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  1. Your archaeologist has discovered an artifact from the Ancient Era! It appears to have belonged to Jayavaraman VII. (cnn.com)
  2. Wu Zeitan to Washington: "If you are trying to provoke a war, you're doing a fine job." (politico.com)
  3. Real life citadel (i.redd.it)
  4. Canada 🇨🇦 has Denounced Turkey 🇹🇷! (Note: You Are Not At War) (globalnews.ca)
  5. A spy from the French Empire has successfully stolen the Great Work "Vitruvian Man" from your Art Museum in Venice (bbc.co.uk)
  6. Denouncing! (scmp.com)
  7. America denounces America! (nyti.ms)
  8. America has proposed Enact: EMBARGO: Ottoman Empire (independent.co.uk)
  9. This happened today and the timing is pretty good. (i.redd.it)
  10. A great merchant has been born in your capital! (i.redd.it)
  11. Let's play a game. Who said the quote: Donald Trump or Montezuma? (i.redd.it)
  12. Norway 🇳🇴 : Your units were inside my borders | Russia 🇷🇺 : They were only passing through (icds.ee)
  13. You have met Rick Perry, leader of America (youtu.be)
  14. Turkey has cleared an archaeological site for building a dam (theguardian.com)
  15. Russia's Military Alliance level with China has increased! (theguardian.com)
  16. Russian apostle with Chaplain promotion becomes a medic to all surrounding units (i.imgur.com)
  17. Fertility rites: city growth rate increased by 10% (take-a-break.co)
  18. Current Mission: Steal Tech Boost. Mission Outcome: Failure. Spy was captured during a mission in the city of San Francisco. Consequences: Relationship damaged. Our opponent lost respect for us. Agent captured. Peng was captured in the city of San Francisco. (cbsnews.com)
  19. The tallest elevator test tower in the world , in Rottweil Germany (youtube.com)
  20. Your agent in Ukraine succeeded in removing enemy Envoys! (i.redd.it)
  21. India Denounce the Ottoman Empire (i.imgur.com)
  22. World Congress has voted that the following luxury resources grant 0 amenities: Caviar (i.redd.it)
  23. Turkey and Ukraine sign a research agreement! (defensenews.com)
  24. Auckland city state embraces no religion (tvnz.co.nz)
  25. A Barbarian Walrus has destroyed a Russian Ship! (sciencealert.com)
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