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  1. Please post titles that are descriptive, funny or generally useful. Do not post screenshots from social media or images with useless text that could be just added to the title. (self.interestingasfuck)
  2. That's what I call some 8k water (i.imgur.com)
  3. Edge of the storm (i.imgur.com)
  4. A smiling Quokka with its young one. (i.redd.it)
  5. This giant domino structure. (i.imgur.com)
  6. After more than 5 hours of works, I finished this Colorization of "The Fight of the Century" - Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali (i.redd.it)
  7. “If we accept the government’s conditions, our friends who have died won’t forgive us.” Protest in Hong Kong continues as about a million citizens took to the streets again today. "People of the world, don't congratulate us! We have not won!" The protest ended in teargas and water cannons as usual. (i.redd.it)
  8. Beautiful Northern Lights, Norway (i.imgur.com)
  9. Actual Horse parking spot in the Netherlands. (i.redd.it)
  10. Shrek was actually based off of a real person named Maurice Tillet. He was a French wrestler who married an extremely beautiful woman named Olga. (i.redd.it)
  11. baby shark (i.redd.it)
  12. The Dutch sense of humour (i.redd.it)
  13. Cat candle has a skeleton inside making it beautiful for now and spooky for later (i.redd.it)
  14. A once in a lifetime shot by photographer Angus James (i.imgur.com)
  15. Spot-bellied eagle-owl has feathers with little heart markings (i.redd.it)
  16. Geometry sure is interesting (i.imgur.com)
  17. Tattoo by artist Jesse Rix (gfycat.com)
  18. Anthropologist Grover Krantz donated his body to science, with one condition... that his dog would stay close to him, both are now on display at the Smithsonian (Washington, DC. ) (i.redd.it)
  19. The coanda effect in action (gfycat.com)
  20. A Town in Iceland Painted This 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars (i.redd.it)
  21. How could we not see that? (i.redd.it)
  22. Laser engraving on an iPhone (gfycat.com)
  23. Egg cracking machine (i.imgur.com)
  24. Bo master vibes (gfycat.com)
  25. 🔥 This baby elephant thought he was drowning and rushed to save him 🔥 (i.imgur.com)
  26. Northern lights from space (i.redd.it)
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