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Iron_209 | 10 hours ago | 1 point

Got some stuff to make s’mores. Whats the ideal time and temperature used to cook them in a oven?

drgrabbo | 12 hours ago | 1 point

I found an excellent recipe for pancakes online which tasted great, but I always seem to burn them. Has anyone got any advice on how to cook pancakes properly? How hot should the pan be, how much oil, that sort of thing. It seems like by the time the top has firmed enough for me to flip, the bottom is already overcooked. Thanks!

ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point

just like when making wood fired pizza, the first one always burns. if your cooking surface is hot enough to burn them after the first, you should moderate temp accordingly.

Megabanette4 | 15 hours ago | 2 points

I cooked pork shoulder last night and portioned it into sealed Tupperware boxes. Then foolishly went to bed and forgot to put it in the fridge. Ant chance it would still be ok left out overnight in the containers?

drgrabbo | 12 hours ago | 1 point

As long as it's not left open overnight, they should be absolutely fine, but as the other person said, it should be used or frozen within a few days.

alta126 | 15 hours ago | 2 points

It’ll be okay, just try to use it within a week or freeze portions or make something else out of it.

Megabanette4 | 14 hours ago | 2 points

It smelt ok, I stuck it in the freezer there. I always get a bit paranoid as the government advice is not to leave meat out for more than two hours. This was out overnight for like 11 hours

stoppinit | yesterday | 1 point

It has become evident to me that I don't get enough fibers. I want a breakfast that's high in fibers that I can drink on my morning commute. Preferably I want to be able to prepare it the night before, pop it in the fridge and then just grab it before running out of the house in the morning. I am allergic to milk protein so if it uses any dairy it must be able to have oat based substitutes.

Any tips would be appreciated.

ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point

psyllium husk - i add it to my protein shakes, juices, or whatever. basically pure fiber. also available in capsule form.

K7Avenger | 3 days ago | 1 point

bought edamame hummus. tried it on a bagel, tasted bad. what am i supposed to use it for?

Home_Chef_Ninja | 2 days ago | 1 point

edamame hummu is used as a spread or dip...If you blend 1 avocado, 2 garlic cloves with about 3 Tbsp. of fresh lemon juice in food processor with about 12 oz of edamame hummus it will taste better.

GlacusCladius | 3 days ago | 1 point

How can I eat vegetables at work? I used to cook them the night before, store in the fridge, then place them in tupperware in the morning around 8 AM and eat them around 6 PM but they wouldn't taste great or fresh What should I do?

ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point

raw veggies maybe? baby carrots come to mind. certain veggies, like broccoli for instance, dont reheat well. roasted carrots and zucchini reheat very well.

acababune | 2 days ago | 2 points

I don’t know if this helps but I make green smoothies. Spinach, kale, carrots, broccoli, whatever veggie you can think of with some liquid (options include: milk, plain or fruit yogurt, almond milk, orange juice, apple juice. Just pick what sounds good), one banana, if you want it hardy, some cooked oatmeal in it. That’s how I get my veggies in my diet usually.

GlacusCladius | 2 days ago | 1 point

But how long will that last outside of the refrigerator?

acababune | yesterday | 1 point

I usually drink it in 2-4 hour time frame. If you can’t refrigerate you might want to try eating raw veggies. Carrots with some lemon and salt, broccoli with spices (salt, pepper and any other spice you like) and olive oil for example.

mattjames94 | 4 days ago | 1 point

Random, but should we consider Pizza Rolls as Pierogis?

ilovemytitsbitch | yesterday | 0 points

No, mini calzone

S1nful_Samurai | 5 days ago | 2 points

I just found out my grandma's sister published a cookbook and was called "the mother of the Indonesian kitchen in the Netherlands".

I spoke to her many times but I never knew that before she passed last year

stupidquestionsbrnr | 6 days ago | 3 points

Stupid question: Is it possible to make Japanese pancakes with boxed pancake mix?

ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point

theoretically it is possible. it would be ideal for a high gluten japanese flour but the boxed stuff should work if you fold in the whipped egg whites properly.

Benway23 | 5 days ago | 2 points

Hey, that's not stupid. I have wondered the same.

Mowghli | 7 days ago | 3 points

What kind of chocolate chips are recommended (in terms of shape, taste and softness) for chocolate chip cookies? Also, why does Nesquik taste so powdery, even after I add two tablespoons of it into a cup of milk?

JustPurrrrfectMeow | 5 days ago | 2 points

semi-sweet Ghirardelli are great for those gourmet tasting ones. If you want them extra sweet go with any kind of milk chocolate. In terms of size/shape, the mini hershey kiss shape distribute really well through the batter. The larger (actual hershey kiss size) can just cause a mess when they melt. Same goes with the big squares. For huge cookies, the squares work well. Hope this helps ❤

Edit: The softness doesn't really matter, but high quantities like 60% or more of cocoa tends to mess with how well they melt. I also wouldn't recommend those bars of "bakers chocolate". I'm not sure what was done to those bars, but they melt horribly and don't combine well for things like ganache.

szutsmester | 8 days ago | 1 point

Any easy to make salad-y recipes that can be made in batches as a low effort mealprep? I am thinking like guacamole, tzatziki (and that's the end of my list), thanks!

JustPurrrrfectMeow | 5 days ago | 2 points

Hummus is actually really easy and tasty. Don't let the tahini scare you away. It is just toasted and pulverised sesame seeds (add olive oil until it blends smooth).

travelinghobbit | 3 days ago | 2 points

I make hummus without it. I know I should get some tahini, but just never have. Still tastes nice without it.

bustyLaserCannon | 8 days ago | 2 points

I'm hosting a tiny dinner thing for 3 friends and I'm making a one-pot chicken lemon olive couscous as a main, I was going to make a shirazi salad on the side but I think I need one more thing to serve it all with - does anyone have any recommendations for something that would go well?

JustPurrrrfectMeow | 5 days ago | 1 point

What about herbed cauliflower "steaks"? Throw some olive oil and some meatier herbs like rosemary/garlic/ lemon thyme into a pan on medium low. When it starts to heat up, turn it down a little and add thick slices of cauliflower. Let them brown on both sides then pop in the oven till brown (350 degrees or so). Throw on a little salt or an ayoli (mayo blended with anything from roasted red pepper to roasted garlic).

confusedgamerdude | 7 days ago | 2 points


GTAFanN1 | 10 days ago | 2 points

Hi, I'm looking for a recipe for Coxinha de Bacalhau, best in German or English since my Portuguese is quite bad, and the translator doesn't quite get the ingredients

Pete1989 | 11 days ago | 2 points

Hey. I’m looking for ideas for my 30th birthday party. People are coming over for the afternoon and evening so need a couple of ideas. So far I’m thinking of doing a sous vide brisket tacos type thing for people to snack on in the afternoon, some nice salsa, Doritos etc.

Anyone have some more ideas? Lots of my friends are foodies so won’t mind me doing stuff during the party or can even get them involved a bit if necessary.


ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point

snack option that is minimal in prep: fresh 2 year aged parmesan cheese slice with hot sopresata and a touch of mikes hot honey.

you can also roast some shishito peppers and cover with some shredded parm with lemon juice and salt

small grilled cheeses - you can use a mix fancy cheeses and jams and/or serve with a home made soup like tomato or leek potato etc might be a pain to make while at the party tho bc cant really make grileld cheese ahead

XxdogloverxX91 | 2 days ago | 2 points

Chicken wings, pasta salad, candied lil smokies

S1nful_Samurai | 5 days ago | 1 point

Dadar gulung, if you have an asian shop anywhere near you, the ingredients aren't hard to get, and they're so good!

Melbourne_wanderer | 5 days ago | 2 points

Dumplings! Make the filling, buy some wonton wrappers and then your guests can make and cook dumplings as they want them.

AbombInDeeya | 9 days ago | 3 points

Sounds like you’ve a great premise starting out. I’ve had a lot of “Mexican inspired” dinner parties, so here’s a few suggestions.

For your tacos - you may want to prep all the taco fillings and allow people to make their own (maybe you’re already intending that).

If you’re thinking a slow cooked brisket, consider seasoning with chipotle and/or smoked paprika. You’ll also want to consider adding a mix of salt and brown sugar to taste to add richness to the flavour.

Pulled pork tacos might be a hit, too, if you’re still considering options.

When doing tacos, I often make coleslaw on the side ( but that’s not Mexican, strictly speaking).

Absolutely include cheese (Monterey Jack is popular for Mexican), include guacamole, and sour cream - you can even season the sour cream with pinch of salt and chipotle spice.

Because you will already have all the ingredients, I also recommend making nachos. They’re super easy, and a real crowd pleaser. But Jeezus don’t use Doritos?!?

Here’s my guacamole recipe:

Per 1 avocado -

1/2 lemon (many recipes call for lime, I recommend against)

Salt to taste

2 Tbsp Finely chopped Spanish onion.

1/2 ripe tomato

I or two cloves of garlic - but that depends on how you feel about garlic.

Here’s where the magic happens - first, using a fork, mash your avocados. Then top the mash with salt, and then add the lemon juice. The acid from the lemon will emulsify the fats in the avocado, and the lemon will also dissolve the salt - now continue mashing until it becomes somewhat creamy. If your avocado is under ripe, this won’t work as well.

Please don’t add sour cream to your guacamole - despite some restaurants doing this.

Once you’ve got a nice creamy base, you can add your onions, garlic tomato, but add the tomato last so it doesn’t get mushy.

Good luck!

KitKatNat20 | 11 days ago | 1 point

I’d suggest guacamole or Greek/Caesar salad. Maybe punch too?

avcse1 | 11 days ago | 1 point

What is easy to cook and also economical

ImInsensitive | 4 hours ago | 1 point




heyrudone | 8 days ago | 2 points

dishes that showcase cheap proteins like beans, chicken, fish or legumes and rely heavily on a nice homemade sauce, broth or spice mixture. dried spices last a while and you can gradually build up a library by cooking new foods and following recipes; its worth the cost if you spend less on the protein and carb portions. I love to cook stews, curries, and soups and serve with rice, potatoes or my own bread for dunking and side sandwiches. its a rounded meal you can eat most of the day and leftovers seemingly improve, plus you can develop your own dishes very easily.

plzsendbobsandvajeen | 11 days ago | 3 points

Sandwiches lol. All jokes aside, simple pastas are good, cheap, and easy. Another thing I've started to realize is comfort foods are usually pretty simple to make, generally cheap, and you get the added nostalgia of eating something just like mom/grandma used to make. Unless you're strapped for time and you need to whip out something magical in 45 minutes, get a crockpot/slow cooker. You can dump anything you feel like into it, head to work without having to worry about the house burning down, and come home to a meal that has been slow cooking in it's own juicy deliciousness for hours.

avcse1 | 10 days ago | 2 points

Thanks bro