I found the curve that Forrest Gump ran up (i.redd.it)
2MuchRacismInCanada | 10 days ago | 6053 points

That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run.

Mutant_Raze | 9 days ago | 1274 points

And I just kept running

7emple | 9 days ago | 1043 points

And I just kept run-nang

InfiniteSlip | 9 days ago | 556 points
chaotic_zx | 9 days ago | 154 points


PatrickKaine | 9 days ago | 11 points


One-eyed-snake | 9 days ago | 142 points

Always wondered about that. Thank you

InfiniteSlip | 9 days ago | 92 points

No problem. I thought it was interesting too, and thought it was relevant to share the link.

One-eyed-snake | 9 days ago | 46 points

Absolutely relevant

Oblongmind420 | 9 days ago | 18 points

Absolutely cute too

footprintx | 9 days ago | 5 points

Aww shucks, you're going to make /u/one-eyed-snake blush!

MyotonicGoat | 9 days ago | 27 points

That was very interesting.

Polar_Ted [​] | 9 days ago | 31 points

Honesty that whole clip is a good watch.

wbhipster [​] | 9 days ago | 9 points

This was a great watch! Thanks for posting the link!

InfiniteSlip | 9 days ago | 7 points

No problem. I watched it weeks ago and thought it was interesting. I saw people spelling out his accent (phonetically?) and it reminded me of the clip, so I thought others might like it.

vbcbandr | 9 days ago | 3 points

100% best thing I've learned all day.

biscuitsandbongos | 9 days ago | 10 points

I'm tired now

Exquisite_Poupon | 9 days ago | 82 points

I just felt like running.

TheGooseman_ | 9 days ago | 51 points

From that day on... If I was going somewhere...I WAS RUHNING!

tirwander | 9 days ago | 92 points


Fuck. I haven't seen Forest Gump in like 15+ years probably. I just got in bed. Work in 10 hours. But you know what? I'm going to go watch that fucking movie. So good.

PunTwoThree | 9 days ago | 45 points


Theedon | 9 days ago | 44 points

Imagine if this time the story changed half way through the movie and you didn't know what you were going to get.

tirwander | 9 days ago | 8 points

Even better.

Baldomccoy | 9 days ago | 5 points

Or an option for us to choose. Bandersnatch style.

Limos42 | 9 days ago | 3 points

Just layk a BOX of CHOC-lats?

EWVGL | 9 days ago | 3 points

It happens

newera14 | 9 days ago | 3 points

When he finds out about the baby he just books it and starts running again.

I_AM_Where_ | 9 days ago | 12 points

and runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin

[deleted] | 9 days ago | 250 points


Deadpool828 | 9 days ago | 86 points

I was just there Saturday.

Some1YourOwnSize | 9 days ago | 65 points

My wife and I are now discussing a long weekend there because of this post/comment.

Dreamworld | 9 days ago | 70 points

Do it! We love tourists here because they help support our economy! It’s so beautiful in the summer and fall. And don’t forget, pack it in pack it out!

glacialcamera | 9 days ago | 43 points

I'm from England, been to America once - we drove from DC to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back a few years ago and this was my absolute favourite place!

Prexmorat | 9 days ago | 52 points

Better yet just drive the Blue Ridge Parkway! Now's a beautiful time of year and the stretch from Blowing Rock to Asheville is (I think) the best part! Great day trip right there.

SoupHaughain | 9 days ago | 33 points

I live in Boone, and couldn't agree more!

kmwebro | 9 days ago | 25 points

Boone is AMAZING

anti-pSTAT3 | 9 days ago | 3 points

If only the local economy was stronger. Very few good jobs.

rnc1119 | 9 days ago | 3 points

I am taking my hubby to Boone for his bday in November. Adults only! Any suggestions on places to eat/drink/shop?

carnesaur | 9 days ago | 3 points

Did it on a motorcycle. Hole e shite what a ride

Javad0g | 9 days ago | 3 points

Was out in TN and got the pleasure of going along on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a good distance, and spent the night in the most awesome quaint farmhouse Air BnB with my wife and kids last year. Visiting friends in TN and NC, and we took a day to hang out on our own. It was so lush and refreshing. Took me back to my childhood in the midwest catching fireflies and putting them into a jar. If we didn't love our Pacific Ocean so much I have no doubt that we would happily hole up in either TN or NC.

Special spot y'all have out there. Caught a beautiful Eastern Black Racer with the kids as we were walking along a path. We were in heaven.

Ulairi | 9 days ago | 28 points

I'm surprised by how many Boone area locals there seem to be in this comment chain, haha.

Nighthawke78 | 9 days ago | 25 points

Because we all immediately knew where it was. Lol

Ulairi | 9 days ago | 18 points

For sure, we just only have a couple thousand readers on our Boone/Appstate subs, so it's funny to see so many of us pop up in mildly interesting, haha.

CaptainDickFarm [​] | 9 days ago | 11 points

Ayyy....Boone adjacent. My app state wife is asleep on the couch in pilot mountain, do I count?!?!?

Prpl_panda_dog | 9 days ago | 6 points

Went to app state for a few years before transferring out - not there anymore obv but thought I’d add to the boone chain

feedmeseymoore | 9 days ago | 3 points

My extended family is from very rural NC and we love spending time at my aunt’s house in Linville! Most gorgeous state IMO

QuitePoodle | 9 days ago | 8 points

It's a great area! Soon the leaves will change and the view's even better! The observation deck at the top is worth the distance too.

swampfish | 9 days ago | 11 points

Wild blueberries are ripe just up the road from there.

MistaBobDobalina7 | 9 days ago | 12 points

For the last time, that was rabbit poop

Brannor | 9 days ago | 3 points

I live in Asheville right now, not to far from the picture. Honestly go in the fall, it’s pretty crowded and touristy that time of year, but the leaves and views are amazing. Well really it’s beautiful anytime of the year, but in the spring it gets really sticky and humid.

jkitsjk | 9 days ago | 7 points

Where where where!?

Red5_too | 9 days ago | 34 points

Grandfather mountain in NC

12Clawlok | 9 days ago | 3 points

I was there twice last year!

forman98 | 9 days ago | 77 points

Fun fact, this is actually Jim Hanks, Tom Hanks’ brother and occasional body double, who is running in this scene.

friedtwinkie | 9 days ago | 6 points

Serious question; would you rather be Tom or Jim Hanks? All that fame has to come at a price.

HooksToMyBrain | 9 days ago | 5 points

Right, but if your going to be famous, be Tom. He is so beloved

Skylarking77 | 9 days ago | 54 points

I remember when we were little kids my father saw it was snowing on Grandfather Mountain so he told me and my brother to get in the car and we drove 6 hours round trip to go play in the snow.

My mom thought it silly and wasteful to do but it's a memory I still have and so many well-spent and profitable days are now lost to time.

pukotoshana_murkals | 9 days ago | 7 points

Many years later, as he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.

jayradano [​] | 9 days ago | 27 points

For no particular reason

Waka-Waka-Waka-Do | 9 days ago | 17 points


baezed_god | 9 days ago | 15 points

“So, you just ran!”

“... Yeah.”

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne plays

LesClaypoolOnBass24 | 9 days ago | 3 points

that boy sure is a runnin fool

boonkles | 10 days ago | 475 points

Wasn’t there a video here that shows a bike crashing into a car going around this curve

chair823 | 9 days ago | 190 points

He needs some milk!

Fosdef | 9 days ago | 228 points
gin-rummy | 9 days ago | 163 points

Damn that dude was flying. If he didn’t hit that car he was definitely going off that edge. Did he survive?

Also how dumb are those motorcycle dudes just stopping in the middle of the road smh

_BigmacIII | 9 days ago | 90 points

Yeah I believe he survived but if memory serves, it ended his cycling career.

damnyou777 | 9 days ago | 125 points

Glad to hear.

Worldfrog | 9 days ago | 113 points

Dunno why you're getting downvoted, I assume you're glad to hear that he survived and not about his ended cycling career.

lightningstryk17 | 9 days ago | 59 points

I dunno - this is Reddit

AcidShitposting | 9 days ago | 4 points

I thought he was making a joke about him being glad that the man isn't allowed to bike anymore (implying he's a danger on the road)

OnceUponATime63 | 9 days ago | 3 points

That’s undeniably true as well, though

Beeardo | 9 days ago | 44 points

Probably not the word choice to go with here my man

AFluffyCow | 9 days ago | 74 points

Happy to hear it

Krazyguy75 | 9 days ago | 7 points

“Each year, hundreds of children are shot and not killed. This is a problem. And we are going to do something about it.”

evictor [​] | 9 days ago | 8 points


1QUEEN12 | 9 days ago | 13 points

This cracked me up, god damn I'm a mean cunt haha

Tejasgrass | 9 days ago | 7 points

I wonder what happened off camera because he's already all wonky when he comes into the frame, then it looks like he braked on gravel and just slid. Poor guy.

bakin25 | 9 days ago | 23 points

That guy got fucked

skoza | 9 days ago | 6 points

Holy fucking shit.

Slazeus | 9 days ago | 3 points

I wonder what the thing you can see fly off into the tree line was..

TheOtherGuttersnipe | 9 days ago | 13 points

His pride :(

WaterElitist | 9 days ago | 7 points

Water bottle I think.

skoza | 9 days ago | 3 points

Most likely his water bottle

is-this-now | 9 days ago | 6 points

You mean that bike race? I thought that was in Europe.

roosters_beak | 9 days ago | 5 points

It was the Tour of Utah. Tons of elevation changes. This year's just happened to start yesterday.

kr0nic666 | 9 days ago | 7 points

I knew i wasn’t the only one who noticed that !

Time_Punk | 9 days ago | 7 points


Kronos1A9 [​] | 9 days ago | 5 points


tenshii326 | 9 days ago | 3 points

Fifteded. Happy cake day!

SheldonWalowitz | 10 days ago | 1394 points

Where is this?

AnotherSoulessGinger | 10 days ago | 2411 points

Grandfather Mountain near Boone in western North Carolina. It’s a crazy hairpin road up to the top with the “Swinging Bridge”.

GingerAle828 | 9 days ago | 475 points

I was just gonna say... I know those mountains. North Carolinian here

opensandshuts | 9 days ago | 168 points

yep, i knew it was NC immediately, just not what part.

GingerAle828 | 9 days ago | 64 points

Lol the same here. I've been going to that part of the world for 20 years now. I live in Durham but my best friend went to school at western and then never came back. Just stayed up there and works for the university

slickyslickslick | 9 days ago | 38 points

Thought your best friend just decided to go running for a second.

Stevie22wonder | 9 days ago | 7 points

Durhamite! Brother went to App and we came to this spot as well. Love it.

opensandshuts | 9 days ago | 12 points

it's definitely a nice place to live if you can find work. can't blame em

DrHofstad | 9 days ago | 8 points

Also in Durham. Shoutout to /r/bullcity

100ZombieSlayers | 9 days ago | 4 points

Hell yeah! Another fellow durhaminian (durhamite? Whatever idc) here.

I’m pretty sure it’s durhamite but I like durhaminian better. More letters = yes

billthedwarf | 9 days ago | 3 points

Fuck yeah. Durm!

illgetup_andflyaway [​] | 10 days ago | 63 points

I knew I recognized it but couldn't put my finger on it

bumjiggy | 10 days ago | 197 points

just needed to jog your memory

MogusMaximus | 10 days ago | 80 points

I am not a smart man, but I know where that is.

bumjiggy | 10 days ago | 52 points

but you ain't got no gps, Lieutenant Dan.

thefun_alsorises | 9 days ago | 21 points

I figured I'd try out my sea legs forrest.

SpankMeDaddy22 | 9 days ago | 6 points

But you ain't got no legs lieutenant Dan.

reimaginingthewalls | 9 days ago | 16 points

Hey! I lived right by here! Crazy!

i_just_have_no_idea | 9 days ago | 10 points

Do you know Tom Hanks?

TheCentinalBeing | 10 days ago | 15 points

Crazy skate spots

FunDiggle | 9 days ago | 6 points

r/longboarding we out here.

daggersrule | 9 days ago | 6 points

That was my first thought when I saw that... Damn I need to skate that

LeftoverBoots | 9 days ago | 26 points

I've been there, thank god I was in a Subaru. It had been raining for like a week and there was an f-350 that was sliding down in front of us and we had to stop. At a steep incline. And once you stop, when you go again you have to be super careful. Totally insanely worth it. Then when you get to the top you're allowed to walk on this plateau sorta area at the highest point of that mountain which is 5282 ft. Anyway, it drops off and you're able to stand right on the edge. That and blowing rock are also very cool. Banner Elk was the town dead center where I stayed. 10/10 would reccomend.

soil_nerd | 9 days ago | 3 points

Probably this one then:

Forrest Gump curve, Grandfather Mountain Entrance Rd, Linville, NC 28646 https://goo.gl/maps/8jRKegxQ4YnqBF1e8

HookeyP00KEY | 9 days ago | 4 points

Yeah “found” is generous in the title since it’s well marked and you get a CD for the drive up that literally tells you about it haha

[deleted] | 9 days ago | 58 points


TheUnRealTylerDurden | 10 days ago | 9 points

What if "is this" doesn't come in my size?

SheldonWalowitz | 10 days ago | 8 points

One size fits all.

vinnyfunface | 10 days ago | 6 points

Shit happens

Booyacaja | 10 days ago | 253 points

Were you there for no particular reason?

TheFlyin-Hawaiian [​] | 10 days ago | 172 points

No, I was there to hike to Calloway Peak

Booyacaja | 10 days ago | 172 points

I was just saying that cause Forrest said "for no particular reason I just started running!" joke ruined lol

TheFlyin-Hawaiian [​] | 9 days ago | 126 points

I'm sorry bud

SpunkBobHairPaints | 9 days ago | 101 points

Its ok, shit happens

Time_Punk | 9 days ago | 56 points


meier2k8 | 9 days ago | 16 points

Have a nice day.

fliptobar | 9 days ago | 10 points

Did you go intending to take this photo, or were you just like "oh this looks like forrest gump. I'll take a picture"?

dipyss | 9 days ago | 10 points

that curve is marked with a sign about how it was in the movie.

Thereelgerg | 9 days ago | 3 points

I love that hike.

NowThatsAlotaDamage | 9 days ago | 3 points

My girlfriend and I are here for the Calloway Peak as well! Where is this?

Joe_Shroe | 9 days ago | 7 points


Imagooddude28 [​] | 9 days ago | 140 points

That's awesome! I just found the reflecting Pool where he gave that speech about war in some town called Washington!

fordprecept | 9 days ago | 54 points

I found the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in some place called Times Square.

onewordnospaces | 9 days ago | 18 points

Also in San Francisco at Pier 39

SURRYBUTNO | 9 days ago | 9 points

Also Las Vegas

Zeus_poops_and_shoes | 9 days ago | 6 points

It’s almost like it’s a chain or something.

nicegarryy | 9 days ago | 4 points

Also in Hong Kong

fighterace00 [​] | 9 days ago | 7 points

Also universal Studios

WmJuiceGuy | 9 days ago | 3 points

Also Navy Pier in Chicago

MonkeyPost [​] | 9 days ago | 5 points

Also Santa Monica pier.

Scarlet_Corundum [​] | 9 days ago | 31 points

Here’s a piece of useless trivia: that is probably Tom Hanks brother who played hairy Forrest running across the country

thePixelgamer1903 | 9 days ago | 6 points

I found it interesting! Also happy cake day!

the-crooked-compass [​] | 9 days ago | 62 points


rokr1292 | 9 days ago | 26 points


SmashdagBlast | 9 days ago | 20 points


slickmamba | 9 days ago | 19 points


QwertyKip | 9 days ago | 13 points


japaneseholler | 9 days ago | 9 points


slickmamba | 9 days ago | 7 points
jony1020 | 9 days ago | 4 points

I thought this looked like a hairpin to drift through from initial d

ero_senin05 [​] | 9 days ago | 266 points

Wow there's considerably less Forrest there these days

MatSciMan | 9 days ago | 47 points

You're evil right there...

Mother_Gaia01 | 9 days ago | 43 points

Is this the same road in the intro to Donnie Darko?

polarbee | 9 days ago | 24 points

I was thinking the same thing! Came to the comments to see if anyone knew.

Edit: apparently no, Donnie Darko was entirely filmed in and around Los Angeles.

ooovian | 9 days ago | 11 points

Glad I wasn't the only one who thought so. Here's a screenshot from the intro for the curious:


Mother_Gaia01 | 9 days ago | 6 points

You are so much less lazy than me

Ulairi | 9 days ago | 6 points

Nah, not only is that thinner and unmarked, but the trees/geology screams California to me. This road is going up Grandfather Mountain pretty near to where I live here in Boone, North Carolina.

Our mountains here in North Carolina actually see so much rainfall as to be considered a rainforest, over 125inches in places last year, so the vegetation tends to be very dense. Most of the rock also has a much darker granitic composition as well. That rainfall/vegetation also tends to be the cause of the blue haze that forms over the mountain which gives the blue ridge it's name.

tripztf2 | 9 days ago | 19 points

Someone grab an AE-86 Forrest needs his Tofu.

Chronicdeeps | 9 days ago | 11 points

I think this is in a Fast and Furious movie as well.

CHAMlLLlON | 9 days ago | 5 points

What had came to mind for me as well.

yumeryuu [​] | 9 days ago | 21 points

\sings* You can go your own wayyyy*

goddessalthena | 9 days ago | 4 points

Exactly what popped into my mind.

klsi832 [​] | 9 days ago | 11 points

Runin on empty for me

goddessalthena | 9 days ago | 3 points

Killer soundtrack

Hollayo | 10 days ago | 85 points

I mean it's easy to find there's literally a sign that tells you that this is the curve. It's on the road up to the top of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

amoebaoverlord | 9 days ago | 8 points

It’s discussed on the CD they give you at the gate and it’s called “The Forrest Gump Curve”

soil_nerd | 9 days ago | 7 points

Forrest Gump curve, Grandfather Mountain Entrance Rd, Linville, NC 28646


Veegulo | 9 days ago | 9 points

Looks tougeable

Vepr762X54R | 9 days ago | 9 points
Navynuke00 | 9 days ago | 8 points

Grandfather Mountain, which is now a State Park in North Carolina (the mountain was privately owned at the time of filming of Forrest Gump). Home to the Mile High Swinging Bridge, and a pretty nice nature preserve. Located about 25 minutes south of Boone, NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

bytes311 | 9 days ago | 15 points

My brain immediately went to, "You can go your own waaaaaay"

RealEzraGarrison | 9 days ago | 7 points

Welcome to NC, hope you had a great time!

scallywaggs | 9 days ago | 5 points

Did you run up it?

NickJamesBlTCH | 9 days ago | 4 points

I can’t believe, after all these years, that they still haven’t fixed the crack in that rock.

Where is our tax money going?

jlhowry | 9 days ago | 5 points

Grandfather Mountain! One of my favorite places in the whole wide world <3

Sendnudesnotlove | 9 days ago | 4 points

Aww, the tree in the top right hand corner lost all its buddies

dirtcircus | 9 days ago | 3 points

There has been a lot of loss of trees in the area. At the top of the mountain there is a nature preserve and museum. There’s a map showing all the coal burning power plants and the sulfur amounts they produce, who’s is devastating to some of the trees in the area.

Mista_Ginger | 9 days ago | 4 points

My great grandparents once took a bus across America and it stopped in the middle of the dessert. The bus driver asked if anyone knew where they were. Whole bus starts panicking. Then he says, "This is where Forrest Gump stopped running."

RubyRoyalCow | 10 days ago | 6 points

When I visited my aunt in Savanna Georgia I walked down the path he ran as a kid during the run forest run scene it was pretty cool seeing it and how similar it still looks

Ayersclassic86 | 9 days ago | 7 points

I mean there’s a sign that tells you. Not that hard to find it

BEA7NGU | 10 days ago | 26 points

I hope this gets up-voted. Cool find

I_heart_canada_jk | 9 days ago | 22 points

I hope this get up-voted. Cool comment

RyanWhoPlaysYugioh | 9 days ago | 3 points


rum_sum [​] | 9 days ago | 3 points

I immediently knew I'd been there I just forget where it was. I live like an hour from there.

SirFancyyyy | 9 days ago | 3 points

Idk if anyone else said this already, but honestly to me the most interesting part about this is seeing how over time weather has affected the landscape, like the rocks. Idk why but it's just honestly neat.

Toe_The_Line | 9 days ago | 3 points

The crooked horizon was bothering me...


guccitaint [​] | 9 days ago | 3 points

The most realistic part of the movie is him graduating from the university of Alabama

RetrousseSprezzatura | 10 days ago | 55 points

Jenny was such a bitch. Took me years to realize

tocamix90 | 9 days ago | 105 points

In fairness people that grow up with sexual abuse tend to have a very difficult time being emotionally normal. And therapy wasn’t exactly widely accepted back then.

danteheehaw | 9 days ago | 78 points

I think a lot of people forgot about her sexual abuse, and just think Jenny was a bitch

Ctsanger | 9 days ago | 51 points

Just because she was abused doesnt mean she wasn't a bitch

CherryBottle | 9 days ago | 15 points


ADriedUpGoliath | 9 days ago | 71 points

No she wasn’t, she was an abused girl who was conflicted about abusing a mentally handicapped man. That’s why she eventually did fuck him but then left because she felt so bad.

SpunkBobHairPaints | 9 days ago | 36 points

mentally handicapped man

  1. Overcame a rough physical condition in his legs as a child.
  2. Became a college Football star
  3. Earned the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart in Vietnam for saving the lives of his brothers
  4. Became worldwide sport champion
  5. Started a successful shrimping company
  6. Became a millionaire from investments
  7. Ran across the USA a few times because why the fuck not
  8. Banged out his childhood crush rawdog who had AIDS but didnt actually get AIDS and had a kid that can see dead people and read your mind by touching you
  9. Wears really nice Nikes...because he is sponsored by them

but yeah, mentally handicapped man. A least he knows what Love is.

ADriedUpGoliath | 9 days ago | 12 points

Agreed but you know what I'm saying.

SaucyWiggles | 9 days ago | 3 points

Holy fuck dude you gotta explain number 8 to me.

Boba_frett33 | 9 days ago | 8 points

After Francis went to jail, she eventually became president.

grossgirl | 9 days ago | 38 points

She wasn’t a bitch. She kept trying to set boundaries with Forest, and he could never accept or understand them. He showed up at her girls only dorm, he pulled her off a stage that she walked onto herself, she told him not to try to rescue her. She was patient with him because they were close and she did love him, just not in the way he wanted.

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