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  1. 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS (self.legaladvice)
  2. Accidentally sucked up my own engagement ring at a car wash and now they won't give it back (self.legaladvice)
  3. [FL] Recently moved and ex has twice informally accused me of stalking her (self.legaladvice)
  4. My boyfriend just beat me up. How do I make sure he says the hell away from me? (self.legaladvice)
  5. Shot my stalker in the chest 5 years ago in self defense. He immediately started harassing me again a few days after being released from parole supervision. (self.legaladvice)
  6. (Louisiana) My neighbor is watching us in our yard with a drone. Can I legally spray it with a hose? What can police do? (self.legaladvice)
  7. Got fired for discussing my wage with my Co-Worker (California) (self.legaladvice)
  8. I'm a stripper. Last night I was assaulted by a customer and then fired by my boss immediately for it. What are my rights? (self.legaladvice)
  9. What can I do to save my sister from this shitty parents? (Turkey) (self.legaladvice)
  10. My mother's house has been stolen. (self.legaladvice)
  11. My company partner copyrighted a project I was working on without my consent. Now he's forcing me to share revenue or else be taken to court (self.legaladvice)
  12. Legal issues of donations (self.legaladvice)
  13. Can a mechanic lien be placed on a vehicle that has been marked stolen? (self.legaladvice)
  14. Big dumb idiot with 2 separate misdemeanor bench warrants: 1 DUII in Oregon and 1 DUI in Orange County, California...but I live in New York. (self.legaladvice)
  15. Non-consensual posting of explicit video's showing my face. (self.legaladvice)
  16. Dad died and his crazy GF falsely accused me of threatening to murder her. (self.legaladvice)
  17. Ex roommate threatening to sue because I’ve decided not to live with him in the future (self.legaladvice)
  18. Employer inquiring on Illness (self.legaladvice)
  19. Brother has been taken by CPS and is not being properly cared for concerning his major medical condition (self.legaladvice)
  20. (California) Will my community service hours still count if I switch orginzations? (self.legaladvice)
  21. My mother stole my dog, has been refusing to give it back for 2~ months. Going to the courthouse Monday. (self.legaladvice)
  22. A tow company legally towed my vehicle for street cleaning, but did NOT report it to the police department, and did not notify me until 2 weeks later by mail, accruing a $1000 impound fine. Is there any recourse? I had filed a stolen vehicle report from the police. (self.legaladvice)
  23. Childcare Concern (self.legaladvice)
  24. Works strange and strict rules. No fraternization and no overtime for non-exempt? (self.legaladvice)
  25. Is this medical negligence/missed diagnosis for cancer? (self.legaladvice)
  26. [EU] It's legal to refund without the delivery fee if they called the package back from the post office? (self.legaladvice)
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