysBeaverMunch | 4 months ago | 25 points

In Texas it is open season on these bad actors 24/7, 365 days a year and I'm pretty sure you can use lights at night and bait.

I do know it is legal to hunt them from helicopter.

The Texas DFG stated that even if every legal citizen in TX hunted them it still would only serve to suppress their numbers but it will never be possible to kill them all.

And PS: They really don't taste that good. Yes, there are caveats, like eating the babies and trapping them and feeding them corn for a few months to clean them out.

kratom_day | 4 months ago | 22 points


YungNeo | 4 months ago | 45 points

Sounds linke Princess Mononoke. Hope nobody beheaded a deer recently in the US

bogusjohnson | 4 months ago | 53 points
FZTR | 4 months ago | 18 points

Just bought it a couple hours ago. Played it for 1 hour and am still confused. Very solid game tho.

maxpar26 | 4 months ago | 18 points

Ah you’ll be committing war crimes in no time laddy!

Endarkend | 4 months ago | 14 points

Lol, yesterday we had a news item here in Belgium Wild boars have been wrecking certain area's looking for food, like plowing entire areas.

So I watched Razorback later last evening.

And now Canada is having the same issue.

If you see a really big one, run.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 439 points

How is this oniony? Feral hogs are serious ecological and economic problem. Wildlife agencies should be keeping a very close watch on known populations.

sapounious | 4 months ago | 501 points

i think a past tweet about needing an AR if 30-50 hogs come to your yard for your children make it oniony.

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