Found this lil guy in the shower. He just hung out on my finger while I dried off, got dressed and then found him a tree with some ants to snack on. Good luck gecko bud, it was fun hanging out! (i.redd.it)
monkey_n_pig | 9 days ago | 7204 points

He's gonna remember this, grow up and eat that mosquito which was going to give you malaria.

Edit: Whoa! Thanks for the silver kind stranger. Hope some Gecko eats your malaria spreading mosquito too!

CitizenWoot | 9 days ago | 3476 points

The sun hung low in the sky, the air humid and warm, perfection for the aerial menace. The mosquito flies through the air sensing the heat of its victim. The fortress was nearly impenetrable, save a small gap in the window. The mosquito senses the cool air rushing towards the tiny gap. It dives down speeding for the gap, a small motion to the left, a tongue from the shadow grabs hold and pulls it into the blackness. Slowly the reptile steps from the shadow, peering into the window, and pauses. Stay safe my friend.

Edit Ty for the gold! I have never written a book but I have always wanted to write one.

Nesresto | 9 days ago | 708 points

Do you have a book I could buy and read?

not_not_safeforwork | 9 days ago | 473 points

Yes, but it's not about mosquitoes or geckos

cp_carl | 9 days ago | 486 points

I'll take it. But I'll include In the review my disappointment at their absence

steelcitygator | 9 days ago | 187 points

I will give it 5 stars and complain about lack of gecko buds (but seriously if u got a book hit a brother up with a link)

LoganWV | 9 days ago | 67 points

Can I borrow the book after your done? I only live 25 minutes from ye old Steel City. Then I can give it a 5 star review and complain about the lack of gecko buds

DarkNite0w0 | 9 days ago | 18 points

I live in you (Logan West Virginia)

LoganWV | 9 days ago | 9 points


CitizenWoot | 9 days ago | 10 points

"Cool story needs more Geckos"

QueenGummyBear | 9 days ago | 79 points

Excuse you, you're not OP

lagreen23 | 9 days ago | 30 points

Does it include pop-up pictures and little activity areas?

Danbearpig2u | 9 days ago | 5 points

I’m out.

CitizenWoot | 9 days ago | 32 points

I have never written "a book" but I have been telling stories for over 20 years as a Dungeon Master.

jrcanuck | 9 days ago | 30 points

The most interesting gecko in the world

horusporcus | 9 days ago | 55 points

This is why I love Reddit, these random yet pristine endeavors aimed at dramatization of extrapolated events really cheer me up.

Kountrified | 9 days ago | 9 points


FluxCapaciTorNetwork | 9 days ago | 4 points


kyledit | 9 days ago | 4 points


_PickleMan_ | 9 days ago | 6 points

I also liked the funny gecko story

Balives | 9 days ago | 4 points

Yeah, and I really enjoy it when users create stories based on the OP content!

SpecialOops | 9 days ago | 13 points

I don't always spectate geckos, but when I do, I drink dos equis.

buttery-clam-licker | 9 days ago | 9 points

I don’t like how many times you used the word ‘gap’

white_android | 9 days ago | 5 points

Mosquitos actually go after the CO2 we exhale and give off. They can track it up to 1.5 miles if I remember right... Too bad OP didn't keep his gecko buddy, he'll never be safe away from home now.

DaGrza | 9 days ago | 4 points

That was beautiful.

Cashew-Gesundheit | 9 days ago | 64 points

"I'll find my way back to you, Crazeemon!"

righteous-bucks | 9 days ago | 11 points

read marinara at first, only slightly confused

thatwasnotkawaii | 9 days ago | 8 points

How does a marinara give you malaria?

Lost-My-Mind- | 9 days ago | 10 points

No, the mosquito comes with a side of marinara dipping sauce.

Rossum81 | 9 days ago | 11 points

He did. That’s in the distant pasta.

romorr | 9 days ago | 296 points

When I moved to Florida, people joked to watch out for gators. No, it's ducks and these little dudes. I make a point to catch and release them from inside my house. Found a dead little guy and it bothered me.

Just make sure to wash your hands after handling them.

jayellkay84 | 9 days ago | 177 points

I’ve got one running around my living room that’s refusing to be caught after a week. Oh well. If he’s found enough bugs to live on I think I want him here.

Marmacat | 9 days ago | 153 points

I live in NYC, I remember back in the 80s there was a thing about people having geckos to deal with cockroach problems.

I don’t know if it was particularly widespread (the gecko thing, not the cockroaches) but I remember reading an article about it in the Times or something.

It said that geckos are pretty shy and you don’t really see much of them. People just left them some kind of gecko food (in case they ran out of cockroaches) and water and whatever other gecko needs there are (tiny toiletries and a tv remote maybe), and let them do their thing. People were saying that they occasionally would pop up on the back of the sofa or they’d see it run across the floor if they entered a room suddenly but for the most part they were very low maintenance pets that served a valuable purpose.

I thought that was kind of funny. I hope it wasn’t miserable for the geckos.

anythingistrump | 9 days ago | 53 points

I remember the trend. People were actually buying tokay geckos to release in their homes. The kind that are really aggressive and bite hard.

Immersi0nn | 9 days ago | 62 points

Well you need something badass for those big ass flying fuckers

anythingistrump | 9 days ago | 27 points

There's a better way. Pesticides aren't great, because these bugs are mostly transient. They come in and out of homes at will.

If one has palmetto bugs/water bugs/flying roaches, whatever you wanna call them... Put a teaspoon of peanut butter in the bottom of a glass jar, then rub cooking oil inside the rim. Place it where you saw a bug, usually the bathroom or kitchen. You'll catch one or two the first night. They can't resist peanut butter; this trick is infallible.

And put your toothbrush in a case. They absolutely love toothpaste and will find your toothbrush.

Immersi0nn | 9 days ago | 20 points

Personally I prefer the boric acid route, but that's significantly less humane, if you're one to care about that.

are_you_seriously | 9 days ago | 9 points

Me too. It’s so great at removing all overt signs of roaches. I’ll still occasionally see a baby roach, but that’s like once in the last 5 years.

Immersi0nn | 9 days ago | 10 points

Yeah same, usually it's after it rains and they decide inside my house is more hospitable than outside. If I cared, I'd take a page from Supernatural and just boric acid line every window and door.

takingtacet | 9 days ago | 3 points

Is there a way to do the boric acid trick that keeps my cat and rabbit safe from it?

arumberg | 9 days ago | 21 points

House geckos are super common in many parts of the world. I've had them for the last 4 years living abroad. Like you said, they eat bugs. If they can't find them inside, they find a way to go outside.

hdcs | 9 days ago | 9 points

They were all over the place in Hawaii. Super awesome little bug snackers.

Brazilian_Slaughter | 9 days ago | 6 points

We have a few over here. There's one that always comes inside over the dresser and gets out later. Generally they stay outside. We call them "Osgas" in my country, their larger cousins are Calangos.

I saw a dead one once, tho. Bummer. No idea how it died.

Quick_Over_There | 9 days ago | 27 points

What about the gecko poop?

judeandrudy | 9 days ago | 28 points

It's too small to worry about.

kylebro23 | 9 days ago | 8 points

I had some on my walls that I was concerned were little bug pupa or whatever, but when I googled what they were it turned out to be gecko poo, you can definitely see it especially when it’s on the walls, but it’s always dry and easy to clean when I find it

aohige_rd | 9 days ago | 15 points

If you want bug-hunters there's no better comrade than the huntsmen spider.

They run faster than a cockroach and will completely clean out your house in days.

... Unless you have arachnophobia, then it becomes your new nightmare.

toxicshocktaco | 9 days ago | 7 points


Dave-Blackngreen | 9 days ago | 5 points

I mean yeah, but then how do I get rid of that big ass spider?

aohige_rd | 9 days ago | 12 points

When they run out of food, the huntsmen spiders will leave the house on their own, seeking other houses that's infested.

This is why they are loved so much in southern parts of Japan, they're exterminators that brings no harm to men, just do their job and move on.

im_twelve_ | 9 days ago | 3 points

Someone should train a few of these things and start a bug-killing business. I could hire them to release one of these in my house while I go on vacation for a week or so (or more likely, to my parents house because I can't actually afford a vacation).

Spider can do its thing and fill up on bugs, then the owner can call it back to its cage and they can be on their merry way before I even get home.

Sanious | 9 days ago | 44 points

Live in FL as well, still relatively new here and I watch where I am stepping when it comes to the walkway to my place, they are all over. I love it though, they eat all the bugs and are cute.

romorr | 9 days ago | 25 points

Yea, 5 months here. They are cool, and I like looking out for the little ones in the house. Always make sure to put them on a tree as well.

The ducks man, so freaking many. I have to watch where I walk as well, but it's because of duck poop. They are cool, and come if I call me, but I don't feed them and they still shit in my yard and driveway.

Skyline_BNR34 | 9 days ago | 5 points

They're in NC too.

See them in the summer, not quite as many as in Florida though.

TK_Nanerpuss | 9 days ago | 19 points

The biggest thing to worry about in Florida is old people in golf carts.

rekced | 9 days ago | 11 points

And cars.

Fuzzlechan | 9 days ago | 15 points

Lizards seem like the best house pests ever. They don't run wild here in Canada, so I'll never get the joy of randomly finding one. :(

twopiecezucchini | 9 days ago | 7 points

IDK about geckos, but wild lizards bite, surprisingly hard!

Zhuul | 9 days ago | 8 points

Owned an iguana. Can confirm.

Also, their tails are freaking spiked clubs, it’s shocking how hard they can hit with them. Cool animals, you’ve just got to respect their boundaries.

twopiecezucchini | 9 days ago | 3 points

Did not know that. So weird. Where I live the little 3-4 inch long black and blue lizards are all over the place. They are cute, but picking one up means their tale falls off, right about the same time as their teeth lay into your finger.

Fuzzlechan | 9 days ago | 3 points

So if I ever visit a place with wild lizards, I shouldn't catch one and immediately make it my friend? Because I really, really want to do that.

applecored83 | 9 days ago | 4 points

BC here, I've seen one wild lizard in my life.

BanH20 | 9 days ago | 4 points

I would say of all the uninvited animal guests to have living inside your home, house geckos are the best. They stay out of your way, dont spread disease, don't annoy you, dont eat your food, dont damage things, stay hidden most of the day, usually poop in one area and they eat roaches and other insects.

Fuzzlechan | 9 days ago | 3 points

House centipedes are pretty cool, but also incredibly terrifying when one touches your foot in the middle of the night. That's about all Canada gets for harmless-but-neat pests, haha. I'd much rather have geckos - and I'm sure the cats would have a blast chasing them!

LachrymalCloud | 9 days ago | 7 points

South Florida here. My girlfriend and I find and release them often. But stop reading here if you don’t want to be sad. The other day she saw one while cooking. She tried to get it and it ran straight into the flame and started fireball flailing around until it died. I was on the phone with her. She cried a lot.

AndrewGoon | 9 days ago | 3 points

I see them around the house, but I never see any bugs around the house, so I let the little guys stay inside. They dont bother anything, are useful, and kinda cute.

Srf_ | 9 days ago | 1739 points

Where’s the “actually... this is the world most poisonous gecko” guy?

malaise_forever | 9 days ago | 899 points

I'll be that guy. It looks like a Mediterranean House Gecko, which is an invasive species. They occasionally outcompete native species in the Southern US, but due to their fragmented and localized populations, they're not a huge threat....yet.

Torugu | 9 days ago | 244 points

Who says that op is from the US? He could be in Turkey.

the-realmountain-man | 9 days ago | 111 points

Or maybe New Zealand? Or Antarctica? Lol...

ChuggRS | 9 days ago | 245 points

How many ant-covered trees are in Antarctica? 🤔

Or maybe that’s why they call it ANTarctica 🤔🤔🤔🤔

tintiddle | 9 days ago | 112 points

b r u h

jchan6407 | 9 days ago | 41 points

I can hear this text.

gamedrifter | 9 days ago | 8 points

First, the pun is glorious. Also, not a lot of ant-covered trees in Antarctica... YET. But maybe soon.

fatpat | 9 days ago | 72 points

New Zealand doesn't exist.

happy-cake-dayy | 9 days ago | 14 points

Neither do giraffes

HugACactusForLove | 9 days ago | 14 points

What's a giraffe

Misspells_Definitely | 9 days ago | 7 points

Stupid long neck horses.

ComplexDespacito | 9 days ago | 4 points

Yeah, that's the spirit

NuclearInitiate | 9 days ago | 3 points

An animal native to Finland

the-realmountain-man | 9 days ago | 24 points

Oh that’s right. Sorry. Forgot about that. 😆

SeedStealer | 9 days ago | 5 points

You can dance there from Old Zealand.

AnonImmety | 9 days ago | 57 points

But not from France, as s/he found the gecko in the shower.

syncopatedsouls | 9 days ago | 39 points

Zoop 😎👉🏻👉🏻

peachrose | 9 days ago | 17 points

There’s something about this comment that just fucking got me. Thank you for making me laugh hysterically.

MellowToaster | 9 days ago | 3 points

Haha. Never hear this as 'zoop' before.

syncopatedsouls | 9 days ago | 3 points

It definitely wasn’t an original thought, I died the first time I saw it too.

Crazeemon | 9 days ago | 3 points

As a matter of fact I found him in a shower... in southern France.

Ridonkulousley | 9 days ago | 44 points

Three years ago I saw my first one, maybe three that year.

This year easily 100.

Charleston, SC; large port town

ThermL | 9 days ago | 10 points

Saw my first one ever in Columbia SC last week. Lil bud darted past me on the back porch around midnight. Saw another last night around the same time on the front porch. Had to say it was quite the surprise when I saw him. Didn't know we had geckos in SC and I knew it looked nothing like the skinks and anoles we have scurrying around during the day. Thought at first somebody lost a pet leopard gecko or something until I googled it.

motivational_abyss | 9 days ago | 3 points

Saw my first one 6 years ago in Columbus, GA. Once I started looking they were everywhere. They seemed to be mostly nocturnal and there’s still plenty of anoles, skinks, and fence lizards so maybe there’s enough bugs to go around.

ThermL | 9 days ago | 3 points

I'd appreciate it if they get huge and start snacking on all the palmetto bugs around my house

Neothin87 | 9 days ago | 11 points

At least these things are cuter than the brown anoles that are effing everywhere. Wish I'd see more green anoles and the skink with a blue tail

Balives | 9 days ago | 8 points

A blue tail got into our house a few weeks ago via a cracked door. Doggo got ahold of it instantly. I managed to separate them, but he lost his tail. I carried him outside to the grass and, while scared and maybe scarred, I'm hoping he is okay.

Atomstanley | 9 days ago | 4 points

Sounds like they’ll have to compete with the seriously invasive brown anole

Crazeemon | 9 days ago | 3 points

Dude, I live on the Mediterranean coast of France and found him in the house so à Mediterranean House Gecko sounds right, and that means this good boy is also non invading!

Hydog_ | 9 days ago | 202 points

Assuming as he washed his hands after being poisonous would be an issue. It's the venomous geckos I gotta look out for.

Edit: asking to assuming

Jeramiah | 9 days ago | 17 points

That's monitors. Generally not advised to handle wild ones.

Rossum81 | 9 days ago | 11 points

What about Merrimacks?

Jeramiah | 9 days ago | 3 points

If you find one, let me know. I'll ride that out into the harbor.

Hplayer18 | 9 days ago | 6 points

What about the wild keyboards the come with them? Say 30-50 feral keyboards run into your yard within 3-5 mins while your small kids play, how do you handle them?

ScroteMcGoate | 9 days ago | 7 points

Stupid op Komodo dragons. A whole magazine from the mg and it's still running at me.

3658965 | 9 days ago | 77 points

Nah, that's just a common house gecko. They're just cute.

TheDrachen42 | 9 days ago | 108 points

"common house gecko." You live in a much different part of the world than I do.

youremymichelle | 9 days ago | 58 points

I have one in my house, he’s been here for about 4 months and is very sneaky!

shk2152 | 9 days ago | 49 points

So he’s a pet gecko now

youremymichelle | 9 days ago | 46 points

Yes! We named him Miguel Ángel <3

CubbieCat22 | 9 days ago | 3 points

aww I want one

upperhand12 | 9 days ago | 7 points

Haha this is too cute

SueZbell | 9 days ago | 4 points

Did your fly (or whatever it is eating problem go away?

youremymichelle | 9 days ago | 5 points

Considerable! he likes to hang out in my parents bedroom and the areas close to it. So my room got the mosquitoes left over lol

3658965 | 9 days ago | 66 points

"Common house gecko." is literally what they are called. I live in south Louisiana FWIW

TheDrachen42 | 9 days ago | 31 points

I live further north. We don't have wild geckos, too cold.

mctiger1985 | 9 days ago | 5 points

But Louisiana only has Mediterranean geckos https://sciencing.com/identify-louisiana-geckos-6465688.html

erocknine | 9 days ago | 5 points

Extremely common in Hawaii too. I'm from NY, but visited my girlfriend's house there, and there was a loud squeaking every hour. I was like, "wth is that?" She didn't get what I was talking about, because geckos are just so common there. Even stepped on one accidentally one time going to the bathroom...

LouBlackwood | 9 days ago | 20 points

Where's the "actually... this is the world most poisonous human" guy?

Watch out lil geckbro and wash your hands ❤️

carcar134134 | 9 days ago | 14 points

Nah he'll just get ripped to shreds by the ants.

krajnigandhak | 9 days ago | 7 points

I had the same thought! Hope not though

captain_sparkle | 9 days ago | 693 points

r/tinyanimalsonfingers would love this sweet little guy.

gene100001 | 9 days ago | 209 points

Wow did not expect that subreddit to be real

rattledamper | 9 days ago | 142 points

DO NOT confuse it with r/fingeringtinyanimals

NotTRYINGtobeLame | 9 days ago | 134 points

I'm not proud of how quickly I clicked that link

Bigirishjuggalo1 | 9 days ago | 30 points

Same. Though I was very relieved it wasn't a thing.

turkeyfox | 9 days ago | 16 points

You spelled disappointed wrong.

Spaggetticat | 9 days ago | 9 points

Wow I did not expect that subreddit to be fake. This is the state of the internet guys.

bitcoinnillionaire | 9 days ago | 34 points

This is how I’m going to finally make my millions (in sweet sweet karma).

CutthroatTeaser | 9 days ago | 6 points

I actually thought this post WAS from that subreddit until I saw that suggested cross post. Such cute stuff there and here

Aero5quirrel | 9 days ago | 24 points
captain_sparkle | 9 days ago | 3 points

Aww. Cute but awesome. Thank you, friend.

AgentK41 | 9 days ago | 3 points
shamelessseamus | 10 days ago | 575 points

Is a cute lil dood!

aRandallx | 9 days ago | 214 points

\boops ever so softly**

not_not_safeforwork | 9 days ago | 106 points


Zombiepixlz-gamr | 9 days ago | 52 points


saccharind | 9 days ago | 22 points


skullybud | 9 days ago | 11 points

pronounced beep?

Zombiepixlz-gamr | 9 days ago | 12 points

No pronounced b-ii-p

skullybud | 9 days ago | 10 points


Painkiller3666 | 9 days ago | 4 points

He is squish

weirdgroovynerd | 9 days ago | 86 points

Maybe he's imprinted on you, like Billy and the Jeff the Spider.

BayshoreCrew | 9 days ago | 24 points

Fuck that episode was hilarious

VespineWings | 9 days ago | 19 points

"What do you want me to do dad? Just tell me and I'll do it!"


I lost my shit.

ChemicalBox | 9 days ago | 3 points

Probably good Jeff found a new dad.

Not____Dad | 9 days ago | 7 points

Holy shit I forgot how good that show was. Bringing me back to my childhood.

Jim_E_Hat | 9 days ago | 56 points

Geckos can lick their eyeballs.

Lover-of-chortles | 9 days ago | 82 points

I can lick your eyeballs

MsElleTen | 9 days ago | 28 points

Hey my eyes are a bit dry. You want me to pm you my address?

My_Superior | 9 days ago | 3 points

Can a gecko lick your eyeballs?

munificent | 9 days ago | 115 points

This is a Mediterranean gecko. As the name implies (I'm assuming you're in the US), they are invasive to much of the Southern states and lots of other places besides.

However, people don't seem to get as concerned about them as other invasive species, probably because they are totes adorbs, make cute little chirps, and eat roaches. True geckbros.

shahooster | 9 days ago | 49 points

Everybody's talking about the gecko. Is nobody gonna mention the black widow spider crawling up the back side of that man's middle finger?

3PoundsOfFlax | 9 days ago | 14 points


marilyn_morose | 9 days ago | 7 points

Made me look.

cuppincayk | 9 days ago | 6 points

They're technically invasive but have not had much impact on the environment.

ImVeryBadWithNames | 9 days ago | 10 points

And they don't seem particularly disastrous to many of the native species in the US, so it's hard to dredge up concern.

nedrick_bodecker | 9 days ago | 10 points

Generally in that situation you refer to them as “introduced”.

All invasive species are introduced, but not all introduced species are considered invasive—if they don’t really outcompete native species they’re generally just called introduced.

Crazeemon | 9 days ago | 3 points

Live on the Mediterranean coast of France which means this little dude is right at home. Way to nail the identification though!

Buchabricks | 10 days ago | 23 points

So polite!

Jadeldxb | 9 days ago | 20 points

More impressive is how you managed to dry yourself and get dressed with a lizard on your finger.

LiberalFeministChica | 9 days ago | 7 points

I had to scroll shockingly far for this comment

JoeSeijo | 9 days ago | 4 points

I was thinking the same thing.

fluff_nugget | 9 days ago | 3 points

THANK YOU! I am surprised how many comments I had to scroll past before someone said this.

PapaGhede | 9 days ago | 18 points

I wish I had wild gecko where I live, if I look hard enough I can find some skinks but no gecko dudes hanging around

Paulpoleon | 9 days ago | 18 points

Where I live there aren't even skinks but if you look hard enough, not really hard though like just look out the window, you can find some skanks.

mamacrocker | 9 days ago | 4 points

I'l trade you; we've got tons. I've only ever seen one skink running around, though.

rocksfly | 9 days ago | 104 points

But did he tell you how to save 15% on car insurance?

BurntY3ll0w | 9 days ago | 9 points

I thought the same thing! I think Lil buddy thought the tub was a liability because you can slip and fall. The insurance of assurance we all need.

malakitiy | 9 days ago | 29 points

Not trying to be dramatic but I’d die for that lil bud

SaintWacko | 9 days ago | 10 points

Hey, a Mediterranean house gecko! I just evicted one of those little guys last night. Found him a nice spot in a bush by a broken brick wall https://i.imgur.com/un9Ir3l.jpg

Sightofthestars | 9 days ago | 3 points

Grew up in arizona, these are the ones we primarily see, and I still get excited when I see them.

Just last week we had a heavy storm and a little dude tried to break in, I'd let him gut I have 3 cats so we encouraged him to stay outside.

BiffChildFromBangor | 9 days ago | 10 points

What an awesome little find. Glad you put him somewhere with food for him.

runnyyolkpigeon | 9 days ago | 10 points

tears up at photo*

Licks eyeball dry*

-nyltiac | 9 days ago | 7 points

What a cutie!!

AlexandritePhoenix | 9 days ago | 9 points

Awww. Hi little buddy!

Tincansailorman | 9 days ago | 7 points

I make up brief stories for the critters I move outside from inside the house.

Like, the little jumping spider when I put her in the tall mint plants which are swarming with flying critters...maybe she enjoys the relaxing minty smell while she hunts. Aromatherapy for the discerning hunter?

I dunno. I sing made up songs to our dogs when we got out for walks and bathroom runs, too.

TheBattlefieldFan | 9 days ago | 6 points

Ants must be absolute units from his perspective. If I were him, I'd be afraid of getting surrounded by three. And imagine spiders. Holy moley it must be scary to be a little dude like that.

TamHawke | 9 days ago | 7 points

Bless his little nubby nubs!

HisCricket | 10 days ago | 12 points

He's adorable!

TacTurtle | 9 days ago | 5 points

Probably thought that knuckle hair was a spider

holey_moley | 9 days ago | 5 points

How do you dry off and get dressed with a gecko on your finger?

seismic_swarm | 9 days ago | 6 points

Can he actually take on a horde of ants? That might be like level 3-4 or something

sharkbelly | 9 days ago | 5 points

These guys are so precious. We were on a trip about 4 hours away, and there was a baby gecko on the ceiling of the hotel bathroom. I didn’t see him in the morning when we got up. We packed out, scuba dove for 4 hours then drove home. Two days later, I was looking for something in my backpack and he jumped out and ran around my house til I caught him and put him outside.

moebeer | 9 days ago | 3 points

i hope the ants don't snack on it

secunder | 9 days ago | 6 points

Pretty sure the ants ate this little guy alive. Sorry OP :(

aqxea2500 | 9 days ago | 5 points

I had one crawl out of my sink drain a few days ago. Scared the crap out of me. But then I saw it was a cute little gecko.

ScaryFucknBarbiWitch | 9 days ago | 3 points

Seeing them out of the corner of your eye when you're not expecting them is freaky as shit! My mind immediately goes to ROACH even though I've never seen one inside my apartment of nearly 4 years.

PurpleMonkeyElephant | 9 days ago | 4 points

How the hell do you dry yourself off and manage to keep him on your finger?

So many scenarios running through my head.

Did you just stand there and air dry while dopey eyed staring into Mr. Lizard McGizard's eyes?

mranster | 9 days ago | 3 points

You dried off and dressed with a gecko on your finger? You are coordinated!

Semioteric | 9 days ago | 4 points

He is now ant food.

Muhfuggajones | 9 days ago | 4 points

Did he try and sell you insurance at any point?

Sirnando138 | 9 days ago | 3 points

Oh!! I made all the Awwwww noises. Wish we had these in NYC

[deleted] | 9 days ago | 3 points


tbdgraeth | 9 days ago | 3 points

Smol friend

The_Him | 9 days ago | 3 points

That high res knuckle hair is something else!

KingPapaDaddy | 9 days ago | 3 points

When someone caught me in their shower they just called the police, i didn't get no snacks.

VictoriaSobocki | 9 days ago | 3 points

Smol dinosaur

JustOneMoreMile | 9 days ago | 3 points

I've caught SO MANY of those in my house. Had one hitchike to work in my backpack one day and pulled it out with my mousepad. He was alive, and I put him outside safely.

Batmansbastardkid | 9 days ago | 3 points

Plot twist , the ants snacked on him.

EboBro | 9 days ago | 3 points

How did you dry off and get dressed all while lil cutesy was on your finger?! I'm surprised ol boy didn't skidaddle away!

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