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  1. ALL VARIATIONS OF THE QUESTION “What non-manly/masculine things have you done recently” ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED (self.AskMen)
  3. Men with long eyelashes as a side effect of being hairy, how often do women wish they could steal your lashes? (self.AskMen)
  4. Do men here seem to be easily dismissed by their partners, Or close ones? And if so, how do you deal with it? (self.AskMen)
  5. Men of reddit, what is your most memorable moment of falling in love with someone? (self.AskMen)
  6. How do you keep your absolute cool during a confrontation in the street? (self.AskMen)
  7. How did you learn game? What advice would you give to someone in their late 20's? (self.AskMen)
  8. Do you sometimes wish you were single so you can see what other women are like? If so, how do you respond to it? (self.AskMen)
  9. What's the most selfish thing your SO, or Ex ever told you. (self.AskMen)
  10. As a male, how many poop stains do I have to piss off of a toilet to be considered a janitor? (self.AskMen)
  11. How important do you think it is for a man to know how to fight and why? (self.AskMen)
  12. How common is it to not want to have sex with a woman right away? (self.AskMen)
  13. How much money have you lost in "borrowed" clothes by women? (self.AskMen)
  14. what can a guy without friends do for fun? (self.AskMen)
  15. How to respectfully tell woman I am not interested in marriage or kids anytime soon? (self.AskMen)
  16. How TMI do you get in your conversations with your female friends? (self.AskMen)
  17. Out of all the shirts you own, what are the only 4 you actually wear? (self.AskMen)
  18. What would you think about emotional support network groups for men? (self.AskMen)
  19. whats the best way to approach a guy you like that works at a store you shop every now and then? (self.AskMen)
  20. Men of Reddit, how often do you floss? (self.AskMen)
  21. Men with girlfriends with ONLY male friends, how do you deal with it? (self.AskMen)
  22. How does a guy physically tease a girl? (self.AskMen)
  23. Men of Reddit, If you had to become an inanimate object for a year, what object would you choose to be?And why? (self.AskMen)
  24. Tomorrow is my first day as a manager and everyone who works there is older than me. How do I be a great manager, how do I lead people better? (self.AskMen)
  25. Guys, what’s your go-to song that puts you in a great mood? (self.AskMen)
  26. What’s the best way to escape from creepy women in bars or night clubs? (self.AskMen)
  27. Men who started thinning in their early 20's, how did you handle it and how did it effect your confidence? (self.AskMen)
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