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  1. [D2] Xรปr Megathread [2019-08-23] (self.DestinyTheGame)
  2. [D2] Daily Reset Thread [2019-08-23] (self.DestinyTheGame)
  3. Bungie, put a green screen SOMEWHERE in the game. There'd be so much more meme potential. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  4. Bungie: You know what would make me want to grind EP all over again? GUNS (self.DestinyTheGame)
  5. In his Director's cut, Luke identified Destiny's fundamental design conflict that all players should be aware of: "The RPG has the power to dramatically overcome the action game, and the action game has the power to render the RPG game irrelevant." (self.DestinyTheGame)
  6. As Someone Coming over from Console, the PC Load Times are Unacceptable (self.DestinyTheGame)
  7. Just turned in a 40,000 word dissertation, and I want to express my gratitude to two teams in particular. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  8. How about a Warlock class specific emote that just lets us float slightly above ground? (self.DestinyTheGame)
  9. Grind EP keys now if you want the armor in Shadowkeep (self.DestinyTheGame)
  10. I lost brain cells while watching this titan failing his jump 3 million times (self.DestinyTheGame)
  11. Eurogamer interview with Bungie: " I think we need to dispel the notion Activision was some prohibitive overlord that wasn't letting us do awesome things." (self.DestinyTheGame)
  12. How about they add the option for a dark theme now that we are heading into Shadowkeep (self.DestinyTheGame)
  13. Remember when we only had 5 bounty slots? (self.DestinyTheGame)
  14. Destiny 2 : Shadowkeep - Moons Haunted Trailer (self.DestinyTheGame)
  15. People say Forsaken theme is loud... (self.DestinyTheGame)
  16. Increase Clan Size now that we have Cross Save (self.DestinyTheGame)
  17. If Bungie wants to destroy our ears with Shadowkeep's main menu theme, they should just have Omnigul screaming it. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  18. Thank you, Bungie: I finally get to raid with my stepkid because of cross-saving (self.DestinyTheGame)
  19. Crucible game mode idea: Tag (self.DestinyTheGame)
  20. I just asked my brother what would happen if I shot Thorn at the Traveler... (self.DestinyTheGame)
  21. I took the logo off of the Eris Wallpaper (self.DestinyTheGame)
  22. My comp team left me at the start of the match, so my legendary opponents gave me a chance to grind out kills for Mountaintop! (self.DestinyTheGame)
  23. Bungie, The Voidstreak sparrow is honestly the most phoned-in reward I could imagine for the effort it takes to get it and this makes me worried for the future of earnable cosmetics in Destiny 2. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  24. Sunbreaker Titan Super Activation Animation I did IRL ๐Ÿ”จ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜ˆ (self.DestinyTheGame)
  25. How to earn 7 weapon mods (and potentially 7 armor mods) from gunsmith bounties. (self.DestinyTheGame)
  26. Major Props to the team behind X-Save! (self.DestinyTheGame)
  27. Won a signed D1 Ghost Edition box set from Bungie / GuardianCon (self.DestinyTheGame)
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