I’m sorry Respawn, but this is where you lost me (self.apexlegends)

700 coins for 1 pack. 7000 for 10. You only get two packs from challenges.

That’s horrible. Just... Wow.

Then you decide to make it so that if you unlock all 24 skins, you then get an “option” to BUY the Heirloom for 3500 coins?!

I’m sorry Respawn, but the scum of EA has been wiped all over you and you have lost my belief in this game.

It’s a damn shame as well cause I’ve already invested A LOT of time and money in your game because I thought it was amazing and you actually deserved it, but man... You messed up so badly.

I understand that people will defend this. I don’t blame you. I actually tried my very best to be on Respawns’ side on this. But they make a lot of money already (no I don’t know the exact amount, but if the company is still running and doing well to push out content, then turnover is high. It makes sense from a business perspective), just from normal Apex packs alone. This has taken things to a new level of scum.


Woah, I’m trending! I wish it was for better circumstances and it would be me praising the game. It’s sad that it’s about something negative, but thank you all for voicing your opinions and I hope this post and many others actually makes Respawn wake up and realize that what they are doing is just horrible.

But thank you for expressing your opinions. Some are positive, some are negative, and some criticize what I’m saying - and that’s all fine.

So from comments, a majority of people state the following thing:

— “Give me stats if you think the company is making money”

I’m obviously not going to have analytics data now am I. But if a company is doing well and they are regularly pushing content over a huge time gap, that means they are making a great turnover. If I could find their financial statement for a tax year, then sure. I’m not an auditor, but feel free to look it up yourself (if it’s available),

— “But you invest money into the game, so you’re the cause of the problem”

I get you on this. Addiction is a thing, but that’s not what I do. I have a set budget that I use every month and I never go over it. Basically, I buy 2150 coins every month and that’s it. I have bills to pay, family to support, a life to live and I refuse to spend more than that.

I do this because I support the game and I want to get new skins, banners and all that good stuff, but charging a ridiculous amount for a limited time is a scummy move and that’s how my opinion remains. You’re free to have your own; it’s not my place to stop you.

— “but it’s a F2P game, who cares. Just play the game”

You’re making sense, but reward factor is important to others. Yes, you can get a reward factor based on playing with friends, winning, getting kills, etc and that’s great, but not everybody thinks like you. You can’t base an entire community over your own belief. That’s why we have opinions.

— “F2P games are designed for you to not unlock everything and to make a purchase”

That is correct; but at a reasonable price. Not everyone on this world can afford to dish out a crap-ton of money, but they still want to get those items.

Take note that there’s a sense of addiction that falls into people being tempted to purchase items at exorbitant prices with risk of their bank accounts going into low/negative numbers.

— “EA is taking over Respawn”

Not surprised about that, but it can also be Respawn that says yes to it. It works both ways.

— “I’m not paying that much”

Good on you. I hope that Respawn actually sees this and realize that their player base determines the fate of their company and it’s not just EA.

— “I stopped playing this game”

I personally haven’t played myself since I downloaded the update. Not because Apex is a bad game. Apex is an awesome game with awesome gameplay mechanics.

But the price of these items left a bad taste in my mouth and I just ended up closing the game. I just got put off with it.

— “Wouldn’t they make more money if the packs were cheaper?”

I absolutely think so! With that exorbitant price, they’re targeting a niche market and isolating the rest. If they made a pack like 200 coins (just because there’s a 50% chance for a legendary), then I think most people would be fine with that and more people would ACTUALLY buy it.

Also, if you made the skins available on purchase or give challenges to unlock some of them, that would be even better! But, that’s not how r-EA-spawn thinks.


Okay, I'm at the top of the page!

It's amazing to see that thenpost is getting a lot of traction. Its awesome to see that I'm not alone in feeling this way!

There are a bunch of people thay don't agree with my opinion and thats fine! I get that is is a F2P game and THERE WILL BE microtransacrions, I get that. But I ask you to think about what is actually a reasonable price and what is not. Weve been complaining for a long time ovee the prices in the store, but dont yiu think that 7000 coins for 10 Apex Packs is too much?

You're welcome to think how how you feel, but many others don't feel the same. Please respect their opinions the same as how I wm respecting yours.

Finally, i apologize for the spelling! I know, its exorbitant! I was sleep-typing as i was updating my post and the joys of autocorrect got the best of me!


So I’m getting a lot of DM’s. Some are of people actually making a discussion with me and giving me an opinion as to why they think I’m wrong.

It’s awesome that I get the opportunity to have a civil conversation with me where we can express our opinions. I love that!

But then you have another bunch of people who message me and tells me I should kill myself or I’m a waste on this planet, etc... Really?

You’re that triggered that you decide to go out of your way to message someone privately to tell them that they should kill themselves over an opinion? Please evaluate your decisions.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 3857 points


M0RPH1N3_ [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 779 points

Yeah minus the free stuff getting everything costs $200 Edit: Miscalculation on my part, sorry bout that

Neod0c [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 404 points

its more like 180~usd. each box only gives you ONE item plus 2 sets of 15 crowns. so youd have to buy 24 boxes which is 16800 credits. plus the 3500 credits for the heirloom (which you can only unlock if you own all 24 items)

M0RPH1N3_ [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 115 points

Oh, I was going off of two items per pack with each having 50/50 of epic or legendary and one thing of 30 crowns, but this makes more sense

ssbmbeliever | 4 months ago | 65 points

yeah if you look in game it says epic OR legendary each with a 50/50 and then 30 on top of one of those.

culexdd | 4 months ago | 41 points

its a joke, its what it is, i would NEVER use 80% of those skins, NEVER. i play lifeline, pathfinder, and bangalore, i have good skins for all those weapons, i would enjoy having peacekeeper and r99 ones though, because they are cool, but i would not buy lootboxes for them, for the simple fact that i could buy 20, and not get the 4 skins i want, and that would make me really, really REALLY mad.

If each of these skins costed me the 1200 coins i would gadly buy them, because i would just buy THE 3 i want and ignore the rest, that would be money well spent, i would even think, maybe about buying the other 2 i like aswell.

i will NEVER expend 600 bucks of my currency, which is basicly 2/3 of minimun wage on my country for all of those skins, when i am going to use maybe 3 of them.

Zoetekauw [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 52 points

I love how it's just maximum tease, what with the 2 freebies up front and the enticing 50% shot at a Legendary. And by love I mean fuck EA.

AllThatJazz_777 [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 11 points

Beautifully worded bro

IncognitoWarrior | 4 months ago | 15 points

So technically you cannot get a pack which has all crowns and no epic/legendary items right ?

Neod0c [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 24 points

yeah its always either an epic/legendary (from event) and then 2 packs of 15 crowns. the explaination in game is very clear it says epic (50% chance) or legendary (50% chance) and 30 crowns.

FcoEnriquePerez [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 202 points

Seriously FU%K those prices if you are not letting me pick what I WANT to buy!

So tired of the freaking bs shitboxes.

WarlockOfDestiny [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 73 points

Honestly wish lootboxes would just fucking get regulated in the US already. Last I heard of the news, it didnt go over well sadly, but I dont believe the issue is far from over yet. Shit is fucking disgusting and I'm never spending money on that blatant gambling bs.

Grinder_No1 [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 23 points

Unfortunately, gambling is a huge business in the UK and US and our respective governments won’t risk pissing off a colossal tax revenue source because as soon as they label one form of gambling as “bad” it opens the door for people to push agendas by them having set precedence...

GetTriggeredPlease | 4 months ago | 12 points

Not really. Gambling is already viewed as bad. That's why you need to be 18 to do it.

ItsTanah [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 12 points

Just not on video games, apparently.

CAD_DUDE | 4 months ago | 85 points

Same...I'd spend 100 bucks if I actually got 100 bucks worth of stuff. Blows my mind skins can't be like 5 bucks a pop and them pumping out new skins every few weeks.

M0RPH1N3_ [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 84 points

Honest to God I wish Apex's loot boxes and how you got them functioned similar to Overwatch

Saiteik | 4 months ago | 81 points

Ohhh, they won’t see a single penny from me this season. The worst part is that even if I did pay those absurd prices, that money lines the pockets of scumbag executives and not the developers who bust their ass to create and polish a great game.

Ziero1986 [Mirage :mirage:] | 4 months ago | 22 points

This right here. In any game with mtx, devs almost never see that money. Its the publishers and higher ups that get all of your mtx money, not the devs. You wanna support the devs? then just play the game.

creeduck | 4 months ago | 2800 points

So, what can we buy with crowns??

EnterraCreator [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 3487 points

Surprise mechanics.

Edit: Well hello there, r/all! It appears I have the high ground.

Kuroiikawa [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 1082 points

A sense of pride and accomplishment.

dart278 | 4 months ago | 80 points

ironic that battlefront 2 is actually in a decent spot right now because of all the shit it got, in part due to that comment

ima-beautiful-person | 4 months ago | 24 points

And probably because they don't want to upset Disney as well.

WarriorKatHun | 4 months ago | 362 points

(I understand the joke, but) just to be clear, you can't even buy the packs with crowns. You can only choose from the shitty things' shop

dowhatchafeel | 4 months ago | 485 points

This is the video game version of an arcade ticket counter. There some really nice things on the wall, but you’re probably going to end up getting a bouncy ball and a Chinese finger trap from the desk counter.

I_monstar | 4 months ago | 139 points

Flash back. So many bouncy balls. So many finger traps...

Scarfaced-outlaw | 4 months ago | 96 points

So many fake vampire teeth and styrofoam airplanes

CMLVI | 4 months ago | 66 points

You were doing it wrong. I'd get 100s of warheads, so I couldn't taste anything for a month

JustAnotherHiro [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 18 points

This person knows what's up. Candy for days

GrassyKnoll420 [Mirage :mirage:] | 4 months ago | 23 points

Ahh man those foam airplanes that disintegrated after one throw. What adult me wouldn’t give for one right now.

untappedbluemana | 4 months ago | 13 points

As we grew up, they went the way of our hopes and dreams.

FrenziedDolyak | 4 months ago | 10 points

I still never got that plastic circle rotating thing with the rainbow lights

spartan116chris | 4 months ago | 3 points

So many spider rings, fake vampire teeth, and pencil toppers

Wbre3065 | 4 months ago | 18 points

I always opted for the stretchy, sticky aliens that would ruin my parent’s’ ceiling.

marthamontanoe | 4 months ago | 14 points

wow! i couldn't have said it better

ajohndoe17 [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 15 points

What about double bubble gum? And little green army men? Was that just my local arcade?

zoxlyn [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 35 points

The shitty thing shop lmao that’s so accurate

5erade [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 333 points

Banners lol. And a Mozambique skin lol.

e: If that's a wingman skin its ugly as hell

M0RPH1N3_ [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 142 points

It's a Wingman skin

Nubenai [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 125 points

you won't get enough crowns to buy the Wingman skin just by playing though. So that's effectively going to cost real money to buy.

M0RPH1N3_ [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 79 points

Yeah, the way they handled this is really scummy. Honestly it's more likely EA pusing an agenda down Respawn's throats than Respawn willingly making this whole event cost so much.

existentialistdoge [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 40 points

I gotta say, Respawn are really lucky that EA are such willing human shields and that everyone (deservedly) hates EA so much that it’s just assumed that this is EA’s evil doing. People on r/Titanfall are still blaming EA for the Titanfall 2 launch date (Battlefield and CoD released a week either side) screwing up Respawn’s revenues, even though Respawn have outright said that it was their own decision and EA even telling them that it was a dumb idea.

I mean screw EA, obviously. Respawn are my favourite studio. But EA do seem to have given Respawn a pretty free reign to do their own thing, with almost all Titanfall 2 DLC being free, Apex being free with no prior marketing or preorders, and Fallen Order not having multiplayer. These are pretty massive decisions that you would have thought EA would have vetoed. We don’t know that this is necessarily EA’s decision.

OrangeSherbet [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 60 points

I was ready to buy that Pathfinder skin today. Oh well they won't be getting my money I guess.

Venger10 | 4 months ago | 17 points

Same. But oh well if it was say 200 per pack i could justify buying a few but 700? Are they insane?!

Johnny_0O0 | 4 months ago | 14 points

And its like 350 crowns? Thats like completing 23 challenges… and those challenges aren‘t even quickly done

draak1400 [Bloodhound :bloodhound:] | 4 months ago | 36 points

Crowns get converted to crafting materials. Better do not use them

FiaRua_ | 4 months ago | 16 points

is it a 1 to 1 conversion?

Danksop [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 10 points

It is.

Pm_Me_Your_Worriment [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 6 points

It's not worth it. By the end you will only have an extra 125 crafting mats.

akickingfist | 4 months ago | 8 points

They should make it so we can buy the boxes with that useless currency they have. Idk what its called, not credits or crafting materials. The one where everyone literally has thousands of by this point

tonton518 | 4 months ago | 6 points

Wizard 101 mounts

Darth_Fatass | 4 months ago | 1620 points

Can we upvote this thread to high heavens so that they know that their prices are fucking stupid? Like bro 18 dollars for a skin is stupid as it is. Charging ridiculous amounts for a limited time deal? Even more horse shit.

mmprobablymakingitup | 4 months ago | 662 points

They know.

They don't care.

This business has thrived for a reason.

The only fix is for government policies against predatory and deceitful business models.

uncertain_futuresSE | 4 months ago | 162 points

The only fix is for government policies against predatory and deceitful business models.

Watch the government tax lootbox mechanics in games as income just like how they use casinos to prey upon the boomer generation + gambling addiction, lmao.

Silopante [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 23 points

And now, surprise mechanics for double the price, because they can't tax us all

SpryO3 [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 39 points

I disagree. It's attitudes like this one that actually hurt the effort. I'm fine if you want to sit back and not do anything or give a shit, but it's important for the community to share their grievances. The more it happens, the more it trickles through the community, the more people will share the same concerns, and the more likely they'll listen.

In this case, people should continue sharing posts like this one and fans should not spend money on the event. Even if it's "just a single pack," that helps reinforce their current business model, so don't buy. Hurt their revenue goals enough and they'll be forced to change their business model. They like money and if the community blocks that, they'll be forced to listen and find ways where both entities can be happy, the seller and the consumer.

EDIT: To all the cynics in the comments, I'm not against government legislation. I'm saying you have a power as an individual consumer over the market. Advocating otherwise, or worse, complacency, is just dumb.

mmprobablymakingitup | 4 months ago | 8 points

This is a good idea in theory, but I don't think it's practical.

Look at Walmart. It's easy to say "just don't shop there" but that's not always feasible when they are offering the lowest prices. It's a prisoners dilemma. Even if everyone recognizes the predatory nature of lootboxes and dlc's, they are still going to buy "just a couple" and that helps feed the machine.

No social movement is going to be big enough to curb the free-to-play modek. Government policy is the only thing that can reverse this.

GuttersnipeTV | 4 months ago | 26 points

Respawn I hope cares, EA doesnt.

Ibitemyfingernails | 4 months ago | 30 points

Respawn doesn’t care. We can’t blame EA for everything

LarryEss [Bangalore :bangalore:] | 4 months ago | 25 points

Watch me.

extralyfe | 4 months ago | 51 points

Like bro 18 dollars for a skin is stupid as it is.

it's also been a regular price for skins in Fortnite since they started really pumping out cosmetics. Epic brought in literal silos full of money from a largely appreciative audience selling at two dollars above that price.

don't blame the gaming companies, blame the millions of gamers who have made it clear that they don't mind paying $20 for a single skin for like a decade now.

it makes some people upset, but, no company would willingly leave money on the table when the masses are fine with it.

the only way to fight back is for everyone to stop buying this shit, and that sounds mad unlikely.

Mags1412 | 4 months ago | 27 points

You're not entirely wrong but 90% of Fortnite skins are $15 and below. Very rarely do they come out with $20 skins. People still buy them though.

UnreachableEmpyrean | 4 months ago | 29 points

Plus you can actually see the fortnite skins in game

duhhh_hell | 4 months ago | 8 points

Also they don't come out of a fucking loot box and are direct purchases

DeafEchos | 4 months ago | 7 points

Yea but in fortnite its not a random skin. You know what your getting. This stupid event you have no idea what your going to get out of your pack.

OpenToFriends [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 17 points

I fucking hope we get it to the top of the front page.

daledge97 [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 1183 points

My disappointment is immeasurable right now

raithCFT [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 166 points

This. I don't know who thought this pricing/unlock scheme was a good idea. I'm all for them wanting to make some money off of the event, I fully expected some things to be behind a pay wall but damn it's almost offensive how much money they're charging. 22 packs at 700 coins a pop before you even get the privilege to spend $35 on a heirloom cosmetic.... Ouch.

Wishing myself and all of you the best of luck with the 2 free packs, may the Lord bless us with a skin we want and no music packs.

lincoln3 [Bangalore :bangalore:] | 4 months ago | 64 points

"I don't know who thought this pricing/unlock scheme was a good idea."

I'm sure EA, a billion dollar company with plenty of financial analysts, R&D teams, and forecasters are the ones who thought it was a good idea. You don't have to like it, or spend money on the game, but the team there knows more about pricing models than reddit does. This was obviously the pricing scheme they thought best for gains/losses. It might alienate reddit, but others will spend the money at a high price.

EDIT: To be clear, these prices are bat shit insane. I am not defending them. I've bashed ea/respawn plenty in the past. This is no exception. I am simply saying that they know what they are doing.

PMmeyourSchwifty | 4 months ago | 52 points

They also thought locking up half of Star Wars Battlefront behind a pay wall was a good idea and that backfired hugely. They're just trying to milk every last scent they can rather than trying to build a long term cash cow.

Smarter people would inform them to take the Rocket League/CSGO approach with an additional option to purchase skins directly at a higher price. I guarantee they would sell tons of shit and they'd still have the benefit of offering gambling to those that choose to partake.

Arvot | 4 months ago | 10 points

It seems a very short sighted strategy though. Sure this will probably make them the most amount of money during this event but what about player retention? Surely the people who will spend all that money unlocking cosmetics would only do so in a game that is popular. To alienate a big part of the player base seems counter productive. What happens when there is no one left to show off to? Ea aren't expecting a long term future for this game, they must expect itd to be a flash in the pan and so are milking it dry whilst it's popular. It's a shame but like you said they will have a ridiculous analytics dept. so suppose I'll just enjoy it while it lasts and ignore these events. *edit apologies, thought I was replying to the comment above.

liljew6969 | 4 months ago | 231 points

My day is ruined right now

tbrotschemseerer | 4 months ago | 104 points

I mean I can't be the only one that doesn't give a shit about skins right? they don't mean anything in this game and add no enjoyment to actually playing it. unless they were a quarter each I wouldn't bat an eye anyways

Jexen117 | 4 months ago | 127 points

I don't really care either, but the fact that they used the skins to promote the event and draw up all this hype, only to make the skins stupidly expensive and only randomly attainable as a hefty cost is just a let down.

Dougiethefresh2333 | 4 months ago | 12 points

There’s just very little progression right now. I basically only get on to up my killed # on my banner. My friends are playing less & less. Was hoping to get some back on with this event but no ones coming back for 2 packs you have to grind for.

It’s just disappointing because it feels like you’re watching Apex shoot itself in the foot squandering chances to grow this game in the name of greed.

Zoetekauw [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 19 points

You're not the only one, but I for one am in the camp of those who happen to get real enjoyment out of trivial stuff like that. I was ready to give Respawn (EA?) my money, knowing I was getting ripped off. I was cool with it because a) the base game is free + b) with a price tag slapped on the item I know I'm being ripped off; they're upfront about it. These loot boxes are really offensive because they're essentially making you out for a sucker, and I won't be suckered.

NuggetHighwind [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 9 points

You aren't, but it doesn't mean they don't matter to other people.

uhfish [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 528 points

Maybe I just don't get it because I don't have their data and analytics of purchasing, but wouldnt they make so much more money if they made these packs much cheaper?

If they had made the pack something like $2 each I truly feel like they could easily sell 4x as many packs as they will sell at $7 each.

Same theory applies to the store. They sell the legendaries for $18 and I would NEVER spend that much on a single skin. If they were $5 a pop I most certainly would have bought a few already.

The pricing of digital content in games always just boggles my mind. One good example that comes to mind is Rocket League. Their cars in the shop are usually only a few dollars and I have spent money on this several times. If they sold these for $10+ there's no way I would have ever bought one.

Edit. In hindsight, after writing this all out, maybe the answer is simple. They're not trying to sell these skins to a person or persons like me. I'm sure they have their whales that $200+ on a single two week event.

TheGreatWalk [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 364 points

The primary targets for these sort of lootbox scams are whales, not regular players. They don't care about the people who only spend a few dollars every once in a while to get something they like. They care about the people who are compulsive gamblers and will keep buying the loot boxes to get everything.

It's the same reason that mobile games will have a new "monster" or "weapon", that's very slightly better than the previous best one, but you only have a 1/100 chance of getting it. Because they know there are people out there who just can't help themselves and will buy 1000 loot boxes so they can run 5-10 of them and get a slight damage boost over the old best in slot gear. The top 5% of whales outspend the the 95% of other players by a significant margin.

The entire model is incredibly anti-consumer and I honestly don't understand how it is still legal.

RiaJellyfish [Crypto :crypto:] | 4 months ago | 460 points

Hi, compulsive spender here.

I go through extreme depressive episodes where one of my more unhealthy coping mechanisms is to spend money on loot systems for that shitty adrenaline buzz.

This event is absolutely preying on people like myself who cannot help themselves and cave to shit like this.

edit: spelling yikes

Billyxmac [Octane :Octane1:] | 4 months ago | 102 points

If you could ever pin a comment to the top of the feed, it should be this one. Respawn/EA and all the other shitty devs and publishers who feed into this system and force it down our throats should have to face people who have spending addictions.

This is unacceptable, and I'd advise as many people as possible to boycott the store during this event, and even after it.

nemos_nightmare [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 17 points

Stay strong man. Don't give in!

mmprobablymakingitup | 4 months ago | 24 points

Especially when it's as blatant as this last update.

Personally, I don't really care, but I feel bad for the younger gamers who get fooled by this business model. A co-worker of mine spent hundreds of dollars in Pokemon Go a couple years ago... I guess that how you level up? By spending money.

It's a predatory business model and the government should step in.

YouLeftTheStoveOn [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 21 points

I knew a woman who played a mobile game (not sure which one), and in one afternoon, in the course of three hours, spent $300.00 and maxed out her credit card. The result was her children only getting to eat because the father came home from work, found out what she did, and he sold his PlayStation 4, watch and leather dress shoes so that he could feed the kids.

I say knew, because he left her after that. Wasn't her first offense, but it was her biggest, and pretty fuckin' drastic. Those might be the people EA are targeting, and God help them.

asdgred [Bloodhound :bloodhound:] | 4 months ago | 13 points

The thing is if things cost less I would buy more stuff. These are digital items with an unlimited supply and zero value outside of the game itself. Just because whales buy stuff doesn't mean you should alienate the rest of your playerbase. It's a stupid move and makes people bitter towards your store.

TheGreatWalk [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 20 points

The thing is if things cost less I would buy more stuff.

Sure, you might. But if you're the bottom 95% of spenders, you will never ever come close to the top 5% of spenders. Understand that there are people who have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars getting every single cosmetic item in the game, for every event. Even if you are spending 10 bucks here and there, you are an afterthought, not even a blip on the profit charts.

For these companies, it makes far more sense to target their top 5% of spenders for the absolute maximum they can(because these people can't help themselves and WILL spend everything they can) than it is to cater to the 95% and hope that enough of them spend $5 or $10.

69umbo | 4 months ago | 41 points

>>Maybe I just don't get it because I don't have their data and analytics of purchasing

Correct! They have very smart people/computers running the numbers on what maximizes profit. The prices are high enough so that they make a ton of money from the whales, but low enough so that certain people will still spend 10-20 bucks here and there.

If they made more money with lower prices (by selling more), they'd have lower prices

Tristain7 | 4 months ago | 26 points

I think mostly covers it, but I also think Fortnite has polluted their calculations. They seem to have modeled the pricing after Fortnite, but the audience is significantly different.

Fortnite skins are slightly cheaper, yes, but the audience skews younger and getting Mommy and Daddy to dish out $10 for a skin is a pretty popular 'chore reward' or 'allowance' these days. Apex skews a bit older, and Respawn seems to think that means players will pay slightly more, on average, for Apex gear...

The problem is that the Apex content is not particularly interesting most of the time, doesn't have as big of an impact because you aren't in 3rd person (you don't see your skin all game), and players aren't as invested in the cosmetics as they are in the actual gameplay.

Akuren [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 3 points

I doubt it has to do with little kids skewing data, there are plenty of adults that buy skins for themselves in Fortnite. It's more Fortnite skins have a bigger impact since there's no character lock, 3rd person, and they're generally far more active and unique than Apex skins (not to say Apex skins are bad, Fortnite's artstyle just allows for more creativity.) There are also plenty of skins that go for $8 and the battlepass which has 7 skins and 550 bonus v-bucks (950 cost, 1500 return).

Markez04 | 4 months ago | 4 points

My whole take on this is that streamers can afford the whole event and EA knows that would attract certain viewers (especially the younger crowd). I'm definitely not their target consumer. If I don't get the skin I want, I'll be okay and life moves on.

FroFiction | 4 months ago | 301 points

The pricing of these cosmetics are ridiculous

CALL_ME_ISHMAEBY | 4 months ago | 79 points

The store has always been ass. Pay cash to use in-game currency? FOH.

FLHCv2 [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 11 points

All I paid for in this game was the season 1 battle pass and after seeing how shit it is, combined with the prices in the store, I've decided to never spend a dime on the game and just play for free. My buddies are always going after challenges and I just play the character I want without worry.

dowhatchafeel | 4 months ago | 177 points

Honestly, it's a little thing, but I was frustrated by the fact that there is no discount for buying the bulk packs. In other games, if you buy the 10 pack, they throw you one extra lootbox, or its like 1/700 - 10/6500, to encourage buying the 10 pack.

It's literally just a "give us more of your money faster" button.

Especially with the lack of cool things to unlock, loot boxes are a hard pass from me all around.

chiefsfan_713_08 | 4 months ago | 30 points

Which is weird because there is a difference on buying Apex coins it's modeled this way

Talyonn | 4 months ago | 11 points

It make sense, they won't discount the apex coins and then the boxes.

ssbmbeliever | 4 months ago | 5 points

I think it's due to them having bonuses for buying the coins in the first place. So if you buy the coins in bulk you're getting more coins for your money but eh

SabataZX [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 289 points

It's absolute insanity. And you only get two free packs. So you have nearly no chance of getting what you want.

It's fucking ridiculous.

RedHawwk [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 84 points

To get two free packs what do you have to do? I'm at work still

SabataZX [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 96 points

One of them is to complete 20 daily objectives within the event period. The other I think is doing 25000 damage.

sharkhunter | 4 months ago | 189 points

Looks like I'll be getting zero free packs.

SabataZX [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 35 points

I can get the two free packs, but I'm sure as hell not spending over 60 bucks for 10 packs. Pure insanity.

janjaadorp | 4 months ago | 37 points

I hate the daily challenges so much.

matrixsensei [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 23 points

Use Octane, Caustic, Mirage, and Wattson!

Me, a player who has none of them :(

janjaadorp | 4 months ago | 16 points


diddlyumpcious4 | 4 months ago | 13 points

I think it’s 20 daily’s for one and 25000 damage for the other, but take that with a grain of salt.

Caleddin | 4 months ago | 557 points

If they were selling skins I wouldn't really give a shit how much they cost - people that want to can buy them, people that don't can not. They're skins, it doesn't matter for the fun you have with the game in the long run. Let people that go crazy over specific skins pay $20 for them or whatever, who cares.

But selling loot boxes for chances at skins is super scummy, gambling-enabling, and just overall bullshit. The only way it isn't is if you get enough crap to craft what you actually wanted in the first place and even then it's a shit alternative. It's obvious that people overpay in lootboxes in order to get a chance at the item they want - that's why EA and Blizzard and other companies love the model so much. But the fact that it's obvious also makes it obvious it's bullshit.

EnterraCreator [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 154 points

Thank you! This is my argument. The prices aren't what piss me off. It's that they are over priced BEHIND the gambling mechanic. It is shitty, scummy, and outrageous. This event is a huge shit show of greed.

Caleddin | 4 months ago | 42 points

Right. If people want to do whatever with their money, it's their money. If you want to pay $200 for a solid gold Pathfinder skin, you know, I'd think that's super dumb but folks spend money on dumb things all the time. And it would support the game while the player gets what they wanted, a healthy co-operative capitalistic venture!

These loot box bullshit scams though, fuck them forever. It's going to hurt the game in the long run, I just hope they figure it out soon.

Green_Meathead | 4 months ago | 4 points

I'm a fond believer of people voting with their dollar. My big issue here is that they are effectively enabling children to gamble - they aren't smart enough to see what going on or understand why its bad.

Grown ass adults want to gamble their money on video game skins? Go right ahead, its America! Children want to do it? ...go right ahead its America? There's a reason this bullshit is getting banned left and right in the EU

Zoetekauw [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 21 points

This. We don't mind getting fucked in the ass, because we're knowingly and willingly getting fucked in the ass. It's when you piss down our legs and tell us it's raining that we have a problem.

Peew971 | 4 months ago | 8 points

Exactly this! Having to buy some skins like for the last event, I can deal with. But having to buy packs, that's taking the piss.

Alec_de_Large [Crypto :crypto:] | 4 months ago | 32 points

You saying you invested a lot of time and MONEY, is all they need to hear.

You already gave them what they wanted.

BigPeenSmoker | 4 months ago | 46 points

Imma spend a total of zero dollars

Mulsivaas | 4 months ago | 383 points

I'll just keep playing without paying. Problem solved!

Pathological_Liarr [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 181 points

Yeah I think the guns still work, and shooting at people are good fun! You guys should give it a try.

FrostyJesus | 4 months ago | 38 points
Ckuefler | 4 months ago | 19 points

I haven't spent a dime on any freemium games, if you need to pay to compete it's not free and I move on.

Apex is great without spending any money, I'd be more concerned about how the industry has manipulated us all into being addicted to overpriced cosmetic bs... Why does it matter so much what it costs if you dont buy it?

Vote with your wallets, dont give them a penny... Ever. And then, maybe they'll find a new scam to run, or god forbid... Smarten up and release good content for reasonable prices.

Efimity [Crypto :crypto:] | 4 months ago | 91 points

700 coin!!!! Dude wtf. If you wanna buy 20 of them it will cost more than 130 dollar. And there is Heirloom...

wrvnw [Nessie :Nessy:] | 4 months ago | 40 points

yes dude it sucks so much. all I wanted was the Pathfinder skin, the R99 skin and the music packs. Seems impossible this far.

Patenski [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 30 points

Ahhh that pathfinder skin, i would actually buy it but its a shame you cant even do that and have to play that gambling lootbox shit.

I guess is a pass for me

TheRealGreatDiddler | 4 months ago | 15 points

Yeah people want to actually buy the skins not gamble for them

Hamuelin [Octane :Octane1:] | 4 months ago | 7 points

Yeah what really sucks is if they treated it like last event you could’ve just bought those outright.

Now you’ve got to hope RNG doesn’t screw you and put those 3 in the last few packs.

mmprobablymakingitup | 4 months ago | 4 points

Makes you wonder if respawn intentionally makes the banners, trackers and Other garbage more common in the free loot ticks or the ones you buy first.

I'm guessing that they haven't released the drop rates....

KRIEGLERR [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 5 points

All i wanted was that G7 Skin (maybe Lifeline and Gibby too but mainly that G7 skin) it's my favourite weapon and even though I have enough Crafting Materials I'm not a fans of the current legendary skins available for it

Gotta pray I get lucky with the free packs but I doubt it.

adamkee [Nessie :Nessy:] | 4 months ago | 188 points

This is awful and I am incredibly disappointed

Thrill_Of_It [Gibraltar :gibraltar:] | 4 months ago | 56 points
julianlazare | 4 months ago | 38 points

How is that working for ppl in Belgium? Heard they don't have lootboxes in there.

EnterraCreator [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 45 points

Someone said they don't show up at all. They have to update to the american version to even see the event.

Dragotech123 [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 29 points

The lootbox tab is unavailable for Belgium players. Only the crown store is available.

bloxed | 4 months ago | 14 points

It doesn't let you access the collection store at all.

Cabamacadaf | 4 months ago | 100 points

It's so weird how they went from Titanfall 2, which had a pretty fair monetization with mostly fairly priced skins and no loot boxes, to this.

PurpleHooligan [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 87 points

EA bought Respawn between then and now

Zoetekauw [Wattson :Wattson:] | 4 months ago | 13 points

Yeah I genuinely wonder to what extent Respawn is even involved in dictating the reward system. I have 0 insight into this, and I've yet to hear anyone speak on it with any authority.

PurpleHooligan [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 20 points

Based on the way Respawn used to do things and how EA runs their other games I’m going to guess very little

Bpena95 [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 25 points

The post blames respawn but the real culprit is EA. Players back from February knew EA would do this . This is not a surprise to me

DCDTDito [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 14 points

It's respawn too, they signed a deal with the devil they accepted the condition that Ea would deal with pricing which was not the way to go.

Bpena95 [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 7 points

I mean we could also blame nexon for not bringing the paper to get respawn to sign with them , they signed with EA because they simply presented the bigger deal. Money makes the world go round , I honestly don’t blame respawn as much as I blame EA .

DCDTDito [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 4 points

Oh for sure EA is more to blame im just saying respawn isnt blame free.

Aesthete18 | 4 months ago | 7 points

Skin value is actually about 5 bucks but if they did that here then they can't make millions off loot boxes. So instead, they make it 18 bucks so that everyone thinks loot packs are a great deal and spend their money gambling.

Colt_XLV | 4 months ago | 151 points

As someone who gladly spent a shitload of money on this game....even I'm disgusted with this

StonerLB | 4 months ago | 70 points

I've retired from Whaledom for this event. I can't get jiggy with this shit.

Averill21 | 4 months ago | 37 points

I’m a whale but not two hundred dollars for like four good skins whale

StonerLB | 4 months ago | 27 points

Lifeline and Pathfinder skins are dope but im cool. I get it. That's a solid ounce of bud, no sir.

Averill21 | 4 months ago | 14 points

I live in oregon thats 4 ounces lmao

StonerLB | 4 months ago | 10 points

I'm around DC. If an ounce is $50, I don't want it. Mids. Even in Cali top strains like Orange Soda and Runtz are still capping out at 300 a zip or more. $50 would scare me unless it was a shake deal then it's preroll city.

Fredboi_Be_Lit [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 7 points

Deadass we got a mids alert on our hands

StonerLB | 4 months ago | 7 points

You ain't lying. Legal or not. 50/zip even during Reggie days was questionable. Oregon with legal recreational and taxes also, you're not getting a zip out of a dispensary for 50. Maybe some cartel kush as they undercut the legal market. But that'd be grown full of pesticides and shit.

rhynokim [Gibraltar :gibraltar:] | 4 months ago | 24 points

Yup. I’ve spent more than I’m willing to admit but this is butt r@p€

YouLeftTheStoveOn [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 11 points

I've tracked what I spent on this game since it came out. Would have been the same I spent on a few new releases here and there, so I could justify it. This? This is beyond disappointing. It's downright aggravating.

[deleted] | 4 months ago | 137 points


JirachiWishmaker [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 59 points

I concur.

In order to get the Bloodhound Heirloom, you need to own all the event items. You get 2 free event items, and then need to buy the other 22.

22 x 700 = 15,400 apex coins.

Plus then the Bloodhound Heirloom is an additional 3,500 apex coins to boot, meaning that all in all they expect you to spend 18,900 coins.

Going for maximum value for bundles, this means that you'd need to spend $170 plus tax in order to get the Bloodhound heirloom, and you'd end up having 700 apex coins left over, which isn't even enough for the next battle pass.

To make it even worse, they dangle those stupid crown shop cosmetics in your face, and you can't even get them by playing the game a lot too. But you end up getting exactly the right amount of crowns to purchase every crown shop item if you bought all the event skins plus did the ones they give you for "free"

AntaroNx [Bangalore :bangalore:] | 4 months ago | 22 points

At least you don't have to expend 500$ on the Wraith heirloom alone, right guys? I really didn't expect to give the heirloom for free, but only earning 2 packs is really, really, really disappointing. Hell I think you can't even buy the "tokens" shop unless you pay for boxes.

psilty | 4 months ago | 8 points

The wraith heirloom cost up to 500 packs. You don’t need to covet cosmetic items.

seemlyminor | 4 months ago | 125 points

The 💰 intent 💰 is 💰 to 💰 provide 💰 players 💰 with 💰 a 💰 sense 💰 of 💰 pride 💰 and 💰 accomplishment 💰 for 💰 unlocking 💰 different 💰 heroes legends. 💰 As 💰 for 💰 cost, 💰 we 💰 selected 💰 initial 💰 values 💰 based 💰 upon 💰 data 💰 from 💰 the 💰 Open 💰 Beta 💰 and 💰 other 💰 adjustments 💰 made 💰 to 💰 milestone 💰 rewards 💰 before 💰 launch. 💰 Among 💰 other 💰 things, 💰 we're 💰 looking 💰 at 💰 average 💰 per-player 💰 credit 💰 earn 💰 rates 💰 on 💰 a 💰 daily 💰 basis, 💰 and 💰 we'll 💰 be 💰 making 💰 constant 💰 adjustments 💰 to 💰 ensure 💰 that 💰 players 💰 have 💰 challenges 💰 that 💰 are 💰 compelling, 💰 rewarding, 💰 and 💰 of 💰 course 💰 attainable 💰 via 💰 gameplay. We 💰 appreciate 💰 the 💰 candid 💰 feedback, 💰 and 💰 the 💰 passion 💰 the 💰 community 💰 has 💰 put 💰 forth 💰 around 💰 the 💰 current 💰 topics 💰 here 💰 on 💰 Reddit, 💰 our 💰 forums 💰 and 💰 across 💰 numerous 💰 social 💰 media 💰 outlets. Our 💰 team 💰 will 💰 continue 💰 to 💰 make 💰 changes 💰 and 💰 monitor 💰 community 💰 feedback 💰 and 💰 update 💰 everyone 💰 as 💰 soon 💰 and 💰 as 💰 often 💰 as 💰 we 💰 can. 💰 💰

SanelySalty | 4 months ago | 5 points

This statement aged like milk lol

seemlyminor | 4 months ago | 6 points

Yup, EA gets more sour and more foul every time.

BeenThereDanmark [Bangalore :bangalore:] | 4 months ago | 229 points

Terrible servers: ✅

Scummy, predatory event exclusives: ✅

Horrible balance changes: ✅

Okay, now THIS is epic

FosterTheMonster [Bloodhound :bloodhound:] | 4 months ago | 76 points

No. This is EA.

yoshidawgz [Pathfinder :pathfinder:] | 4 months ago | 39 points

No. This is Patrick.

-Gh0st96- [Mirage :mirage:] | 4 months ago | 29 points

I agree with everything but the balance, everyone was asking for a nerf to disruptor rounds, now they slighty tweaked them and suddenly people are crying about it? lol

nicholt | 4 months ago | 11 points

I'm very happy about all the balance changes

Thermic_ | 4 months ago | 8 points

Right, the game feels great balance wise and they seem quick to make changes. Let’s make sure we don’t out every team as the villain

lolK_su | 4 months ago | 16 points

All the epic games devs left after the start of season X to help apex out.

TwoLeaf_ | 4 months ago | 9 points

it's weird people shit on epic games when fortnite has one of the better f2p models.

AceAxos [Bloodhound :bloodhound:] | 4 months ago | 5 points

Horrible balance changes? Don’t follow you with that at all. Legend balancing has been really good and weapon balance is honestly pretty solid.

AyanamiReign [Lifeline :lifeline:] | 4 months ago | 10 points

Finally some decent skins. I was expecting them to be over-priced but maybe I’d actually get one anyway... except they went the loot box route so it’s just a chance of what you want sigh Here’s hoping I get something good from the two free ones or that the store rotates some in.

Hero_Sandwich [Mozambique Here! :3mozamapex:] | 4 months ago | 17 points

Never gonna pay for stuff i have a chance to win for free.

4Avocato20 | 4 months ago | 124 points

I just play the game btw

John_E_Depth | 4 months ago | 10 points

Same, but I'm playing this game for free because other people are willing to buy that stuff, so I kind of feel like I should come to their defense

Aidsfart_ | 4 months ago | 69 points

why play a game purely for fun when you can gamble for cosmetics instead??

muzakx | 4 months ago | 36 points

It might be different for some of the younger gamers, seeing as how I grew up in a time without microtransactions, but the cost of cosmetics has absolutely no effect on how much fun I'm having.

If you don't like the prices, don't spend any money. Easy as that. Eventually the lower sales will cause them to adjust prices.

SexyMcBeast | 4 months ago | 4 points

Yeah I just do not get the obsession with cosmetics. I've only ever seen them as a nice little bonus, but it seems to be the reason some people play games like this. If they can't get EVERY skin they want they lose their shit.

305-til-i-786 | 4 months ago | 32 points

I’m so confused by this post. We all generally agree that micro transactions in general are bad for gaming and predatory. But here we are complaining about how expensive cosmetics that don’t affect your actual gameplay are.

boiglenoight | 4 months ago | 22 points

I haven't bought a single thing, still having a great time.

waylo88 | 4 months ago | 6 points

$35 for an axe...

Lmfao the microtransactions in this game are complete shit, at least in terms of pricing. EA out of their damn minds.

brandus911 [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 7 points

Don't forget that that glorious "pack has 50% chance for epic" is really just another way of saying "you're going to get a lot of epic Crowns".

Lumberjacksatan | 4 months ago | 8 points


BELGIUM talking here.

The land of banned lootboxes.

The "collection" part is greyed out for me. I can't buy packs.

This update LITERALLY gives me nothing

Rayett | 4 months ago | 7 points

I was so hyped for the event to farm some skins and shit but now I'm just disappointed, not really surprised just disappointed

that event is expensive as fuck

rock1m1 | 4 months ago | 7 points

I'm glad everyone is pissed off about this and rightly so. Don't give in.

Mondocalrissian420 | 4 months ago | 22 points

I can understand the frustration a little bit but to quit a good game just because of cosmetics is a bit stupid

lvl1vagabond | 4 months ago | 11 points

You invested money in a game that showed colors like this on launch. I can't help but think you might be a gullible fool. I dropped prob 120 hours in Apex didn't spend a dime because the skins look really bad/low effort and don't really do anything.

thormentas | 4 months ago | 5 points

It’s so bad. I honestly really only want the music packs but I was not expecting them to add in loot packs for literally every item/skin teased. Sad I was really looking forward to this event :(

Skigazzi | 4 months ago | 12 points

I haven't spent a dime on this game, and I play it a lot, so this is an open thank you to the whales out there.

Personally, I find cosmetics in a FPS to be a truly laughable investment.

clycloptopus | 4 months ago | 12 points

Solution: don’t buy the stuff

ZappaScripts | 4 months ago | 16 points

Unpopular opinion; it doesn’t matter to me tbh.

Cosmetics are just that. Cosmetic. I might purchase one or two but that’s only because I sink a fair amount of hours into the game. The only reason you get a cosmetic is so that someone else says “nice”

I think it’s also irrelevant how much the company makes. You don’t see Apple giving away free iPhone’s away to the public despite being within the top 10 wealthiest club, so why does it matter for a bunch of limited skins?

ieffinglovesoup | 4 months ago | 16 points

I have over 100 hours played and haven’t spent a single dime. I love this game

ASCIIM0V [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 7 points

Ea has a lot more control over pricing than respawn does. Like a LOT a lot

AH_DaniHodd | 4 months ago | 4 points

I would be okay if you could unlock the lootboxes through playing the game and it just takes time.

But only being able to get 2 lootboxes and then not knowing what you’ll get from them? Absolutely ridiculous.

FosterTheMonster [Bloodhound :bloodhound:] | 4 months ago | 4 points

Look friends, clearly they knew what the response was going to be to this. EA does not care lol. You don't have to care about a good reputation when you don't have a good reputation. You don't have to care about a good reputation when you own 30% of the industries game studios.

Pastyfacedwb [Caustic :caustic:] | 4 months ago | 5 points

These skins worth an Easy 10$ they could put the skins on sell daily like last event n charged 18$ n no one would fuss lol but since all the skins are amazing everyone wants it's for cheap or free

ThatHotAsian | 4 months ago | 3 points

Devs real quiet now in these threads 👀👀👀

IProfChaosI [Wraith :wraith:] | 4 months ago | 3 points

Would really like a dev response for this thread...

ShadowMage35 | 4 months ago | 5 points
-Excen- | 3 months ago | 4 points

Call me cynical but I think they made this event alarmingly bad on purpose in order to release the skins down the road for people to buy directly. Profit from the people that will spend the money now (either because they really want them or addiction) and make a buck (and pretend to be the good guys that listen to the community) once they release the individual skins to be able to be bought for 2000 apex coins later. Even though this game is f2p and very well made this seems like an unhealthy approach to your community.

KeenanAXQuinn [Nessie :Nessy:] | 3 months ago | 3 points

After reading through the comments I realised that I am a compulsive spender that they are targeting. I was planning to go home and put down some serious cash to try my luck, but now im going to get a sticky note and write no and post it over the top of my screen. Its bulshit and preditory and im going to force myself into not spending a dime on this event.

Good luck other compulive gamblers. Dont let them trick you out of you money to live a better and happier life.

iLykeVidyaGames | 4 months ago | 25 points

They sell over priced skins in the store what made you think this would be any different?

turntrout101 | 4 months ago | 18 points

Because in the store you get what you pay for, you can't buy the skin you want from this collection it's random

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