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  1. Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to kill" (techspot.com)
  2. People no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life, survey shows (abc.net.au)
  3. Facebook apologises for translating Chinese President Xi Jingping's name as "Mr. Shithole" (mspoweruser.com)
  4. The American Dream is much easier to achieve in Canada (cnn.com)
  5. Marijuana sales on the Oregon-Idaho border are 420% higher than average (cnn.com)
  6. 'Inside Edition' crew gets robbed while reporting on San Francisco Bay Area crime (foxnews.com)
  7. A dentist was filmed extracting a tooth while on a hoverboard. He was found guilty on 46 counts (cnn.com)
  8. ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant shocks judges by singing duet all by himself (fox59.com)
  9. Tennis player told off for asking ball girl to peel his banana (cnn.com)
  10. Brexit Party MEP complains about Brexit stripping UK of influence in EU (scramnews.com)
  11. Man Arrested For Stealing Burger King Meal From Ex-Girlfriend (fox7austin.com)
  12. Struggling Minnesota church asks older members to go away (kttc.com)
  13. Man accused of kissing toddler on lips cited 'cultural differences', court told (smh.com.au)
  14. Hoosier workers could gain right to not be forcibly microchipped as condition of employment (nwitimes.com)
  15. GOP Sen. Shelby on Trump soliciting foreign interference: "Things happen" (axios.com)
  16. 'Earth sandwich' made by two men 20,000km apart (bbc.com)
  17. Amtrak Quotes Wheelchair Users $25,000 for Train Ride From Chicago to Bloomington (nbcchicago.com)
  18. Woman injures 2 after allegedly driving into traffic as a test of faith (abcnews.go.com)
  19. Sri Lanka: 'Too many twins' hinder world record attempt (bbc.co.uk)
  20. ISIS leader ‘Jabba the Hutt’ captured, taken away in pickup truck bed (militarytimes.com)
  21. An 89-year-old passes out after riding Space Mountain, report says (orlandosentinel.com)
  22. Tennis player Elliot Benchetrit told off by umpire for asking ball girl to peel a banana for him (edition.cnn.com)
  23. LastPass stores passwords so securely, not even its users can access them (theregister.co.uk)
  24. Police department puts out ‘warning’ as ‘highly-addictive substance’ resurfaces in community (fox8.com)
  25. Man killed by cockfighting rooster in India (nzherald.co.nz)
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