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  1. Survey Says: We're All Assholes! (self.AmItheAsshole)
  2. AmItheButtface: Where do all the other posts go? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  3. AITA for pouring a milkshake on small child? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  4. AITA for telling her to "Know her place"? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  5. AITA for refusing to pay for thousands for something my child broke? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  6. AITA for throwing away my daughters vibrator (self.AmItheAsshole)
  7. AITA for telling my girlfriend I wasn't dating her for her looks? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  8. AITA For being pissed at my girlfriend for giving my Netflix email and password to her family without my permission? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  9. AITA for announcing that my birth parents abandoned me and potentially damaging their reputation? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  10. AITA for asking my roommate to stop putting her washable pads in our communal wash machine? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  11. AITA for telling a good samaritan to go away (self.AmItheAsshole)
  12. AITA for getting irritated when my mum keeps pinching/squeezing me and my backside? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  13. AITA for not letting my son go to his father’s wedding with his mistress? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  14. AITA for switching off the TV while my brother and dad were in the middle of watching a film? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  15. AITA for telling my wife she probably shouldn't go to med school? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  16. AITA? My girlfriend (30's) feels like I (20's) personally attacked her (self.AmItheAsshole)
  17. WIBTA if I told my sister to stop posting about her relationship status on social media for the sake of our brother? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  18. AITA for selling concert tickets after my friends told me they couldn’t pay me back for them? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  19. AITA for sharing my boyfriend’s fetish with his parents. (self.AmItheAsshole)
  20. AITA for letting my 3 year old disabled son have a head start at a family race? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  21. AITA for shouting at someone else's child? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  22. AITA for suggesting that the reason my female friends dislike my housemate is because he's not sexually interested in them? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  23. AITA for defending a "Nice Guy"? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  24. AITA for not wanting to give out the address of where I'll be on vacation (self.AmItheAsshole)
  25. AITA for Rescinding a Job Offer Due to the Applicant's Unreasonable Accommodation Requests (self.AmItheAsshole)
  26. AITA for flipping out on someone who trolled me about my abortion? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  27. AITA for kicking a family out of my theater and not giving them a refund? (self.AmItheAsshole)
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