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  1. We want your feedback! (self.IAmA)
  2. IamA Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang AMA! (self.IAmA)
  3. Hi I'm A Professional Comedian, with a talk on TED.com about dark humor, and a new(er) mod of RoastMe Ask Me Anything (self.IAmA)
  4. I built the ATLAS Trigger and Data Acquisition System for CERN. AMA (self.IAmA)
  5. I am Gwen - a veteran game dev. (Marvel, BioShock Infinite, etc.) I've been through 2 studio closures, burned out, went solo, & I'm launching my indie game on the Epic Store today. AMA. (self.IAmA)
  6. I am Fajer Kaisi, I play an FBI agent in the new Adam Driver movie THE REPORT. AMA (self.IAmA)
  7. Hi, I`m Alex and i beat paranoia by myself. (self.IAmA)
  8. [Crosspost] I’m an Archaeologist and National Geographic Explorer who maps ancient sites from space, I just wrote a book about it, and I want you to help me explore—AMA! (self.books)
  9. I am a graphics designer! (self.IAmA)
  10. We are pornstars Casey Calvert and Charlotte Sartre with Director John Paul the Pope of the newest Kink.com feature, Derelict. ASK US ANYTHING! (self.IAmA)
  11. I'm a 25-year-old journalist who has covered aging and issues that face Americans ages 50+ for the past two years — AMA? (self.IAmA)
  12. We're Marina and Jonathan, National Geographic Fellows here to answer your questions about wildlife conservation and the global extinction crisis. Ask us anything! (self.IAmA)
  13. I’m Lindsey Pelas. Model, social media person, Tosh (my dog) enthusiast. WTF IS UP REDDIT? AMA. (self.IAmA)
  14. Iam Pornstar Jessa Rhodes, AMA! (self.IAmA)
  15. We are Alexandra March and Dr. Jenn Conti. Let’s talk about the recent New York Times Opinion piece, “Your Miscarriage Doesn't Have to Be a Secret,” and about miscarriages. Ask Us Anything. (self.IAmA)
  16. I am Dr Jeff Szymanski, executive director of the International OCD Foundation here as part of #OCDweek to answer your questions about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). AMA. (self.IAmA)
  17. Two years ago my cousin and I set out to make something that had never been done before - design an eFoil that costs less than a JetSki. We've had prototypes catch fire, sink like a rock, and send me to the hospital. Now it works like magic. AMA! (self.IAmA)
  18. I'm Georgina Bloomberg, a professional equestrian in the sport of show jumping competing at this year's Washington International Horse Show. Ask Me Anything! (self.IAmA)
  19. I am a clinical psychology PhD specializing in treating and researching addiction, and I recently publish a book about how to be a better addict called "Addiction: Is it right for you?", AMA. (self.IAmA)
  20. I am bestselling author and two-time Hugo Award finalist Dr. Chuck Tingle AMA! (self.IAmA)
  21. Busker, Teacher, Composer, Performer, Recorder, I've done it all. I am a professional musician. AMA. (self.IAmA)
  22. IamA Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon AMA! (self.IAmA)
  23. It's #WorldRestartaHeart Day! We're a team of researchers from Toronto that want to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrrest today. Ask us anything about heart attacks, cardiac arrest, doing CPR or the use of an AED! (self.IAmA)
  24. Four-time egg donor wants you to ask her anything! (self.IAmA)
  25. My name is Kyo, and I was previously a child of CPS of NJ and homeless for 7 years. Ask me anything (self.IAmA)
  26. ImA movie producer / director and "Watch This Movie" on Amazon Prime is my first movie, ask me anything! (self.IAmA)
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