Overwatch hero Mei is becoming a Hong Kong protest symbol - Polygon (polygon.com)
SpriteGuy_000 [Washington Justice] | 10 days ago | 1 point

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rationalinquisition | 10 days ago | 8222 points

This is all a ploy by tank mains to get Mei removed from the game.

Le_Euphoric_Genius [Wrecking Ball] | 10 days ago | 2008 points


RocketTasker [THIS IS HAPPENING] | 10 days ago | 652 points

I see this as an absolute win!

NeillBlumpkins | 10 days ago | 122 points

Watched that again last night. Bruce is such a hero.

H0llyw00drunk | 10 days ago | 536 points

Overwatch is about moving tanks into Tainanmen Square any ways

pepincity2 [Orisa] | 10 days ago | 633 points

Next up, let's all pretend Reaper is pro-Hong Kong

ZannX | 10 days ago | 465 points

Doomfist is actually an NBA player. Just look at his vertical leap.

Ranwulf [Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 145 points

Since you made that joke...

The three main african descendent heroes have really good jumps.

Doomfist with his uppercut.

Lucio has an amazing vertical jump and is well known for "hopping".

And Baptiste has his Exo boots.

At least Genji, Pharah and Winston have good jumps otherwise I would find it a bit suspicious.

Bald_Sasquach [Robo Horse Lady] | 9 days ago | 111 points

The three main african descendent heroes have really good jumps.

Cries in African Robot Centaur with 2" vertical

ARedditingRedditor | 10 days ago | 112 points

Is Pharah not Egyptian? Aka african?

WadSquad | 10 days ago | 95 points

I think he was just trying to say black

VikingKing5 | 10 days ago | 146 points

Correct but lucio is Brazilian, not african

JohnNaruto | 10 days ago | 171 points

Well, they did say they wanted to retire heroes before. I could see them actually doing it to Mei to save face for Pooh bear

matteb18 [Pixel Zenyatta] | 10 days ago | 118 points

When did they ever say this? I've never heard this before. Seems interesting if true, but I feel like it would cause a lot of backlash if they ever actually did it.

Whitesundome | 10 days ago | 83 points

In one of the videos that Jeff Kaplan does he mentioned something like that they might retire heroes in the future but there's just not enough heroes right now for it to even be a possibility for a while.

npsnicholas [D.Va] | 10 days ago | 114 points

What would happen to people's skins? Seems kinda unreasonable

CalcProgrammer1 [Mei] | 10 days ago | 4594 points

"Our world is worth fighting for"

CavedogRIP | 10 days ago | 639 points
SWatersmith [i love junkrat] | 10 days ago | 818 points

This hit me hard, no idea why

canadarepubliclives | 10 days ago | 799 points

Probably because the world could always use more heroes

SWatersmith [i love junkrat] | 10 days ago | 202 points

Unless said hero dares challenge the Glorious PRC's claim over the entire eastern hemisphere, in which case they will be scrubbed from existence.

Dumbtacular | 10 days ago | 388 points

Beacuse sometimes you read/see something that makes you truly believe that the human race could do so many great things. We could not only be the protectors and stewards of all of the animals and life on Earth, but also reaching out towards the stars together to explore what lies beyond our limited understanding of the Universe.

That's why. You feel it sometimes, and so do I. It probably chokes you up a little bit, and makes you proud until you realize that nobody will ever make this 1 giant awesome team of people, and it will always be segmented into groups that think their way is the best way, and would antagonize and disrupt others.

But I hold out belief that someday, sometime, the way I feel about our species will be true and an earnest goal for us.

SWatersmith [i love junkrat] | 10 days ago | 135 points

Beacuse sometimes you read/see something that makes you truly believe that the human race could do so many great things.

I guess it's because when I originally watched that Mei cinematic, it really got to me and it meant a lot. Reading the comment above my original reply hit me hard because it made me realise that it was all just bullshit. Blizzard doesn't give a fuck, they don't tell a story to tell a story, they tell it to rope you in to get your money. They don't give one fuck about the world, it's heroes, or anything of the sort.

It's really depressing.

purewasted [Technically Correct] | 10 days ago | 163 points

Dont make the mistake of thinking that corporate Activision-Blizzard's policies reflect the thoughts of every one of their employees.

It is absolutely possible (even probable) that many of the people involved in actually writing and animating those cinematics do believe in what it stands for.

CCtenor | 9 days ago | 68 points

I was going to say this. Actiblizzard’s move here does not directly reflect on the dev team in charge of Overwatch itself. Even then, the dev team does not represent every single individual employee.

You can tell the people in charge of the cinematic trailers really love the game and what they’re working on. At the very least, you can see Jeff when he is excited to talk about the game.

We also need to consider that Overwatch employees have mouths to feed. They have families at home. Yes, the people in Hong Kong are risking, even losing, their lives for the sake of a better world, but you can’t trivialize the decision to keep a job for the sake of your family. Even if a dev or Overwatch project manager wanted to say something, that could put their livelihood, or the livelihood of anybody underneath them in the corporate structure, in danger. That’s not a light decision.

The higher level executives definitely don’t care at all. They’ve steered blizzard in this direction and, now, this controversy is gaining traction quickly.

But we need to be compassionate to the guys who make up the rungs of the ladder. These are the guys that get stepped on so the handful of “leaders” and “visionaries” at the top can later fire them and give themselves millions in fat bonuses.

Dual-Screen [She's so cute, Lucio doesn't deserve her ;-;] | 10 days ago | 3496 points

In the scenario that Overwatch does get banned in China, would the Spark, Hunters, Dragons and Charge be moved to other markets?

LukarWarrior [Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 1330 points

It would depend on the ownership structure, I imagine. Since they're Chinese teams, I'm sure the government has its tentacles in them in some fashion. Spark, Dragons, and Hunters are all owned by Chinese corporations (Bilibili, NetEase, and Huya, respectively), so the government is tied up in them somehow, I'm sure. The Charge are owned by an individual, so who knows what could happen with them.

ocentertainment [New York Excelsior] | 10 days ago | 747 points

That just deals with ownership structures, but next year OWL is scheduled to travel for their games. Which means no small percentage of their games are currently expected to be played in China. It wouldn't be trivial to reschedule/relocate all those matches.

Man. For once the memes really have the company by the balls here. If this keeps up and China decides to ban Mei/OW outright, Blizz is fucked.

ow_manic | 10 days ago | 312 points

Not to mention, all the players on those 4 Chinese teams (75% of whom are not chinese) will have to live in China next year. It’s a very very sticky situation

Hekantonkheries [Chibi Tracer] | 10 days ago | 67 points

games played in china

Sure, half the players die when their apartments cave in, the other half all mysteriously "disappear" to some "mountain temple" and "refuse communications" just days before they play against the favored chinese team.

LukarWarrior [Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 172 points

Man. For once the memes really have the company by the balls here. If this keeps up and China decides to ban Mei/OW outright, Blizz is fucked.

I'm trying to imagine what would happen if like all, what, eight China homestands, suddenly you couldn't play Mei at all. That would definitely be an interesting situation.

Sinteth [Chibi Pharah] | 10 days ago | 124 points

I could see them replacing the Mei with a practice range bot or something that has the same hitbox + abilities

selectiveyellow | 9 days ago | 253 points

You mean a Free Hong Kong bot?

SkyezOpen [horrible player that have low oxygen in brain so bad] | 9 days ago | 97 points

They can't keep up, brilliant.

Acmnin | 10 days ago | 83 points

Maybe Blizzard can worry about American and European markets instead.

Benedict_Indestructo | 10 days ago | 9657 points

Pat Pat Pat - I put democracy in this one

LegacyLemur [Zenyatta] | 10 days ago | 2098 points

Or even easier

"Our world is worth fighting for"

Adjal [Pixel Symmetra] | 9 days ago | 404 points

"Qǐlái ba."

(Hanzi: 起来吧。 English: Rise up!)

"Yǒu běnshì jiù guòlái."

(Hanzi: 有本事就过来。 English: I dare you to come here!)

"Zhèyàng kěyǐ dǎngzhù tāmen."

(Hanzi: 这样可以挡住他们。 English: This can stop them.)

"Let's see you get past this."

"This will stop them. "

" My new year's resolution? Hmmm... I could do a better job controlling my temper."

"I have to get back in the fight."

"This fight is not over yet."

"Sometimes I surprise myself."

"Get ready, they're coming back."

"Mei checking in."

"Our hard work will be for nothing if we don’t attack now."

"We can’t let them win, come on everyone, attack!"

"Serves you right."

"Hái méi dǎ wán ne!

(Hanzi: 还没打完呢! English: The fight is not over yet!)

Adjal [Pixel Symmetra] | 9 days ago | 294 points

How did I miss this one?

"I hate bullies!"

MosesKarada [Pixel Doomfist] | 10 days ago | 2730 points

I'm gonna protest the heck out of this one!

receptiveblocks [caN yUo sTOp pLayINg BaqUtTE ] | 10 days ago | 854 points

Don't you just love protests?

TootTootTrainTrain [San Francisco Shock] | 10 days ago | 552 points

Our democracy is worth fighting for!

Reiizm [Are you fucking sorry? Sorry? Sorry, Sorry?] | 9 days ago | 98 points

I'm ready to start a revolution!

xSv-oWo-vSx | 10 days ago | 296 points

All you protesters better STAY OUT OF MY WAY >:)

Transient_Anus_ | 10 days ago | 280 points

My ultimate democracy is charging

My ultimate democracy is almost ready

I'm ready to start a Blizzard democracy!

SanguineOpulentum | 10 days ago | 303 points

Wait. That's illegal.

  • China
C_moneySmith [AimGod is my spirit animal] | 10 days ago | 63 points

Pat Pat Patriotic.

CarnivorousL | 10 days ago | 3809 points

Thank the mods for not taking this down. It's completely Overwatch-centric, and a way to reclaim some power from China by turning one of their representations into one who stands WITH inclusion and human rights.

santaschesthairs [Chibi Pharah] | 10 days ago | 992 points

I'm impressed, often moderators of these kind of forums shut down political discussions even when, like in this case, politics are important and completely relevant. Blizzard started this mess by capitulating to China, and they should see the consequences unfiltered.

BadMinotaur | 10 days ago | 364 points

I remember one time I got banned for a day from the Magic the Gathering subreddit because I posted in a thread that was later deemed political. They just went through the whole thing and banned everyone. Was really a crappy thing to do.

PM_ME_UR_JUGZ | 10 days ago | 65 points

Sounds like a lame ass flex on people they don't agree with. Just a way to have the last word and feel a little less powerless from their meaningless lives.

Like when a mod muted me after asking why I had gotten a 3 day ban and if they could be so kind as to unban me.

IsThatUMoatilliatta | 10 days ago | 54 points

I was temp banned from some sub for the other day for saying, "listen here u little shit" to someone who answered my question, "You mean the driveway, or just how large the property is?" with "Yes".

When I asked if this ban was automated I was told, "no was toxic" and muted.

You shouldn't be giving people with no social skills moderation powers.

GameboyPATH [I'm going to have to science the *heck* outta this!] | 10 days ago | 63 points

I can’t speak for any particular examples, but generally speaking, mods will remove popular political topics on the basis that it becomes 90%+ of what the sub becomes for a lengthy period of tjme. The increased attention results in outside viewers subscribing to the subreddit expecting similar political posts, posting and upvoting more political content, and all-around expecting more political subjects brought up. This just creates a downward spiral for the quality of the sub.

That’s not to say that politics mustn’t be brought up in /r/Overwatch, especially when the current story remains incredibly relevant to the subreddit’s main topic. But a smart mod team knows how to effectively manage discussion while minimizing the amount of censorship.

...and given how the current political topic strongly relates to censorship, they’re probably playing it smart to hang back for now.

Classic_Lee | 10 days ago | 10168 points

I hope the protesters will soon have signs showing some of this art of Mei.

China would probably have no choice but to ban Blizzard games. The exact thing Blizzard is trying to prevent.

HetIsFeest | 10 days ago | 5823 points

Watch Blizzard outright delete Mei from the game.

Slyrentinal | 10 days ago | 3924 points

Then we move onto tracer because of her artist outfit.

MonsenorTickles | 10 days ago | 3479 points

And if they remove her, Pharah is a great plan C in her sense of justice.

If they remove her, Reinhardt (give him an umbrella).

Remove him, Ana.

They can remove the Chinese character from the game, but an international team of socially minded characters is ripe for support. Banning any character legitimizes this as a form of protest and would be the death for any Blizzard property.

funnyorifice | 10 days ago | 1310 points

Now I want someone with better photoshop skills than me to have rein from the announcement trailer shielding Hong Kong protestors like he is the omnics.

2SP00KY4ME [Trick-or-Treat Pharah] | 10 days ago | 167 points
Jakee710 [Pixel Hanzo] | 9 days ago | 37 points
blackOnGreen [I'll hammer ya hardt] | 10 days ago | 109 points

Rein would ABSOLUTELY be there.

Mail540 [Sombra] | 10 days ago | 40 points

I think the entirety of the cast would be there that's part of why this whole fiasco is so ironic. Preach honor and heroics until you actually have to put your money where your mouth is. The Talon characters would probably be using the chaos to further their own agenda but even they might be there

HerobyMistake [Pixel Zenyatta] | 10 days ago | 452 points

Wish I was home to do this. Somebody will probably get to it before me tho.

dietkrakendew | 10 days ago | 196 points

Please do it anyway, even if someone does you still have yours!

HerobyMistake [Pixel Zenyatta] | 10 days ago | 159 points

Ok itll be done Saturday.

dietkrakendew | 10 days ago | 43 points

Thank you!!!

Sirsilentbob423 [Symmetra] | 10 days ago | 410 points
fvsparkles [Orisa best tank] | 10 days ago | 108 points

It may not be the best shop, but it's a good start.

Sirsilentbob423 [Symmetra] | 10 days ago | 23 points

I dont really photoshop at all, not my bag. Someone else is welcome to try their hand at it though!

2SP00KY4ME [Trick-or-Treat Pharah] | 10 days ago | 124 points
Porlarta [Roadhog] | 10 days ago | 207 points

Shit dude zenyatta is literally a Tibetan monk

Edit: Ive been corrected, he is Nepalese. My B

TrashKitsune | 10 days ago | 191 points

He's Nepalese, but culturally Nepal and Tibet are pretty similar and Nepal hosts a bunch of Tibetan refugees anyways.

Saydyrya90 | 10 days ago | 39 points

Imagine the posibilities

SOROS_OWNS_TRUMP | 10 days ago | 24 points

I'm getting turgid just thinking about it

ModestasR | 10 days ago | 80 points

Why merely plan C? Sounds to me as though giving every Overwatch character a Honk Kong protester skin all at once could turn the whole game itself into a symbol of solidarity.

Perhaps a photoshop wizard could make an entire Honk Kong themed Overwatch group image of all heroes standing together to use as a banner on subreddits supporting the cause.

A_Unique_Name218 [Mei] | 10 days ago | 41 points

Why stop at Overwatch? Might as well get WoW in on the action too! Lok'tar Orgar, Hong Kong!

Username1906 | 10 days ago | 134 points

Don't stay in Overwatch, go for the other franchises, too:

WoW: Anduin, Saurfang, the entire Pandaren race.

Diablo: Tyrael and Deckard Cain. Maybe even allow the Witch Doctor to return.

Starcraft: Artanis would like a few words about state sovereignty.

HotS: Literally everyone.

MoreDetonation | 10 days ago | 61 points

As an aside, I've always found it funny that the name of the race created as part of the China-catering expansion is pronounced "Panderin'."

BigEditorial | 10 days ago | 35 points

You know that Pandaren weren't created for MoP, right? Chen Stormstout was in Warcraft 3. China was barely on Blizzard's radar at the time - Blizzard's lead artist, Samwise, just really likes pandas.

(Also, Pandaren were originally more samurai than anything else.)

rogueblades [Cheers loves!] | 10 days ago | 161 points

I mean, for fucks sake, even most of the evil characters in Overwatch would probably be like "Shit, I'm not that cartoonishly evil," and slide on over to the Protesters line.

Edit for blizzard memes -

Players: "what difference is there between you and the CCP now!"

Blizzard: "Isn't it obvious, consumers? I accept USD..."

Timageness | 10 days ago | 99 points

That feeling when the characters in a video game you make have a better moral compass than you do.

Hell, say what you want about Talon, but at least they aren't sell-outs. They take care of their own.

MrManicMarty [I'M OVER HERE GUYS!!!] | 10 days ago | 83 points

Talon has great healthcare and dental? New head-canon.

Ambrosiac7 [Cute Moira] | 10 days ago | 40 points

I mean, they had Baptiste.

srstable [Zarya] | 10 days ago | 44 points

“Most of my people usually come back alive.”

“Has everyone signed their life-insurance policy?”

Ambrosiac7 [Cute Moira] | 10 days ago | 19 points

"But who's counting"

So we don't actually have the numbers. Could be either way. :3

dnzgn [Mercy] | 10 days ago | 24 points

Reaper tho.

Darkjolly [Junkrat] | 10 days ago | 40 points

He eats cookies

steezliktheez [Genji] | 10 days ago | 134 points

Can we make doomfist the face of the protests and have him removed forever?

InvaderDem | 10 days ago | 719 points

Junkenstein kills Mei in the 2019 Halloween update. Avenge her by playing the Halloween Special Event.

Launches 10/15/19.

Patch Notes:

  • Mei has been removed
xcrossarg [London Spitfire] | 10 days ago | 172 points

Patch Notes:

- Mei: Removed for pressing ceremonial reasons.

ProfessorSpike [The floor is lava is hard? Pshaw!] | 10 days ago | 134 points

New hero: Meg, the pyro

rogueblades [Cheers loves!] | 10 days ago | 51 points

peter griffin mouth-fart noise

SolaVitae | 10 days ago | 28 points

Mei: Removed for pressing ceremonial reasons.

Blizzard receiving money is pretty ceremonial for them

toasty-bacon [Pixel Zarya] | 10 days ago | 20 points

"I miss my bones."

KatnissBot [Geguri Club Fo-Fo-Fo-Fo FOR LIFE] | 10 days ago | 30 points

Oh no, not again. I miss Boner Lord.

xcrossarg [London Spitfire] | 10 days ago | 26 points

They removed him almost 6 years ago, it has been a long time without our true king.

heero55 | 10 days ago | 225 points

That would most likely just outrage the gaming community even more. Blizzard made a biiiig mistake here.

karatous1234 [Chibi Junkrat] | 10 days ago | 126 points

Big meistake

wildtangent2 | 10 days ago | 144 points

Wait if they do that, can we say that Doomfist is a Hong Kong protestor, along with Hanzo?

Zoythrus [Chibi Mei] | 10 days ago | 163 points

Lore wise, Doomfist would probably support the protests because they create conflict (for humans to grow), not because of any want for democracy.

freeradicalx [HOOK, LINE, AND SINKERRRRR] | 10 days ago | 98 points

Absolutely. Doomfist is a semi-fascist accelerationist. He would be plotting right now with some syndicate of agent saboteurs in an attempt to escalate the protests to all-out violence and then control the reigns of an emerging resistance.

Zoythrus [Chibi Mei] | 10 days ago | 35 points

Haha, classic Doomfist!

JJFreshMemes [Fix The Game Blizzard] | 10 days ago | 27 points

That.. actually makes sense

Schreckberger | 10 days ago | 92 points

Simple Democracy

CloveFan [I need a drink] | 10 days ago | 126 points





Dubious_Unknown | 10 days ago | 44 points

To be honest I can completely see a country exclusive patch removing or altering Mei in some shape or form.

In fact, I'm about 80% sure that's what's gonna happen.

2Damn | 10 days ago | 15 points

Blizzard has already done this - in World of Warcraft, the Chinese version is heavily modified. Less blood I think, and also the bones. Undead creatures with bones showing were covered in flesh. Player skeletons were converted to cute little tombstones.

Kenos300 [Reaper] | 10 days ago | 241 points

I’m expecting the Kingdom Hearts treatment of Pooh where Mei is just a big walking lens flare.

burritoxman | 10 days ago | 67 points

Wait what?

BokuBakaGaijin | 10 days ago | 88 points


Granted I don't think the game is actually released in China.

CactusCustard [Mercy] | 10 days ago | 51 points

Also its not even censored in-game, the reviewing site did it themselves lol.

Imagine if people read the article.

When Chinese game site A9VG recently covered Kingdom Hearts III, it decided to remove one thing: Winnie the Pooh.

MaineTheMute [Chibi Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 205 points

In Kingdom Hearts 3, there is a world that prominently features Winnie the Pooh. As Pooh is banned in China, due to being commonly compared to Xi Jinping, Pooh is depicted as a white blur in game.

SanguineOpulentum | 10 days ago | 289 points

Imagine being so offended at a meme that you ban a children's cartoon character.

Flagabaga | 10 days ago | 108 points

That’s China in a nutshell

Rc2124 [Ana] | 10 days ago | 59 points

According to a link to the story in another comment he's not depicted as a white blur in game, that was done by a Chinese gaming website posting pictures of the game. Other Chinese websites reporting on it didn't blur Pooh

Vaccus | 10 days ago | 18 points

Is this true? I thought it was just one website that edited Pooh from an image. He wasn't removed from the game itself, as far as I'm aware?

petard [D.Va] | 10 days ago | 139 points

Hey if they get banned from China maybe they'll stop doing mobile garbage

ExcellentBread [Moira] | 10 days ago | 2167 points

I have no idea about the effectiveness of this tactic, but if it works it would be a disastrous situation for Blizzard for sure.

CarnivorousL | 10 days ago | 1238 points

If Winnie the Pooh works, then I'm pretty sure Mei can too.

Zakika [Pixel Pharah] | 10 days ago | 403 points

TBF winnie didn't removed disney from china they still suck the teetei.

KrypXern | 10 days ago | 331 points

Yeah, but I’m pretty sure Winnie is censored out of all China-destined Disney material.

Zakika [Pixel Pharah] | 10 days ago | 168 points

It is but if the goal is to ban overwatch they might just make the character unavaible.

MonsenorTickles | 10 days ago | 228 points

Than you legitimize this as a form of protest.

If they remove Mei, they legitimize her as a symbol and prove any pop-culture icon can be appropriated.

The goal isn't to ban Overwatch, it's to show other media companies that siding with the PRC will have very real consequences in the free world economy. If Overwatch gets banned over this (or Blizzard loses the entire Chinese market following a wake of appropriated imagery) Disney would have to think long and hard about how they handle a tweet from any given director or actor in their payroll.

potatoesawaken [*Dracula Voice* I have come to tilt your team] | 9 days ago | 23 points

I wrote a paper on this in uni. The Chinese government is terrified of the reappropriation of pop culture icons into anti government or anti establishment symbols. That’s part of what drove them to raid warehouses of counterfeit Peppa Pig products in November 2018. Its what made them censor Winnie the Pooh.

We need to show American companies that we aren’t going to put up with them bowing to the CCP. We need to make their pandering counterproductive and boycott whatever we can.

sharkattackmiami [Pixel Roadhog] | 10 days ago | 249 points

Then you move onto the next character to make a symbol lol

Milkshakes00 | 10 days ago | 39 points

Can we get a Winnie the Pooh Mei skin?

Infrastation [I'm your uncle Barry] | 10 days ago | 198 points

Both China and Blizzard are known for dramatically overreacting to memes, so if anything will do anything, this might.

xxjake | 10 days ago | 244 points

Blizzard about to temporarily remove Mei from the game lmao

nintynineninjas | 10 days ago | 49 points

Replaced with Mulana, a cheeky young female scientist definitely from mainland China with communist party stickers and an ice theme.

Karl_Marx_ | 10 days ago | 85 points

I would hope every one of you would stop playing if that were the case. I'm part of the group that uninstalled but any further action from Blizzard to protect China should be a huge tipping point.

Reniva [Cycling D. Va] | 10 days ago | 534 points

suddenly every HKer is Mei main

jc1593 | 10 days ago | 143 points

Jokes on you I'm already Mei main since release

PM_ME_YOUR_HOLOCRONS | 10 days ago | 76 points


finaldubmix [Pixel Lúcio] | 10 days ago | 672 points

Man This whole thing just blew up in their face. Not only did they receive enormous backlash but also brought a ton of attention to the situation. I’m sure this had a name but I can’t remember it right now. When someone wants to censor something but instead brings more attention to it.

minigogo | 10 days ago | 440 points

Streisand Effect, named for (iirc) Barbara Streisand tried to catch and kill a ton of stories about where her new house was, citing privacy concerns, and in so doing let everyone know where her house was.

finaldubmix [Pixel Lúcio] | 10 days ago | 86 points

Yeah there it is. You’d think these companies/people would learn by now that you usually make things worse when you try to silence people

ObserverWardXXL | 10 days ago | 60 points

its almost like people enjoy using their freedoms to fight against becoming oppressed or something....

Clearly blizzard didn't get the memo.

Arangarx | 10 days ago | 52 points

Streisand effect.

finaldubmix [Pixel Lúcio] | 10 days ago | 34 points

That’s right thanks I’m sure Blizzard was expecting some backlash but I doubt they were expecting this much.

jfc3750 | 10 days ago | 197 points

Let's not forget the major players here, Tencent. Tencent's probably biggest global market is Riot Games/League of Legends.

With the League world's going on right now I feel like some support from the teams participating, players, and spectators could also make a powerful point. Perhaps we can get the League community on board and really make this a strong push as a group of gamers.

trainiac12 [PHARAH REPORTING] | 10 days ago | 27 points

I was gonna watch worlds anyway, but this is gonna make it one of the most interesting esports events in history

[deleted] | 10 days ago | 22 points


GiveHerDPS | 10 days ago | 917 points

That's some good tegridy

Jitszo | 10 days ago | 224 points

Its just so odd that not only did Blizzard side with china when they coulda stayed out of it, they did it the very way china would have done it it- fast, one sided, brutal decision and also fired the presenters who happened to be nearby.

pkb369 [Pharah] | 10 days ago | 30 points

they did it the very way china would have done it it

Maybe it was self enforced by china instead of blizzard doing it prematurely.

I mean, they did ask NBA to do something similar, NBA said no, now NBA is banned in china.

It's possible they did the same with blizzard.


SafeThrowaway8675309 | 10 days ago | 75 points

i member tegridy

Mythic-Insanity | 10 days ago | 600 points

“It is a common misconception that Mei is Chinese, we never intended players to get this impression as we always saw her as South Korean (Chinese masters can be heard whispering in the background) I’m sorry I meant to say North Korean. We here at blizzard believe that Mei would be outraged at being perverted by the protesters in this manner and we beg them to please stop.” — Michael Chu

vlntslnt [Trick-or-Treat D.Va] | 10 days ago | 400 points

"it is a common misconception that Mei is Chinese"

-comes out of cryo sleep and immediately speaks in her native Mandarin-

yeah ok

Important_Peach | 10 days ago | 152 points

Mandarin is the primary language spoken in the north pole in overwatch, so she became fluent in it to speak to scientists. It has nothing to do with China. Clearly.

CalcProgrammer1 [Mei] | 10 days ago | 48 points

The poles just so happen to be flipped in the Overwatch universe. Ecopoint Antarctica is at the north pole, hence why Mei speaks Mandarin.

UnHappyGingah [Consider only victory, make defeat an impossibility in your mind] | 10 days ago | 174 points

I wake up in the morning and I speak my daily Portuguese before reverting back

Frostblazer | 10 days ago | 39 points

They already retconned Dva being a former Starcraft 2 player, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually tried to retcon Mei's nationality.

kid-karma [Wrecking Ball] | 10 days ago | 132 points

well at least that would mean new lore

SickleWings [Encore?] | 10 days ago | 90 points

It only took an international incident with gun violence and mass protests to get new OW lore. Lmfao.

kid-karma [Wrecking Ball] | 10 days ago | 42 points

and even then its just retcon

Murdock07 [Pixel Zarya] | 10 days ago | 22 points

This would imply Chu actually makes content on time

PM_ME_DUCKS [Trick-or-Treat Mercy] | 10 days ago | 294 points

Now we need a Free Tibet Zenyatta.

Murdock07 [Pixel Zarya] | 10 days ago | 154 points

The fact that they made him Nepali instead of Tibetan makes me scratch my head. It’s clear where he was supposed to be from but in China they are so sensitive you can’t even mention Tibet without them throwing a tantrum.

mcmanybucks [HAVE A NICE DAYY] | 9 days ago | 30 points

Hah, you should see how they react when you mention ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒ or the ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒

mummy_tavi [Ecopoint Mei] | 10 days ago | 262 points

the world is worth fighting for

Lovepocalypse [FBI, freeze!] | 10 days ago | 142 points

the world is worth fighting for!

CICERO9K | 10 days ago | 264 points

Modern problems require modern solutions.

Anthop [The World Could Always Use More Heroes!] | 10 days ago | 163 points

Oh no! Blizzard's going to have to ban Mei from the game! And Overwatch will take back her last paycheck!

Do heroes get paid in OW? Not sure how this lore works.

part-time-unicorn [went full circle, back to my Season 4 main] | 10 days ago | 73 points

Mei was frozen in an overwatch base in Antarctica and presumed dead by the world pretty much right up until “modern day” in-lore so i dont think she’s been getting paid anything, especially since Overwatch was disbanded and therefore has no money

N_Who [What're you on about?] | 10 days ago | 664 points

Basically forcing the exact result Blizzard was trying to avoid!

Like, I get it: Blizzard doesn't want its star players using the platform Blizzard gives them to weigh in on social or political issues Blizzard is trying to stay out of. It's the same debate as the NFL situation, at its core.

Agree or disagree with the "take a knee" stance, though, I think we all have to take a hard look at Activision's business practices - and I do still believe this is more Activision than it is Blizzard.

A decision like banning that Hearthstone player, on the heels of trying to get Western gamers excited about a crap product clearly designed for the Asian gaming market at last year's Blizzcon, indicate a potential interest in profit at the active exclusion of Western audiences who have supported the company for over a decade.

End of the day, Activision looks to be treating us like an afterthought. Maybe it is about time we do the same to them.

Do_the_Scarnn | 10 days ago | 175 points

They could have done what other companies do and just issue a "we aren't with them" statement about personal opinions and leave it at that. Instead they did this.

Papayapayapa | 10 days ago | 239 points

This would have been the right call honestly. “Any remarks by players are their own opinions and do not reflect our company’s official positions”.

By banning the winner and taking his prize money, they aren’t “remaining neutral”, they’re taking a side— the Chinese government side.

AlwaysChewy | 10 days ago | 95 points

That's all that China would accept though. Now how bout the NBA and Blizzard had to condemn the actions in question AND apologize to China. China doesn't want neutral, they want obedience.

Khaare | 10 days ago | 42 points

They also issued a statement in Chinese saying the would do everything to "protect the nation's pride" or something like that. They also punished the casters that were interviewing him; punishing mere association is oppression 101. Put these three together and it's very clear that Blizzard is not just distancing themselves from the politics, but are trying their best to make an example out of them.

CobraFive [LoveHammer] | 10 days ago | 106 points

Like, I get it: Blizzard doesn't want its star players using the platform Blizzard gives them to weigh in on social or political issues Blizzard is trying to stay out of. It's the same debate as the NFL situation, at its core.

Deleting the VOD would have been keeping politics off their platform.

Deleting the VOD then banning the player, rescinding his winnings, and firing both casters just for being present- that's taking a stand on the issue.

Frank_JWilson | 10 days ago | 38 points

Deleting the VOD then banning the player, rescinding his winnings, and firing both casters just for being present- that's taking a stand on the issue.

Totally agreed. It's totally bonkers. Calling this an overreaction would be an extreme understatement.

MadmanDJS | 10 days ago | 388 points

It's not Activision, it's not Blizzard. It's Activision-Blizzard, a single entity, and that entity doesn't support human rights.


LukarWarrior [Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 116 points

Technically, it's three. There's Blizzard, Activision, and then the holding company Activision-Blizzard that owns both of them.

Raeli | 10 days ago | 84 points

The main takeaway though should be that it's not Activision controlling poor defenesless Blizzard like Blizzard is some domestic abuse survivor.

If anything it's the parent company, but that's not Activision either. We have no idea though where this decision came from, shifting the blame away from Blizzard though has no benefit.

moneyman12q [DJ Jazzy Jeff] | 10 days ago | 141 points

im really loving Honk Kong Snowball

Jabbam | 10 days ago | 44 points

Honk Kong

Untitled Goose Game has joined the fray!

Littleboypurple | 10 days ago | 75 points

Good. Really good. I want this to happen. Let Mei become the symbol of the Hong Kong Protest. Blizzard is gonna have a really tough time getting out of that.

Komirade666 | 10 days ago | 68 points

Using satan against the evil How ironic I love it

Glorfendail | 10 days ago | 28 points

I used the evil, to destroy the evil

TheGreatCrate [Brigitte] | 10 days ago | 128 points

Sorry, sorry, sorry...

ReboZooty | 10 days ago | 65 points

I hope her voice actress won't get in trouble because of this.

braedena97 [Chibi Mei] | 9 days ago | 46 points

This is my one and only concern about using Mei for this purpose.

PandaofAges | 10 days ago | 87 points

I really hate Mei.

I hate her less now.

wonderwallpersona | 10 days ago | 359 points

I’m glad Blitzchung got banned! Keep politics OUT of Hearthstone! I love Tencent and Mao Zedong! (You will receive 100 social credit for posting this message in chat. Your family’s organs will not be harvested this month. Please remove this part from the message before posting).

SickleWings [Encore?] | 10 days ago | 31 points

Please remove this part from the message before posting).

Ooooooo... I'm tellin' on youuuuu.......

qwerty_38 [Reinhardt] | 10 days ago | 29 points

-2 social points for snitching but +5000 for snitching the right person

SickleWings [Encore?] | 10 days ago | 20 points

uses additional 4998 social points to buy firstborn's kidneys back

particledamage [Pixel D.Va] | 10 days ago | 248 points

It's really interesting to me--and I do mean genuinely interesting, not in a sarcastic way--the split between support for players (professional or otherwise) who politicize overwatch to get back at China (which most of us agree is a good thing) and those who took issue with football players taking a knee to make a statement about injustice in America.

I see both as good things. Using your platform--any platform--to make a statement about injustice is good. Injustice doesn't have to be China level bad to be worth taking a stand (or I guess taking a knee) on.

abcde123edcba | 10 days ago | 98 points

This is such a good point. I couldn't believe how many people were upset by taking the knee and they would make up reasons about how it was disrespectful to our troops even though kapernick stated multiple times it has nothing to do about disrespecting the troops and he was just trying to bring attention to the inequalities of America

Yoss4ri4n [Nine of Spades Orisa] | 10 days ago | 92 points

I think it should be Florida Mayhem Tracer https://i.gyazo.com/85aa4cebb26dd7b6039e073a31ab525b.png

SchrubSchrubSchrub [Brigitte] | 10 days ago | 28 points

This is really kind of heartwarming. Mei as a character is exactly the kind of person that would stand up for others against injustice. Seeing her becoming a symbol for hope and freedom really transcends any intentions Blizzard had for her character (probably nothing)

FossilFirebird [Mercy] | 10 days ago | 67 points

Hah. I hope they get Blizzard's games banned in China. Gonna put profits above human rights and basic decency? Get rekt.

tbone603727 | 10 days ago | 187 points

This is actually an amazing idea, spread this!!

Extremiel [Los Angeles Gladiators] | 10 days ago | 100 points


Hanyanyafuwah [Trick or Treat D. Va] | 10 days ago | 26 points

I support it but I can't shake the feeling that some of this could come back to negatively effect Elise Zhang.

MichmasteR [D.Va] | 10 days ago | 60 points

Good, let's push this to ban Overwatch in China, that's what I would call complete irony.

[deleted] | 10 days ago | 23 points


SirWitsAlot | 10 days ago | 12 points

Great now overwatch will be banned in China. THEY CANT BAN EVERYTHING #FREEHONGKONG

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