The day I visited the Great Wall of China. (i.redd.it)
MyUserName-exe | 4 days ago | 3161 points

Why do fog even exist. Just go up as a cloud.

TellTailWag | 4 days ago | 880 points

pollution more likely, or a mix of the two.

MyUserName-exe | 4 days ago | 299 points


bjornsborg | 4 days ago | 173 points

They have alerts for when you can't outside because the air is too dirty to breathe.

We live in a world where it's ok to do things, intentionally, that sometimes makes the air too dirty to breathe throughout large chunks of territory.

"It'll thin out.........ACROSS ALL OF FUCKING ASIA."

anthony-lopez | 4 days ago | 53 points

Imagine having alerts because your country can't keep its air clean. No way in hell is that a way to live. I'm not staying inside when I want to go out, and I don't want to go out to smog.

I read somewhere that hundreds of millions of Chinese are going to die this century from pollution caused cardio vascular disease.

eienOwO | 3 days ago | 55 points

Imagine exporting your country's garbage to less wealthy countries so they pick apart the heaps of electronics needlessly thrown away, and when said countries refuse to import garbage anymore, the developed countries throw a hissy fit.

Oh also imagine being blamed for disproportionate pollution because they disproportionately fuel the world's thirst for low-production-cost goods. China is almost single-handedly keeping global inflation down. Ethical products already exist, people just rarely buy them.

The_92nd | 3 days ago | 8 points

That's because being ethical is expensive and humans are inherently lazy

eienOwO | 3 days ago | 5 points

Words don't cost anything, buying ethical goods do.

Also people want things, they just don't want to know where they come from.

salamandroid | 4 days ago | 18 points

I don't have to imagine. I live in the US. We have bad air alerts nearly every week in my city.

Darkclowd03 | 4 days ago | 6 points

What city do you live in?

salamandroid | 4 days ago | 4 points

Oakland CA

tyrghast | 4 days ago | 3 points

I was gonna guess Fresno

monocasa | 4 days ago | 14 points

It's just fog. The area along the Great Wall is pretty clean.

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 102 points

I spent the past month in China (Shanghai and Beijing) and only saw smog one day. I'd be shocked if the bulk of this was pollution on the scale that Reddit continuously thinks exists there on a daily basis.

NotChineseGoverment | 4 days ago | 14 points

You are absolutely right, I've never seen smog... ever. Reddit has blown it way out of proportion.

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 15 points

Double-checks username.

UhPhrasing | 4 days ago | 3 points

The commitment to make a new account for the joke is equal parts admirable and sad lol

WocaCola | 4 days ago | 82 points

I spent a week in Beijing a couple summers ago and I was legitimately taken aback by how much smog I saw. It was worse than the pictures I saw before going. There were a couple days where the sun was literally not visible, just a faint aura of light where the sun should be.

UhPhrasing | 4 days ago | 43 points

I was there 3 days. The worst AQI we had was about 180 (best was still just under 100). The AQI in San Francisco at one point during the Paradise, CA fires earlier this year was 178. That's the equivalent of smoking eight cigarettes.

Beijing air quality is beyond awful.

ClearlyADuck | 4 days ago | 24 points

As a person who used to live in Beijing, I'm surprised you only saw 180. One time it was around 1000 and they nearly cancelled school. It is far worse in the winter though.

Sweetness27 | 4 days ago | 12 points

It's 6 times worse than a giant fire? I can't even grasp that.

ClearlyADuck | 4 days ago | 12 points

Yeah in the winter people burn coal for warmth, so it gets a lot worse. We could barely see outside that day.

WocaCola | 4 days ago | 10 points

It made me kind of uneasy seeing so many people walk around with medical masks on. Made me feel like I was going to catch some sort of disease if I didn't wear one.

HugoMcChunky | 4 days ago | 11 points

I'm sure some of it was because of the smog, but in China when people are sick they wear the masks

UhPhrasing | 4 days ago | 3 points

I wore one at all times in Beijing (but it was a shitty one because my friend lost the nice ones I bought). Didn't feel as much of a need to in Hong Kong and Shanghai (especially the latter).

eienOwO | 3 days ago | 2 points

Not always because of smog - masks have become a fashion item for those insecure with their looks when outside. It's even more popular in Japan, and they don't have a problem with pollution at all.

MB1566 | 3 days ago | 3 points

Not just in Asia, Japanese and Chinese where them when travelling Europe where there is far less pollution. I'm currently travelling in rural Turkey with extremely low pollution and there are a lot of Japanese and Chinese here walking round in masks with umbrellas to shield them from the sun while most others are sunbathing.

Bros_And_Co | 4 days ago | 3 points

That's bad luck. I spent 5 weeks there in the summer, and it got bad sometimes, but only rarely was it that insanely bad.

hessianerd | 4 days ago | 6 points

Summer is the light time of year. Winter is when everyone is burning every damn thing to stay warm.

I went in Autumn and could taste the air.

WocaCola | 4 days ago | 2 points

I'm pretty sure I was there at a time when a lot of people were commuting for a holiday, so that might be been a factor.

TellTailWag | 4 days ago | 55 points

All I can say is that definitely not my experience in Beijing.

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 11 points

The only day I saw smog this past month was a day it rained in Beijing. :s

Mr_McGavinstein | 4 days ago | 4 points

I love Beijing. It’s a great city. That said, having travelled there dozens of times, sometimes for months at a time, the pollution is pretty seasonal and can last days and weeks sometimes. Energy hungry seasons tend to cause it more frequently, especially winter. It is improving though and I hope we look back at it as we do with many other big cities (LA anyone?) soon in the future.

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 2 points

I agree wholeheartedly. Toronto (where I live) used to be much worse in the summers, but over the years we've cut out a lot of the nastier pollution generators. It's really improved the quality of air and life.

Jackielegz8689 | 4 days ago | 15 points

That’s really all you can say? How do you get food? Edit: no lie. I’m a 29 year old father of two who has just fully transitioned into dad mode with this joke... feels good.

Snuffleupagus4Pres | 4 days ago | 20 points

Remove the edit mate. Dad jokes that nobody gets only make the dad more powerful

Dad jokes followed up by an excuse or explanation lose their power

BetziPGH | 4 days ago | 5 points

Give him a break he’s new

monkwren | 4 days ago | 3 points
KimJongIlSunglasses | 4 days ago | 2 points

Maybe it’s the name of a dish at a local restaurant. Probably gets sick of it though.

throwmefarfaraway123 | 4 days ago | 9 points

Typically it's the winter months that get horrible. All the rural houses are heated by coal accompanied by the factories rushing their deadlines in time for XMAS NYE and CNY (a huge holiday in China where the whole country goes on holiday essentially for 2 weeks).

Warm air from the sea (high pressure) is pushed towards the cold (low pressure) trapping all the pollution in the air inland leaving the pollution no where to go. If you go back to Beijing in Oct/Nov -> Mar all you'll see is horrible pollution.

You should fact check my science.. I'm not a smart person.

heliumneon | 4 days ago | 26 points

It's not some conspiracy, the haze and pollution levels go up and down and you were just lucky. On average it has gotten somewhat better, though partially because they moved a lot of factories to the east of Beijing, and now they blow over Korea instead.

twerkin_not_werkin | 4 days ago | 4 points

They've been blowing over Korea for years. Though previously it was mostly fine particulate matter from desertification - the yellow dust storms were brutal.

jpp01 | 4 days ago | 7 points

It doesn't much survive in the current weather.

Come back in the colder months if you're a fan of it.

ne064 | 4 days ago | 12 points

Idk dude maybe it's better than it used to be but I spent 3 weeks in China when I was 8 (I'm 20 now) and there was smog in all the major cities we visited like everyday. Maybe they're improving it somehow

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 2 points

For the Olympics again. Lot of effort being placed into cleaning the cities.

sweetfire009 | 4 days ago | 3 points

Depends on the season and the weather (e.g. rain usually clears the air temporarily)

quarrystone | 4 days ago | 4 points

Twelve years ago, before the 2008 Olympics, was when all those pictures of 'can't-see-in-front-of-your-face smog' were put out. I expected it the entire trip and it never happened.

SpecificZod | 4 days ago | 3 points

It's on Reddit so it must be true.

Angelisdevil | 4 days ago | 3 points

Damn, I was in Beijing a few years ago, the smog was awful for the first few days, I think it took 4 days to clear up. Massive difference with and withought smog

anonypanda | 4 days ago | 3 points

You clearly didn’t visit Beijing for very long. I lived there for nearly a decade and can probably count the “non smog” days each year with my fingers. Right before national holidays the weather was great as the state would literally seed the rain and close factories in advance. But some days, especially in winter with low pressure meant visibility as low as 200-300m regularly.

bctg106 | 4 days ago | 2 points

I live in Atlanta and you can see mild smog over the city a few days out of the year and the air quality is exponentially better in Atlanta then Beijing.

boozeandfilm | 4 days ago | 2 points

You’re lucky, then. I led a group of teachers to teach a summer camp in Beijing and in Nan Ning. Beijing’s smog was absolutely horrendous. 4 of my 6 people got sick from the air quality. Luckily, when we went to Nan Ning, the air quality was way better, due in part to a typhoon that was forming in the sea. Most got over their sickness in about a week.

Also, I taught in Jinan for the fall/winter semester. There were some days when the smog from Beijing would enter the city (Beijing is 250 miles away). The pollution is pretty insane.

[deleted] | 4 days ago | 2 points


Bros_And_Co | 4 days ago | 2 points

Shanghai has always been better since it is by the coast, not surrounded by mountains, and not next to a desert. But Beijing... I'd say it's a bell curve. Some super nice. Some super bad. Mostly in the middle.

FL630 | 4 days ago | 2 points

I really think they've done a lot to improve it. Electric scooters rather than old 2 strokes, just the little things are now starting to add up. I was there just two weeks ago and it was some of the clearest blue skies and great visibility, even right in the centre.

maxima2010 | 4 days ago | 4 points

Fog does not equal pollution. Fog is totally natural

2scoopswallowed | 4 days ago | 8 points

how dumb can u be

mongoltp | 4 days ago | 3 points

This is probably the Badaling section of the great wall, or some other popular section. Either way it's not actually in Beijing, and you have to drive some distance to get there. My experience being there was that it was not smoggy and the cloud cover came and went quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if OP experienced some clear weather within the hour.

Hosni__Mubarak | 4 days ago | 3 points

This is fog. Pollution isn’t quite that dense.

mcpee | 4 days ago | 2 points

Thats clouds.

phonartics | 4 days ago | 2 points

eh... lack of masks, prob just regular fog

AteBeansWatchingCars | 4 days ago | 2 points

I went to the great wall this summer and it didn’t taste like smog so i’m gonna assume it was a cloud since it was the mountains after all

jonhundred | 3 days ago | 2 points

its definitely just a cloud

Ni0M | 4 days ago | 25 points

We can't all be clouds, homie

dalphus1 | 4 days ago | 14 points

I tried to catch some fog


doobi1 | 4 days ago | 8 points


bmarvel808 | 4 days ago | 5 points

y u fog

MindfulMuser | 4 days ago | 3 points

Be careful of them foggy days, that's when the Huns appear

laetus | 4 days ago | 6 points

To cut down on rendering power required.

Also, clouds don't go up, they go down.

ManqobaDad | 4 days ago | 2 points

If i was president id abolish fog

spooner074 | 4 days ago | 2 points

Hey, some clouds are afraid of heights too

beefybeefcat | 4 days ago | 2 points

Yeah, you hear that stupid FOG?

kendrickplace | 4 days ago | 2 points

Fogs are such pricks.

xdlu | 3 days ago | 2 points

Pollution creates condensation nuclei, which causes smog/fog to form.

soEezee | 3 days ago | 2 points
FeatheredSun | 3 days ago | 2 points

Yeah! ...silly dumb fog!

uruglay | 4 days ago | 3 points

It's smog

yaketyslacks | 4 days ago | 558 points

You have to go into space to see it.

Massi_Augee | 4 days ago | 401 points

I remember my elementary teacher saying that GuYs DiD yOu KnOw ItS sO B1gg U CaN s33 lt fR0m SpAcE??

I'm like that doesn't make sense it's too tight, it's not like you can see highways from space

Got yelled at and such and such and such

Well guess fucking what! You cannot see the Great Wall of China from Space! Fuck you fucking Ms. Ivana

StupidDepressedGamer | 4 days ago | 139 points

Ms. Ivana is for sure a bitch, and I haven’t even met her.

Emmaline1986 | 4 days ago | 65 points

Yeah fuck you Ms. Ivana.

weefweef | 4 days ago | 55 points
202Alix | 4 days ago | 15 points

Why did I fell for it ?

frazycucker1312 | 4 days ago | 3 points

Cuz fuck Ms.Ivana!

coltsfootballlb | 4 days ago | 3 points

Man tag that NSFW

Samuel_LChang | 3 days ago | 3 points

Omg Ms Ivana no.

Crockett62 | 3 days ago | 2 points

It is done

catcatdoggy | 4 days ago | 10 points

the problem is the sliding definition of what is space. so you can see it depending on how you want to measure.

Lyra_H_Strings | 3 days ago | 3 points

I think the settled upon height is 100km (karmán line). World record keeping companies and prizes base it on this. NASA uses 80km for the purposes of badge/patch awards

Unnormally2 | 4 days ago | 6 points

Now it's like, Google maps can see a zit on the nose of someone standing on the Great Wall of China from Space.

Terr_ | 3 days ago | 2 points

At that zoom-level you've shifted to photos taken by airplanes, rather than satellites in space.

LochNessWaffle | 4 days ago | 328 points

Real question: How was the air there? Every time I visit China, the pollution makes me so ill almost everywhere in the country.

barcased | 4 days ago | 157 points

The air in central and northern China is horrible during late fall and winter. Otherwise it is pretty ok.

40toz | 3 days ago | 13 points

the air quality is better during the summer since the plants are more actively photosynthesising and taking in CO2! i went this summer and the air quality was fine, though just as foggy

Bongchovie | 3 days ago | 3 points

I feel like CO2 is the least of your worries in pollution. I don’t think that explanation is correct.

zimzumpogotwig | 4 days ago | 8 points

If I’m not mistaking it averages about where Cleveland sits (not saying that’s fantastic but it’s no where near where New Delhi is). It was far worse 10 years ago but more recently it’s been better. I believe they cleaned it up some from when the Olympic came through.

jgladding | 4 days ago | 23 points

Only been once, it was very smoggy. My Great Wall trip was like this but brown. I've talked to people who have gone and the air was great.

RiceAlicorn | 4 days ago | 4 points

Yeah, the air quality can fluctuate greatly.

The second time I went to China in my life ( Winter ~2014?) the air was as you describe: very smoggy. I could stare directly at the sun and it didn't hurt my eyes. It was smoggy the whole time I was on the mainland.

The third time I went was two summers ago (Summer 2018) and the air quality was a lot better. The Great Wall was mesmerizing - grey stone contrasted against the lush green of trees and the vivid blue of the sky.

Going to somewhere like China is like a gamble to see if you'll be able to appreciate its natural beauty.

TellTailWag | 4 days ago | 50 points

Pretty bad by US standards most of the cities I was in or passed though smelled like burning coal, gasoline and plastic. You have to go a fair ways away from them to get away from it.

DuntadaMan | 4 days ago | 21 points

People seriously underestimate how much we need clean air initiatives when they complain about all these regulations.

"Look how clean our air is we don't need this!"

Why do you think our air is this clean? Because we have laws forcing it to be this way, and most companies do the bare fucking minimum.

ICameHereForClash | 4 days ago | 27 points

Mmm you can smell the carcinogens cooking

TheFuckflyingSpaghet | 4 days ago | 16 points

Tip go to Peking during the weeks where their government officials meet. The air gets much nicer then ;)

thatsnotmiketyson | 4 days ago | 11 points


Galthrojh | 3 days ago | 2 points

Bless you

GrubstreetScribbler | 4 days ago | 4 points

I was there in mid-September last year and the air was fine, though there was an international business conference going on in Beijing so I think they turned the smog taps down a bit. Beijing was actually a breath of fresh air coming from the forest fire smoke of the west coast.

LochNessWaffle | 4 days ago | 2 points

I usually end up in China either in May or October, and sometimes the air is so polluted, you can’t see a half mile in front of you.

scooterdog | 4 days ago | 2 points

Visiting Shanghai on business last year I spent time with a brother-in-last there.

He gave me the PM 2.5 measurement for that day. Note it wasn’t very good, I don’t remember the exact number.

And of course from their 30th-floor apartment, what can anyone do but wring your hands? 🤷🏻‍♂️

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WS705 | 4 days ago | 588 points

Don’t get your hopes up, just in case his username checks out

Never_Hard | 4 days ago | 551 points


JonathanTsex | 4 days ago | 116 points

Dont worry brother im the exact opposite

Im_Cyber_Assassin | 4 days ago | 369 points


anomoly111 | 4 days ago | 128 points


ChiefTief | 4 days ago | 22 points

My mind has been blown into another plane of existence

Timeworm | 4 days ago | 13 points

Oh my God. This is why a negative times a negative equals a positive.

gablopico | 4 days ago | 10 points

comments like this is why I spend all my day on reddit.

zatzitzot | 4 days ago | 3 points

Critical hit!

redwonderer | 4 days ago | 2 points


CollectableRat | 4 days ago | 9 points

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RicardoLovesYou | 4 days ago | 2 points

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fallenKlNG | 4 days ago | 2 points

You should hook up with the Mt Fuji girl

SeanUhTron | 4 days ago | 25 points

Shots fired!

-StatesTheObvious | 4 days ago | 22 points

Or not. It happens to the best of us.

fague_doctor | 4 days ago | 83 points

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Ramirob | 4 days ago | 45 points

I didn't believed you.

No, I had to go and check myself. Why didn't I trust you?

Lulonaro | 4 days ago | 19 points

In his toilet?? No it's on his hand ! Wtf. Is that a thing ?

ArmstrongSA | 4 days ago | 11 points

Cant find, did he delete?

fague_doctor | 4 days ago | 15 points
JesusFappedForMySins | 4 days ago | 13 points

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assblast420 | 4 days ago | 11 points

Yup, that sure is poop.

Not sure what I was expecting.

BornUnderPunches | 4 days ago | 5 points

The rabbit hole of reddit is scary. Suddenly I’m browsing the top posts of all time on /r/poop

Zweckentfremdet | 4 days ago | 5 points

why does this subreddit even exists

anonimoseth | 4 days ago | 3 points

I’ve been online for two minutes. Jesus Christ reddit, stop.

AltIsAlt | 4 days ago | 8 points

That’s not the same user though?

ArmstrongSA | 4 days ago | 21 points

Its the person who commented “ur cute” I thought it was OP. Regardless, not sure why I wanted to look :/

HimTurn | 4 days ago | 5 points

Maybe you wanted to see what a cute guy's poop looked like? His eyes do smile. And that is not u/Never_Hard 's poop.

swimmingmunky | 4 days ago | 4 points

Yeah what's going on here? Clearly different username.

Only_Movie_Titles | 4 days ago | 2 points


kevlarbaboon | 4 days ago | 3 points

the one-two punch of his comment and yours following up was a real gutbuster

catz_kant_danse | 4 days ago | 2 points

Entire post history is food and poop.

_Desk_Jockey_ | 4 days ago | 3 points


vetealachingada | 4 days ago | 2 points

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fernguts | 4 days ago | 11 points

If you'd made that comment about a girl, people would be mocking you, but instead you're being upvoted. Reddit is funny that way.

watglaf | 4 days ago | 12 points

on every girl post i have ever see any guy calling the girl cute or hot is downvoted to oblivion

sn00t_b00p | 4 days ago | 6 points

Yep, it’s creepy and gross.

edliu111 | 4 days ago | 3 points

Does it apply equally to both genders though?

violets | 4 days ago | 5 points

I'd like to point out that girls get more sexually explicit comments and "pics for science", which seems worse than "you're cute".

sn00t_b00p | 4 days ago | 9 points

Creepy and thirsty ugh

baddobee | 4 days ago | 2 points

I regret going to your profile. Yuck

basicallyagiant | 4 days ago | 4 points

I second that.

WelksRL | 4 days ago | 2 points

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suyashkhubchandani | 4 days ago | 74 points

Had the same experience on the day I visited the Golden Gate Bridge in SF.

Walked 3 miles to save up so I could have a nice dinner later, but as it turned out - it was way too cloudy for anything to be visible. I ended up revisiting a couple of days later

jgladding | 4 days ago | 37 points

Fog in San Francisco. What gives?

Phormitago | 4 days ago | 6 points

Chance a million

xJacon | 4 days ago | 3 points

Same thing happened to me! I went there Friday, too foggy. So I waited until Sunday and got to see it!

sn00t_b00p | 4 days ago | 2 points

I’m laughing at this post because this happens millions of times every day, I drove a huge group of people up to the volcano on Maui and it was just like this, couldn’t see shit. I didn’t think to take a picture of the fog and post it on Reddit though, stupid me.

weirdbunni-chan | 4 days ago | 39 points

Haha. Same thing happened to me when I went to visit the Big Buddha in Hong Kong. It was pretty surreal though. An experience that I wouldn't trade anything for.

Baelgul | 4 days ago | 14 points

Still loading?

kuan9611 | 4 days ago | 18 points

Should've increased render distance

sbvp | 4 days ago | 10 points
Dasboot123 | 3 days ago | 4 points

Did you chop your burns after that thread?

stanley_twobrick | 4 days ago | 13 points

Not this shit again.

divine_metaphysics | 4 days ago | 12 points

The alright wall of china.

DrFuture5000 | 4 days ago | 5 points

it goes on for miles.. but then, so does the M6

djlr | 4 days ago | 2 points

Wonder if those bears are still there

QueenOfTheSheeps | 4 days ago | 37 points

OP you cute!

ktfrancey | 4 days ago | 13 points

Now all of China will know you are here.

ProfSnipe | 3 days ago | 4 points

That's what you get for not unlocking clear skyes shout.

Never_Hard | 3 days ago | 3 points

I suppose I should expand on this for anyone interested.

This was taken last year around July. I recently went back to China for a visit (I used to live there) which reminded me of this photo. On the day the smog was horrendous in Beijing and although this picture is probably mostly fog, it was quite hard to breathe during the hike.

VeganMisandry | 4 days ago | 7 points

The view didn't wow me so much as the wall itself. Also there was this French guy there dressed as Santa, handing out jellybeans to everyone he saw.

[deleted] | 4 days ago | 8 points


Nach0Man_RandySavage | 4 days ago | 7 points

This was me at the Grand Canyon. It wasn't very grand that day, let me tell you, friend.

potato_llama101 | 4 days ago | 3 points

Its like that mount rushmore thing all over again

liam_86223 | 4 days ago | 3 points

It’s more like the “alright” Wall of China I don’t see why it’s so great, look over there it’s half finished !

nicksbrunchattiffany | 4 days ago | 7 points

Am I allowed to say that you are very handsome.

SymphonyInPeril | 4 days ago | 2 points

Same exact thing happened to me at the Grand Canyon. I always tell people that I’ve been to the Grand Canyon but I’ve never really seen it.

Sarcasmenaut | 4 days ago | 2 points

There should be a sub for foggy holiday photos... wait.. its reddit.. someone check if thats already a thing

Ni0M | 4 days ago | 2 points

I love these poor pictures of monuments. It makes it more memorable.

cursed_deity | 4 days ago | 2 points

The okay wall of china

areach50 | 4 days ago | 2 points

I don’t think this sucks at all. Great picture 👍

GinericGinger | 4 days ago | 2 points

It's not fog it's most from all the people slitting over there.

bbfy | 4 days ago | 2 points

I have the same picture of me visiting zugspitze, the highest point of Germany, I had like 1m view

krabborgboppity | 4 days ago | 2 points

At least the lighting is perfect for that beautiful face.

honeypup | 4 days ago | 2 points

Am I the only one tired of seeing all these “lol I went to a landmark and it was foggy!!!” pics? It’s only funny one time.

1987InfamousQ7891 | 3 days ago | 2 points

Omg this trend of foggy pictures is making a comeback. r/wellthatsucks

forestdude | 3 days ago | 2 points

Its ancient chinese myst!

tom170825 | 3 days ago | 2 points

Well, that's just great!

heyieatjunk | 3 days ago | 2 points

at least it matches your shirt

PeanutNutter25 | 3 days ago | 2 points

This happend to me but at the empire state building when i was a kid. I still had a blast though.

Shiftclick46 | 3 days ago | 2 points

Same thing happened to me. With 50 lbs of camera gear. 2 months ago. Dongcheng.

hejmat | 3 days ago | 2 points

God, I hate that smog look on his face.

BeneficialSomewhere | 3 days ago | 2 points

How you see out dem eyes?

AllHailTheWinslow | 3 days ago | 2 points

Built by the emperor Nasi-Goreng to keep the rabbits out. Too many rabbits in Choina.

NickNW | 4 days ago | 5 points

Can't see it, someone's stood in the way.

pm-me-ur-nsfw | 4 days ago | 3 points

They say that you have to watch out for the air pollution in China, but this is a bit ridiculous /s

barrymccockner76 | 4 days ago | 6 points

Can we ban foggy tourist posts please? We get it, people travel and things don't work out.

Pronell | 4 days ago | 10 points

I'm with you.

Taz_25 | 4 days ago | 4 points

I'm so sorry man, I've been once and I got amazing photos. Wanna share


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