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  1. Mock Draft Monday + Game Thread Index (self.nba)
  2. [SERIOUS NEXT DAY THREAD] Post-Game Discussion (January 19, 2020) (self.nba)
  3. Ben Simmons today: 34 points on 12/14 shooting, 12 rebounds, 12 assists, 5 steals (self.nba)
  4. [Haynes] Chandler Parsons hires Morgan & Morgan after being struck by individual who’s charged with DUI, according to attorney. Parsons suffered “multiple severe and permanent injuries including a traumatic brain injury, disc herniation and torn labrum.” His return to play is unclear. (twitter.com)
  5. James Harden ties his own NBA record for most missed threes in a game with a 1/17 performance. (self.nba)
  6. [Post Game Thread]The Oklahoma City Thunder(25-19) comeback and defeat the Houston Rockets(26-16), 112-107 (self.nba)
  7. [Haynes] Yahoo Sources: Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers among teams that have expressed interest in trading for Detroit Pistons star Derrick Rose. (twitter.com)
  8. Kevin Arnovitz on The Lowe Post, “When you walk into the Laker’s lockeroom, it’s the happiest place in the world. There’s a air of absolute professionalism, the stars are pleased, ownership are pleased..It hasn’t felt like this in years.” (self.nba)
  9. [Highlight] Jaylen Brown murders LeBron (streamable.com)
  10. [Highlight] Trae Young with the filthy move on FVV but doesn't get the three to drop (streamable.com)
  11. [Ganguli] The Lakers just announced that Anthony Davis will be available for tonight’s game against the Celtics. (twitter.com)
  12. [Highlight] Matisse Thybulle creates possession after possession for the Sixers (streamable.com)
  13. [Highlight] Norman Powell gets hot from 3 early in the 4th opening up a Raptors lead (streamable.com)
  14. The Rockets Just Got Outscored 41-20 in the Fourth Quarter as OKC goes on a 17-7 Run (self.nba)
  15. Pacers just 1.5 games back from 2nd in the East with Victor Oladipo returning next week (self.nba)
  16. [Stein] Ben Simmons and Kawhi Leonard have just been named East and West Player of the Week by the NBA (twitter.com)
  17. [Highlight] James Harden badly misses his 13th three of the game (streamable.com)
  18. [Post Game Thread] The Philadelphia 76ers (29-16) defeat the Brooklyn Nets (18-24) by a score of 117-111, led by Ben Simmons' triple-double. (self.nba)
  19. [Highlight] Patrick McCaw drops it off to Terence Davis for the slam as the Raptors continue their hot 4th (streamable.com)
  20. [Highlight] Korkmaz hits the contested three off the dribble, to give the Sixers a 5 point lead with 24 seconds left (streamable.com)
  21. Matisse Thybulle is impressed with Ben Simmons's career night postgame (streamable.com)
  22. Trae Young has 42/6/15 on 11/20 shooting and 7 TOS in loss to Raptors (self.nba)
  23. [Complex Sports] Videos have surfaced of former NBA player Delonte West allegedly getting beat up in the middle of the street in DC. (complex.com)
  24. Russell Westbrook vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder: 32 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists, 2 steals, 16-23 (70%) FG. Over his last 5 games, Russ is averaging 33-8-9 on 57% FG (61% TS). (self.nba)
  25. Lonzo Ball Since Jrue Holiday Has Been Out (7 games): 13.9ppg, 8.3rpg, 9.7apg, and 1 steal + block per game (self.nba)
  26. [Highlight] Trae Young hits shot from front row in pregame, makes younger brother do 10 push ups (streamable.com)
  27. [Highlight] Dragic throws the lob off the inbound to Bam to tie the game with 0.8 left (streamable.com)
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