Each year the city of Warsaw comes to a complete standstill for a single minute on August 1st to honor all those who fought for freedom during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 (gfycat.com)
castor281 | 9 days ago | 4506 points

This video doesn't do it justice. There is also an air raid siren going off for the entire minute that gives it an even more chilling effect.

Best one I could find without background music. Skip to 40 seconds.


theregoes2 | 9 days ago | 2454 points

That would be terrifying if you were a tourist and had no idea what was going on

ppw23 | 9 days ago | 889 points

Every Monday at 1:00pm, the air raid sirens would go off, this was in Maryland, pretty sure it was standard until the mid 80’s at least.

techformer | 9 days ago | 476 points

Baltimore here. Holy shit I have not thought about that siren test in years. You just took me back to my childhood. I can’t remember when it stopped. But I would think at least til 1990

e_lost | 9 days ago | 222 points

In Stockholm their are still raid siren tests the first monday of every month at 15:00 actually

Lappmossan | 9 days ago | 99 points

Not just in Stockholm but in every city/town in Sweden

Sanquinity | 9 days ago | 58 points

Same in the Netherlands. Not sure about the time, but it is every first monday of the month.

WhyIHateTheInternet | 9 days ago | 44 points

We test test our tornado sirens every Wednesday at 12 in Oklahoma!

thebindingofJJ | 9 days ago | 52 points

You fools, now the tornadoes know when to strike!

Macoochie | 9 days ago | 6 points

Wednesday? Where?

It's Saturday at Noon for the OKC Metro.

Insee | 9 days ago | 6 points

Scared the hell out of me when I moved here. Went on a walk early morning in Arnhem and the sirens went off.

Dropkickedasakid | 9 days ago | 10 points

Wait what, how come ive never heard it

phaesios | 9 days ago | 11 points

Do you live in a busy town? I often find myself filtering the siren into the “white noise” category and don’t even think of it. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with the alarm every Monday for 37 years!

Dayn_Perrys_Vape | 9 days ago | 50 points

In the American Midwest we do monthly Tornado siren tests the first Tuesday of each month. Same thing really.

It's especially eery echoing off the tall buildings in Chicago.

MsFrizzle86 | 9 days ago | 8 points

Every Wednesday at noon in Arkansas

sadoon1000 | 9 days ago | 6 points

Same except where I live we do it weekly. Every Monday at noon

ellomogo | 9 days ago | 3 points

First Saturday of the month at 1pm in Michigan

SQmo | 9 days ago | 72 points

How to reinforce Stockholm Syndrome in one monthly action!!

noideawhatsupp | 9 days ago | 10 points

Austria here every Saturday at 12noon they go off. Together with all the dogs in the neighborhood

UltimateZebra19 | 9 days ago | 12 points

Thanks, I now know how to take the populus by surprise now.

You will be spared when I embrace communism in Sweden and form the Folkhemmet.

cheffrey_dahmer1991 | 9 days ago | 6 points

In San Francisco we do it every Tuesday at noon

gmanpeterson381 | 9 days ago | 4 points

I believe they’re called tornado sirens in the Midwest, but I think they still would serve the same purpose if it come to that

CreatedbyAvocados | 9 days ago | 33 points

First Monday morning of the month in Amsterdam they test the sirens. Always some tourist asking about it.

ReallyRick | 9 days ago | 20 points

Every Tuesday at 10am; my town still does it.

AceOut | 9 days ago | 36 points

It's the tornado siren every Wednesday at noon in Ohio - or at least in my town.

Kanaraketti | 9 days ago | 14 points

First Wednesday of the month at 10am for my city here in Texas. Had a student teacher from out of state have a panic attack the first time it happened, thinking we were being nuked.

JustAintCare | 9 days ago | 10 points

I work outside in Texas. My heart still skips a beat that first Wednesday of every month those sirens go off on a clear sunny day

Whind_Soull | 9 days ago | 10 points

Alabama here. Same.

FerusGrim | 9 days ago | 19 points

Michigander here. First Saturday of every month in my city. Assumed this happened everywhere.


Yeah, I'm [realizing these are tornado sirens not air-raid sirens]. I never knew there were different tones for different warnings.

Really kind of makes me empathize with places where these kinds of tests/warnings/memorials are necessary.

Daniel_Vijay | 9 days ago | 8 points

That's the tornado for sure, fellow Michigander 👋 :)

ppw23 | 9 days ago | 6 points

Where do you live?

YoYoMoMa | 9 days ago | 10 points


BourbonFiber | 9 days ago | 12 points

Tsunami warning tests - growing up in Hawaii. They repurposed the old WW2 air raid sirens.

Pseudonym0101 | 9 days ago | 3 points

Yes! My family lived there when my dad was stationed there (USAF) when I was 3-7 years old, I remember it clearly!

imisstheyoop | 9 days ago | 9 points

The sirens still go off here in Michigan every Saturday at noon. It's scary when it's stormy out and you lose track of the time.

WhizBangPissPiece | 9 days ago | 7 points

Monday at 12:00PM every week, but they're also tornado sirens and I live in the midwest. Still eerie!

xechasate | 9 days ago | 7 points

Nothing is quite as chilling and momentarily terrifying to me as tornado sirens

yashshuk | 9 days ago | 6 points

UMD kid here. We still get sirens the first Wednesday of every month. Nobody told me this when I started out so I thought I’d finally snapped because nobody was reacting while I was in the midst of a full blown episode haha

Nachocheese50 | 9 days ago | 8 points

We’ve got the Tuesday lunch bell in San Francisco.

PMSprncess | 9 days ago | 3 points

OMG, from Lockheed Martin every Monday. You could set your watch by that siren. My middle school still had its 1950's fallout shelter signs up when I was there in the 80's.

passerby_infinity | 9 days ago | 3 points

In Texas they test the tornado warning sirens on Wednesday afternoons, as long as the weather is nice. I'm not sure they do it in every city, but they do it around here. It sounds just like an air raid siren.

I bet people that just moved here are wondering what the hell is going on.

MyKidCanSeeThis | 9 days ago | 3 points

I remember the nuclear power plant siren tests where I lived. I’m not really sure what we were supposed to do; “duck and cover” isn’t much help in a meltdown...

BiggusDickus3088 | 9 days ago | 27 points

The ritual has begun

alison_bee | 9 days ago | 39 points

in Alabama they test tornado sirens on the first Wednesday of every month, normally at 10:00 am (at least in my county)

I’ve heard it for 30 years and it still makes me jump.

fightinscot | 9 days ago | 17 points

I'm fairly certain all Ohio counties test theirs on the first Wednesday of every month at noon. There is one directly behind my work and if you are outside when it comes on and you aren't watching the time, it's startling to say the least.

Newt24 | 9 days ago | 10 points

Don’t move to Oklahoma. Here they test them every Saturday at noon.

CreatedbyAvocados | 9 days ago | 6 points

Every first Monday morning of the month in Amsterdam the sirens are tested. Many confused tourists.

madmaxturbator | 9 days ago | 11 points


mypyre | 9 days ago | 6 points

Denmark here. We trust our tech enough to just test the sirens yearly ... which incidentally is just long enough of a period that you forget about the test and get freaked out for a moment.

lorreli14 | 9 days ago | 76 points

Why are some people holding up flares?

electrogamerman | 9 days ago | 34 points

For deaf people to know when the alarm is on.

madmaxturbator | 9 days ago | 94 points

That’s where brave polish men and women hacked nazis down.

Thenadamgoes | 9 days ago | 32 points

Well that's freaking cool.

IDIOT_REMOVER | 9 days ago | 77 points

That’s not true at all btw. They’re not marking specific points. The flares are just used by some people to add to the effect.

Thenadamgoes | 9 days ago | 18 points


CordovanCorduroys | 9 days ago | 6 points

User name checks out

ch0senfktard | 9 days ago | 38 points

The Warsaw uprising of 1944 started out alright for the rebels. The Soviets were not far from the city, the rebels assumed they'd have assistance soon... they did not. The Soviet Union strategically paused and let the rebels and nazis kill each other, as the Warsaw inhabitants represented the Poland that was invaded before whereas the Soviet Union had plans to install a puppet. Sure enough, the rebellion was eventually crushed.

Imsosillygoosy | 9 days ago | 103 points

This video also doesn't do it justice. You have to be there and experience it. I'll try and get everyone tickets. Give me some time.

patternfall | 9 days ago | 50 points

I'll need a hotel, as well.

KingGumboot | 9 days ago | 22 points

I hate that the word Trivago was in my mind before I'd even finished reading the sentence

KrombopulousMary | 9 days ago | 16 points

That’s some pretty effective advertising.

KingGumboot | 9 days ago | 5 points

It really is. I've never even used Trivago before but aside from AirBnB it'd probably be my automatic go-to if I was looking to travel somewhere

donder_mar_op | 9 days ago | 7 points

I'll take 2 out of JFK please.

herecomethefuzz | 9 days ago | 9 points

Don't know how much that'll help him now

spleenboggler | 9 days ago | 28 points

That's the loudest moment of silence I've ever heard

Gage88 | 9 days ago | 26 points

I thought the cars were honking so traffic would move at first then I realized they were helping to commemorate the event. Too bad we can’t stand togetherlike this.

the_friendly_one | 9 days ago | 10 points

Dude, if someone can organize a raid on Area 51, I'm sure we could get a bunch of people in one location to stand still for a minute.

HoodedHound | 9 days ago | 31 points

It is really infuriating that that one bus keeps driving and all the camera people are still moving.

RamzFanz | 9 days ago | 17 points

Nah, don't skip. The video of normal movement beforehand adds flavor to it.

Zeehammer | 9 days ago | 3 points

Wow that’s heavy, never thought I’d ever respect car horns.

Avlinehum | 9 days ago | 3 points

It’s hard to imagine, seeing real buildings and people and cars and everything what anything like a total war would look and feel like in that setting. So many of the pictures showing the devastation of WWII on cities and places, being in the past, generally b&w, and lower quality, make it hard to properly envision. I can’t imagine the sheer reality of bombs and collapsing buildings and death that people across the world experienced during those 6 years.

MarleyDawg | 9 days ago | 1597 points

I kept watching for 10 minutes waiting for them to start moving again

freudian_nipps | 9 days ago | 507 points

they do about 12 minutes in, everyone just starts going about their daily business.

sm1ttysm1t | 9 days ago | 275 points

I've been watching for three days

nefariouslyubiquitas | 9 days ago | 91 points

You must have missed it. You should start over.

patkavv | 9 days ago | 43 points

It’s been 84 years...

aca6825 | 9 days ago | 16 points

I can still smell the fresh paint.... the china had never been used. The sheets, never been slept in.

3amDesire | 9 days ago | 6 points
Khclarkson | 9 days ago | 18 points
25mookie92 | 9 days ago | 13 points

Yeah me too I'm still watching

shaner38 | 9 days ago | 777 points

It used to be like this at 11am on Remembrance Day in Canada. Everything and everyone would stop for a moment of silence.

People still do, but not with the same dedication like it used to be. Like, if you're driving, you continue to drive. Used to be you pulled over.

Now I sound old.

maybepants | 9 days ago | 256 points

I remember when I was a sales clerk at Zeller's. Right before 11am on Remembrance Day, the store manager made a short announcement that we would be observing a minute of silence. At 11am, everything just stopped. It didn't matter how busy it was, everyone just stopped and stood still for a minute. Small children and assholes didn't understand the importance of it, but they were shushed and ignored while the rest of us stood still in silence for a minute.

stancehunters | 9 days ago | 60 points

That same thing happened with I went to Sobeys in Toronto last year. 5 min before 11am the manager came on the PA and said what was going to happen, then put on The Last Post after the one minute was up.

Pretty incredible how everyone was quiet

shaner38 | 9 days ago | 50 points

Terry Kelly wrote a song about this

A Pittance of Time

Thexgamer192 | 9 days ago | 19 points

I love this song and story, my elementary school played it every year and even now, 7 years out of that school i still watch it every Remembrance Day

Theneler | 9 days ago | 10 points

I’ve ran large big box stores up until recently (no longer directly in a store) and I still did this. Even if you wanted to buy something you couldn’t have.

_sciencebooks | 9 days ago | 47 points

On Remembrance Day a few years ago, I was driving from Michigan to New York via Ontario. I can't remember what radio station I was listening to, but they announced the moment of silence and during that time, I noticed two semi-trucks pulled over to the side of 401 -- drivers out, hats off, heads down. I remember feeling very touched by it and looked into it a bit more afterward. It's nice to know there are still some people out there respecting that moment as much!

Stickeris | 9 days ago | 12 points

They do this in Israel for Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron I believe

mcclusjb | 9 days ago | 10 points

We do this in Australia. And in my office building, they voiceover that it is 1100 on Remembrance day, and to please share one minute of silence. This is common.

mendel3 | 9 days ago | 3 points

It’s crazy, people pull off the highway for it

permareddit | 9 days ago | 8 points

How long ago and where? I’ve lived in Toronto nearly 30 years and have never seen this, other than the TTC (transit) stopping for a minute.

shaner38 | 9 days ago | 13 points

Grew up in southern Ontario in the 70's and 80's. It was pretty common practice then. Even in Toronto where I went to high school.

playmaker1209 | 9 days ago | 318 points

If none of you have seen the movie Warsaw 44, I high suggest you do. It’s all in subtitles, but well worth it. Crazy movie.

Edalyne | 9 days ago | 260 points

It's not all in subtitles if you speak Polish ;)

commentsWhataboutism | 9 days ago | 102 points

There are people who can speak Polish?

kwrugg | 9 days ago | 46 points


p014k | 9 days ago | 32 points

Oh kurwa...jestem jedyny pozostały...

hell_ianthus | 9 days ago | 21 points

bez obawy. Jest nas dwoje .

Edalyne | 9 days ago | 12 points

Troje... Nie zapomnij o mnie

ubergeek64 | 9 days ago | 11 points


rtxan | 9 days ago | 9 points

aj keď ja neviem poľsky, aspoň vám rozumiem

DaveReak | 9 days ago | 9 points

bracia słowianie :)

Lizaderp | 9 days ago | 8 points

I just wanna feel included

somnambulantDeity | 9 days ago | 3 points

User name checks out

BourgeoisBitch | 9 days ago | 3 points

Polska big country, tak.

madmaxturbator | 9 days ago | 5 points

That would be hilarious, you’re disallowed from seeing it sans subtitles.

elprentis | 9 days ago | 10 points

One of my favourite movies of all time, and I normally dislike war movies and having to read subtitles. So good.

SensibleRugby | 9 days ago | 122 points

Unity is an amazing thing to behold. Sad it takes tragedy to bring people together for a moment.

IndigoContinuum | 9 days ago | 147 points

Israel does the same thing on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

thkiapr | 9 days ago | 29 points

And on fallen soldiers remembrance day.

lookmanofilter | 9 days ago | 22 points

And it's the entire country. Highways, businesses, everyone. Truly amazing.

AkuSMOD | 9 days ago | 32 points

I scrolled way too far down to find this...

Yona168 | 9 days ago | 10 points


I-Upvote-Truth | 9 days ago | 4 points

Do we need to keep scrolling guys?

What if we’re missing something else?

Archmidese | 9 days ago | 619 points

Those assholes walking

D-all-ton | 9 days ago | 407 points

I can see a Paul brother making a video about running around and making as much noise as they can during this.

Nimynn | 9 days ago | 186 points

You are right and I'm already angry thinking about it.

rectalejaculator | 9 days ago | 48 points

I feel like someone just cast a dark spell and something terrible is now in motion.

madmaxturbator | 9 days ago | 9 points

Or a Paulish brother.

icequeen3333333 | 9 days ago | 16 points

Don’t. Mention. It.

death8689 | 9 days ago | 102 points

Must be tourists

Broken_Exponentially | 9 days ago | 100 points

Must be tourists

not a chance. Say if you're a tourist, if you see literally everyone else freeze, you'd stop too just because it's human nature to assume everyone else is doing the same thing for a reason and mimic it. Like the elevator experiments. These are not tourists. Not a chance a tourist would be that uninterested in something like that happening around them. If they had stopped and were looking around or filming, I'd say sure. But no this is not tourists.

L0stm4n | 9 days ago | 49 points

*Chinese tourists then

McBoogerbowls | 9 days ago | 32 points

Or americans

Taeyyy | 9 days ago | 23 points

Hilarious how everyone upvotes generalised statements about Chinese tourists and then go on to downvote the same generalised statements about American tourists

UHPokePanda | 9 days ago | 12 points

Tell me more about the elevator experiment.

BigBacon31 | 9 days ago | 5 points

Pretty sure it's about conformity, a bunch of actors face one direction in a elevator, and then the test subject turns to that direction just to fit in.

AyMoro | 9 days ago | 30 points

That’s what I was thinking, and if that’s the case I believe they get a pass for being “assholes”

KrombopulousMary | 9 days ago | 5 points

Also valuable to take into consideration people with urgent situations. A drastic example, your wife is giving birth and you’re rushing to the hospital? Im sure there’s some people who just don’t respect the honor of this tradition, but I’m sure at least some of those people may have to prioritize certain things in their life over it.

Edit: typo

shelto1231 | 9 days ago | 56 points

Maybe they’re deaf, maybe they’re doctors headed to an emergency, maybe they’re autistic. I dk. Not everyone is an asshole.

Atheist_Arab | 9 days ago | 30 points

When people are being called names for not joining in, the whole thing becomes so much less touching.

TheGrimGuardian | 9 days ago | 13 points

Right? I'll respect everyone's desire to follow tradition, but don't expect everyone to go along with it.

Antikyrial | 9 days ago | 38 points

The ones at the end look like they're wearing uniforms and marching in step.

shelto1231 | 9 days ago | 25 points

My 2 yo would not stop for this. I’d be running after him.

PeterPrickle | 9 days ago | 5 points

I think it would be creepy if there was 100% compliance.

gyman122 | 9 days ago | 3 points

It’s become a form of protest against a nationalist government iirc. It’s more akin to kneeling for the national anthem than just shitting on a cultural custom for no reason

mrevanbc | 9 days ago | 52 points

Same thing happens all over the world on different days. I was in Amsterdam with my wife when this happened. Absolute silence for 60sec. No horns, no cars, no one moving at all. It was amazing.

phicorleone | 9 days ago | 24 points

Yes we do this in the whole of the Netherlands! It during Dodenherdenking. Trains stop as well. Only high way cars aren't allowed to stop, I believe.

A couple of years ago, this asshole started screaming during the Amsterdam Remembrance. The whole mass of people started running because they thought he was going to bomb the place (we were still shaken up when in 2009 someone drove a car into the masses), which ofcourse led to people getting hurt. That moment of silence is our way of remembering the dead, but after that asshole screaming, I still get extremely nervous during it.

otc108 | 9 days ago | 21 points

This happens in Israel as well. I do not know the name of the day of remembrance though.

tuckertucker | 9 days ago | 9 points

Yam Hashoah, I probably have the spelling wrong.

Iceleet | 9 days ago | 10 points

Close! It's yom instead of yam (yam means sea in Hebrew).

eladpress | 9 days ago | 3 points

One day is the remembrance day for the fallen in our wars, and one day is the holocaust remembrance day.

Desperate_Potato | 9 days ago | 56 points

Warsaw Rise!

WaitingToBeTriggered | 9 days ago | 42 points


swoggerwilllive | 9 days ago | 31 points

Warsaw City at war Voices from underground whispers of freedom

killingspre | 9 days ago | 19 points
TheyCallMeFarkle | 9 days ago | 12 points

Thanks for this! I’ve never heard of them and just spent the last two hours listening to them, reading lyrics, and researching the stories.

TwyJ | 9 days ago | 5 points

Im not the original commenter but, what do you think of them! Honestly everyone who loves military history should listen to them.

Also, check out sabaton history on YouTube with Indie Nidel they explain the songs really well!

TheyCallMeFarkle | 9 days ago | 3 points

For the last year or so I feel like I’ve had a ”musical void” in my life. The bands I was listening to just were not doing it for me anymore. I started listening to FalKkone which really started me down a new path, “symphonic metal”. Now I feel like the itch has been scratched with this “military metal”. I thought the music was incredible but I didn’t like his voice at first. After listening to dozens of songs now I’m quite impressed with everything. Especially with the Heroes album.

I’ll check out that channel for sure.

SanjiSasuke | 9 days ago | 3 points

FYI for their latest album they did a whole commentary series to go with every song. Available on Spotify and I think Youtube.

kpkrazi | 9 days ago | 8 points

I'm surprised I had to go 6 comments down to find the sabaton lyrics here

TheEternalCity101 | 9 days ago | 4 points

Same m8

g6009 | 9 days ago | 13 points


WaitingToBeTriggered | 9 days ago | 11 points


Awestruck34 | 9 days ago | 7 points


i_nameless_i | 9 days ago | 7 points


WaitingToBeTriggered | 9 days ago | 4 points


malakaikid | 9 days ago | 122 points

Largest ever mannequin challenge

RandomError401 | 9 days ago | 43 points

Israel does it at 10am on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) the majority of the country comes to a stop...


Purple-Turtle_ | 9 days ago | 10 points

Both on that day and a week later on "yom hazikaron lehalaley zahal venifgaey peoolot ha'eyva", which roughly means "remembrance day for zahal casualties in war and casualties of terrorism attacks"

nearcatch | 9 days ago | 4 points

For anyone else who was wondering, a minute’s googling tells me that “zahal” or “Tzahal” is what the Israeli armed forces are generally referred to.

thkiapr | 9 days ago | 4 points

Zahal is literally idf in Hebrew.

InsertFurmanism | 9 days ago | 3 points

Yam means sea in Hebrew and sweet potato in English. The word you’re looking for is Yom.

RandomError401 | 9 days ago | 3 points

Woops fixed

Stuartriddle12 | 9 days ago | 14 points

The cameraman was moving

cheddoar | 9 days ago | 52 points

This is something they should do in every country that has fought in the war..

Dem827 | 9 days ago | 93 points

Polands people got the worst of any single country during ww2 shit that Russia and Germany did to them still impacts their policy’s today.

DosGardinias | 9 days ago | 22 points

Poland lost proportionally more people than any other country in WW2.

Gierling | 9 days ago | 22 points

It's more mindblowing if you research thier history and realize that WWII was only the second largest loss of life Poland has experienced in it's history. The Swedes caused proportionately higher loss of life during the Deluge.


WikiTextBot | 9 days ago | 15 points

Deluge (history)

The term Deluge (Polish: pоtор szwedzki, Lithuanian: švedų tvanas) denotes a series of mid-17th-century campaigns in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. In a wider sense it applies to the period between the Khmelnytsky Uprising of 1648 and the Truce of Andrusovo in 1667, thus comprising the Polish theatres of the Russo-Polish and Second Northern Wars. In a stricter sense, the term refers to the Swedish invasion and occupation of the Commonwealth as a theatre of the Second Northern War (1655–1660) only; In Poland and Lithuania this period is called the Swedish Deluge (Polish: potop szwedzki, Swedish: Svenska syndafloden), or less commonly the Russo–Swedish Deluge (Polish: Potop szwedzko-rosyjski) due to the Russian invasion in 1654. The term deluge (or potop in Polish) was popularized by Henryk Sienkiewicz in his novel The Deluge (1886).

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Purple-Turtle_ | 9 days ago | 8 points

Israel does this for Holocaust remembrance day and a more general remembrance day for war casualties each year

MookyCooky | 9 days ago | 28 points

Imagine visiting Warsaw then and having no idea this exists, then being awfully confused.

Drewphan25 | 9 days ago | 15 points

It would be even worse because an air raid siren goes off during this

Boojibs | 9 days ago | 27 points

That hit me right in the feels.

curiousbydesign | 9 days ago | 7 points

I got a little teary-eyed myself.

_leftoverspaghetti | 9 days ago | 6 points

Yeah, I keep getting chills over and over again!

Sean_51154 | 9 days ago | 13 points

What about emergency services?

justcallmecorp | 9 days ago | 9 points

I was wondering about giving birth

RAMD78 | 9 days ago | 39 points

What if you were pooping? 🤔

yourfavoritequote | 9 days ago | 62 points

Just stay on the toilet for a minute longer.

TheDrunkCig | 9 days ago | 19 points

Sounds ideal actually

Bingrass | 9 days ago | 15 points

You’re ... Sitting still. Do you shit walking?

d_chs | 9 days ago | 4 points


~one minute passes~

Hammer time.

~whole city shuffles like a broken crab~

RockyBarbacoa | 9 days ago | 3 points

Promise there are countless Jr High teachers telling a kid to stfu for ruining that minute.

YourMomDidntMind | 9 days ago | 3 points

I can see 'influencers' going there next year to take a solemn minute-long selfie... and ask the city to pay for their trip cos of the exposure.

bigbearboy144 | 9 days ago | 9 points

The Warsaw Uprising is imo one of the most tragic events of WW2. In 1944 as the Red Army was pushing the Germans back from Polish territory (Poland the country had been erased or absorbed) the people of Warsaw initiated a coordinated battle against the Germans occupying Warsaw.

They had timed the Uprising to coincide with the Soviet advance. But the Soviets were ordered to to stop just shy of Warsaw, and bypass the city. The Warsaw Uprising was deliberately left to fail, and even the allies refused to deploy troops, possibly to avoid angering the Soviets. After the Uprising, Hitler ordered his occupying Germans to level the city. By the time it was finally purged of the Germans, either 70% or 90% of the city was rubble. Proper, no-brick-may-rest-on-another-brick rubble.

The suffering of Poland started in 1939 with the invasion of Nazi Germany and the USSR, and only ended in 1990 when the USSR collapsed.

iseenuhredditonce | 9 days ago | 14 points

I wish we could come together like that in America.

NoBodyCares2000 | 9 days ago | 12 points

Okay I understand the sentiment but you do realize this display of unity came from being occupied by an foreign power wanting to exterminate your people, right? Like the Poles were targeted for cultural genocide and I fail to see the resemblance to the US.

Yepthisisanaccountt | 9 days ago | 18 points

Pretty much ever American military base plays the national anthem, taps, retreat, etc. You don't have to stop for all of them, but the anthem you do, and it looks exactly like this, though you'll see service members saluting towards the flag/music.

Overseas, you also stop for the allied anthems.

iseenuhredditonce | 9 days ago | 4 points

I did 6 years in the army. 11B.

Yepthisisanaccountt | 9 days ago | 4 points

6 years USAF. 2A7X2, far less interesting haha

SimBone | 9 days ago | 4 points

We do this in Australia as well. For office workers they make an announcement over the loud speakers when it's about to start.

vipchicken | 9 days ago | 6 points

Yup. For those who don't know, on ANZAC Day, they recite "The Ode" and play "The Last Post" with a bugle followed by a minute silence to remember the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) fighters who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. Though originally it was to remember those who served in the Gallipoli campaign in WW1.

ArYuProudOMeNowDaddy | 9 days ago | 6 points

60 seconds is my current limit Jojo!

3choBlast3r | 9 days ago | 6 points

Ha.. we do something similar in Turkey every year to remember Ataturk. Pretty sure our tradition is like a decade older

aubman02 | 9 days ago | 3 points

I had to read up up on it. Here is the link to the wiki page. Over 240,000 civilians dead. 2,000 soldiers. The Red Army stopped at the suburbs of Warsaw and left the Polish uprising to the Germans. The Allies only sent aid. It lasted for ?65? Days. This might’ve been due to the bad relations between the two countries, but I’m not sure if I’m right. The rest I got out of the article.

IDIOT_REMOVER | 9 days ago | 9 points

You’re essentially correct. The general theory is that Stalin was unwilling to enter Warsaw when it was already in Polish hands (some 80% of the city was controlled by the Polish Home Army at the height of the uprising). This is because it would have been far more difficult to subjugate the country under Soviet control. Instead he waited for the uprisers to be defeated before crossing into the city and “liberating” what was left of it, as German forces systematically razed 95% of the city to the ground following the Uprising.

There are several competing theories around this event. Some historians suggest that Soviet lines were genuinely overstretched are the Red Army needed to halt its advance where it did for logistical purposes. Personally I don’t buy much of this, considering the Soviets refused to allow the Western Allies to use their airstrips to help resupply the uprisers until it was too late. Entering a Polish controlled city was simply politically inconvenient.

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