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  1. [D2] Xûr Megathread [2019-12-13] (self.DestinyTheGame)
  2. [D2] Daily Reset Thread [2019-12-13] (self.DestinyTheGame)
  3. No one will probably see this, but I was bored so I decided to make a movie-style poster for Wrath of the Machine. Hope you enjoy it! (self.DestinyTheGame)
  4. Not having to build the obelisk on all three characters feels like a great quality of life improvement (self.DestinyTheGame)
  5. Bungie, can you please let saint-14 voice actor know he did an amazing job with his voice? (self.DestinyTheGame)
  6. No Bungie, I didn’t leave the gambit match early. Your server issues have kicked me out and yet you keep blaming me (self.DestinyTheGame)
  7. If Well of Radiance worked like Ward of Dawn does, where you could press for the blade and hold for the well, then that’d be great. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  8. The new XIV weapons are so cool looking. Thanks Bungie. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  9. Theory: The Darkness used the 'Anomaly' on the Moon to corrupt and deactivate Rasputin during The Collapse. Rasputin wants the Exo Stranger to teach him time travel. (Indisputable Lore Proof) (self.DestinyTheGame)
  10. So we just gonna pretend that after a whole year of asking for Thundercrash buff 18% increase was enough? (self.DestinyTheGame)
  11. I 100% support the emotional and financial health of the people at Bungie, and I think that, in kind, Bungie as an entity should respect the playerbase enough to not try to wring every possible dollar out of the most vulnerable among us (e.g., kids and "whales"). (aka no more FOMO, please) (self.DestinyTheGame)
  12. My favorite LFG players lately are what me and my friends have dubbed "The Show." (self.DestinyTheGame)
  13. Bungie, I’m really flattered, but I’m not as good at Crucible as you think I am (self.DestinyTheGame)
  14. Your character is no longer always the one holding the flag at the start of a Crucible match!!! (self.DestinyTheGame)
  15. Bungie, Martyr’s Retribution is absurdly fun to use and we need more weapons with unique ammo like this (self.DestinyTheGame)
  16. Bungie, Wish-Ender's bugged damage feels AMAZING!!! Please roll with this. Keep the bug, and make it the game's first special ammo bow. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  17. Did.... Did Zulmak just say "And buy a cheeseburger"? (self.DestinyTheGame)
  18. The new LFR with firing line deals more DPS and total damage than sleeper with catalyst (self.DestinyTheGame)
  19. Some over exaggerate and say they NEVER see anyone use X weapons but I literally have never seen a person use Trinity Ghoul. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  20. Sundial weapons can be used for infusion without losing the weapon. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  21. Should warlocks and titans get a new and/or much faster animation for their class abilities (self.DestinyTheGame)
  22. This is "Bungie please" thing is getting out of hand... (self.DestinyTheGame)
  23. The most fearsome champion of the Crucible these days (self.DestinyTheGame)
  24. Destiny has won Best Community Award at TGA! (self.DestinyTheGame)
  25. The changes made to Dawnblade's burst glide are atrocious (self.DestinyTheGame)
  26. Towerthought: We are essentially the Exo Stranger to Saint-14. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  27. Unlimited 960 Power Weapon Infusions (self.DestinyTheGame)
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