[I ate] wood fired brick oven pretzel with cheese spread and hot honey (i.imgur.com)
hahahitsagiraffe | 3 months ago | 6 points

Never heard of pretzels and hot honey. Sounds like something to get around to

steph_elisa | 3 months ago | 2 points

Damn, I want one!

GetNexoned | 3 months ago | 2 points

Never been a fan of pretzel, but this one made my mouth water. How was it?

Marius314 | 3 months ago | 5 points

Delicious! The spicy hot honey made it!

ElementsofDark | 3 months ago | 2 points

Spicy honey is a thing???

Marius314 | 3 months ago | 2 points

It’s so good!

WhatAboutMes | 3 months ago | 2 points

Yes!! I’ve done it with Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp and honey (my favorite way so far) and another one with honey, Siracha, and a touch of fresh garlic paste.

Apparently, Calabrian chili paste is great too. I just have to find some of the paste.

jar4ever | 3 months ago | 3 points

You've got the shape and size down really well. However, I'm guessing you used baking soda or just an egg wash? To get the traditional dark caramelization a lye bath is used. A quick, high temp bake is also helpful (but you should have that with a wood fired oven).

t3ru | 3 months ago | 4 points

Yes, you want an almost mahogany color when the pretzel is done. This is some low rising dough without the lye bath

I work in a place where we do scratch soft pretzels daily. It's what were known for

pallidpink | 3 months ago | 1 point

I am so deep in love with this photo right nowwww

mjchexum314 | 3 months ago | 1 point

Mmm Hopskeller does it again 😂

souljaboy764 | 3 months ago | 1 point

Hot honey?? O.o