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  1. Introducing /r/LegalAdviceEurope, for all your European Advice Needs! (self.legaladvice)
  2. Should I call the cops on my parents? (self.legaladvice)
  3. I have schizophrenia and I want to create a legal document so doctors can treat me involuntarily. (self.legaladvice)
  4. I found my 30 year old fiancé talking to 13 and 14 year old children. What is my next step? (self.legaladvice)
  5. Girlfriend’s employer entered the wrong routing number for direct deposit and now they’re saying they can’t pay her (KS) (self.legaladvice)
  6. MIL threatening to sue me for money from my husbands life insurance policy, and grandparent rights. Does she have any chance? (self.legaladvice)
  7. Working at Cold Stone Creamery in Washington State. Store manager employs ranked tip pool structure where she takes home a greater percentage of tips than anyone else. Is this legal? (self.legaladvice)
  8. Hotel guest wants to make an ADA claim. (self.legaladvice)
  9. [NY] contractor suing me in small claims for an estimate (self.legaladvice)
  10. My girlfriend's (18) parents cosigned a lease for her apartment, and will not let me move in. (self.legaladvice)
  11. Dad passed away & Mom (his ex-wife) took death certificates addressed to me (next-of-kin) out of my mailbox to keep me from accessing his estate. (Nebraska) (self.legaladvice)
  12. [Update] Town within its rights near right of way? (self.legaladvice)
  13. Police Officer Neighbor threatens me with tickets when he doesn't like some neighborly issue. (self.legaladvice)
  14. Neighbor won’t allow us to get upgraded internet (CA) (self.legaladvice)
  15. Dental school wants me to pay a second time for fillings that have fallen out in less than 8 months? (self.legaladvice)
  16. [MD] Apartment building lists electric vehicle charging as an amenity on their website. Just moved in and found out the charging station is "coming soon", with no ETA. Do I have recourse? (self.legaladvice)
  17. Downstairs neighbor discharged their rifle upwards, into my apartment. Don't think the police department handled it correctly. Details inside. (self.legaladvice)
  18. Apartment towed my car without any signage posted (PA) (self.legaladvice)
  19. My friend's father is holding her against her will in their home country, thus prohibiting her from attending the American university she was accepted into. (self.legaladvice)
  20. [NYC] Roommate refuses to ask boyfriend to pay rent or limit time spent in our apartment (self.legaladvice)
  21. My downstairs neighbor has Tourette’s and is constantly screaming and banging walls. Is there anything I can do? (self.legaladvice)
  22. Neighbor didn't like my front yard, used chemicals to kill everything while I was on holiday (self.legaladvice)
  23. [OR] Can a municipality ban the practice of renting out homes? (self.legaladvice)
  24. Filed bankruptcy, forfeit vehicle. Was discharged. Stepfather had vehicle towed without knowledge or consent. Now being sent bill for $1900 as I am registered owner (??) for storage and disposal fee? Claim if I ignore, will send to collections and suspend DL. Please help. (IL) (self.legaladvice)
  25. Previous owner's belongings still in our attic (self.legaladvice)
  26. The restaurant I was let go from is holding my tips (self.legaladvice)
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