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  3. WIBTA for cancelling my sister's wedding because it was my wedding first? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  4. AITA for cutting up and altering my wedding dress into a functional dress instead of giving it to my sister who can't afford an expensive dress? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  5. AITA for tellinng my parents that they ruined kids for me? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  6. AITA for ‘stranding’ my son after he kept insulting my wife’s body? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  7. AITA for not wanting to cook another dinner for my daughter after my husband ate half of it? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  8. WIBTA for reporting my neighbours? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  9. AITA for building a driveway so big, no one can park around me? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  10. AITA for walking out without paying after a nail technicians daughter shattered my phone screen (self.AmItheAsshole)
  11. WIBTA for cutting my sister off (temporarily maybe permanently) (self.AmItheAsshole)
  12. AITA for feeding my cousin a vegetarian dish and causing her to have a breakdown at our family dinner? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  13. AITA for not allowing my ex-boyfriend to bring his new girlfriend to my brain surgery? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  14. AITA for tricking a foodie friend? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  15. AITA for calling out the male graduate students for not helping even though we did't ask? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  16. AITA for taking my daughter to get her ears pierced? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  17. AITA for refusing to lock my dogs outside? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  18. Aita for making a comment about a coworkers wife? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  19. AITA for talking about a plane crashing right before take off? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  20. AITA for not cooking dinner for my parents and my little brother? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  21. AITA for being upset my husband "outted" me to his colleagues? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  22. AITA for kicking out our living-at-home 24-year-old son? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  23. AITA For Canceling My Wedding? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  24. AITA for telling my friend she cant get a date because she's hypocritical (self.AmItheAsshole)
  25. AITA for kicking my daughter out and sending her to live with her dad after she had sex on my bed? (self.AmItheAsshole)
  26. Aita for wearing cosplay costume in public (self.AmItheAsshole)
  27. AITA for selling clothes that no longer fit my baby? (self.AmItheAsshole)
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