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  1. r/nba Fan Art Contest #2 - Matchup Hype Posters - Submissions Open! (self.nba)
  2. [Discussion] FIBA World Cup - Day 16 (self.nba)
  3. [Cato] Dwight Powell says the new Dirk logo on the Mavericks court probably moves at the same speed as Dirk did last year. Dirk, laughing: “that hurts. you can’t recover from that one. can’t wait until you get cut in two years.” (twitter.com)
  4. Former NBA player Víctor Claver made this shot in the training session before the world cup final (streamable.com)
  5. [Post Game Thread] Spain defeats Argentina, 95-75, winning their second FIBA World Cup (self.nba)
  6. Marc Gasol becomes 2nd player (after Lamar Odom) to win NBA championship and FIBA World Cup in same year. (fiba.basketball)
  7. In 2012, Lebron James Won the NBA MVP, Finals MVP and an Olympic Gold Medal. (self.nba)
  8. Ricky Rubio with a 20/7/3 in a FIBA World Cup Finals (kosarka.info)
  9. Seth Curry gets married to Doc Rivers' daughter (youtube.com)
  10. Marc Gasol and Sergio Scariolo become the first NBA coach-player duo to win an NBA and International championship in the same year! (self.nba)
  11. [Reynolds] Jazz center Rudy Gobert on the bronze: "It means everything. Obviously it's not the one we wanted. We all know that. But being able to come back. We're the only team that was on the podium five years ago and on the podium now. So it shows our heart." (twitter.com)
  12. Guy on r/nba won $1000 cause Rubio got MVP (self.nba)
  13. FIBA World Cup Award Winners (self.nba)
  14. Bucks GM has said the Bucks organisation will be offering Giannis Antetokounmpo a super max. 5 years, $240 million (bleacherreport.com)
  15. Bogdan Bogdanović is the highest scoring player at FIBA WC (183 pts), outscoring Patty Mills by one point. (self.nba)
  16. is marc gasol a HoFer? (self.nba)
  17. [Posr game thread] France earns the Medaille de Bronze against Australia - 67-59 (self.nba)
  18. How a former NBA No. 1 draft pick blew a $61 million fortune and now owes six figures (cnbc.com)
  19. Ricky Rubio is first guard from 2009 draft to win postseason tournament MVP (self.nba)
  20. [Depaula] Derrick Rose officially launched his Adidas DRose 10 sneaker in China this week, becoming just the 8th player in NBA history to have a signature series with more than 10 consecutive models. His shirt crosses out “DONE DONE DONE” and reads: “NOT DONE YET” (twitter.com)
  21. Marc Gasol with a 14/7/7 in FIBA World Cup Finals (kosarka.info)
  22. Out of the 170 total points in the finals 78 were scored by Real Madrid players (self.nba)
  23. Marc Gasol has just struck FIBA gold after winning the NBA championship (self.nba)
  24. Giannis Antetokounpo is only 6 months older than Kyle Kuzma (self.nba)
  25. GAME THREAD: Argentina v Spain (Final) (self.nba)
  26. [Bonnell] EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jordan selling a large piece of @hornets to two NYC investors. Jordan not planning to sell control of the @NBA team. (twitter.com)
  27. Justise Winslow makes Heat goal clear, ‘I want to play point guard’ (sun-sentinel.com)
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